Holiday Road (F/F)

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Holiday Road
bndsandsay Buckingham

I found out long ago, oooohhhhh
It's a long way down the Holiday Road, oooohhhhh

Holiday Road
Holiday Road

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, oooohhhhh
Take a ride on a West Coast kick, oooohhhhh

Holiday Road
Holiday Road
Holiday Road
Holiday Road

I've come back long ago, oooohhhhh
Long way down the Holiday Road

Holiday Road
Holiday Road
Holiday Road
Holiday Road


* * * * * *

Sam looked at the disparity between her luggage and Janet's. Sam, after a lifetime in a military family,
had only one large bag. Janet, on the other hand, had four as well as a backpack. Shaking her head, she put Janet's bags in the trunk. Sam was wearing a loose Rockies t-shirt, khaki shorts and tennis shoes. Her once-again short hair framed her face.

Janet, wearing cut-off shorts and a tight t-shirt, stepped out of the house they shared. She had on open
sandals and her long hair wasd bad back loosely. She smiled when she saw Sam checking her watch, and asked, "Ready?"

"Waiting on you two. You know it's almost one o'clock."

Janet waved that off and leaned into the house yelling for Cassie. Sam grinned, wondering how many people up and down the quiet block heard her lover's yell.

"She's on her way." Janet stood at the passenger door now. "So, do you think we'll get there in two days? Or three?"

"Depends on Lil Pokey in there," Sam nodded towards the house. "And traffic near Denver. But we'll be in Rapid City tomorrow. Then another couple of days through Wyoming, if we don't push it, to Yellowstone."

"I can't believe we both were able to get the same two weeks off," Janet said.

"Hey! Quiet! You wanna jinx it? If that phone rings and it's Hammond or Jack, I will skin you..." The size
of Sam's smile belied the threat but Janet decided to play along.

"Oh yeah? You and whose army?" Janet adopted an exaggerated fighter's stance, "C'mon, Blondie! You
wanna piece of me?"

Sam snickered, wiggled her eyebrows lecherously and said, "Yeah, I do wanna piece..." Further lewd
comments were stopped by the explosion of teenager out of the front door.

"Shotgun!" Cassie bellowed as she ran across the front lawn. "Here Sam," she added as she tossed her bags to Sam.

"Hey! Come over here and help me," Sam demanded. Then she turned to Janet, "If Cass packed her own bags, what did you pack? I mean, Jeez, Janet..."

Janet pointed to her bags and listed what was in each when Sam held up her hands in surrender. "Fine. Fine. Whatever... Let's just go before some System Lord decides to show his ugly face..."

They all piled into the car, Sam in the driver's seat, Janet in the passenger seat, and Cassie, after some
grumbling, lounged in the backseat.

"Last bathroom stop for quite a while..." No one said anything so Sam went on, "Next stop...wherever we stop tonight," Sam said as she backed out of the driveway.

As Sam headed north out of town, Janet found a popular FM station on the radio. They were treated to a pair of Steely Dan tunes as they left Colorado Springs.

"Hey, my daily dose of Steely Dan," Sam commented.

Janet rolled her eyes, "Daily dose... You haven't even listened to that new cd I bought you last month."

"I love that album, I ripped it into my laptop in the mountain. But Steely Dan had their best days in the
mid to late '70s and early '80s," Sam replied before she resumed humming along with "Doctor Wu."

"You were a baby then," Janet responded.

"Well, you like big bands and '50s jazz. You weren't even a gleam in your daddy's eye then," Sam came back, pronouncing daddy with an exaggerated southern accent.

Cassie decided to interrupt the women in the front seat, "Sam? How far is Rapid City?"

"Decided you were done pouting?" Sam teased. "We'll stop overnight in western Nebraska and be there early tomorrow."

Janet chimed in, "A few days there to see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse then on to Yellowstone."

"Where Yogi Bear lives."

"Oh puh-leeze!" Cassie said with the exaggerated patience only a worldly-wise teenager can muster.
"Sam...that's only a cartoon."

"Spoilsport," Sam said grinning.

As they bypassed Denver, Janet happened to be looking back when she heard Cassie give out a little snore. She spotted something red gaining on them fast.

"Sam, there's a speed demon coming up on us fast," Janet alerted her lover.

"Yeah, I see 'em. Wow! This guy might even be able to beat me on the Indian..."

As the speeding car drew near, it began to decelerate. Both women noticed it was a low-slung Ferrari.

"Hey, maybe it's Tom Selleck," Sam offered.

"Yeah, right! Anyway, that wasn't his car, Sam," Janet responded. Seeing long blonde hair streaming back from the driver, Janet added, "Unless that's ZZ Top or Gregg Allman, I don't think that's a guy driving."

Sure enough, as the Italian sports car pulled up along the right side Janet's much more sedate car, she and Sam both saw a pretty girl with long blond hair behind the wheel. Next to her was an auburn-haired girl with her hand high on the driver's leg.

Glancing back to see that Cassie was still asleep, Janet jokingly asked, "Think they're just good

Sam glanced past Janet, "I think she's coming on to you..."

Janet looked back and the blonde blew a kiss at her and winked. Sam grabbed Janet's hand tightly and held it up, smiling at the beauty behind the wheel. The girl, getting the point, shrugged and waved her
fingers bye-bye as she pulled ahead and disappeared from view.

