A Dish Best Served Cold

BY : Ashley
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Title: A Dish Best Served Cold

Author: Ashley

Rating: NC-17

Summary: This is my response to the anthology challenge. My items were a puppy (preferably one who likes peanut butter), peanut butter, and a birthday card. Takes place late 1987, marriage is no longer a secret and they have moved into their own house.

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Lee Stetson searched the fridge for something, anything to eat. Amanda had been gone for more than a week and the boys had gone to Joe's for the weekend. He hadn't had time to go shopping and since Amanda was gone, well, they just didn't have any food. He could probably find something to cook, but he didn't feel like cooking.

Finally, he spotted a jar of peanut butter in the back of the fridge and his stomach grumbled at the possibilities. "Perfect," he mumbled to himself. "Now, if we only have any bread...please, God, let there be bread."

Lee opened the bread box to find only two pieces of white bread and a few empty plastic bags. "Thank you," he praised, looking heavenward.

He quickly made himself a peanut butter sandwich, with lots of peanut butter, and headed to the family room to watch TV. As he set his plate on the table he noticed the silly card the boys had given to Amanda for her birthday. They had celebrated just before she left.

"What a night that was," he thought sitting down on the couch. It had been his first 'family' birthday and he had loved every second of it. For the first time since his parents died, he felt like he was where he belonged and he was truly happy. That night, alone in their bed, knowing that they were going to be apart for a week only intensified their feelings and the sex, though quiet, had been incredible. "Boy, I miss her," he thought to himself.

Smiling at his memories, Lee took a big bite of his sandwich only to realize he had forgotten something. "Milk," he said, "I need, milk." The thought of all that peanut butter with nothing to drink was not all that appetizing.

Swallowing as much of the peanut butter as he could, he went back to the refrigerator pulling out the milk. Cautiously, he sniffed at it before pouring himself a big glass. He was taking a long gulp when the door in the hallway opened unexpectedly.

"I'm home!" Amanda called coming in through the garage door and letting their new golden brown retriever puppy in as well.ey pey puppy," she said affectionately rubbing the puppy's head. He was yet unnamed. The boys had been arguing about it since they had gotten him two weeks ago. Amanda and Lee decided to stay out of it, since the puppy was supposed to be the boys responsibility, but this was starting to get out of hand. "You need a name, puppy." Amanda said.

"Hey," Lee greeted Amanda with his sexiest grin, dimples and all, pulling her close for a kiss as she came into the kitchen.

"Hey, yourself," she answered.

"You're home early."

"Yep, I took an earlier flight. I missed you, and with the boys gone, I didn't want the weekend to be a complete waste."

"Hmm," Lee hummed noticing the sparkle in her eyes. He slipped his arm around her waist again, pressing his body close to hers when his stomach grumbled, promptly reminding him of his sandwich waiting for him in the other room. He paused midway to her lips, "Hold that thought," he smiled and winked at her. "I have at mat my sandwich," and he left the room.

Amanda rolled her eyes, "I lost out to a sandwich," she turned and noticed the jar of peanut butter with the lid sitting on the counter. "A peanut butter sandwich, no less."

Suddenly, Lee was yelling from the other room. "No, NO, NO! Bad dog." Amanda quickly entered the room to find their puppy with his chubby little legs up on the coffee table, happily licking the remains of Lee's peanut butter sandwich from the plate.

Amanda covered her mouth trying to stifle a giggle.

Lee scooped the puppy up under one arm and turned to glare at Amanda. "It's not funny, Amanda. That was the last two pieces of bread."

Amanda put her hands up in surrender and backed out of the room as he stalked towards her. "Sorry," she said, "maybe we should name him Peanut Butter. He certainly enjoyed your sandwich."

Lee shook his head, taking the puppy back to the garage. When he returned he found Amanda in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with her arms crossed.

"Now what am I going to eat."

Amanda shrugged her shoulders, "I'm sure there's something you can make."

Lee sighed, then smiled. "How 'bout you whip something up, and then I'll serve desert afterwards," he slowly moved towards her.

Amanda shook her head disbelievingly. "I just got back. I'm tired," she protested.

Lee pouted slipping his hands around her waist.

"No," Amanda pushed against his chest. She could see him slowly moving forward to kiss her.

He took a step back, but didn't let down. Amanda covertly reached behind her back searching for something she could use in her defense. Her hand closed around the handle of the knife sticking out of the jar of peanut butter just as Lee tilted his head, only a few inches away from her. She clutched the knife and brought it up between them, but Lee had closed his eyes. If he had seen the threat, he might've stopped his assault, but he didn't. Seeing no other choice, Amanda moved to defend herself, and left a glob of peanut butter right on the tip of Lee's nose.

Lee slowly opened his eyes, still inches away from Amanda's face, and just stared.

Amanda's eyes widened, waiting for what he was going to do next, what had she been thinking? After all, he was much bigger than she was, but he just stared.

Suddenly, he brought his arm from around her waist and smeared a streak of peanut butter across her cheek. Amanda ducked under his arm and tried to get away, but Lee wrapped his arms snugly around her waist. He laughed as she struggled against his hold and she jerked to the side. Losing his balance, Lee turned before they hit the floor, so she would land on top of him instead of vice versa.

After they fell, he rolled so she was pinned beneath his long body and smiled down into her lovely face, marred only by the swipe of peanut butter across her cheek. "Gotcha."

Amanda couldn't help but smile, she'd forgotten what it felt like to have his body on top of hers.

Lee waited patiently for Amanda to make the next move.

"The boys are gone?" she asked.

"Yep, Joe picked them up at 5:30."

"And Mother?"

