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Title: Slowly
Author: three eyes open / aka "silken"
Spoilers: Tiny bit of Lava & Rockets
Disclaimer: Tribune owns Andromeda, not me.....for now. *evil smile*
Notes: This story was inspired by CaptRayDay3 at Slipstream who wrote: "take a page from Enterprises books and have something similar to a decon chamber. But instead of just rubbing on the gel, they have showers together.

Imagine Rommie and Beka having showers together."

Idunna was a very nice planet, the settlements mostly orchards and lovely, wildflower-covered meadows, but Beka wasn’t fond of planets anyway, not understanding Harper’s insistence that the wind (“drafts”, Beka thought) felt good. And now she was quite annoyed to find she had come back with a little parting gift from those pretty wildflowers too. Nothing serious, she was assured.

“This soap will decontaminate your skin and hair,” Rommie said, handing the jar to Beka.

“Okay,” Beka took it with a shrug. “Could you help me? Smear it on my back for me?”


They both went into the bathroom and took their clothes off. Beka tried not to look at the android too much, but couldn’t help it. Harper had done a terrific job when creating her body. Absolutely perfect. Beka couldn’t help but feel a little envy, but then, Rommie is an android, she reminded herself.

Stepping into the shower, she turned the water on hot, letting it run down over her body, relaxing and soothing her. She heard Rommie step into the shower as well, her footsteps cat-soft. Steam rose up around them like a hot mist.

The android’s skin was surprisingly soft and warm, Beka thought, as Rommie slowly spread the soap over her back. Beka relaxed even more with a sigh. Small hands, very gentle, her touch light, taking her time. Beka felt almost sleepy as Rommie finished spreading the soap over her back. She would make a wonderful masseur, thorough and patient. Then she heard the android spread more soap on her hands.

Beka found herself holding her breath as Rommie, with equal patience, spread the soap over Beka’s buttocks. So slowly, her small, lithe hands covering every millimeter of the flesh which was rapidly becoming more sensitive. Beka felt her breathing and pulse speed up.

Damn! She realized her arousal was obvious to Rommie, who was a walking lie detector, able to measure pulse rate, body temperature and breathing in real time. She felt the blood rushing to her face in her embarrassment.

With aching slowness, Rommie worked her way down Beka’s legs, her hands caressing the curve of Beka’s thighs and calves. It would have been soothing if Beka hadn’t been so aroused.

Finally finished, the android said softly, “Turn around.” Cheeks still warm, Beka complied. She considered telling the android that she could do this herself, but decided not to.

Beka lathered her hands with some of the soap and ran it through her hair and over her face. She tilted her head back into the shower spray, eyes closed, and felt Rommie’s soaped-up hands on her shoulders. Again with that drawn out, soft touch, the android soaped Beka’s neck, shoulders and arms. More lathering, and Rommie soaped Beka’s chest.

Beka could scarcely control her breathing, but Rommie appeared not to notice as she gently soaped Beka’s breasts. Beka’s nipples were instantly hard as Rommie lifted them and squeezed them gently in her thoroughness. Beka found herself struck by the contrast in their skin tones; Beka’s pale, Rommie’s creamy olive. How perfect she was! So lithe and graceful. The hands slid down to her stomach, caressing, and then down to the curve of her belly. Rommie stopped again to soap her hands, not looking Beka in the face.

Beka closed her eyes as Rommie soaped her thighs and legs. So slow, too slow. Beka’s thigh muscles began to twitch a little. And they weren’t the only muscles doing so by then. I can’t stand this, she thought. More soaping.

Now she had part her trembling thighs as Rommie’s hand pressed into her groin. Gently, the android cupped Beka’s labia, spreading the soap through her soft pubic hair. She’s still not looking at me, Beka thought, her own eyes drawn to Rommie’s labia. Perfectly formed, like the rest of her. She gasped aloud as her labia was parted, the fingers carefully moving those sensitive inner lips to gain access. Again with agonizing slowness the fingers soaped her, drawn across the opening of her vagina to her swollen clit, forcing Beka to swallow a moan.

“That should do it,” Rommie said, as Beka stood there, wet, naked and trembling. At last, Rommie raised her eyes to meet Beka’s and smiled, almost shyly. Rising on tiptoe, she gave Beka a quick kiss on the lips. Beka caught her, placing a hand on her cheek –how soft and smooth that skin- and gave her a longer, more passionate kiss. Rommie was as thorough with kissing as everything else and Beka moaned against her tongue, letting her hand travel to one of Rommie’s shapely, pert breasts.

Finally breaking the kiss, Rommie whispered “Later”, and left Beka still quivering in the shower, quickly concealed by the steam filling the room. “Later,” Beka echoed, hoping it was a promise.

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