Cruel and unusual

BY : Starbug
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Cruel and unusual

Harper pushed the branches aside, trying to make his way through the lightly wooded area around the campsite, looking for Rommie. It had been two days since the Maru had been forced down with a bad engine, and Beka had been on his back the entire time, asking how long it would take to fix, her distaste for planets making her unbearable to be around most of the time.

Dylan had set off earlier that day to see if they could get replacement parts from a nearby town, and then Rommie had wandered off into the woods, saying something about washing her hair. Harper had reached the point where he needed to align the AP valve, but without the calibrator back on Andromeda, it would takes Rommie’s android eyesight to get it right.

Harper made his way past the last few trees, and found himself standing in a grassy meadow, a stream gutting across it diagonally. The sound of splashing water got his attention, and he turned to the right, his heart jumping to his throat: Rommie stood waist deep in a pool of shimmering water, her naked back to him, her fingers running through her hair, water running down bac back.

As Harper watched, spellbound, Rommie dipped her head in the water again, then swung it backwards, sending water flying, and Harper's pulse rate rocketing. The young engineer became acutely aware of the growing tightness in his pants as his body reacted to the sight before him. He became slightly light-headed as his manhood swelled to it full size, making his arousal visible to anyone who might look.

Rommie still seemed unaware of Harpers presence, and she continued to bathe, cupping water in her hands and pouring it over her body, rubbing it into areas of synthetic skin that Harper had not seen since the day she had walked onto command, as beautiful, and naked, as she was now. She gently cupped her breasts, her thumb and forefinger squeezing and rubbing nipples made hard by the cold spring water. Harper almost choked when one hand dipped below the water as Rommie started to play with her clit and pussy lips, her head rolling around on her shoulder, eyes closed, as she brought herself closer to climax. Harper subconsciously filed it away the the rest of his masturbation-inducing memories.

Harper sneezed suddenly, his long-forgotten hayfever betraying his presence at the worst time. Rommie span round, her hands moving to cover her chest in a vain attempt to recover some modesty, “Harper you Pervert! How long have you been there?” She asked, accusingly.

“Not long." Harper sed, ed, "I came looking for you: I need help re-aligning the AP valve.”

Rommie looked angrily at him, but then a plan started to form in her mind, “Well, as you’re here, there is something you can help me with, something that’s your fault to start with.”

“Help you with what?” Harper’s eyes went wide,

Rommie walked from the pool, her arms dropping to her side, crystal-clear water running down her immaculate body, raising Harper’s blood pressure even further, making his already ridged cock ache. Rommie walked towards him seductively, slowly running her hands up and down her body, paying careful attention to her breasts and ass, cupping and rubbing them slowly.

Harper trieckincking up, but found his line of retreat blocked by a large tree. Before he had a chance to back around it, Rommie was on him, her wet body pressed against his, her hard nipples pressing against his chest, her thigh rubbing against his now painful erection. Rommie smiled, “Well, I can see you enjoyed the view.”

Quick as lightning, Rommie grabbed Harpers hands and pinned them above his head with one of her own, the other moving down to grab him by the crotch, gently rubbing his cock, “My, what a big boy you are Seamus! And to think I turned you down all those times you made passes at me. What was I thinking?” She moved closer, her cheek rubbing against his as she whispered in his ear, “I still have that rather powerful libido you programmed me with, and at times I get as horny as hell, and try as I might, I just can pleasure myself enough to deal with it. And believe me, I try.”

Rommie moved her head to the other side, her lips almost brushing against Harpers, sending shivers up and down his body. Rommie smiled, “I’m still a virgin, did you know that?”

Harper groaned, his body convulsing uncontrollably, and Rommie felt a slight dampness where her hand was pressed against his trouser leg. Rommie released Harper, his hands shot down to his crotch, and he ran off back through the woods, doubled over slightly.

“That was a cruel and unusual thing to do to Harper.” Dylan called out, moving from behind a nearby tree, dropping his pack to the ground.

“What part?" Rommie smiled as Dylan started to undo his jacket, "Toying with him like that? Or claiming I was still a virgin?”

Dylan reached down to kiss her, his hands moving to cup her breasts, “Oh, I’d say both....”

The End

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