Heated Revelations

BY : wolfen
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Disclaimer: I do not own Forever Knight, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Heated Revalations
Pairing: LaCroix/Natalie
Rating: NC-17
Author: wolfen (wolfen18@charter.net)

Disclaimer: Not sure who FK belongs to. Some freaky Canadians, I think. But Canadians are notoriously non-agressive, and I don't believe they mind me borrowing something of theirs as long as I put them back. Which is exactly what I'll do.

Note: This is my first attempt at FK fanfic. I've written for several years in the Trek universe, but I couldn't resist the terribly sexy LaCroix once I found him.

BTW, I'd have to put this story on the order of a PWP (Plot, what plot).

* * * * * *

She stopped within sight of the entrance, watching the line of mortals await their chance to enter the dark club. She knew she'd have no such test to earn her right of passage through the archway. They knew her, or knew of her to be more exact.

With a slight downward pull of her snug black dress, a flip of her long hair, and a straightening of her back and shoulders, Natalie Lambert took the first step toward the end of her life.

Her heeled shoes struck the asphalt road producing a confident, determined stride. She barely slowed her progress past the waiting line, disgruntled murmurs falling in her wake, as a knowing doorman waved her through.

She bristled slightly as she imagined the 'Nicholas' human pet' moniker being mentally applied to her. All nice and tidy...keep the cattle neatly defined, and categorized so as not to make them more than they are supposed to be....food.

Once inside, she stopped to get her bearings. The music was loud, and the vibration caused her body to hum in resonance. In a way, the power of it made her feel strong. An illusion? Maybe, but it helped.

After a quick scan of the undulating bodies on the dance floor, and the dark recesses of the Raven's outer fringes, Natalie angled her body toward the bar. There it was, at tnd, nd, HIS chair. A smile crept over her features as she made her way toward it.

Miklos stared at her a moment, but wisely choose not to comment on her choice of seating. Instead, he just placed his hands on the bar.

"What can I get you, Doctor?" he asked.

Natalie looked at him, and hesitated a moment as if in thought before answering, "Stoli on the rocks with a twist of lime, please".

The vampire bartender turned to fill the order, and Natalie adjusted her chair to get a better view of the club. She saw why he liked to sit here...you could see all the action without much movement. She also noticed it was close to the back exit of the club.

*Guess you could never have too many escape routes when you're one of the undead, eh?" she mused.

Natalie ended her scouting of the terrain, and went to pay for the drink Miklos had placed next to her.

"Put it on my tab," a man said as he came to stand next to where she was sitting at the bar.

Natalie smiled slightly, "That's very kind of you, but I don't even know your name."

The man reached his hand out, and gently took one of hers.

"John Breman"

He introduced himself as he bent down and brushed his lips across her knuckles.

Natalie did her best not to hastily remove her hand from his cool one. Years of dealing with his type had given her some practice in avoiding the pitfalls other mortals normally fell into. Should she show any fear in this place, it would draw the attention of every vampire in here. Nothing like a scared heart thundering blood through human veins to have them marked as disposable prey. And she was not this creatures' prey.

That honor was reserved for another.

He released her hand, and she reached for her drink. Just as she was about to return the introduction, two black clad arms snaked around her, putting large pale hands on either side of her at the bar. She could feel his hard body pressed up against her back as his mouth came and placed a kiss on the side of her neck.

"I'm so glad you could come, my dear," came the low, melodious voice.

Natalie closed her eyes a moment, and pushed down the sudden fission of want that went through her. The smell of him being so close brought back a host of memories from that night a couple years back at the Azure, and something else...

At first, it had been nothing more than a tickle of feeling that stirred her memory every time she saw or heard LaCroix. But, since Nick had left suddenly after the night he almost drained her a few months ago, she couldn't stop obsessing about the half formed memories. She had taken to listening to his Nightcrawler show every night it was on in the hopes she would be able to put the pieces together.

Then, the dreams had come. Wildly erotic right from the beginning, they seemed to reach into her most secret self and make her wake up sweaty and gasping. It had gotten so bad she was no longer satisfied with her dreamscape carnality. She couldn't touch, taste, feel, or smell him lying alone in her bed.

She was slowly being driven insane with it all, when an invitation came to her at work. A dozen white roses bearing a card amongst the thorny stems.

