The Nietzschean or the Tiger

BY : Loonywoif
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Chapter 1


Radhe burst onto the bridge and shot Reflections of Dawn. Dylan looked up in surprise and aimed. The firefight was fast and furious. Finally, after a strenuous fight, Dylan got in a lucky shot and Radhe fell behind the railing. Dylan jumped up and ran over to Radhe, turning him over to check his vitals, Dylan froze. Sarah. It wasnít Gaheris, it was Sarah.


* * *


Dylan sat up in his dark room. Tomorrow we... I boot up the pysch program. I canít take much more of these dreams. Three years of this is enough. Every time itís the same two dreams. Either I kill Radhe and he becomes Sarah, or I see Sarah standing on the bridge of her ship, watching me as I return. I look back for one more look and itís not Sarah, itís ĎHeris. The one thing I could remember thinking when I first saw her standing on her bridge. Right now, Gaheris lies trapped in the black hole dying. Of the two people I love the most, one lies dying by my hand in my ship on my bridge and will be dying for three hundred years. The other is standing here in the past and she knows that I cannot stay here cause I always do my duty. Then a huge feeling of loneliness settles on me. Now back here, now, I feel more alone than before.


* * *


Two years ago on Planet Darwin


"Welcome back, Gaheris Radhe II."


The young man opened his eyes to see a classically beautiful face looking down on him. It was more distinguishable than any other Nietzschean face. Smiling the woman reached down and sat Radhe up.


"Who are you?"


"Iím Onnika Harris. And you are a clone of one Gaheris Radhe. When you wake up again, Iíll explain. Rest now." Onnika walked out of the room smiling. Soon, Captain Hunt, you will be destroyed and so will your chance to ruin the Second Nietzschean Tactical Offensive.


* * *


Three years ago


Radhe lay on the deck of the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant. His blood spilled on the golden deck, a stark red against the warm metal. His brown eyes looked up at Dylan, "Iím so... proud of... you."


Dylan stared at the rapidly cooling body of his lover. Proud of me, Gaheris. Oh Gaheris. I love you. This is the first time you have ever said you were proud of me. I know you love me but now youíre proud of me and to gain your approval... all I had to do was... kill you. Gaheris.


Dylan knelt on the bridge of Andromeda, sadness beyond tears reflected in his eyes and in his mind he laughed into madness. Tilting his head up, Dylan screamed to the uncaring universe, the sound swallowed up by the all-consuming black hole of Hephaestus.


* * *


Dylan woke up with blood in his mouth from biting his tongue. No more. I have to activate Rolf. Getting out of bed, Dylan walked over o the table. "Rommie, Thirty percent light, please."


"Yes, Captain." The light rose slowly.




"Yes, Captain?"


"Activate Rolf, please? And leave him active for a while."


"Yes, Captain. Activating Rolf now."


On the main screen in his quarters a miniature but perfectly proportioned man stood. "Captain Hunt, you have need of me?"


"Yes... I have been having some very weird dreams."


* * *


Captain Dylan Hunt, Commander in the High Guard walked onto the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant. Taking his seat, he looked over the reports Rommie had complied over the night shift. Looking up at the view screen, Dylan spoke to his crew.


"I have taken the liberty of reactivating Rolf. Heís an AI like Rommie but a little less sophisticated. His job is to be shipís counselor. If you feel the need to talk to him, go ahead. He will keep everything you say a secret unless itís obvious that you are going to kill yourself or someone else or harm Rommie."


Turning the Captainís chair around, he smiles at Harper. "So what is this about a flutter in Rommieís auxiliary system?"


Tyr stood at the weapons station and smiled.


* * *


Two years ago on Darwinís Planet


The young man awoke again and waited. Soon the door opened and the beautiful woman entered. She walked over and sat on the bed. "Glad you are awake Gaheris."


"Onnika. Tell me why you cloned me."


"Very well. In Common Year 9774 Gaheris Radhe became the second in command on the Andromeda Ascendant to Dylan Hunt, a new Captain. In CY 9780, the Commonwealth negotiated on a cease-fire with the Magog. In CY 9781 they made a treaty with the Magog. In CY9782 the Nietzscheans started a contingency plan called the Nietzschean Tactical Offensive. In CY9784 they stood at Hephaestus. Behind them was an enormous black hole. They sent a courier out to search for the first Deep Stand-Off Attack class or larger ship. The Adarigo, one of the System Courier Ships we were able to take over, lured the first ship they came across, it was a Heavy Cruiser (XMC) of the Glorious Heritage Class, it was Andromeda Ascendant. Commander Gaheris Radhe was Huntís executive officer, second in command. Commander Gaheris Radhe was a true Nietzschean.


"Radhe we know, by his own diary, was Huntís sexual companion, or as humans term them, lovers. Hunt is the epitome of Commonwealth High Guard. In Radheís own words:


I was once asked, while on a diplomatic mission to Planet Xalay, to describe the Commonwealth High Guard in 50 words or less. I said "Dylan Hunt. To explain it would take me at least thirty minutes and a minimum of 3000 words."


"From what we can gather from our information sources, Radhe attacked Hunt on the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant. Eventually Hunt shot Radhe. Radhe died either immediately prior or immediately after entering the event horizon of the black hole.


"Three hundred and three years later, the Eureka Maru, salvages the Andromeda Ascendant. Dylan Hunt decides to reestablish the Commonwealth or at least try. The crew of the Eureka Maru..." Onnika turned to the wall screen and clicked on a pictured.


"Captain Beka Valentine, who is now First Officer." The picture showed a young middle-aged woman with a certain hardness and fire in her eyes.


"Seamus Harper, he is the shipís engineer and we can say a genius." A young gawky man filled the screen with a slightly off center tilt.


"Trance Gemini. What is she? We donít know." A young perky woman stood smiling at the lens, the bright lavender skin and the waving devilís tail did nothing to detract from her sheer... perkiness. "Sheís an optimist. A major failing.


"Rev Bem. One of the few good Magog if there is such a thing. Heís a member of the People of the Way." The face that stared out of the screen tried to approximate a human grin and failed miserably.


"And now, this one. A traitor to everything Nietzscheans hold to be true. Tyr Anasazi of the Kodiak Clan. They were once keepers of the remains of the Progenitor until they were betrayed by an alliance headed by the Drago-Kazov Pride. They were exterminated except for Tyr. If there is another survivor, we have not heard of them.


"Captain Hunt managed to get the crew of the Eureka Maru to join his crew. Together they are trying to reestablish the Commonwealth, which I can tell you the Vedrans would appreciate it. They lost a lot when the Commonwealth fell. It was but what they deserved as they, who in the beginning conquered so many systems, became soft. Soft enough to make a treaty with the Magog. And they did not stop at that disgusting and vile betrayal; they offered the Magog... membership in the Commonwealth. This is what led to the Nietzschean Tactical Offensive and it is what is leading to the Second Nietzschean Tactical Offensive. Hunt doesnít know, but the Vedrans are already starting to rebuild their network and in less than ten years the Commonwealth will rise again, slowly but surely. They plan to allow Magog, not just those of the People of the Way, but all Magog to be part of this Second Commonwealth. This must not be. That is why you are here. We need you to destroy Dylan Hunt. Not with warheads or with missiles but from the inside out. He must give up on the Commonwealth, for if the best of the High Guard, the one faithful gives up... then there is really no use for a Second Commonwealth. It will be a blow to the Vedrans who will then hold up enough for us to establish order. Are you ready, Gaheris Radhe?"


Radhe looked up and smiled.



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