Lunchtime Liaison

BY : Elf
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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek: The Next Generation, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Lunchtime Liaison

By Elf

Notes: this is SLASH, which means homosexual pairings.

I donít own them.

I wrote this story years ago and decided to do a minor rewrite and see if

anyone liked itÖ. Reviews are appreciated!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Counselor Deanna Troi of Starfleet's Flagship sighed as she dragged her

spoon across the scoop of chocolate ice cream in her bowl before she looked

up at the red-haired woman in front of her and spoke in her accented English.

"Beverly, I don't think we're going to get a vacation. The Enterprise is

just too busy right now." She looked down at her ice cream and unconsciously

licked her lips,icipicipating the first taste of the rich chocolate before

lifting the spoon to her mouth. The touch of the cold metal on her lips

caused Deanna to lick her lips again as she shivered from the unexpected


Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Enterprise D,

watched as her dark-haired lover closed her mouth around the spoon

shivered slightly, her mind bringing up exactly what Beverly knew those lush

lips could do to a body. "Deanna, everyone has to take vacations! If we

don't deserve them, who does?"

Deanna watched Beverly closely, her luminous eyes taking in the shiver.

"Are you cold?" Upon receiving Beverly's negative response, she continued,

"I didn't say that we don't deserve a vacation, Beverly. Just that we

probably won't get one." She dipped the tip of her spoon into her dessert again,

bringing it to her lips slowly before stopping. Holding the spoon out from

her, Deanna offered it to Beverly, who shook her head again. Shrugging,

Deanna brought it back to her own mouth. Her tongue ran over the bottom

of the spoon to catch any drops that were ready to fall before playing the

spoon in her mouth, moaning as the dessert slid down her throat and it made a

trail of liquid chocolate to her stomach.

Beverly's mouth went dry at the sound of her lover moaning and she

quickly lifted the cup holding her coffee to her lips to take a drink out of.

The coffee, which had just been refilled by the Ten Forward hostess Guinan,

sloshed over the sides as Beverly gasped and pulled it away from her lips and

glared at the offending liquid, one hand raised to her burned upper lip.

"I've got to learn to be more careful!"

Deanna had looked up at Beverly's gasp, startled at the sharp noise.

"Are you ok?"

Beverly placed the cup to one side and used her napkin to blot the spots

on her uniform from where the coffee had spilled. "I'm ok. I just didn't

expect it to be so hot." Beverly lowered her hand quickly. "It'll be better

in a few minutes. Damn. I'm going to have to change my uniform."

Deanna watched as Beverly lowered her hand from her lips and tossed the

damp cloth on the table. "You know, Doctor Crusher, in the Starfleet Medical

courses I took, we were taught that, if it isn't possible to go to Sickbay,

burns should be treated by pressing something cold pressed against the site."

As she said this, Deanna ran her spoon around the slowly melting ice

cream she had been enjoying.

Beverly laughed at Deanna using her Starfleet designation and decided to

match it, wondering just what the other woman was up to. "While thatís

true, Counselor Troi, burns as slight as this one is only require a few

minutes to fade. No cold-pack is necessary."

Deanna, her eyes laughing, pretended to look shocked. "Why, Doctor! I

never thought that *you* would ignore standard medical procedures." She

leaned a bit closer and added, in a conspiratorial whisper, "Are you normally

this lax, or just sometimes? I may need to inform the Captain about this,

you know." Deanna leaned back, her right hand still dragging the spoon

through her dessert.

"Oh, I'm normally this lax, my dear Counselor. But is there anything I

can do to...persuade you... not to tell Captain Picard about this?" Beverly's

tongue darted out; licking her lips to make sure Deanna had no misconceptions

about just what Beverly would do.

"You're trying to bribe me with sexual favors?" Deanna's voice raised

slightly in feigned indignation, causing several people at surrounding tables

to look over at the two women. She shrugged her shoulders slightly; the

movement raising her breasts under the uniform she wore, smiling guiltily at

those who looked towards them. Lowering her voice, so as not to attract

anymore unwanted attention, Deanna smiled a mysterious half-smile. "Perhaps

you can. But first, let's take care of this burn, shall we?"

