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Surprise, Act 1: Revelations

“Um, sorry, I heard a scream and just reacted. I’ll go.” Dylan almost tripped over his feet as he backed out of the doorway and into the corridor beyond. He did a quick mental check, and decided that this was defiantly the most embraced he’d ever been.

It had started like any other day: he’d been making his way back to his quarters after Tyr had taken over the from the night shift in command, when he’d heard a scream come from Beka’s room. His training had taken over: thinking that she was somehow in trouble, he’d used his override to unlock the door and burst in to see Beka in bed.

In bed that was, with Rommie.

He turned and leaded against the door. “Well.” He thought to himself, “You don’t see that every day.” He pinched himself: no, he was awake, even if this did have a lot in common with some of his dreams. He shook his head: right now he needed a very cold shower and a stiff drink, in that order.

He took a step forward, trying to work out why Rommie and Beka would have kept their relationship secret: Beka wasn’t High Guard, so the rules about Avatars didn’t apply to the two of them. Maybe it was to keep the peace: relationships on-ship could result in tension, especially in a crew as small as theirs.

He was about to take another step when the door hissed open, “Dylan.” Beka’s tone of voice was onat Dat Dylan had never heard her use before. He slowly turned round, and almost gagged: Beka was stood in the doorway, her shear-silk nightgown barely covering her body.

Rommie stood behind her, her chin resting on Beka’s shoulder and her arms wrapped round the first officer. “Well, what do you think?” she whispered softly into Beka’s ear.

Beka’s eyes slowly traveled down Dylan, her smiled turning into a grin, “I think he has potential, and I can defiantly see why you where so interested in him.”

Rommie laughed, “Yes, High Guard uniforms can be very raveling, can’t they.” One of her hands disappeared inside Beka’s gown, “I think this could be fun.”

Beka grabbed Dylan’s arm and pulled him back through the door. The hatch closed and locked with a click.

Dylan suddenly found himself confronted by a very scantily clad Beka, and a completely naked Rommie. The word ‘Predator’ sprang into his mind, flashing like a warning light. He backed away toward the door, “Look, this is a bad idea.”

“I don’t know.” Beka smiled, showing her ivory-white teeth, “I think this is a very good idea. I know for a fact that you haven’t had any sex for a while, and here we are: ready, willing and able.”

“Very ready, very willing, and VERY able.” Rommie pulled Beka into a tight embrace, “And as I control the door, there is no way you are getting out of here without our say so.”

“So you see.” Beka explained with a smile, “You may as well enjoy yourself: there are men who would kill for this opportunity.”

“That’s beside the point!” Dylan tried to protest, be he knew that his heart wasn’t really in it: this was something he had fantasized over reputably the last two years. He shrugged mentally: when opportunity knocks, you open the door.

“Ok, but this is a one-off.” He took a hesitant step forward, “We have to keep some form of discipline on this ship…”

The word ‘Predator’ came back to mind as Beka and Rommie grabbed him and literally throw him onto the bed. Rommie leaped on top of him, landing so her legs straddled his waist. Dylan couldn’t help but look at her body, noticing all the usual signs of arousal.

She pinned his arms above his head and started to kiss him passionately as Beka removed his shoes and socks, then started to pull down his increasingly tight trousers. Rommie’s hands left his and ripped his shirt clean in two, flinging the tattered remain to the floor. Her kisses then started to move down to his chest.

Dylan lay frozen, unable to believe the way his two officers where acting: he hadn’t seen anything of its type since his time on Tran-Vedra.

Reality snapped back as Beka pulled his boxer shorts down and tossed them over her shoulder. Rommie shifted her legs so her ever-so-enticing slit was positioned above his now-freed shaft that stood stiffly at attention.

Beka appeared behind Rommie, and slowly started to lower her lover down onto Dylan’s waiting shaft. She caught the look in his eye and winked, “You’ll have to forgive Rommie if she’s a little nervous: she’s never been with a man before.”

“She could have fooled me.” Dylan stuttered, finally regaining his voice, “You’re acting like a pair of Vedran’s in heat!”

“From what I’ve read, that’s a complement.” Beka giggled. She lifted a cigarette from the bedside table and took a long drag, “You should relax a little.” Beka blow a perfect smoke-ring, and then offered it to Dylan, “Try this.”

Dylan sniffed at the offered dog-end, “This isn’t tobacco?”

“Of cause it isn’t!” Beka laughed, “You know what that stuff can do to you? No, it’s cannabis: Trance has a few plants hidden somewhere in hydroponics. She only uses it for medical purposes, and sells me a little on the side.”

“Drugs? On my ship?” Dylan looked shocked, “Beka, after you problems with Flash and everything…”

“Oh do pipe down Dylan.” Beka pushed Rommie the rest of the way down, making both her and Dylan gasp, “Like I said: you need to relax. Anyway, the type that Trance grows is non-addictive: she wouldn’t let me have any if it was harmful.”

