Boy Make Girl Feel Good

BY : GylzGirl
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Boy Make Girl Feel Good

by GylzGirl

Disclaimer: Xena characters belong to Ren. Pics, Studios USA, MCA/Universal, etc. Not me. No dinars have exchanged hands.
Pairing: Attis-Joxer/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Fins, Femmes, and Gems
Summary: Just how did Joxer resolve his issues so that he broke free of Aphrodite's "Attis the Ape Man" spell?
Note: Title taken from a line in the song "Deep Inside of You" by Third Eye Blind. It make my Monkey-Man Muse pester me for many moons. This takes things into an alternate timeline because try as I might, I couldn't write it and keep Gabrielle as blind to Joxer as she remained after this episode.
Written: October 4, 2000


Gabrielle awoke to the perfect stillness of night. She slowly sat up and found herself at Xena's side. She began to glance around their moonlit campsite trying to identify what had woke her up so suddenly when it was so absolutely quiet. Then she realized that the silence was what had disturbed her. She had fallen asleep to the sounds of Joxer, 'No, Attis,' she mentally corrected herself with a small smile. He'd been grunting like an ape and trying out various animal calls around the forested edge of their camp but now she heard nothing. Her scan of the area produced no signs of him.

She shrugged, lay back down and closed her eyes. After five minutes, she sighed and opened them back up. The thought that something might have happened to Joxer kept her from falling back to sleep. She sat up and looked around for him again. The distinct possibility that he could have gotten himself into serious trouble still thinking he was King of the Jungle sent a shiver of fear through her. Following close behind that was a tinge of guilt knowing she and Xena had gone to bed leaving him that way, thinking it was funny. 'What if he was swinging on those vines and cracked his head open somewhere?' Gabrielle sighed again. She couldn't even call out to him because she'd wake up Xena. Quietly, she got to her feet and grabbing her staff, made her way to the edge of the forest.

" Attis? Attis are you out here?" Into the woods a few hundred yards away from the campsite, Gabrielle spotted a small clearing. Warily, she made her way to it. "Attis?" He was on the ground, curled into a shivering ball covered only in her thin pink nightgown. 'Even as Attis, he swung in and saved your butt and this is how you repay him. You're a *great* friend Gabrielle.' She frowned, the guilt pang within her growing. She set down her staff and kneeled beside him. Gently placing a hand on his shoulder, she shook him lightly. "Joxer...wake up now. You need to come back to camp and sleep by the fire."

Before she knew what was happening, he jumped awake and tackled her to the ground. He held her pinned down as he sniffed around her neck. "Joxer?"

"Ah-ah," he grunted.

"Attis?'s me...Gabrielle."

He smelled her again. "Princess?"

She smiled. "Sure, that's me."

He moved off of her and lay to her side, keeping an arm around her waist and pulling her snugly against him. Trying not to be distracted by his continued soft nuzzling of her neck, Gabrielle cleared her throat. "Um...Attis? You're going to get too cold sleeping out here alone. You need to come back to camp and sleep by the fire."

"Attis not alone now. Attis with Princess."

Gabrielle felt her breath catch in her throat as he lifted his head slightly and the moonlight caught his eyes. His eyes were so intense at that moment that she felt she might not find her way back out of their soulful depths if she stared too long. She shook her head and smiled shyly, hardly believing that she could feel herself blushing. "The Princess will get cold out here too."

The sensuality of the smile he gave her at that made her shiver. "Attis keep you warm. Attis love Princess." He lowered his head to her neck again. This time instead of the familiar nuzzling, he kissed. Gabrielle's heart began to drum. "Make zug-zug now," he whispered in her ear.

Panic took full control of her body and she sat bolt upright. "No!" She quieted herself and glanced toward the campsite to make sure she hadn't woken Xena. When she turned back to Joxer, he was crouched by her side, looking very confused. She tried a gentle smile as she covered his hand with her own. "No, we can't make zug-zug. Time for sleep okay? Come back with me." She got to her feet and held her hand down to him.

"Princess not love Attis?"

He sounded so lost that she had to force herself to swallow past the lump in her throat. "Princess *like* Attis very much. Attis is a very dear friend."

He shied away as though she had struck him, the lost sounding voice returning and seeming even more hurt. "Attis unworthy of Gaia. Gaia hate Attis. Attis go away."

Joxer scrambled to the far edge of the clearing. Just before he retreated into the woods, Gabrielle called out to him. "Wait. Don't go!" 'Great Gabrielle. You told him the story of Attis and Gaia in the first place. Told him what a beautiful love story it was. He can't understand why Gaia doesn't love Attis when you said she did. Isn't that the second time you've done that to him?'