Beverly swallowed at the sight of Deanna's smile, recognizing exactly

what it meant. "What do you suggest? That we go to Sickbay? Maybe you

can..." Beverly's voice trailed off, before continuing in a husky whisper

"...personally see to it I get medical attention I need in my office."

Deanna's smile widened, a predatory gleam showing in her eyes. "Oh, I

was suggesting something much, much more basic, Doctor Crusher." Her eyes

locked with Beverly's as the hand that had been dragging the spoon lifted and

traced Deanna's lips. She smiled as Beverly gulped again, knowing the woman

could see what she was doing. Slowly, Deanna stood up and leaned forward,

pressing her cooled lips against Beverly's hot ones. The cold from the spoon

quickly gave way to the heat that flared between them, and Deanna's tongue

slid out toce Bce Beverly's upper lip.

Beverly, still sitting, moaned softly as her hands clenched the sides of

the table, not wanting to grab Deanna because she knew that she wouldn't want

to let the smaller woman go. Her lips opened as her tongue darted out to

mingle with Deanna's before Deanna's retreated. She moaned again as Deanna

closed her mouth, smiling against Beverly's lips as Beverly did her best to

storm Deanna's defenses and make the younger woman's mouth open again.

While Beverly's continued her assault, Deanna placed her hands over

Beverly's straining ones. Deanna's mouth opened as soon as Beverly's closed,

her teeth gently chewing on Beverly's lower lip before she murmured "Did you

enjoy my treatment, Doctor?"

Beverly's eyes opened, looking into the playful ones scant inches away.

Her lips still close enough to Deanna's to touch by moving her head forward a

few millimeters, she answered breathlessly. "Oh, yes, I did, Counselor. But

I don't think you should become a Doctor." At the questioning look in

Deanna's eyes, Beverly continued. "I'd definitely want to be with you while

you treated any patients. You wouldn't want a jealous redheaded lover, now

would you?"

"Oh, definitely not." Deanna responded, her breath mingling with

Beverly's. One hand lowered, brushing against the cool dampness on Beverly's

stomach, the highest place the spilled coffee had hit. "I believe you said

you needed to change your uniform before you went on duty, Doctor. Would you

like some help?"

Beverly pulled back from Deanna's touch, her nipples hardening against

the fabric of her uniform. "Would you be so kind? In fact, I think I left a

few uniforms over at your place."

Deanna smiled again, her eyes sparkling. "I wouldn't have offered if I

didn't want to back it up. As I remember, you did." Deanna moved around the

table, her hands lifting Beverly's to pull the woman from her seat. Once

Beverly was up, Deanna relinquished one hand, keeping a firm hold on the

other one. Leaning closer to the woman, having to raise herself so that she

was closer to Beverly's ear, Deanna, in a purposely-husky murmur, made an

offhand comment designed to tease Beverly. "Besides, I want to *personally*

check you and treat any more burns, no matter how slight."

Beverly shivered involuntarily as soon as Deanna said that, but she

quickly recovered, lowering her head. "Do you promise?"

Deanna's laugh could be heard across Ten Forward, along with her

response. "I most definitely do!" before the door quietly slid shut behind

their retreating figures.

* * *

Beverly pressed Deanna's smaller frame into the wall of the turbolift,

her hands holding the smaller woman's waist as she pressed frantic kisses

onto Deanna's welcoming mouth. "We'll have to be quick, you know. We don't

have much time before we have to go back to work."

Deanna automatically lifted her arms, linking her hands around Beverly's

neck to pull her closer. "Enough time. I'm supposed to be meeting Will

after lunch in Ten Forward for Personnel Reviews, and he doesn't mind if I'm

a little late." Deanna pressed her body forward, her breasts coming into

contact with the high, pert ones that went so well with Beverly's lean

muscled body as her hands unwound themselves from Beverly's neck to roam down

the body she knew as well as her own.

