"Sweet" (A Snippet)

BY : AndromedaValentine
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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: "Sweet."

Author: Margaret Brown, aka Andromeda Valentine

andoandom: Andromeda

Pairing: Beka/Rommie

Rating: NC-17

Status: New

Archive: Yes to list archives, anyone else please ask first.

Feedback: Yes, please!!

E-mail address for feedback: andromeda_valentine@hotmail.com

Series/Sequel: None, though hopefully I can incorporate thsi into something longer eventually.

Other Websites: Crimson Redd - http://www.angelfire.com/goth/crimsonredd

Disclaimers: Not mine, as usual - the girls belong to Tribune...

Summary: Beka, Rommie, and a moment in a hallway...

Notes: This is just something that popped into my head and wouldn't go away. I hope to use it in something larger, eventually...

Warnings: Explicit femmeslash ahead...


Beka slid a hand up Rommie's thigh under her skirt, smiling as her fingers brushed skin and soft hair instead of cloth. Well, suspicion one borne out - no underwear...

Suspicion two was also borne out - with an even bigger smile on Beka's part - as Beka felt exactly how turned on Rommie was by her touch, and the heat and dampness explored by her hands stirred a sympathetic response in her.

Rommie moaned softly as Beka slid two fingers gently inside her, and the sound sent a slight shudder through Beka. Damn, but Rommie was hot like this...

Beka started sliding her fingers in and out slowly, watching hungrily as Rommie twitched and moaned softly under her ministrations, until finally Rommie's eyes suddenly went wide with a gasp as the waves of her first orgasm washed over her.

Rommie's dark eyes watched intently as Beka brought her glistening fingers up to her mouth and licked one clean. "Sweet." she said, smiling at Rommie.

Rommie stared at her a long moment, eyes still filled with desire, then reached out suddenly to grab her wrist, and Beka nearly came on the spot at the warm feel of Rommie's mouth around her fingers as Rommie licked them clean.

With that, Rommie pulled Beka in for a long, slow kiss, and Beka suddenly realized that this was going to a long, long night...

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