Kira's Conquests: Tori Hanson

BY : matt1989
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The night before, Kira had enjoyed another very successful performance at the Cyberspace. However all she could think about was the stunning blonde woman who had introduced herself afterwards. “Tori was the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in my life” Kira thought to herself.


She’d found out that Tori was an accomplished surfer, which inevitably led to Kira having some very dirty thoughts about Tori in a wetsuit. However she was snapped out of her fantasies by her communicator going off.


She arrived at the cave where Hayley explained that Lothor had escaped from the Abyss Of Evil and was likely to be forming an alliance with Mesogog. She then explained that she had called on some help from the Ninja Storm Rangers. Kira couldn’t believe it when who walked in but Tori.


Seeing Kira, Tori said: “Well, fancy seeing you here.” Kira smiled and replied: “Was hoping I’d see you again.” They were about to head into battle before Tori said: “Hey, once this is over do you wanna hang out?” Kira replied: “Oh absolutely” before they and the others went to face some foot soldiers.


After forcing them into retreat, Tori and Kira decided to head to a bar where they spent the evening getting to know each other. Tori said: “Gotta admit, I’m surprised someone as gorgeous as you is single.” Kira replied: “I could say the same about you. I’d have expected you’d have people fighting to get a date with you.”


Tori smiled and said: “Well unfortunately, competing is keeping me pretty busy at the moment so I don’t really have a lot of time for a relationship.” Kira replied: “yeah I haven’t exactly been able to have a relationship while being a Ranger. Had a few flings though” before telling Tori about her previous flings with Hayley and Kat, as well as basically tricking Cassidy into sex.


It was obvious that they were both attracted to each other. Tori teasingly traced a finger across Kira’s arm, which was clearly having the desired effect. Kira leant forward and kissed Tori on the lips, before saying: “I’ve been wanting to do that ever since last night.” Tori replied: “you and me both” before kissing her back.


Before long they had called a cab and were heading back to Kira’s house. The whole cab ride they were unable to keep their hands off each other as they repeatedly kissed passionately. The driver was having a hard time concentrating on the road given the show that was going on behind her but they eventually made it.


No sooner were they inside than Kira guided Tori to her bedroom. Up until now, Kira had always been in control of the women she had sex with, but this time the roles were reversed as Tori took control, pinning Kira against the wall and crashing her lips into the singer’s. 


Tongues battled for dominance as the two girls could feel themselves getting increasingly hornier, being driven wild by the other Ranger. Although this wasn’t a first lesbian experience for either of them, it was the first time either of them were with another Ranger.


They quickly discarded their own clothing, not caring at all where they were throwing it. Once they were both naked, Tori grabbed onto Kira’s pussy, causing the singer to gasp before Tori slid two fingers inside and quickly got to work.


It didn’t take long for moans to escape Kira’s mouth as she savoured the feeling of being fingered by the same girl she had been fantasising over just 24 hours earlier. While working on Kira’s pussy, Tori also kissed Kira’s neck, which was driving her wild.


Kira grabbed Tori’s waist with one hand and the back of her head with the other as her screams got louder as she was driven ever closer to the edge. Eventually her orgasm came and she collapsed onto the floor as she regained her breath,


Tori stepped back and a smug smile crept across her face as she saw the effect she had on the Yellow Ranger. She said: “I take it that was good then” to which Kira just about managed to reply: “Oh god, so good, so so good.” 


Once Kira had regained her composure, Tori helped her up and suddenly their faces were just inches apart. Instinctively Kira kissed Tori on the lips. Tori kissed her back and it didn’t take long before their lips were locked together as they headed over to the bed, contact barely breaking as they fell onto the mattress and were ready to go again.


They spent most of the night having sex with each other, both getting a chance at being the dominant one. Although neither of them had been given extra stamina from their Ranger powers, it was their mutual desire for each other that drove them on.


The following day they were forced into battle again, with all 11 Rangers going directly face to face with a number of villains from two different evil factions. After a long, intense battle, the Rangers were eventually victorious and Lothor was once again defeated.


Later on they all attended a Motocross event that Dustin was competing in, but as much as Tori wanted to support one of her best friends, her desire for a repeat performance with Kira was very strong and as soon as they were aware of the running order, they snuck off.


Although they didn’t have sex as there was no way they could’ve done without leaving anyone in doubt over what they were doing, they did manage to sneak in a makeout session before heading back to the others. Shane worked out what was going on, but didn’t say anything to the others.


With the battle over, the Ninja Rangers headed back to Blue Bay Harbour, but for the Blue Wind Ninja Ranger and the Yellow Dino Ranger, the events over the previous couple of days had proven to be unforgettable.

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