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“Look Trance, you need to know how to use a weapon.” Rommie stood against the wall of the Andromeda’s firing range, looking at the strange Purple girl, “You can’t rely on someone being there to save you all the time.”

“But I don’t like guns.” Trance wrapped her arms around her slim body, “And anyway, I thought that Force Lances where auto-aiming?”

“They are: the built-in targeting computer, coupled to the smart-rounds, gives an almost 90% accuracy in most conditions.” Rommie drew her own side arm and pointed it at a distant target, and pulled the trigger without even looking: the round struck it dead centre, leaving a nasty looking burnt hole behind. “But you may find yourself forced to use a regular Gauss gun.”

“But I don’t want to!” Trance protested, stamping her foot like a spoiled child.

“Dylan’s orders.” Rommie lifted a small training pistol from the rack on the wall and handed it over, “Let’s see what you’re like as you are.”

“Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…” Trance lifted the weapon, pointed it in the general direction of the target. Closing her eyes, she pulled the trigger. The shot went wide, missing the target entirely and leaving a dark burn-mark on the wall to its side. It ricocheted, forcing Rommie to duck as it passed back their way.

“Well, the first thing you need to do is keep your eyes open. And your posture needs improvement.” Rommie walked over and stood directly behind Trance, holding her body against the other woman. “Your legs need to be further apart for balance.” Trance felt Rommie’s root move between her legs and move them apart.

The Avatar’s hands moved to Trance’s thighs, straightening them. Without breaking contact they slid up to her waist. “You also need to straighten up to keep your centre of gravity stable. You should lean slightly over the front foot to compensate for Recoil.” The feel of soft hands on her hot skin sent a shiver down Trance’s spine, makier eer eyes dilate. The feeling intensified as Rommie’s hands moved up further, one snaking round to her flat stomach, pulling it back, pressing the two women together even tighter.

Fingers as soft and delicate as silk continued to roam across Trance’s body, adjusting her stance ever so slightly, and leaving a burning sensation wherever they touched skin. The moved up to her neck and held her head straight. Rommie rested her head on Trance’s shoulder, her soft breath right next to Trance’s ear.

“Take a deep breath, and let half of it out: it’ll keep your hand steady.” Rommie’s voice seemed almost a purr in Trance’s ear, “Then squeeze the trigger smoothly.”

Breathing deeply, Trance found her tail had started to wrap around Rommie’s leg: something that it did when she was excited, or aroused. She managed to stop herself from gasping as Rommie’s hands slid along her arms, covering her own hands as they held the gun.

“Just visualize what you wantd god go for it.” Rommie’s voice was barely above a whisper, “Just take a deep breath, and do it.”

Trance didn’t even notice she’d pulled the trigger until a burn mark appeared dead centre on the distant target.

“Bull’s-eye!” Rommie whispered.

The End

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