We need to talk.
Come to the Raven Friday night.
L. LaCroix

Now, she was here, and he was here. Her mind was so filled with the nearness of him she didn't think she could make a coherent sentence. He would know her secret, and she was glad for it. She could no longer live the way she had been.

* * * * * *

The minute she entered the club, he could feel her. A tenuous, but very real pulse along that special sense his kind had. He had had this 'connection' to the good Doctor for some time. When he had first observed his son, Nicholas and his coroner friend, Natalie, he 'felt' something when he looked at her. Then, the night at the Azure had caused the feeling to become a little firmer. But, it wasn't until the last few months that that link had flared up to almost uncomfortable proportions for the ancient Roman General.

Day after day, as he sought his bed and sleep, the dreams would come. In them, he would take her again, and again. Not as a vampire takes a mortal, bu a m a man takes a woman. She would come to him, or he would seek her out. In the end, it was always the same...she would surrender to his 'assault', and he would revel in the conquering of her body and soul.

He didn't understand what it was that joined him to the beautiful doctor. He thought those kinds of bonds were only formed between a master and his fledg, og, or the transitory links with prey as they were drained. That left Lucien LaCroix in an untenable position from his viewpoint...she was either prey...or she was going to be his.

LaCroix slipped a CD in for the remainder of his Nightcrawler broadcast, and went to greet his guest. As he left the room, he scanned the Raven as was his custom...looking for anything out of the ordinary...any signs of danger. He caught sight of her by the bar, and was momentarily entranced by the fact of her presence even though he knew she was here. She always did that to him, and it angered him that a mere mortal affected him in that way.

However, his eyes narrowed as he noticed who was sidled up next to her. A low growl emanated from his throat as he saw the man lean down to kiss her hand. How dare he! She was his.

A few of the younger members of the community hastily beat a way out of his path as he made his way towards the bar. His stride and stance literally screamed violence, and they knew better than to be in the way.

Natalie had turned away from the man towards the bar, and LaCroix caught his eye. With amber eyes, and a lip curl to show the business end of his fangs, he was able to send his message across to the younger vampire *She's mine. Hands off or you die!*

The other vampire's eyes widened slightly as he realized his mistake. He immediately turned on his heel, and left as the ancient in black came to stake his claim.

* * * * * *

Natalie didn't even notice the departure of...

*What was his name?* she thought as the close proximity of LaCroix inhibited her recall.

She stiffened as she realized that she was allowing him to control her reactions. She turned her body, and in doing so he was forced to back away from the contact he had with her.

A thin smile appeared on his face, and she realized her move had not fooled him. Well, she'd be damned if she just bared her neck for him right here without so much as a fight. He had another thing coming if he thought it was going to be as easy as that!

LaCroix slid next to her at the bar, but remained standing. He lifted his finger to Miklos, and a drink was placed before him. He sipped it as he looked at her, his eyes following a trail down from her dark hair that was brushed out in a luxurious shine, past her neck where his vampire eye noted the slight bulge of her carotid as it beat her life pulse, down the strap over her shoulder that wove its way to the valley of her cleavage.

Normally, Natalie would have been self-conscious by such an obvious ogling, but the appreciation she saw in his eyes only made the muscles south of her stomach clench and a rush of wetness start to soak her panties.

She looked to his eyes, and saw amber flecks appear in the blue. His nostrils flared once, and he moved into the space between her legs. Each one of his hands landed on her knees, and moved up her thighs as he brought his mouth by her ear.

"I can smell you," his voice rumbled out.

Natalie closed her eyes as a rush of unmitigated lust fors crs creature overwhelmed her.

*Just fuck me!* she thought, and smiled inwardly at her own crudeness. But damn, if that isn't what she wanted right now. No wining...no dining...and certainly no maiden put up on some goddamn pedestal like she had been with Nick. Nope, just a good, old fashioned, up against the wall, sweating, clawing, and biting...fuck.

Next thing she knew, she was being steered by her elbow past the people on the dance floor, and through a door. The door closed, muffling the sound of the music, and Natalie was able to come to her senses. She jerked her elbow out of his grasp, and turned to confront him.

"Excuse me! But just what do you think you are doing?" she said in a barely restrained voice. From excitement or fear or anger or all three she didn't know.

LaCroix roughly pushed her up against the wall of the dimly lit hallway, molding his body to hers, allowing no room for her to wiggle away.

