Hot Mountie

BY : LilSpooky
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Title: Hot Mountie
Author: Little Spooky
Rating: R
Pairings: Fraser/Thatcher
Disclaimer: All mentioned characters belong to Alliance. The scenario, on the other hand, belongs to the fans.
Summary: Meg debates her actions while Ben is in the shower.

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*Come on Meg. Just do it and gt ovt over with. You'll have him trapped. There'll be no place for him to go. No where to run off to and no window to jump out of.

*I'm going to. I'm going to just walk in. This has been a long time coming. We need to get everything in the open.

*Is he taking a cold shower? The air from under the door is too cool to be from anything else. Why would he be taking a cold shower? It's early spring. It's still freezing outside.

*Okay, Meg. Just shut up. He's not the type to take a long shower. Don't let your chance slip away.

*Okay.* I turn the handle and walk in.

"Fraser?" *I can't belive he didn't lock the door!!*

"Sir?" There. He did it. With one word you can tell his entire body is tensed up.

"Fraser, we need to talk." My voice squeaks a little as I notice his silhouette on the frosted shower glass.

"Talk? Er, Sir, don't you think there would be a better place than a bathroom?"

"Not really." I sit on the counter next to the sink. "We can't really be interrupted in here. No place for you to jump out of a window. You do remember that, don't you?"

He pauses. I had told him to forget the "incident". I wasn't very specific on exactly which part.

"I remember." He sighs and leans his head against one of the shower walls.

*Now is my chance.* I quickly pull off my sweater and hop down from the counter top. "Did you forget any of the 'contact'?" I slide off my shoes and socks.

"I remember it all." My pants are the next to go. Then my underware.

"Every bit?" I unclasp my bra.

"I can still hear the train." He s alm almost depressed. Like he's missing out on something.

My bra falls to the floor. He is very quiet. I can barely hear his breathing.

I slowly glide the shower door open. He doesn't notice the chance in the air temperature, but he definitely notices my hands on his back.

"Sir, I..."

"Damn, Fraser, you sure take a cold shower." He confines himself to one corner as I reach around him to turn on the hot water. "Turn around. I'm not going to bite." *Well, not very hard, at least.*

"Sir, I don't think that's such a good idea." He has slipped to the other end of the shower and is reaching for the door. I stop him by grabbing his arm.


My use of his first name obviously startles him. Our eyes meet, and he releases the door. I take one step and find a new reason for not using bar soap.

My foot slips out from under me, and I am propelled forward into Ben. He catches me, but loses his balance, too, and falls to the floor of the bathtub.

We lay there for a moment, trying to figure out what just happened. His face shows confusion, and I'm sure mine is a mirror image of his. My breasts are pressed up against his chest. His hands are planted firmly on my butt. And water is being sprayed into his face and the back of my head.

I see the realization light in his eyes, and he begins to grow beneath me. We are both breathing heavily which only adds to the moisture in the air. The mirror is almost surely fogged up now.

"So..." Ben's voice is shaky. "What did you want to talk about?"


Author's note: I wrote a similar story called "Hot Shower" for Pretender. Feel free to read it, too. It's listed here and on my website at

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