Taking a Break

BY : silken
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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Taking a Break
Author: three eyes open / aka "silken"
Spoilers: None.
Notes: My rude muse blindsided me with this one. This fic was inspired by someone at an Andromeda mb who asked “where does Rommie hide her energy plug for her energy needs”.

With a sigh, Rommie relaxed into the chair in one of the unused cabins. It had been a long day, and a fight with some Drago-Kazov had done nothing to improve it. The Andromeda had won the battle largely unscathed. Only minor repairs were needed, just enough to keep Harper busy the rest of the day.

Sitting in her lap was the energy plug that Harper had made for her when he had first built her. Normally, she drew energy from the Andromeda, but the plug gave her the energy she needed when she was away from the ship as long as it was charged.

She had originally berated him for its design and for the sensations it gave her as it worked. But now she was grateful for it, although she would never tell him that.

Lifting her lower body off of the chair, she slid her pants down past her knees. Using her left hand she parted her labia and slid the plug into her vagina.

A warm wave of pleasure ran up her vagina into her belly. She felt herself dribble moisture as the plug moved slightly. Moaning, she laid back in the chair as another wave cascaded through her. Again and again the warm wave rolled up over her. It felt as if her belly were full of molten energy, as difficult as it was to describe these sensations. The plug began to move even more, twitching inside her as more warm, tingly pleasure arced through her body. Another wave and she reached orgasm, gasping and crying out, feeling her juices flow out of her slick vagina.

Going limp in the chair, she felt her bare ass slide on the moisture she had leaked onto the leather. She moaned as the plug continued working, twitching and sending more pleasure into her belly. Her hand was drawn to her labia, now so wet her pubic hair was slick and tangled, moving the plug more to increase her pleasure. Her juice slicking her fingers, she caressed her swollen clitoris in circles as the plug’s waves of pleasure continued rolling up into her body. Her entire labia was throbbing with each energy wave now as her fingers worked frantically at her clit. She came again, arching her body and biting her lip to keep from screaming.

With an involuntary cry, she collapsed back into the chair, sliding even more on her own moisture. Groaning, she relaxed and let the pleasure overwhelm her completely, until the universe was nothing but each wave of warm, tingly energy....

It would be nice to be an android, wouldn't it? ;)

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