While the Cat's Away...

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While the Cats Away..."

Rating: NC-17

Summary: While alone on the ship Tyr and Beka give in to their temptations. Tyr discovers inter-species dating is not pointless, and Beka finds out that Tyr is interested in more than reading, complaining, and working out!

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or show. if I did I would be having naughty fun with Dylan and Tyr instead of writing about them. I am not selling autographed copies of this story so I hope to not get a legal summons in the mail from Paramount.

Note: This is a missing scene from the episode "Forced Perspective." It takes place after Beka walks out on the dinner Tyr prepares for them. It is basically a "what if?" story. If this had happened I imagine the ending of the episode would have been very different. Also this is my first NC-17 story so please keep that in mind as you read!

Author's Note: This fic was written and put on ff.net like a year and a week ago and I thought I would revamp (fix punctuation errors. LOL) and update this for its anniversary! Yeah!

As he sat in his seat shocked over what had just happened he replayed the scene over in his head. He was telling Beka that reproducing outside out of your own species was futile, and why he would never do it. Skeptical, she began to question him about his resolve on the subject. He assured her that he would not do it.



"Not in a million years?"

"Not in a million years. Not ever."

She then got up walked the length of the table and stopped inches from his face. Never taking her eyes from his she said in a low and intimate tone of voice, "Tyr, on behalf of human women everywhere...I'm insulted." It was this last thing she had said that he kept hearing in his mind, 'Insulted? She was insulted?' That would mean that she, he searched for the right word, cared. Now that he REALLY thought about it that whole conversation on interspecies relations was looking a little different now. Every time he'd reinforced his negative feelings he drove another nail into his coffin. He could not believe what he had missed! It was not that he hadn't heard her, but he was not listening. If he had been he would have realized what she and he were really saying to one another. She was testing whether or not he was interested in her and he was rejecting her without thinking about what he was saying. He then realized that he needed to give serious thought to what he said and whether or not he meant it.

After walking out on their dinner Beka immediately went to her quarters and sat thinking about what had just happened between them. She had been caught off guard when he had awkwardly asked her to join him at 7pm. Suffering from incredible boredom earlier she assumed the invitation was nothing more than an attempt to relieve some of it. Afterwards she wondered whether the invitation was so innocent. What reason would he have to be nervous if the invitation meant nothing?

At dinner he surprised her with his cooking skills. Though in hindsight she realized that her surprise was not warranted. Tyr had been surprising them since day one. Just when they thought he was one thing he went and did something that made them rethink their earlier assumptions. That, she knew, was what made her want to know more about him. Being a complicated person herself she appreciated the complexities of others. She also had to admit to herself that his persona was not the only thing that interested her. No one could deny the fact that Tyr was an amazing specimen of male potential. Smart, tall, and perfectly sculpted he was very easy on the eyes. But in addition to that he had a quiet dignity about him and dare she say it, warmth? It was not as overt as Dylan's was but they got glimpses of it here and there.

When she mentioned the possibility of an onboard romance he flustered and groped (unsuccessfully) for an excuse to explain himself. She ended his torment and explained that she was talking about Dylan and Rommie. Put at ease he asked her what the point of such a pairing would be. This is what really got to her. She could not believe him! She knew he held certain beliefs and ideas, (he was a Nietzschean after all) but his closed mindedness was a surprise. It's not that she was looking for a romance with him but the fact that he saw no possibility was insulting.

When she got up from the table she did not really know what she was doing. She should have just stormed off in protest but for some reason she wanted Tyr Anasazi to know what he was missing. So she sauntered up to him and in her most captivating voice told him that she was insulted on behalf of human women everywhere. The look on his face was priceless! At the time she felt triumphant but all she felt now was regret and hunger.

Back in his quarters Tyr was pacing the room in an effort to sort out his feelings. All of a sudden he was faced with the possibility that what he believed was only what he had been programmed to believe. His people believed in their superiority above all else. To keep that position they had to preserve their ethnic purity and stay with their own kind. He believed that this was best until he began to travel and see the universe. Once he came in contact with other species and beings he had to concede the fact that they had admirable qualities and traits just like his people did. When he came in contact with the Andromeda he met Dylan Hunt. A human brave, smart, and strong. If it were not for his foolish idealism he could have passed for a Nietzschean. The rest of the crew, however, reinforced his original beliefs. Well most of the crew anyway. Beka was an interesting surprise.