Dylan’s eyes went wide: he could hardly believe how tight Rommie felt. It was obvious from the look on her face that Beka wasn’t been joking when she said that Rommie had never been with a man before.

Rommie’s eyes where closed tightly, and if not for Beka’s firm yet soft grip, she would have fallen over. Gently flexing her legs, she started to bounce up and down, moaning as his rigged lenght shift within her, and she quickly started to move up and down, building up the pace as she went.

Dylan closed his eyes, reveling in the sensations that where flooding through his body. He had to admit: this was the fulfillment of a fantasy that he had kept hidden ever since Rommie had first walked into command, in all her naked splendor. He tentatively raised and lowered his hips in time with Rommie’s own movements, while his hands moved up to cup breasts that had filled his dr and and kept him awake at night.

Not to be left out, Beka moved round so she could straddle Dylan’s face while her hand rested on the back of Rommie’s head and pulled her forward into a deep kiss. She moaned as Dylan’s inquisitive tongue delved into her wetness, drinking on her. She felt one of Dylan’s hands move across from Rommie’s breasts to her own, his thumb and for-finger pinching and twisting her nipples.

Rommie opened her mouth to admit Beka’s probing tongue, and kissed her eagerly as she moved up and down on Dylan’s stiff member. Her original discomfort had given way to a well-known burning sense that was building up inside her. Her cries of pleasure where swallowed by Beka’s mouth as she came, her body contracting around Dylan’s shaft.

Dylan lost the fight for control of his body as he felt Rommie clamp down on him, her movements growing more and more frantic as he started to cum, spurting his seed deep inside her. He moved his hands to Beka’s thighs and pulled her down onto his face, increasing the temp of his tongue in an effort to bring her off at the same time.

Not to be out done, Beka came loudly, drenching Dylan with her own juices. He drank at them hungrily, while Rommie collapseto tto the bed. Beka fell next to her, pulling her lover close, holding her in her arms as they reveled in the aftermath of the shared experience. Beka rolled Rommie over onto her back and knelt between her legs, lapping up the mixed rivers of cum that trailing down the Avatars thighs.

Regaining his senses, Dylan managed to bring himself up to his knees and found himself looking at Beka from behind as she went down on Rommie. He carefully considered his options: he could still walk away and pretend that nothing had happened. He was sure that Rommie and Beka would understand. But he couldn’t take his eyes off Beka’s open slit. After having tasted it, he needed to see what it felt like around his shaft.

Rommie saw the look on Dylan’s face, and smiled at him, a glint in her eye.

Dylan took his still semi-hard shaft in his hand and stroked it back to life, before easing Beka’s legs further apart, and slowly entering her from behind. His hands gripped her thighs tightly as he started to move in out of his First Officer while watching her lick at Rommie’s swollen clit.

Beka moaned as she felt Dylan enter her: it had been a long time since she been with a mand and Dylan didn’t have anything to be ashamed off. She started to push back against him, careful not to move her face away from Rommie’s clit.

Puling Beka’s face closer to her center, Rommie moaned with pleasure as her lover’s experienced tongue went to work, dabbing at her already excited clit and pussy. She leaned back, moving one hand to play with her nipples, squeezing and twisting them in turn.

Dylan saw the tell tail signs on Rommie’s face as her next orgasm approached, and increased his pace in a bid to send Beka over the edge at the same time. He pummeled into her with renewed zeal, making her entire body shake. He felt her start to spasm just after Rommie arched her back, groaning deeply. Again he lost control, and sent a stream of cum into Beka’s waiting canal, before collapsing onto his back.

Beka crawled up Rommie’s body, drawing her into a deep kiss. She looked over her shoulder to see Dylan lying on his back, breathing heavily. Grinning, she whispered something into her lover’s ear. Rommie’s eyes went wide for a moment, then she smiled and nodding her head.

Dylan found himself being drawing into a deep kiss by Beka, and was surprised when Rommie fixed her lips round his still semi-hard shaft. He started to say something as she started to suck and lick it back to life, but Beka placed a single finger on his lips.

“It’s like this Dylan,” she explained, “We like you, heck Rommie even loves you, and I have to admit that I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time.” Dylan’s response was lost in a gurgle as Rommie’s head started to bob up and down, taking his entire length into her mouth and throat with each movement.

“So here’s the deal,” Beka playfully ran her fingers through Rommie’s hair, “We liked this, a lot, and would like to do it again.” She smiled sweetly, “In fact, we’d like to make this the status-quo.” Rommie used her finger to play with the area of skin between Dylan’s balls and his anus, “Think about it: you’ll have what most men would pay for. What do you say?”

“YES!” Dylan lost control, shooting one last load down Rommie’s throat, then collapsed back onto the bed, completely spent.

Beka and Rommie smiled at each other, the latter licking her lips clean as they pulled the blanket up over the three of them and settled down for the night: tomorrow was going to be a busy day…

End of Act 1

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