Honeymoon for One

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I sighed looking out the small window of the airplane. Greece, I can't believe I'm actually here! A vacation my fiancée and I had planned over two years ago. This was supposed to be our honeymoon; only we never made it down the isle. We have been split now for - it's got to be thirteen months. I was upset at first, but have to admit, I really am glad we didn't go through with it. He wasn't right guy for me. He was too short and too small, and had a too big case of 'Little Man Syndrome.' He left me for some passive, petite little girl, one he could have control over. That was never the case with me, being too headstrong for him. I definitely was the one wearing the pants in that relationship. Althouge toe told me it was because I had put on too much weight for him. He would never admit that it was really because I made him look like a wimp! But, I had to agree I had put on a few ever
since I started this job, with its' extremely long hours, mostly sitting at a desk. I just didn't have the time to exercise regularly any more. And eat healthy? Right, I'm lucky I have time to drive through the fast food place on the way to wherever.


I hadn't had a 'real' vacation since I started with this company back in 1996. Marriage or not! I would be damned if I would give up my first planned trip away from home since the last family vacation back in senior year of high school. Besides the tickets were
non-refundable! I was hoping to bring along my best girl friend. She was planning to take my ex's ticket, but at the last minute, couldn't get the time off. So here I am, alone, but still excited.


Yes, Greece! I had always loved ancient history as a child. Went to every museum within driving distance. My family had a
wonderful home library and mom had purchased some series of 'Time/Life' or 'National Geographic' books on ancient Rome and Greece and other Mesopotamian countries. I loved those books.


Now I'm stuck with the 'honeymoon suite' at the hotel for the next week. I am hoping to plan enough events and sight seeing tours to keep me busy during the day. I felt really stupid checking in. "Oh Mrs. Ross, we have been expecting you. When should we expect Mr. Ross?" The clerk spoke politely. "Unfortunately, my husband will not be able to join me this time, and the travel agent said that we could not change our reservations" "Oh, so sorry to hear that, well enjoy the champagne anyway." She handed me a key and the bellboy showed me the way to my new home for the next 6 nights and 7 days!


Of course, the room was exquisite and very romantic, with all the special little touches any newlywed couple would enjoy. It made me a little sad. So I put away my things, freshened up and decided to venture into Greece.






Day One: Early Evening



I decided to go for a walk. The scenery was beautiful. The hotel sat on the outskirts of a town that had more lake thand. nd. I walked and walked along the shoreline when I came upon something that looked like an extra large gazebo-like patio. It was circular in shape, with eight carved pillars and a pointed white stone roof that seemed to barely balance on the pillars. I was unusually drawn inside the circle. I don't know why. I didn't even notice the barriers that had been placed around to keep people out, walking right through them. The sun had just set, going over the horizon on the far side of the lake. You could tell it would be a beautiful evening. The clear night sky, with all the stars aglow, covered the town like a warm blanket.


I went to sit on a tall piece of broken white rock. Looks like it used to be something before it began to crumble apart.tabltable maybe, I wasn't sure. I leaned my butt against it to test its support for weight, and then fully sat upon it. I could hear the
crickets chirping, it was so peaceful, so breathtaking, so romantic. Sensual visions began playing across my mind, like previews clips run before the feature movie. I reached down between my legs and rubbed myself over my clothes. I had the biggest urge to rip them from my body, wanting to feel the wind's caress against my naked skin, but I hazily retained the thought that I was in a public place. The rock I was sitting on was just the right width to comfortably straddle, like you would a horse. I hiked the skirt of my dress up to my waist, flipped my leg over and slipped a hand past the elastic waistband of my cotton panties. I was so horny, caused, perhaps, by the influence of the romantic city. But I had no man, not even a prospect! Wanting to rid myself of rustration, my finger wildly flicked my sensitive clit, my pussy flooded with juices and more. I had finished menstruating the day before, but a little remaining blood mixed with hot stream leaving my body. With my eyes closed and my hand moving in a
frenzy, I began to reach higher and higher. I threw back my head, letting the wind lightly blow my hair away from my face. My body senses were peeking, I could feel the material of my dress rubbing against my breasts, causing the nipples to harden. Moaning, I slightly opened my eyes to look out at the horizon where the moon was climbing up from the hill. A man was standing there, not too far away, watching. I could tell he was dressed entirely in black, as if a body like that could be hidden by the
darkness of the night. His dark curly hair just reached his shoulders and his hips were moving in unison with my body's waves. I could feel his eyes on me. I didn't stop though. It excited me more to know I was being watched. I closed my eyes again, I was
going to cum. Oh, oh, yes. YES! My body began to shutter and writhe on the rock, my fluids overflowing, soaking through my panties. My moans increased in volume. When I opened my eyes again - the man was gone. Quickly, I got up; I didn't see the large, bloody wet spot, where I had just been sitting. Reality rush in as the heat flooded my cheeks. Who else could have seen me? What could have possibly overcome me like that, to act with such recklessness? Embarrassed, I practically ran all the way
back to the hotel.