When he became a "crew member" he set about learning about the people he was trusting his life with. He encountered a Magog pacifist, a cocky engineer, a purple...thing, a hopeful high guard captain, a fully interactive ship, and finally a very brave, head strong, and tough freighter captain/pirate. Of all the others it was Beka who was most like himself. She was a survivor who was able to do what needed to be done in order to save herself. She could hold her own without help and she knew what she wanted. The more he learned about her the more he admired her. But in light of what happened he was now questioning his feelings. Did he simply admire her or did he feel more for this human?

After ordering food from a replicator Beka sat down to eat and found her mind was wandering to decidedly dangerous territory. *She is quietly eating when her door chimes. Wondering who it is she lays her fork down and rises to answer the door. When the doors slide open she is surprised to see Tyr standing there. "Tyr what are you doin..." before she has a chance to finish the sentence he grabs her arms and begins to kiss her passionately. For a moment she struggles and then gives into the delicious feeling of his lips upon her own. The kiss seems to last for an indefinite amount of time until she begins to hear a faint beeping from somewhere....* As the beeping becomes louder Beka is brought out of her fantasy and back to the real world. "Wow!" she exclaims, "what was that!" Trying to shake off her very strong feelings of arousal she suddenly remembers the beeping. Its coming from her computer consol. She has gotten a new message from someone. Walking to the desk she sits down and opens the message. A big smile appears on her face when Harper's face appears on the screen. "Beka, just thought you would like to know that I am on my way to first place baby! Start making room for my trophy! I wish you could be here with me. Oh I gotta go. I am up next. Catch you later." 'Oh Harper' she thought, was Dylan ever going to give him a lecture when he returned! She had to laugh and envy Harper though, at least he was having fun. She was just confused, frustrated, and bored again.

The only way he could think of to get some answers was to do some meditations. So he set up some candles, lowered the lights, and sat on a mat in the middle of the floor. He thought of the vastness of space to clear his mind of all thoughts except the one at hand. After a few minutes his mind was blank and his body was relaxed. He was now ready to get in touch with his inner spirit and ask it for guidance. As he tried to sort out his feelings for Beka another part of his mind decided imagery was the best course of action. *Walking down the main corridor he is heading to the bridge when he hears his name being called. "Tyr, where are you going in such a hurry?" He turns around and much to his surprise the voice is Beka's! But that's not the only surprise, she is standing in a doorway wearing a long leather dress with a slit up both the sides. Her normally slightly unruly blond hair is pinned up leaving only a few strands to frame her face. She is not wearing much makeup but her eyes are a crystal blue. With eyes like that she doesn't need makeup, it would only take away from her best feature. He is still gaping like a fool when she walks forward and wraps her arms around his neck. He begins to protest, 'Umm Beka? I don't think this is...' when she pulls his head down for a gentle kiss. When he pulls away she is gazing into his eyes and smiling. She looks so beautiful that he can't help but smile back. He is about to kiss her again when he feels himself being pulled back into reality. As he tries to resist he hears a voice telling him that he wanted an answer to his question and now he has it.*

Opening his eyes he is startled by what has just been revealed to him. It's all beginning to fall into place now. The looks, the sly comments, his uncharacteristic invitation, he was finally able to "step out" of himself and see his behavior for what is was. He was flirting! And he had been doing it for a long time now. The idea of the crew noticing his flirting was enough to give him a queasy feeling. But what gave him an even worse feeling was the possibility that Beka was not really interested in him. There was only one way to find out for sure. He would have to ask her. Not wanting to embarrass himself he tried to think of a dozen reasons why he should not do it. It was all pointless really, in the end he knew that he had to be true to himself and listen to his inner spirit. Besides if he could face death on a daily basis without so much as flinching he could certainly do this. Even if she rejected him he had to get this out in the open. There was no way he was going to pine for her like a puppy dog, hoping each day that she would return his affections.