"What was this for?" Janet asked, holding their joined hands up again.

"Just marking my territory," Sam said. But the young Air Force officer was secretly flattered the girl had
flirted with her lover.

Janet was proud of the slight twinge of jealousy in Sam and also, secretly, that she was desirable to the
two lovelies that had passed them.

* * * * * *

Several hours later, in western Nebraska, they found a Best Western and stopped for the night.

Sam got two singles so she could be alone with Janet. She wanted to prove that the blonde in the Ferrari
wasn't the only golden-haired woman who had the hots for the diminutive doctor.

Later, after dinner in the motel restaurant and some time with the cable TV in her Moms' room, Cassie said good night and headed for her room.

"Wanna go for a swim?" Janet asked.

"But the pool's closed," Sam responded.

"If we're quiet, no one will know..." Janet smiled and winked at Sam. "C'mon, Sam, we're on vacation. Let's have some fun."

"Well, uh, okay, I guess."

"Great! Let me change." Janet headed for the bathroom taking her robe with her.

Sam, confused by Janet's apparent need to use the bathroom to change, stripped and pulled on her
one-piece suit. As she adjusted the seat of her suit, Janet stepped out and said, "Here. Let me..."

But instead of adjusting the suit's bottom, Janet simply squeezed the rounded cheeks. "Uh, Janet? That's not... I was fixing... OH!"

Sam yelped as fingers slid between her legs from behind to stroke her through the thin material. The
hand disappeared. Before Sam could protest, Janet was at the door.

"Be vewy, vewy qui-et. We'we hunting wabbits!" Janet said with a shushing motion. Then she stepped out into the warm summer night. Sam shook her head in exasperation and followed.

The pool was deserted but easily accessible with no fence or gate. The courtyard was framed by the main building and two wings of rooms, most of which were dark. The court was awash in light and the pool lights were still on.

Janet stepped into the water down the built-in concrete steps. Just before her robe touched the
water, she shrugged it off and tossed it back on a chaise lounge. She was bare-assed naked!

"Janet!" Sam whispered in horror. But, as shocked as Sam pretended to be, she couldn't help but admire the beautiful form sinking into the water.

"Want some?" Janet asked with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Sam started to step into the pool when Janet shook her head, "Uh-uh! No, I'm sorry but you're overdressed for this party..."

"Janet," Sam hissed. "You can't be serious!"

"As an orgasm," the doctor purred.

Sam's heart was hammering in her chest but she began to pull the one-piece. So. Soon, she was standing nude in the pool lights.

"Oh, Sam, come over here..."

The tall blonde used the pool steps and came up to Janet, taking the lovely brunette in her arms. "You
are going to get us in so much trouble."

"Not if you don't scream when I do this..." Janet purred as her fingers slid between Sam's legs.

Sam began to squeal when Janet kissed her, thrusting her tongue into the welcome warm moistness. Sam found herself returning the kiss as nimble fingers slipped up and into her slit.

"Get up on the side of the pool," Janet whispered as she licked the edge of Sam's ear.

Sam complied, self-conscious about being nude out of the slim protection the water provided. Her nipples stood out firmly as the cool evening air raised goosebumps on her wet flesh.

"Absolutely beautiful..." Janet said.

"You always say that," Sam commented as she constantly looked around for anybody strolling past.

"That's because it's true, silly," Janet replied. She lowered herself until she was between Sam's legs,
"Now, let's see if I can warm you up..."

The diminutive doctor spread Sam's thighs and pressed her mouth to the blonde's mound. She began to reacquaint herself with the lushness of her lover's sex; the taste, aroma, and all the subtle textures
that Janet loved so well.

Shivers of pleasure replaced those caused by the cool evening in Sam's body as Janet's tongue slid up and down her nether lips before slipping inside. The nervous but willing recipient moaned low in her throat as the doctor began to thrust her tongue in and out of her woman.

"Oh, Janet..." Sam whispered as a couple of fingers entered her. These began to thrust as Janet moved her mouth up to attack Sam's clitoris in an assault of pleasure. "Ooooohhhh!"

As Janet suckled the nubbin and ran her tongue around the flesh between her lips, she felt the wetness in Sam begin to flow around her busy fingers and the inner walls start to clench around her. She had the
woman just where she wanted her. Sam was on the verge of a public orgasm.

Sam pushed one hand into her mouth as the other held Janet's head between her legs. All concern about witnesses had been pushed to the back of her mind as her climax began to wash over her.

Even the hand in her mouth couldn't keep Sam from letting out a loud moan. Her entire body went rigid as she felt warm waves of pleasure flood her body.

Janet pulled back and climbed out of the pool. She reached down and pulled Sam to her feet before
wrapping her arms around the taller woman and kissing her, letting Sam taste her own juices in Janet's

Breaking the kiss, Janet shivered in the breeze and said, "Let's go in and keep each other warm."

"Yes, let's," Sam agreed.

As they quickly headed for their room, Janet noticed two faces looking out of one of the other rooms. The drapes were open enough to show both people were as naked as she and her lover were. And both were smiling, giving Janet a 'thumb's up' which the doctor copied.

Janet knew she'd seen that red Ferrari in the lot earlier...

The End.

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