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Title: Holidays

Author: Kitty

Rating: G

Summary: The crew go on holiday and the results are heated.




It was late in the evening on Corzula when the Andromeda
settled into an easy orbit around its almost entirely blue mass. Corzula was a
peaceful enough planet, on the western continent lived a large colony of the
native Corzulans (a strange amphibic race, who lived half on the land and half
in the vast oceans surrounding). The smaller eastern land mass was inhabited by
a trio of rare nietzchean prides who ha dallied themselves with Dylan Hunt
instantly and had vowed to join the commonwealth on the condition that they
would have help in defending themselves against the Drago-katsov when the time


The Andromeda was returning the alphas of the three prides
(Puma, Chamaleo and Felidae) from a meeting with the first triumvir on Equator
drift. The Chamaleo alpha went by the name of Julius Katharsis, had 35 wives
and was currently practicing his displaying techniques on an unwilling Beka.
The alpha of Puma pride was a much more calculating man, as sharp as a
Distarian whip and extremely cunning. His name was Deco Cumstada and due to his
only, recently coming of age he had taken only 2 wives as yet. Mattalone
Cathay, alpha of Felidae pride was a massive man. His skin and hair were as
white as snow, though not through age. He was an excellent warrior and his
talents were well known. Together they made the perfect team, their people
united by the spirit of Katharsis, their armies strengthened by the Felidae,
and their diplomatic affairs handled with pure skill by Cumstada. In fact, they
functioned with such efficiency together, that they were almost one pride, the
Chamo-Puma-Feli pride. This arrangement, however obscure in Nietzchean circles
worked perfectly on Corzula, and Dylan hunt was no man to disrupt that.


Once the alphas were safely home Andromeda’s crew were
planning to accept an invitation from the alphas to take shore leave and stay
in the beautiful city of Taurus, where the prides lived.



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