Just Three...

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Just Three...

The question had come from nowhere really... one moment they were laying there... not so much entangled, as melded together... he could nary tell where he ended and she began. And then, there was that softly spoken query... and silence.

How should he answer? How could he answer? He was a Luthor... of course he didn't love her. And then again, these past few days caused him to reevaluate everything. To question himself and his destiny... his name. Before it was power and ruthlessness and moving on before... before what? And now he was a good boy... something to be proud of.

She asked again... "Lex..." So soft... he wondered fleetingly if she ever spoke that softly anywhere else but in his bed, "Do you?" This time he slid an arm down around her side and pulled her flush to him, rolling so that he was atop her. She squealed at the sudden movement, but it soon turned to a breathy rush of air when he laid tiny kisses and playful nips down her jaw line. Pausing to dip his tongue in the hollow of her throat, he continued on to her chest where he lavished her with his tongue, eliciting more moans of delight. She ran a hand lightly over his scalp and down to his shoulder, where she gently pushed him downward, mind distracted from the bold move by his ministrations, or he knew she'd soon be flushed and stammering.

He grinned at that thought before licking his way down her belly. Three months they had been meeting like this. Ever since he had stopped at her house, dropping papers off for her father. She had teasingly demanded an interview, which, of course, he denied. But then she had begun showing up on his doorstep, brandishing coffee. At first it was just chats, and if he honestly thought back to when it really started, he would forever remember kneeling to help her gather papers she had clumsily dropped and the shy awkward pause when their fingers had briefly met... and then those lips... those wonderful, achingly tentative kisses she had laid first at the corner of his lips, and then more boldly.

But thinking was not something he very interested in at the moment, settled between her legs, sweetly torturing her and savoring every whimper when he withdrew, sliding his way back up her body to hover above her and gaze down at those half-hooded and lust-clouded green eyes. And he stilled for a moment, moving only to brush an errant lock of hair off her sweat-sheened forehead. And murmurs over the lump in his throat, "You are gorgeous..."

But the twinge of something in her eyes won't let that be enough, "Lex... Alex...d-do you... do you l-" and he covers those perfect lips with a bruising kiss while he slides into her, both tossing their heads back and groaning from the sheer feeling of it. And he moves so slowly, torturously steady and slow... gazing down at her lightly closed eyes... watching as she breaths out in little pants. Assured by the feel of her arms twisted back around his neck, scrambling for some way to pull him deeper... closer... somehow...

And he sees her now, as she really is to him. She's candlelight, and vanilla cappuccino, and combat boots in pink taffeta. And she's all his... if he'll only take her... The very thought becomes his mantra as the pace quickens.

His. His. His. Hers. Because, he is... isn't he? Even if he doesn't say it, it's so blatantly clear to him. A fact of life. Just as clear as the fact that he shouldn't love her. Or that Luthors do not attend father-son picnics.

And he drives into her now, as if he can drive out all of the demons, and his father, and the perfect little bullshit Gucci world he's been given. And with a cry and a shudder they both rocket over the edge, clinging to each other with the wonder of it all.

And she shudders, and pauses, and then speaks again, "Do you love me?"

And this time there's no avoiding it, as she gently massages his neck and just lets him rest his head on her chest, never telling him to get up because now they've things to do for the business end of their deal. Never telling him they've places to conquer and people to screw. Never Victoria, or Kerry, or any of his other conquests. Never. And so he answers... in his own way.

"I've only loved three women in my life..."

"And?" Asked in a small voice.

And the truth was never an easy thing for a Luthor to tell... not unless there was some vast benefit at the end and the lawyers had all reassured him that they were completely protected under statute number three forty seven-or other...

"One died... the other betrayed me..." And he's confused now, because did she really? She left him. He wanted to forgive her... yearned to... but it was so unfair... she was scared and she could leave, but he could never desert Lionel fully... he had no choice by to remain haunted...

And she pauses again... almost as though she needed to count, "What about the third, Alex?"

And now, he knows that he can't lie to her. In this world without lawyers and fathers and corporations run by spoiled little rich boys that shouldn't even be.... And so, he does something purely Lex, and mentally swears off his surname, by hiding and burying his head in her neck, speaking gruffly "Jury's still out..."

And there's that soft flicker of a chuckle, the one that lights his way, before she rubs a hand gently over his back in a circular pattern, soothing herself as much as him, "Let me know when the foreman gets back with the verdict, eh?"

And he lets out his own rumbling chuckle of relief. Not because its terribly funny... it's not... but more because she'll let it go at that, like she always does. Always back away... leaves it be... only with him. He's seen her. Knows she doesn't exactly have an overabundance of patience, and wonders when she'll run out of it with him. Wonders what he'll say then.

Presses a kiss to the curve of her neck, lips lingering over her pulse point, and hopes she'll be his third.


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