Figuring that she do would do something constructive with her time. Beka began to wipe invisible dust off the furniture in the room. She picked up a shiny blue rock Trance had given her and mused how it reminded her of Tyr. Smooth and nice looking on the outside, sturdy and strong on the inside. She had no idea what kind of rock it was so it was also mysterious. She laid the rdowndown and thought about things they had said to one another. Why did they feel the need to be so sarcastic with one another if they had other than platonic feelings? But then again Tyr was sarcastic with everyone, so really she was talking about herself. Sarcasm was a defense mechanism for her but in this situation she had nothing to fear, right? Valentines feared nothing so why would she be afraid of her feelings? As she posed the question the answer came to her. As Beka Valentine she had to keep face at all costs. The possibility of rejection and humiliation was almost a phobia for her. Fear was natural, but to give in to it was cowardly. In spite of her fear she had to take this chance, and find out what was between he and her, if anything, before it was too late.

Standing outside of her quarters Tyr realized that this was it. At this moment he still had the option of changing his mind. But once he knocked on the door all bets were off, playing "ding dong ditch" (an Earth game Harper had told him about) was not an option. As he raised his hand to the door he closed his eyes briefly and hoped if not for the best, then at least not the worst. He knocked on the door twice and waited for a response.

When she heard the knock on the door she instantly froze. Since there was only the two of them on the ship there was no question as to who was at the door. She had a feeling he would come so she wasn't completely surprised. But while her brain wasn't surprised, her body seemed to be. With alarm she noticed that she was beginning to sweat. And if she was sweating there was a good chance that she was turning red too. In the middle of trying to calm herself down she realized that he was still outside of the door wondering if she was going to let him in or not. Jogging to the door she ran a moist hand through her hair and opened it. "Tyr, I am surprised to see you here." She said with a forced calm she did not feel. She was also sure she did not sound it either.

After a few seconds he was wondering whether or not she was planning on even coming to the door. When the door finally opened he was surprised at what he saw. Beka was standing there looking like she had just ran a marathon. She was sweating, red in the face, and breathing harder than usual. As she tried (unsuccessfully) to feign surprise at his being there, he noticed something else very strange. Her hair was slowly turning red. "Uh Beka, I think your hair is turning red." He reached out in fascination to touch a strand that had just darkened about 5 shades. Her eyes widened in real surprise and she pulled some strands in front of her face to see for herself. "Damn nanobites! Thanks dad." When she noticed the questioning look on his face she quickly explained, "My natural hair color is red. When I was a kid my dad gave me these nanobites that allow me to change the color of my hair at will. They also unfortunately change with my moods and feelings." Tyr smiled at how interesting that was. "So, are you angry or embarrassed?" Taking a deep breath she dropped her hands and said, "Neither. I'm really nervous actually." Not expecting her to tell the truth he was not sure what to say. But since she was going for honesty he could do the same. "I am feeling the same way Beka." He was looking at the floor when he said it, but he looked up just in time to see the relief in her face and the slight relaxation in her body. "Ok, I am a terrible host. Come in and sit down Tyr, I have to talk to you about something." He took a forceful step forward and nodded, "I have something to discuss too."

After about two hours and a few drinks they were both feeling much more at ease. They had talked about the ship, how they felt about rebuilding the common wealth, and their shipmates. What they hadn't discussed, however, was what they felt for one another. Tyr cleared his throat and decided to quit stalling. "Beka, I came hear to talk about - us." He shifted in his seat uncomfortably and continued, "After what happened at dinner earlier I did some thinking. I was wrong about what I said to you. Interspecies dating is not pointless and I would do it too- if the right woman came along."

"Tyr, I..." She wanted to tell him that she had been thinking too, when he stopped her.

"Please let me continue, if I don't say this now I may not be able to later." He paused to be sure that he had her complete attention. "I think you may be the right woman Beka. We are more alike than we are different. You are strong, smart, capable, and everything else that excites me in a woman. I have been attracted to you for a long time now, I just didn't realize it. I don't expect anything from you. I don't even expect you to return my feelings or respond for that matter. I just had to let you know." After he stopped speaking she just sat there and replayed what she had just heard him say. 'Tyr was attracted to her? She did not have to worry about rejection or humiliation because he felt the same way about her that she felt for him.' Looking up into his eyes the look he was giving her indicated that he was not expecting a good response from her. "Tyr, I have feelings for you as well. That's what I was going to tell you. I was so afraid of being humiliated when you told me that you did not like me. But now that you have told me all I feel is relief and...." Not believing what he was hearing he urged her to continue, "relief and?" She took hold of his hand and begin to stroke his arm. "...and something else."

