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Title: Afterthoughts
Author: Little Spooky
Author's Website: (Little Spooky's Fan Fiction)
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Due South and all mentioned characters belong to Alliance, not me. I wish they belonged to me, but they don't so wah!!

Summary: Fraser did something that he maybe shouldn't have.

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Oh, dear.

What was I thinking? Why did I do this? She's probably not even interrested. After all, she's always pushing me away.

Oh, but she looks so beautiful. What I wouldn't give to wake up next to her every morning. She looks so peaceful and happy. I wish she were like this all day long.

It was some night, though. Maybe this won't end like our first contact. Maybe Meg and I will... no. Probably not. She'll either tell me to forget or pretend it never happened.

I love her. Now more than ever. I wish she could see. Understand I can't live another day without her.

As I look at her, I remember the events of last night. It was one of those nights she drank a bit too much. I should never have allowed it to go this far. But her eyes were so dark, and then she had to give me *that* smile. She doesn't know what that smile does to me. How it turns my knees to jello and makes my mind lose all coherant thought. I become putty in her hands.

Oh, dear. She has that same smile now. I don't know how to describe it. It's childish but with a seductive edge to it. It's even more effective when she's asleep.

Oh, if I stay here, I'm not going to be able to contain myself. And I can't exactly wake her up and beg for her to make love to me. That would be too much, too soon. She probably thinks I'm wierd as it is.

A shower, that's what I need. Maybe it will help me get rid of this erection. But what's the use? I'll see her again, and it will come right back. I don't need a shower. I need a *cold* shower. An *ice* cold shower.

I've written a sequel, and it can be found on this site or at

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