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Rose opened up the trunk carefully, rummaging around at Jack looked over her shoulder, a grin on his face. Yearbooks, stuffed animals and a tennis racquet came to light. Rose pulled out a striped dress and shook it.

“Oh man, I haven’t seen this in YEARS—“

“Its that what I THINK it is?”

“Yeah. Once upon a million years ago I DID do some community service you know—“

“I didn’t know. But I wish I had.” Jack made a point of carefully studying the outfit, biting his lips to hold back his reaction. Rose in turn studied him, a small smile smirking on her full lips.


“Mmmmmmmmm?” came his carefully orchestrated response. Rose could sense a great deal of something just under the surface, but trying to figure out exactly what it was and how to channel it was going to be fun. Jack was so different from Mac; less restrained, MUCH more likely to respond on a purely animal level, and Rose was just beginning to appreciate it.

“You think I’ll still fit into it?”

“Jesus, I would LOVE to see you in that . . .” came his impulsive response. She arched an eyebrow at him. Jack licked his lips, catching her gaze with a slightly embarrassed smirk of his own.

“Okay, okay, I’m a perverted old lecher, I think we’ve covered this territory before—“ he grumbled. Rose scooped up the outfit and came to stand before him, looking up into his face. She was close enough to feel the warmth radiating from his skin, to smell his arousal in the tang of his musk.

“If I put this on, then I’m gonna want to PLAY, Jack—“ she warned him in a husky trembly voice. He locked gazes with her and nodded.

“Oh we’ll play—“ he promised her, dark eyes fierce and hot, “We’ll play a GOOD game, Rose.”

When she came back down the stairs, she smoothed her hands over the skirt, deeply pleased that the entire ensemble still fit. The blouse was a little tight, but that was to be expected; she hadn’t really blossomed in the bust department until senior year anyway. The little lacy socks with the black pumps still looked sweet. Rose looked at Jack and a hot surge flushed through her when she caught his expression. It was determined lust, the look of a man desperately fighting himself and barely winning. Rose held her breath a moment, trying to slow her racing pulse down; he was getting her hot, and he hadn’t even laid a hand on her yet.

Deliberately, she walked over to him, turning around in a flirtatious spin.

“So? Am I still as perky and cute?”

“Oooooo—“ he reached a hand out to her; she slid into his arms and raised her face to his.

“Ever French kiss a candy striper?” Rose barely got the words out before Jack dropped his mouth on hers, hungry and deep. His big hands slid up and under the red and white striped skirt, bunching it up between them. Rose was lost in the searing heat of his talented probing tongue, melting in the taste of hot and horny colonel.

Breaking for a needed breath, she squirmed against him with a soft laugh.

“You’re getting OFF on this—“ Rose accused softly. He scraped his chin under her ear, the soft brush of his two-day stubble ticklish.

“You’re God damned right I am . . .” he admitted in a roughce. ce. As his fingers found the edge of her panties, her chest heaved; he dipped his mouth and tugged at the buttons of the striped dress with his teeth. Lazily Jack popped the front of the uniform open, his tongue wetly trailing over her hot skin. Rose arched her head back, savoring the feel of his insistent mouth, his questing fingers.

“Oh Damn, Colonel O’Neill, we have to be careful—“ she hissed. He nodded, breath hot in her ear, as eager for the game as she was.

“It’s okay Rose, I’ll be careful. Oh God baby—“ his mouth moved lower, teeth closing over one tight and aching nipple. Rose swayed, wrapping a long leg around him.

“The sofa—“ Rose begged in a breathless squeak she barely recognized. Jack backed her up to it, never stopping his nuzzling of her chest. He managed to tug her panties down; they slid down to her knees.

“Oh yeah—“ he stretched out on her side, sliding one hand down her bare thigh as he kissed her again. Rose licked his throat, her hair tousled around her.

“Dirty old man—“ she teased in a sultry voice.

“Sweet little slut—“ he muttered back with a helpless moan. Rose arched up, and he slid his hand across the soft bed of curls between her thighs.

“Ohhhhh yes, touch me,” Rose begged, squirming slightly, letting her hands tug at his T-shirt, pulling it off. Jack gently toyed with her soft fur, fingers gliding gently in the slick folds.

“Like that, don’t you baby?” he growled as he nuzzled her neck. Rose gave a little breathless gasp and rocked up against his hand. She opened her mouth, begging for a kiss, and he flicked his tongue across hers, the soft strokes matching the ones his fingers were making. Pleasure washed over Rose’s face; she let her hand drop to the straining ridge along his jeans.

“Oh my—I think I can help the swelling go down, colonel—“

“Oh yeah, I bet you can,” he brought his face back to her breasts, the hard nipples enticing him. Jack ran his teeth over one, and was pleased to feel her arch up against him.

“Take me out—touch me—“ came his ragged whisper. She undid the zipper, slipping her hand in to caress the hot length of him. He let his fingers slide deeper into her and she wriggled.

“We could get caught—” Rose gasped in his ear. He licked her bottom lip.

“We won’t. I want to put it IN you . . .”

Rose sucked at his tongue and parted her thighs a bit more; Jack shifted until his cock was rubbing urgently on her bare thigh. The candy striper uniform was pushed up around her flat stomach, her panties still dangling at her knees.

“We can’t—“ she chided him, wrapping her hand around his aching stiffness. With a slow and deliberate slide she began to stroke him, letting his cock thrust between her thigh and her hand; he moaned again.

“Oh Jesus Rose, please let me put it in you—“

“MAKE me, Colonel—“ she teased, and the sound of her demand nearly made Jack come right then and there. Gritting his teeth, he looked in her eyes.

“I’ll pull out, I promise—“ wrapping his hand around hers, Jack forced her to guide his cock in, shoving into the tight wetness between her thighs. With a whimper of lust, Rose lifted her hips, rocking up against him, her body tightening and squeezing around the heft of him. Jack bit his lips at the slick heat, groans leaking out of him. Rose looked down the length of their bodies.


“Touch yourself, Rose, I want you to come for me—“ He ordered her in a raspy whisper. She slid a trembling hand down to where their bodies were joined and let her fingers glide into her fur. Gently she stroked herself as Jack timed this thrusts to match hers, watching.

“Oh, deeper, Colonel, God I want you DEEPER—“ Rose hissed, her strained whispered exciting him. He rocked harder into her, plunging into the wet heat of her. She let her head loll back and a sudden shudder wracked her frame; she locked her legs around him and cried out softly.

“Shit, I have to, have to pull out NOW—“ he warned her hoarsely, teetering on the brink, his own body tense and aching for release. She shook her head, moaning.

“No, no come inside me Baby, all of it in me PLEASE!” she cried. Jack gave one cry and plunged deep, his cock exploding between her thighs, the heated flood of his lust boiling over in quick jabs as intense pleasure wracked his frame.

He dropped on her with soft moans and gentle words, holding her close, their sweaty foreheads pressed together as they waiting for their breathing to settle down.

“Oh shit, that was incredible. I just---lost it. I really did,” he admitted. “I never knew what a turn on a little pretending could be before you, Rose.”

“Oh yeah—Me either. I love to make you beg you know.”

“I noticed. Thank God you never can hold out very long.”

“That’s why I get to be the slut, Jack.—unless YOU want to wear the uniform next time.”

There was a sated comfortable pause and then,

“I’ll THINK about it.”

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