From the way she was touching him he knew exactly what that something else was. And he was definitely feeling it too. Slowly lowering his head to hers- to give her time to back out if she wanted to, he lightly brushed her lips with his. When their lips touched she felt a warm flush all over her body. She opened her mouth to give him more access and he took her up on her invitation. She tasted like wine and something that was uniquely her. Like something he had wanted for a long time. He now knew what that something was.

Beka couldn't get enough of Tyr's full lips. They were sensuous, warm, and incredibly soft. When she begin to nibble on his lower lip he moaned and knew that if he didn't stop now he would not be able to. He pulled away from her and held his hands on both sides of her face. "Beka are you sure that you want to do this? We don't have to if you are not sure." Panting, she threw her arm around the back of his neck and breathed, "I am completely sure. I want you NOW." That was all he needed to hear.

He stood up and pulled her off the couch and into his arms. He looked into her eyes and crushed his lips to hers. He was going to explore every inch of her mouth, and then the rest of her body. Beka could barely keep up as Tyr's tongue entwined and dueled with her own. He broke his mouth away from hers unexpectedly causing her to moan in disappointment. Her moan of disappointment turned to one of sheer pleasure, however, when he began to suckle her neck. As he kissed, nipped, and licked a hot trail down her neck, her legs gave way underneath her. Catching her in his arms he whispered in her ear, "You like that do you?" All she could do was nod, her neck was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones, every part of her screamed to be touched at once.

With her in his arms he backed her into the wall so he would not have to support all of her weight. Once she felt the hardness of the wall at her back she decided to take control and make him beg for mercy. First that shirt he always wore had to go, it was not even a shirt really. Small, tight, and see through, that "shirt" was continuos torture for her. She grabbed it at the top and with a strength magnetized by arousal, ripped it straight down the middle. Once the offending article was gone, she took a good look at his massive chest, and gasped in surprise. It was more perfect than she had imagined. Beautiful, smooth, bronze skin, over hard, well- defined muscles. *His body put Grecian statues to shame!* She thought. Not being able to wait to see all of it she quickly and deftly undid his pants.

Once he was completely naked she stepped back and ran her gaze up his entire body. Cocking an eyebrow in admiration at his tantalizing form, she stepped closer and raked her fingers down his chest. Hearing him quietly moan encouraged her to continue her exploration. She licked and lightly tugged on one of his pebble like nipples causing him to moan loudly and hold her head to his chest. Wanting to taste every inch of him, Beka moved up and down his hard chest with her mouth kissing and caressing the whole way. Finally at his stomach she slowly dropped to her knees. In front of her was what she wanted to taste the most. His penis was just like the rest of him ample, smooth, and rock hard. Wrapping a hand around the base, she slowly moved up and down the shaft with swift and steady strokes. As he closed his eyes and loudly groaned, she took him into her mouth swirling her hot tongue around the tip. Grabbing his tight ass she roughly pulled him forward and deeper into her mouth. Her head bobbed as she sucked and licked up and down his shaft. While pleasuring him with her mouth she took his balls and gently rolled them around and squeezed them in her hands.

Watching Beka on her knees in front of him, Tyr again marveled at how her hair was changing colors. Now her hair was a fiery red, the perfect color to match how she was making him feel. Her hot mouth on him was making him weak in the knees. This woman, he mused, had skills. When she squeezed him his vision went dark momentarily and his legs wobbled. If he let her continue he would not last much longer. Running his hands in her hair he called her name in a hoarse voice thick with arousal. "Beka?" When he got no answer he tried again this time louder and more forceful, "Beka!" When she looked up her blue eyes were confused and cloudy with desire. "If you don't stop I won't last much longer." Lifting her off her knees he pulled her black tee-shirt over her head and deftly unhooked her bra before pushing her back up against the wall.

"God you are exquisite!" he exclaimed as he looked at her perfect round breasts. Pink nipples reminded him of berries just waiting to be tasted. When he took one of them in his large hand the softness surprised him. Her breasts were the softest things he had ever felt in his entire life. As he kneeded the flesh with his hand and rolled her hard nipple between his fingers she moaned and mumbled intelligibly. Lowering his head to her chest and taking a nub into his mouth he suckled one breast while trailing his hand down the taunt muscles of her stomach. Upon reaching her tight leather pants. He ran his hand over her crotch eliciting a deep groan from her. After fumbling with the snap on her pants she pushed his hand out of the way and quickly opened them herself. Pushing her pants down her legs he stepped back so that she could step out of them. Once she kicked them across the room he closed the gap between them and pinned her to the wall.