When I got up to my room, I removed my soaked underwear, tossing them on the closet floor and sat on the bed. I looked around at the large, empty suite. The room obviously echoed with history of new love. Catering to the pleasures of passionate lovers. There was a large mirror on the ceiling, strategically placed, of course. The loneliness was really beginning to hit me hard. I lay back on the bed and stared up in to the mirror. My ex's words about being too fat rushed in and clobbered me - "Who would want to be with a fat pig anyway?" I told the image staring back. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea taking this trip alone, this honeymoon for one. I turned over and buried my head in the pillow and cried my eyes out. I would have given anything for a little male attention. I needed to feel desirable again, to feel like a woman again. A knock came at the door.


"Just a minute" I managed to get out between my heavy sobs. I rose and walked to the door, wiping my eyes with the back of my hands, leaving black marks from my mascara. I'm sure I looked like hell, but didn't really care at the moment.


"Who is it?"


"Delivery, ma'am."


I opened the door and nearly died. It was him! The man who had watched me from the field. Even though I had not been able
to see his face, there was no mistaking that fantastic silhouette of his. He was holding a large bouquet of fragrant lilies and orchids that sported lovely shades of purples and pinks and white.


"You? What do you want?"


He said he wanted to apologize for intruding on my privacy earlier. "Here, these are for you." He pushed the large bouquet towards me.


I took them asking, "How did you know where I was staying?"


"This is the only hotel close enough to the temple's offering circle, that you could walk to?"


"Temple?" I suddenly felt extremely shameful, thinking I had disrespected a holy place with my earlier actions.


"Yes, you were in the offering area fhe the temple of Ares, the God of War, one of the twelve Greek Gods,"


"Oh?" I'm sure my cheeks were beat red. I couldn't help but notice how good looking this man was. Good looking - Hell, that was an understatement! He was down right gorgeous with that muscular body, sexy dark eyes. The smile he flashed me almost made my knees turn to jelly.


"Thank you for these, they're lovely!" I thought I should put them in water. I asked him in and told him to have a seat while I took care of the flowers. I walked to the sink to fill a vase.


"How did you know that this was my room?" The handsome man was sitting on a velvet love seat in the room's faux 'living room' watching me fill the vase. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.


When he didn't answer I asked again "You're awfully bold to go knocking on a stranger's door with flowers and apologizes. What if my husband had answered the door? This is the honeymoon suite, ya know?


"I knew your husband wouldn't answer. You're not married."


"How do you know?"


"Because, if you had just been married, your new husband would be doing the same things to you, in here, that you were doing alone, out there."


Got me there! I had been facing the mirror over the sink while we had this conversation when I caught my own eye. "Shit!" I said under my breath. I had total raccoon eyes. I excused my self and went into the bathroom to fix my face.
"Oh, God. I can't believe that a huge hunk of man is sitting in my living room and he brought me flowers. And I look like THIS? Classic, Donna, classic!" scolding myself. I hurried to slap on some cover-up and went back out.


"Are you ready now?" he asked.


"For what?" He gave me a sexy, seductive smile. Oh sure, I was ready - for anything he wanted me to do. No problem. Softly he responded


"Dinner, dancing, a night out on the town!" he put out his hand for me to take. I reached for it. He had extremely soft skin.


