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you thought my last little snippet was a nightmare, this one is an alypslypse!

R for scariness and violence. (If I can write this the way I remember it


Apocolypse Of Hell


copywright infragment intended on the guys, I just always stick them into my
hellish nightmares for everyone else's guilty pleasure. Okay, and for mine,

on last night's nightmare.




am I?' Blair wondered, snuggling up to the bigger man behind him and feeling
his own heartbeat speed up. The arms tightened around him protectively, and
Blair listened to the sounds of arguing and yelling between a drunk man and
woman. They were laying in a darkened room, very small, and with an open
doorway that cast an eerie glow into the shadows. It appeared to be some kind
of cabin, and he and Jim were snuggled into a full size cotton mattress.
Scanning the room, Blair was shocked to find several children sleeping all over
the dirt floor.

closely, Blair noticed his Sentinel had not waken at the sound of fightning,
which was highly unusual. He snuck out of the bed and tiptoed between the small
bodies until he reached the door. Thankful to see that he was at least in his
boxers, which was more than he could say for Jim, Blair stepped bravely out
into the corridor and followed the yelling sounds to a door at the end. It was
dark inside, and he opened it, which was a big mistake. But to Blair, it all
felt so surreal, he was sure it was a dream anyway.

how badly can it hurt me when it's just a dream?' Blair's eyes grew wide as he
watched the fight escelate to a crescendo through the small opening. The big
muscular man pulled out a gun, aiming it at the petite blonde. She continued
screaming obscenities at him for a few more seconds until the gun fired and hit
her squarely in the forehead. Blair couldn't stifle the gasp that came out of
his mouth, and the man immediately spun around and saw him. Blair turned and
sprinted down the hall and back into the bedroom, finding Jim just beginning toke. ke.

there's a guy-" Blair began frantically, but was cut off when the giant
entered and raised his gun. The wepon fired and Blair felt a sharp pain and
sudden pressure in his left shoulder. He looked down for a split second, then
his eyes moved back up, catching sight of the tortured-looking children
trembling like a crowded box of puppies. Meeting the shooter's gaze was like
stepping off a cliff. Blair watched with horror as the eyes became red and
expanded outwards and inwards until there was no color left, just red.

suddenly launched himself onto the gunman with the agility of a snake striking
it's target. There was a long struggle insuing, and Blair snapped into action,
shoving the children out the door to safety, and instructing them to go get
help with the police. He watched as nearly a dozen kids squirmed out of the
small room, leaving him to defend his partner and best friend in this fight.

bullet wound was beginning to throb, but Blair made use of his other arm,
struggling to see in the darkness without the senses his friend had, Blair
finally spotted the gun and aimed towards the demon. The second the fight
paused, Blair pulled the trigger, feeling the discharge send a tremor through
his body similar to an earthquake. The bigger man barely took a step back when
the bullet entered his arm, but he did turn and train his glowing blood-red
eyes on Blair's.

don't look in the eyes!" Jim shouted, but it was too late. Blair felt
himself being pulled into the swirling red flames that were encased in those
orbs. His hand started to tremble, his heart was racing, and he grew dizzy from
bloodloss. "Sandburg! Shoot him!" The demon slowly pulled out a knife
from behind, never breaking the gaze that held Blair in a trance. As he slowly
approached to within four feet of the young man, Blair blinked and a spark came
to his eys hes he pulled the trigger, hearing the satisfying grunt from the
monster. Blair fired again, and again, watching the red spots appear on the
front of the black shirt. He pulled the trigger until the beast was laying on
the ground, and the only sound coming from the gun was a small click.

came over and carefully removed the gun from Blair's grip. The traumatized
younger man was still in shock, and Jim opened the revolver, checking to see
that there was, in fact, one more round left. Snapping it in place, Jim aimed
and fired, taking the still conscious monster in the head.

have to get out of here, Jim!" Blair cried, leaving his naked partner in
the small room and fleeing from the closing darkness. A fear so intense he
couldn't explain had taken hold of his heart and squeezed. The shadows were
suffocating him, traying to drag his soul down with them. Blair burst through
the front door, finding himself on the sidewalk of a city street. He could hear
Jim yelling to wait from a broken window in the front of the small cabin.
Buildings lined the street on either side, and it was an eerie dark, with no
stars out, only a moon that looked so old it was near burning out.

second later, Jim came running out with a bloodstained sheet wrapped around
him. They silently ran down the street, slowing down as each horrific scene
came into view. The streets were empty, but every few seconds a stray car would
turn down the street and drive towards them, turning off their lights as they
crawled past the two men. Blair drew a ragged gasp when he saw a naked man that
looked to be crawling desperately from a basement window, except that the metal
bars that has been covering the window were all split and bent, and one of the
bars had speared the man right through his side. It was beyond being terrifying
now, seeing the city with no lights, the street they were running down falling
apart. They walked quickly up another hill on the street, and what they saw
there made them both realize, this was the end of the world, and it wasn't
going to get better anymore.





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