He did stop, but in a huddled crouch; like a dog who'd been kicked one too many times. Knowing what his family life had been like, she wondered how true that might be. Gabrielle's heart ached for him. She wanted to go to him but he looked as though he might run if she approached. She bit her lip and sat down where she was. 'Xena said we had to face what was bothering us to break the obsession.' "Attis, please come sit with me?" She looked to him gently and patted the ground beside her.

A little at a time, apparently afraid she would change her mind and send him away, he made his way back to her side. He clasped his hands in his lap and kept his eyes focused on them. Moving slowly so that she didn't startle him, Gabrielle covered his hands with hers. "Is it all right if we talk for awhile?"

"Ah-ah," he grunted, nodding his head.

"Firstly, Gaia could never hate Attis." He turned to her and she smiled at him. He reciprocated and leaned his head on her shoulder. "Why is it so important to you that we make zug-zug?" He raised his head and looked into her eyes.

"Attis love Gaia." Gabrielle nodded. "Gaia hurt *here*." He placed his hand over her heart and her breath caught. "Watch you many moons. Gaia miss first mate. Gaia miss baby. Gaia cry too much."

'Gods, Perdicus. Hope. When was Joxer paying so much attention?' She bit her lip, her vision blurring with tears.

Joxer wiped them away and kept his hands on her cheeks. "See?" He smiled. "Attis love Gaia. Attis can fix." He leaned in and kissed her. His hands were so warm and soft, as were his lips. It felt so good to just be held, understood, and loved. He pulled back a little. She looked deeply into his eyes then and realized what it was she saw there before that had scared her so. It was love. And the really frightening thing was, she'd seen Joxer look at her that way almost every day for months and never knew why before tonight.

He kissed her again and as she reveled in the feel of it, she realized he was laying her back against the soft grass. She struggled for a moment, wanting so much to follow through with this and see how much better this feeling could be but afraid to risk that much in case it would be taken from her as always seemed to be the case. He broke the kiss, moist eyes glistening in the moonlight. His hand rubbed lightly at her collarbone, just above her pounding heart. "Boy make girl feel good," he whispered simply.

Gabrielle brought her hands up into his surprisingly soft hair. Looking deeply into his eyes, she smiled and said, "Show me."

Across his face flitted surprise, then joy, then a look of pain. He squeezed his eyes shut and put a hand to his forehead. "Ow...oh what a headache..." He tilted his head down and Gabrielle kissed his hair. He blinked his eyes open and looked down at her.

She smiled up at him. "Joxer? Are you back?"

Taking in his surroundings, he began to tremble slightly. "Yeah...s-sorry Gabby. I guess you want me to move so you can get up?"

She smiled. "Not until you keep your promise."

His eyebrows arched in unison. "My promise?"

She nodded. "Boy make girl feel good, remember?"

He gulped. "Gabby...Gabrielle...are you sure?"

She leaned up and lightly pressed her lips to his. His still-shaking hands moved into her long hair and cradled her neck as he gently lay her back on the grass. He was such a study in contrasts, this man. How was it, she wondered, that his utter physical awkwardness was completely absent from such activity?

When Gabrielle had thought of Joxer as a lover, and despite her best denials it had crossed her mind more than once, she had thought he'd be gentle yes, but probably clumsy and in a hurry. She couldn't have been more wrong if she'd pictured him with three heads. As his mouth glided expertly across her own in an exquisitely thorough kiss, she found herself being the one hoping to rush ahead and enjoy more of him all the sooner.

Finally breaking the kiss, he embraced her to him. "Joxer," she panted.

He felt his throat constrict. "You want me to stop?"

She shook her head against his cheek. "M-m-more," she breathed.

Joxer placed a sweet kiss upon her neck. He pulled back to look at her. Gods, she was the most beautiful thing in the world to him. Her eyes, skin and hair seemed to capture the moonlight. His hand tentatively went to the front of her little green top, hovering just above the laces there. Soon her hand covered his. Any trepidation that she was trying to stop him disappeared when she instead brought his hand firmly down against her breasts and held it there. She let out a long, slow breath and then took her hand from his to stroke his cheek. Suddenly confident, his hand unfastened the laces, never taking his eyes from hers.

As the material of her top parted, Joxer took a deep breath before allowing himself to look. He found it hard to believe, but she was even more perfect than he had fantasized. "Gabrielle, you're so beautiful," he exhaled as his hand began to explore the newly exposed flesh. She gasped and closed her eyes as he lightly squeezed one breast before running his thumb slowly around the nipple. His mouth found its way to the other and she growled low in her throat.