"… But I don't even know your name …"


"I am …(he paused)…my friends call me 'War'" He saw that I had a questionable look on my face, so he continued, "it's short for 'Warren'"


He didn't really look much like a Warren to me. "I'm Donna, nice too meet you"


I couldn't believe this was happening. It was like I created him out of my own dreams. He was perfect, everywhere, totally gorgeous! He could have been a Greek God (if there were really such a thing.) I wondered if I hadn't perhaps fallen asleep
- and this was just a great dream!!






Day One: Late Evening


We moved out on to the patio of of the restaurant. He popped open a bottle of champagne and pored us each a glass. The moon was hovering over the still lake, reflecting just enough soft light to make the atmosphere very romantic.


"Let's make a toast," he said, holding up his crystal flute. I clumsily lifted mine as well. Not being a heavy drinker, and all ready having a before dinner cocktail and three glasses of wine with dinner, I was now feeling the effects of the alcohol.


"To . . . you! May all your dreams come true and grant you happiness!" Our glasses kissed, splashing some of the bubbly out on to my fingers as they clanked. He quickly caught my wrist with his free hand. Putting his own glass down, he then took my glass. Pulling my hand to his lips, he proceeded to lick the champagne from each finger. My heart was beating heavily. The hot feeling in my gut ignited again and passion burned through my entire body, faster than it ever had before. I couldn't say a word, mesmerized by the vision of his tongue swirling around the tips of my fingers. When he was done, he gently placed my hand
back around the glass and smiled. I looked away from him, feeling intimidated - shy even. I didn't know what to do, how to respond. I am sure he wouldn't of thought me to be coy about it, especially since he had seen me pleasing myself in public that day. Thank God he spoke, the silence was a little uncomfortable.


"Well, it's getting late. I should probably get you back to the hotel now. Waiter, check please!" He took care of the bill,
stood and pulled out my chair, being a perfect gentleman. He reached for my hand as we walked the shoreline back to the hotel; finally releasing it we arrived at my door.


"I hope you had a good time, Donna! I know I sure enjoyed your company" He was softly caressing my check with his hand. Smiling, I nodded in agreement. "Would you mind if I kissed you goodnight?"


What - you have to ask? I thought. "I would like that - Yes!"


He took a step closer to me and slipped one arm around my waist. With the other hand he brushed the hair from around my eyes so he could capture them without obstruction. I could feel the heat radiating from his body as his full lips moved to press against mine. He smells so good! As if in slow motion, he traces the outline of my mouth with his tongue. sto stopped and pulled back just
enough to look in my eyes again. When he saw approval in them, he quickly returned to my mouth, kissing more passionately this time, pressing harder now. I heard myself sigh as he parted my lips with his tongue. Not wanting to be intrusive, he hovered,
just inside, waiting for me to meet his tongue with my own. I did, of course, as passion flooded my body. I closed my eyes and melted in his arms.


He could have made a move on me then. Instead, after a few minutes, he pulled away. Eyes still closed, I allowed my head to slowly roll around so it leaned back. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. He touched my face again.

"I better let you get some sleep now." He kissed my cheek as he released his arm from my waist. "Goodnight, Donna"


"Goodnight… and thank you"


He was about to leave when he stopped "Donna, I know Greece better than any of those hotel tour guides. Would you like me to take you on a tour of my homeland tomorrow?"


My face lit up. "Sure - I'd love it!"


"Good, I'll be here at 8am. We can have breakfast first."


"I'll be ready!"


"O.K. See you then" and he turned and walked down the hall. I watched him until he disappeared around the corner. What a great ass! I hurried inside to quicket tet to sleep. Anxious for morning to come so I could see him again.




Ares, God of War, materialized in the honeymoon suite, remaining invisible. He stood there, just watching Donna sleeping peacefully. He anticipated his consumption of her, of what he needed from her. He relished in his wicked desired, for it was her blood on his offering alter that had awakened him from centuries of hollow sleep. All of the Greek Gods had been long forgotten. But her blood brought new life in to his soul again. She was now his possession, belonging to him alone. And he wanted nothing, it not everything of her.


He waived his arm over her whispering "Dream now, only of me. Dream only of me and of the pleasures I will bring to you." Donna stirred restlessly. He had taken her dreams back to the offering alter to retrace her steps once more. Only this time, he would do much more than just watch. He closed his eyes and slowly entered her dream.




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