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Paige’s hand found it’s way to her top drawer, grabbing her vibrator out. She felt so horny and hadn’t been fucked in a while. Paige slipped her jeans off, while under her bed covers and pulled her shirt and bra over her head. Her hand found its way down under the covers and began stroking her pubic hair.

She suddenly put a finger inside herself. She gave a sharp gasp. She then rotated them around until she was at a constant moan. Paige clenched onto the side of her bed to stop her from screaming out loud.

With her other hand she started to stroke her breasts, mouth opened with a silent groan. Paige stroked with the tips of her fingers in circles until her breasts were very much erect. Her attention soon found it’s way back to her wet clit.

She pushed the vibrator in and switched it on. She couldn’t help the high-pitched moan that escaped her throat. She felt the excitement build inside her until her juices spilled all over her and continued moaning as her orgasm coursed through her. Waves of pleasure made her shudder violently and she screamed in pleasure.

Phoebe heard a high pitched scream come from Paige’s room as she past it on her way to bed. Phoebe nearly mistaked it for a-demon-is-attacking-me scream. As she pressed her ear against the door she heard another high-pitched moan.

“Paige can certainly find her men” Phoebe giggled to herself. Curious, she opened the door just an inch or two. Her mouth went dry as she saw what Paige was doing to herself. She felt something else soon go very wet. Surprisingly she realised her own hand had travelled unconsciously to her throbbing clit. Phoebe couldn’t believe how turned on she was by Paige. She was too aroused to feel ashamed for what she was getting excited over.

Phoebe put her hand up her own skirt and rubbed up against the material of her panties as she watched Paige.

Paige had her eyes closed and her pale body glistened in the moonlight. Her bed covers were sprawled across the ground and she was constantly moaning. Phoebe took a step towards her and softly stroked Paige’s stomach.

Paige opened her eyes and gasped “Phoebe? What are--” though was quickly silenced by a passionate kiss. Paige couldn’t resist and kissed her back as she had never kissed anyone before. Phoebe slowly slid onto the bed and sat on Paige’s bare thighs as Paige moaned into Phoebe’s mouth.

Paige took Phoebe’s jacket off and put it aside roughly. She unbuttoned her shirt and also tossed it to the floor. Phoebe undid her skirt and pulled her panties off.

“Are you sure you wao doo do this?” Paige asked as she played with Phoebe’s clit
“Are you sure you want to risk talking me out of it?” Phoebe responded by kissing Paige’s neck, which led to her breasts.

Paige responded quickly with a deep moan. She arched her head back and let the sensations take over her body. Before she knew it, Phoebe’s tongue was sliding around her clitoris. Phoebe pressed her head int paige, sending her tongue deeper in her. Paige yet again felt the exitement building up. Though Phoebe eased up, and Paige growled in response.


Paige begged and soon Phoebe obliged with a level of lust that she thought before hand was impossible. Paige screamed as she came and felt like she sank into her bed, never to be found again. Before long she over came her exhaustedness.

She slipped her fingers into Phoebe and turned around so she was on top of Phoebe. She thrust them into her, Phoebe groaning.

“Paige!” she grunted, sobbing for release
“Mmm?” Paige asked and eased up
“You bitch!” Phoebe snapped loudly
“Is this what you want?” Paige asked right before she dove into Phoebe tongue lapping up her juices.

Phoebe moaned continuasly until she came. She closed her eyes and felt herself go into orgasm. Her vision blurred, and then everything began to spin around for what seemd like eternity.

“Uhhh” she grunted as the pleasure calmed down and subsided. Paige hugged her and brought her close.

“Like?” Paige asked
“Very much” Phoebe yawned “Who needs to go to heaven when I can find it right here”
“Thanks” Paige grinned
“For the compliment?” Phoebe asked
“No. For fucking me” Paige said simply.

Both of them soon fell asleep in each others arms.


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