She opened her legs enough for him to slide one of his own between. Besides the intriguing hardness that now rested against her thigh, Gabrielle found herself being tickled by the hem of her own nightgown...which Joxer was still wearing. She began to giggle.

Joxer's head snapped up, a guarded look in his eyes. She simply smiled at him and caressed his cheek. "Joxer, not to be too forward, but could you please take off my nightgown?"

He looked confused for a moment. "But you're not wearing one."

"No, but you are."

"Huh?" He looked down and turned bright red. "Oh...yeah. I knew that." He glanced back up and found her smiling at him with undisguised affection. He sat back on his knees and lifted the garment over his head, carefully setting it aside.

Gabrielle arched an eyebrow as she appraised him. 'Quite a surprise indeed.' Taking the opportunity, she sat up as well and slipped her opened blouse from her shoulders, laying it atop the gown. She smiled at him and lay back down, her hair fanning out behind her.

Joxer gulped and moved his hands to the waistband of her skirt. She nodded almost imperceptibly and lifted her hips as he pulled it from her body. He was beyond words. Instead, he lay down beside her once more and ran his hands over her perfection as she placed lingering kisses along his neck and shoulder. Inside, he was hoping that her earlier assertion that beauty could kill was untrue. He would gladly trade his life for a chance to make love to Gabrielle...but afterwards.

His hand trailed over the softness of her breasts, making its way to pause at her stomach; an area exposed to his eye every single day but off limits to the touch. He sighed happily and kissed her again before he moved his fingers gently lower. As she parted her legs to give him greater access, Joxer slipped his fingers easily between the curls. Her hips rose to meet his hand as a gasp died on her lips. He couldn't believe how wet she already was, just from his touch; his teasing. He stiffened even more against her.

Gabrielle's head thrashed from side to side as his hand worked exquisite torture between her thighs. It was so good, but it wasn't enough. She decided that if he made her wait for him any longer, she'd go insane. She took his head between her hands and forced him to look into her eyes. "Joxer now."



"I wanted to go slow for you..."

She smiled. "You'll have other chances. I promise. Just for now, Joxer please..."

The widest, goofiest grin she'd ever seen appeared on his face. "Other chances?"




"" With that, his mouth attached itself to her neck. His tongue traced patterns along the pulse of her throat as he settled between her legs. He positioned his tip at her entrance and then it was his turn to caress her face; to make sure she saw him. "I love you Gabrielle." Before she had a chance to speak, he kissed her and slowly pushed forward.

Her legs came around his hips. Her calves caressing his bottom as he moved within her. Gabrielle could feel herself climbing higher, closer with every thrust of his body into hers. He filled her so perfectly. His heart and body reaching deep inside of her and brushing against something she thought long murdered by the horrors she had lived through; something being reanimated by Joxer's loving embrace. Her climax was sudden and powerful as she muffled his shouted name into his shoulder, still faintly aware of Xena sleeping not that far away. Joxer followed soon after, no less impressively but far less quiet.

Gabrielle quickly placed her hand over his mouth and whispered "Xe-na" at the wide brown eyes that gazed back at her. He nodded slowly. She moved her hand and listened intently. Hearing nothing, she looked at him again and laughed. He smiled at her and rained tiny kisses all over her face.

Gabrielle looked into the lightening night sky and her eyes grew big. "Oh my gosh, Joxer, it's almost morning! We've got to get dressed and get back to the campsite before Xena wakes up." He nodded hurriedly as they broke apart and she began to dress.

"Um, Gabrielle. Not that I don't think your nightgown is pretty and all but..."

She smiled at him as she re-laced her top. "I'll bring your clothes. Just stay here." She picked up her nightgown and quietly made her way back to the camp. A quick glance to the sleeping Warrior Princess reassured her. She put her nightgown back inside Argo's saddlebag and reclaimed Joxer's earlier discarded clothing.

Gabrielle had do stifle a giggle at the way Joxer stood naked with his hands over himself, trying to look casual. "Here," she whispered, handing the garments to him. He took them from her and held them in front of himself. She stood on tiptoe and pulled him to her for one last kiss. "Gaia love Attis," she said softly before walking back to the camp.

She settled back down on her bedroll next to Xena as quietly as she could manage. Moments later, though she didn't turn to watch, she heard Joxer set his blanket down a few yards away and lay down on it. With a contented sigh, she drifted off to sleep.

Beside Gabrielle's bedroll, Xena opened her eyes and rolled them. Now that those two were finished, maybe she could actually get some sleep!

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