The feel of his warm mouth on her breast was making her nerves stand on end. When her pants were finally off she breathed a sigh of relief. The sweat on her skin practically glued the leather pants to her body. She was burning up and suffocating in them. As he pinned her to the wall with his weight she felt his hardness pressing up against her stomach, she wanted to feel him in her so bad she could barely contain herself. Wordlessly, he stopped his ministrations on her breasts causing her to whimper softly at the loss. Mimicking her earlier actions he slowly lowered himself to one knee and looked up into her face. Within those chocolate brown eyes she lost herself completely. As if in a trance she watched him slowly pull her panties down her legs, lift her feet out of them, and then lift her leg onto his shoulder. She came out of her reverie however when she felt his tongue plunge into her vagina. She screamed his name as he alternately sucked her clitoris into his mouth and probed her folds and lips with his hot tongue. With his hands on her hips he kept her from moving too much and falling to the floor.

"Tyr, I need you in me now! Please." she panted between breaths. She could feel the heat building between her legs and she wanted to climax with him inside of her.

Hearing her plea Tyr reluctantly removed his mouth from her. He would never be able to get enough of her slightly salty taste. Hearing her moan his name and watching her lose control (knowing it was because of him) was satisfying on so many levels. Back on his feet once again he captured her mouth in a fiery kiss to show her how much he wanted her. Effortlessly lifting her off the floor she instinctually wrapped her long legs around his waist. Positioning himself at her opening he paused before thrusting into her dripping vagina. Pausing to enjoy the moment he could not believe how tight and incredibly hot she was. When he began to move it was with long, slow strokes; but soon she was digging her fingers into his back urging him to go faster.

When he filled her to the hilt with his hard cock she shrieked from the feel of it inside of her. Every time he brushed against her clit a jolt of pure electricity went through her entire body. Trying to force him to increase the friction between them she pulled at his long braids and scratched his back until he complied.. With him slamming into her with a force strong enough to knock pictures off the wall, she climbed the peaks of ecstasy until at last she felt her walls tighten around his penis and a mind shattering force rip through her body. Through her own scream she heard him call out her name a few moments later. When the ground was again beneath her feet and colors (plus shapes) were coming back into focus, she realized that she and Tyr were now on the floor wrapped in one another's arms.

When Beka began her orgasm and her walls squeezed him he completely lost it himself. One of the most powerful orgasms he had ever experienced pulsed throughout his body. After a few moments he slid to the floor because he could no longer stand on his shaky legs. He continued to hold Beka as they convulsed and shook together. It took about 10 minutes for her to come back to reality. When she did he kissed her forehead and rocked her in his arms.

"wow, Tyr, that was amazing! I don't think I can ever go back to human men now. I have seeeen the light."

"I saw the light - literally." He chuckled softly as he noticed that her hair was turning from white to her usual blond. Running her hand over his face she looked at her watch and did a double take when she saw what time it was. "Oh my God, Dylan and Trance are going to be back in twenty minutes and we have to empty out the filters!" Beginning to panic she jumped up and begin searching for her clothes that were strewn across the room. Joining her he grabbed his clothes and headed for the door. Looking at Beka who was pulling on a pair of clean pants he grabbed her hand and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Breaking contact she chided him and gently pushed him out the door, "Go!"

*About twenty minutes later*

"Man, it is good to be back!" Dylan exclaimed with joy. Giving him a sideways look Beka asked him, "So did anything exciting happen?" Looking at Trance briefly before he spoke he shrugged his shoulders and non-chalantly replied, "Nope."

"Anything happen here while I was gone?"

Looking at each other quickly, Tyr and Beka knew that after everything that had happened between them his question sounded absurd. "Anything" was an understatement. So to Dylan's simple question they each simultaneously gave a nervous and quick "No, not a thing." and a "Nope, boring as hell." Their whole relationship had changed within a matter of hours and now they would have to see where they stood and where they wanted to go. So until shift was over they would watch the clock and wait - only 4 hours to go.

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