"On a date...made me promise not to wait up."

Amanda grinned, "How about we compromise? You can order a pizza and I'll serve desert while we wait."

"Mmm, I like that idea Mrs. Stetson," and he swiftly lowered his head, pressing his lips to hers. After only a moment, he opened his mouth, letting the tip of his tongue flick against her lower lip. She opened her mouth at nearly the same time and their tongues met in a frenzied passion.

Lee's ski skimmed Amanda's body,rtinrting at her hip then coming to rest on the fullness of her right breast. They sighed together as his thumb darted across her nipple, then circled it lazily.

Amanda could feel Lee growing harder with each passing moment and it was driving her crazy. Ever since they had announced their marriage and moved in to their own house, they had been nearly inseparable. This was the first time they had been away from each other for the night since then and it had been torture.

Amanda broke away fthe the kiss, gasping for air, and she pushed on his chest. Lee pulled back willingly. This was going too fast, it would be over before it had a chance to really get going. "I'm gonna call the pizza place." He said standing up.

Amanda smiled. Secretly she loved when Lee got carried away, lost in the moment. Standing up, she reached for the towel off the oven handle and wiped at the peanut butter on her cheek. Facing Lee, she wiped the peanut butter off his nose while he ordered his pizza, then stood on her toes to kiss the place where the peanut butter had been.

Hanging up the phone, he grinned. "Now, where were we."

"Right about here," Amanda said, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close for another kiss.

"Mmm," he hummed as her mouth eagerly meshed with his. He pressed the tip of his tongue to her lips and she opened her mouth willingly, content to let him explore. Finally, she swept her tongue across his, then sucked on it lightly.

Lee moaned then picked her up, setting her on the kitchen counter, never breaking their kiss.

Immediately, Amanda started unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt. Lee returned the favor, pushing the shirt off her shoulders then to the floor. Amanda ran her hands across his smooth chest and Lee cupped her breasts in his hands, brushing his thumbs over her nipples, bringing them to tight, aching peaks.

Arching her back, Amanda moaned, thoroughly enjoying his attentions, but wanting more. Sensing her need bro brought his hands to the front clasp of her bra, quickly undoing it and pushing it back and down her slender arms.

"Oh, Lee," she sighed as he nipped at her breasts. Tangling her hands in his hair, she guided him to her nipple and he latched onto it, suckling gently. Bringing his other hand up, he gently plucked at the other nipple with his long, capable fingers.

As soon as he was where she wanted him, she moved her slim fingers down, scraping her fingernails over his chest, and ending up at the button to his jeans. Unbuttoning them quickly, she reached inside to brush her fingers against his growing erection. She paused momentarily while he kissed his way to her other breast, then she unzipped his jeans, pushing them and his boxers over his hips. Amanda moved her fingers slowly from his backside, across his hips, then took his erection in one hand, cupping and kneading his testicles with the other.

"Oh, God," he sighed as he lifted his smoky green eyes to meet her brown ones.

Amanda smiled and squeezed him gently running her thumb across the tip of his penis.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Lee quickly divested Amanda of the rest of her clothes and pulled her hips forward to the edge of the counter. Their eyes locked as Lee guided the tip of his erection to her wet opening and when he was sure he had her attention, he entered her with one sure thrust.

Amanda and Lee both gasped at the sensation. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she brought him closer, kissing his shoulder then planting hot, wet kisses along his collarbone.

Lee groaned then lifted her right thigh from the counter top, encouraging her to wrap her legs around him. She immediately complied, locking her heels in the small of his back, opening herself up to him completely.

Grasping her hip, he rocked with her, pushing deeper and harder than before. That sweet aching pleasure grew with each thrust and he nuzzled his face into her neck, inhaling the familiar smell of her skin and hair. He traced his fingertips down the smooth skin of her leg, from hip to knee, then back up again. He loved her long sexy legs and he loved having them wrapped around him even more.

"Oh God, Amanda," he mumbled against the soft skin of her neck. As he came closer and closer to the edge, he wanted nothing more than to take her with him, so he moved his hand from her leg, bringing it to where their bodies were joined. He flicked his thumb across her clit once, twice. She jumped in his arms, then tightened her hold on him, bringing him closer, deeper.

"Oh, Lee. Almost...there..." she whispered.

He pressed on her clit one more time and she moaned his name against his sweat slicked shoulder. Her inner muscles spasmed and clenched around him and her legs shook with the intensity of her orgasm.

That was all it took for him to fly over the edge, his shaft pulsing as he released himself into her.

Amanda slumped against him and he moved his hands from her trembling body to lean on the counter.

"Oh, Amanda, I missed you so much

"Hmm," she sighed, "I missed you, too."

They stood that way, in each other's arms, for a moment, just enjoying the fact that they were together.
Finally, Lee helped Amanda off the counter and they both began to dress slowly.

Lee had just pulled his shirt on when the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of the pizza. Going to the front door, he paid for the pizza and brought it back in to the kitchen. When he entered, he paused just staring at Amanda. She had been much slower in getting dressed than him. Having just finished buttoning her blouse, she hadn't yet put her slacks on.

Deliberately, his eyes followed the length of her long legs from the hem of her shirt down to her slim ankles and perfect feet, back up to what her blouse barely covered and he felt himself growing hot and hard all over again.

Moving back to her side, he distractedly set the pizza on the counter then swept her up into his arms. Amanda gasped in surprise, then smiled and wrapped her arms securely around his neck. "I thought you were hungry?" she said, eyes twinkling.

"Mmm, I am," he answered moving toward the stairs.

"What about your pizza?" she laughed.

"I'll eat it cold."

The End

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