The ancient vampire thed hed his hand through her hair, and gripped it at the scalp. Pulling back on the threads, he angled her face up towards his.

"I'm doing exactly what you want me to, my dear," he said in low, dangerous voice as his lips came down upon hers in a crushing ki


Natalie struggled against him... against his tongue, as it demanded entrance...against his hand, as it cupped her breast in a insistent massage...against the way he was making her feel...alive.

His hand left her breast, and traveled south where it lifted the edge of her dress up until the tops of her stocking were showing. He pushed his fingers past the lace of her panties, and started to stroke the wet, warm folds. Natalie undulated her pelvis back and forth across his digits trying to get them where she wanted them. With a low growl, LaCroix ripped the fabric and tossed the ruined underwear away to allow him unfettered access.

He slipped his knee between her legs, and pushed up and out making her legs open at a wider angle. Then, he stroked a finger back to her opening, and slowly pushed it up inside her causing Natalie to moan in pleasure.

At this point, Natalie realized he was the only one doing anything. She came here tonight for one thing; Natalie needed to touch...to taste...this vampire...this man. She had waited so long, and now she was here with his hard length pressed up against her. She left his mouth, and trailed her tongue down the line of his jaw to his neck. There she nuzzled him, and opened her mouth to nip him with her teeth.

This action caused LaCroix jerk her head back roughly, and she peered into the amber eyes of the vampire.

"Love bites are a little more dangerous when used with my kind, Doctor. So, unless you want me to bring you across now instead of later...I suggest you sheath your 'fangs'" he said in a strained voice.

Natalie blinked and said, "What makes you think I want to be brought across at all?"

With amber eyes still glowing, LaCroix jerked her head back more, and dove at her neck. He opened his mouth wide and laid it against the pulse in her throat.

"Lucius," Natalie said softly.

LaCroix pulled back to look at her.

"Again...say it again!" he rasped.


Natalie noticed some of the blue had returned to his eyes, and relaxed a little.

LaCroix moved in again, but didn't go to her neck. His mouth hovered near her ear.

"Tell me what you want," he demanded in a low voice.

Without hesitation she replied, "I want you."

LaCroix was a blur of action as he freed himself enough from his pants, and lifted her up against him for a better angle. He positioned the tip at her opening, and let her weight come down as he impaled her on his length.

Natalie looked into the vampire eyes as he stilled within her. The initial penetration was all she had wanted, but now she wanted more.

"Please...he ihe implored him.

LaCroix's mouth came down upon hers as he started to move. She threaded her hands around his broad shoulders, digging her nails into his back. She was almost glad he had his shirt on still for she was sure her nails would have left marks. His movements became more pronounced...thrusting as far as he could into her...touching her cervix. The pleasure/pain of it made her cry out.


God, she wanted this...wanted him. It was more than she had ever dreamed. The power of him, the danger, the seductive allure of all that he was, of what he had done in the past and what he was capable of doing even now. She would trade none of it for any other.

Natalie looked into the eyes of the man shadowed by the vampire, the amber casting a glare onto the tips of his fangs as the peeked from his mouth. He was holding back the beast that wanted her, she could tell. How could she deny the part of him that she only now realized was part of the whole that she came here for.

She could feel the build up of pressure in her uterus, and the spasm of her muscles as her orgasm took hold of her. In that instant of ecstasy, she saw things clearer than she ever had. She made a decision.

As she rode out the waves, she brought her head by his ear.

"Take me, Lucius," she whispered.

Then, she bit into his neck.

Instantly, he bit into her neck. The pain of it was better than any pleasure she had ever imagined. Her life poured into him, as he emptied himself into her. It seemed like an eternity that they shared themselves through the blood. She saw all that he was, all that he had done. The images raced by, but the feeling behind them made her gasp at the intensity.

*My love...* she thought as her consciousness faded to black.

* * * * * *

LaCroix dropped to the floor, cradling Natalie in his arms. He ripped into his wrist, and brought it to her mouth, dribbling the blood on her cooling lips.

"Drink," he commanded.


"Drink, damn you!" he demanded as he shook her unresponsive body.

"Please....ma couer."

His heart beat once as he felt the movement of her lips. He relaxed as the suction of her feeding increased. He could feel her come back to life as the link between them flared and grew stronger than before.

Now, she was his...forever.

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