"I have a meeting with Selar. I doubt she'll be as understanding as Will." Beverly

groaned, forcing herself to pull away from Deanna and place her hands onto

Deanna's roaming ones. "Stop. If we continue, we may not be able to finish in your

quarters." Beverly had laid her head back, resting it on the wall of the turbolift

as she tried to get her breathing under control.

Deanna's hands stilled under the pressure of Beverly's, but her fingers

refused to, continuing to stroke Beverly's sensitive body through the fabric

of her uniform. Her mind automatically attempted to center itself, causing

Deanna's body to still as her breathing normalized. "You're right, of

course. I know you are. Besides, imagine if someone came in."

Beverly watched Deanna, amazed yet again at how easily Deanna calmed

herself. "You've gotta' teach me how to do that." She smiled, reflecting

how easily the Betazoid could get her to forget they were not only on the

Enterprise, but also in a public place. "I didn't think of that one."

another element to the penetration, not only sliding her fingers in and out,

but also allowing them to curl, her nails dragging slightly over one

ultra-sensitive wall as her knuckles pressured the other wall outward. The new sensation made

Deanna's passageway expand and contract impossibly fast in tandem with

the skilled fingers that penetrated deeper and deeper.

Deanna felt a rush of liquid leave her body, coating Beverly's hand

before the excess fell onto the underwear still on the couch as she felt the

beginning tremors e hee her body, starting at the place that supported

Beverly's thumb before encompassing her entire body. The tremors turned to

shudders as Deanna's hips bucked and a scream escaped her throat before she

collapsed. Deanna was dimly aware of being lifted and being placed on a

warm, soft person. She pulled herself up, moving so that her legs ddleddled

Beverly's hips and shuddered as the movement caused her still throbbing mound

to press into Beverly's. She leaned forward, twining her arms around

Beverly's neck before resting her head on the soft skin and listening to the

echo of a heartbeat. "That was unbelievable, Beverly."

"Tell me about it. I almost came just from watching you enjoy it."

Beverly lifted a hand, gently stroking Deanna's hair as she listened to her

breathing normalize. "Let's rest a few minutes. I think we both deserve


Deanna raised her head to look into Beverly's light blue eyes. "Won't

that make us late?"

Beverly laughed, the movement shaking their bodies. "We're already late,

Deanna. A few more minutes won't make much difference."

"Oh." Deanna settled back onto Beverly, sighing. "I don't want to move.

Do you wanna play hooky for the rest of the day?"

"I wish we could, but we can't." Beverly was quiet for a few minutes

pausing before she sat up, lifting Deanna with her. "Come on, we have

showers to take."

Deanna sighed and snuggled closer, her body still feeling boneless. "Do

you want to share?"

Beverly laughed again. "Sonic shower, De. No. Not a water shower. I

wish we could, but no. We're already going to be 20 minutes late."

Deanna lifted her head, her arms still twined around Beverly's neck. "As

you said, we're already late. What's a few more minutes going to matter?"

Beverly lifted Deanna off her, placing her on the couch before standing

up and stretching. "You know as well as I do that it won't stop at just a

few minutes. While I'm in there, can you send our uniforms through the

recycler?" She said the last words as she was walking through the bedroom


"Okay." Deanna grumbled before an idea struck her. Lifting the clothes

from the couch and floor, she followed Beverly into the bedroom and placed

them on the recessed platform. Waiting for them to be recycled, Deanna looked

towards the open bathroom door. When they had finished, she ed ted them on

the bed with the correct numbers of pips attached and their communicators and

headed towards the bathroom. "Hey, Beverly?"

"Yeah?" Beverly's voice drifted back, still sounding as relaxed as before.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Deanna's smile could be heard in her voice

as she walked into the bathroom.

A shout of laughter drifted out along with a feigned complaint from

Beverly. "Hey, no fair!"

Deanna's accented voice drifted out, oozing satisfaction and playfulness.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you the old saying? All's fair in Love and

War. And lunchtime liaisons, my dear Doctor, are definitely love!"

* * *

The End

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