The Pandora Principle

BY : Lursa_and_BeTor
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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Note: For those of you who were hoping Rev would eat Dylan. Well he a manner of speaking.

Warning: “Do NOT try this at home! All acts were performed by professional characters in controlled situations.” Reader discretion is advised. Parental guidance suggested. Adult language and intensely sexual situations, consensual alternative/interspecies sexual behaviors, brief nudity. No sentient beings were harmed in the writing of this story.

Finally. An opportunity to see what little Trancie had been up to with that strange black box. She had been so intriguingly secretive about it that he immediately knew the contents must be important. You couldn’t put one over on the man who had gone on secret missions for Admiral Stark.

This couldn’t have been better if he had planned it. Well, actually, he had. Dylan grins as he strides jauntily down the corridor. And it had been so easy. Almost too easy but then he has been watching his little crew for a while now. He knows exactly how each of them thinks. Harper isn’t a man to turn down the opportunity of an unexpected trip to Morgana’s Drift.

Tyr, of course, went because Harper did. How Tyr could possibly want to do…things with another guy, particularly one who is as mouthy as Harper…and who does the Nietzschean think he is fooling anyway? To be fair, Harper did seem to be clueless despite the evidence on display in those tight leather pants. Beka had noticed and made her play but that woman…she makes a fine first officer but she will have sex with anything that moves. Dylan rolls his eyes. Lately, Beka had been making overtures to Trance and while Trancie might be cute, she isn’t even human. Beka had jumped at the chance to accompany Trance on a visit to the famous orbital gardens. He’d even seen to it that Rommie left with the others.

“Dylan. What are you doing?” The Andromeda hologram shimmers into being at the end of the corridor. Her dark eyes are wide and curious.

“I’m going to hydroponics. What does it look like I’m doing?” Dylan strides toward her with a wide smile.

“It looks like you’re going to check on that box that Trance has been keeping under wraps in hydroponics.” The hologram crosses her arms over her chest.

“You know, just because your brain is the size of a large asteroid does not give you license to second guess your captain.” Dylan playfully wags a finger in her direction.

“I am not second guessing you, Dylan. I am answering a question.” Andromeda sniffs. “And my brain is the size of a planet.”

“Yeah. Well.” Dylan shrugs.

“Trance left specific instructions that no one was to enter hydroponics.”

“All the more reason for me to see what she’s working on. It’s certainly not that blasted bonsai tree that she’s always carting around.” His eyes glitter with excitement at the thought of the box and what secrets it might contain. Maybe even something that would reveal what Trance really is and where she comes from.

“No. It’s not.”

There is a note of certainty in Andromeda’s soft voice makes his eyes narrow with suspicion. Does she know what is in the box? Why hasn’t she told him? Perhaps he should have Harper look at Andromeda. She has been acting odd ever since Charlemagne Bolivar had the bad taste to make that paternity comment in front of Rommie. Dylan puts his hands on his hips and studies the hologram’s delicate face with sudden interest. “Do you know what’s in the box?”

“Yes.” She stares back at him with a hint of a smile on her full lips.


“The box contains an orchid.”

Dylan blinks. An orchid? Why would Trance be so secretive and cautious about a flower? “You’re kidding.”


Dylan frowns. There must be something else hidden in the box. The orchid business must be a cover…yeah, just like the old days with Admiral Stark. Too bad he doesn’t have Rhade to do cool stuff like this with anymore. He misses going on missions with Rhade. Those were the days. He sighs wistfully. “Well, no harm in looking at a flower is there? I’ll just take a quick peek. She’ll never know I opened the box.”

“The myth of Pandora comes to mind.” Andromeda’s smile deepens.

“Andromeda!” Dylan snaps. What is her problem? Definitely he will have Harper take a look at her. There is something a little unnerving about that steely glint in her dark eyes combined with that odd smile.

“Disappearing now.”


Rev darts down the corridor, his medallion thumping against his chest. What could have happened to make Dylan lose consciousness in hydroponics? If only Trance were here, she was the medical expert. “Is there a contagion present, Andromeda?”

“Checking.” The hologram replies. “Negative. Although one of the plants ejected spores they have now been neutralized.”

Rev pauses outside the door to hydroponics. “Spores? Did Dylan inhale them?”

“Affirmative. He is unconscious. I am dispatching androids and a gurney to take him to medical.”

Rev eases inside. Dylan is lying on his back on the floor. His skin looks extremely pale against the dark navy of his sweater. There is small black box open on the counter. A pale pink flower striped with a lurid purple peeks over the edge. A dusting of delicate gold spores glitter on its petals and leaves.

With a wary glance at the flower, Rev hurries over to the fallen human and places a claw against his throat. He sighs with relief. Perhaps it won’t be so bad. Humans always seem so delicate and helpless with their tiny teeth and weak claws and strange virtually hairless skin. “His pulse seems strong. What is that plant? I don’t recognize it.”

“It is a Flaberia Orchid.” Andromeda shimmers in the air as the door to hydroponics hisses open and two androids bearing an antigrav gurney enter.

“I’m not familiar with that plant.” Rev steps aside as the androids carefully place Dylan on the gurney.

“Trance found it in a shop on Lipowdia Drift.” Andromeda watches with a faint smile as the androids lead the gurney toward the doorway. “This specimen is a rare version of the orchid.”

Rev follows the gurney out, hovering anxiously beside it as he looks at Dylan’s pale features. “How rare? Are there any side effects from inhaling the spores?”

“Accessing Trance’s plant database.” Andromeda’s calm voice follows him down the corridor. “The orchid is extremely rare. It is a genetically engineered mutation. There are very few available for purchase. It seems that the plant does have some interesting effects on humans.”

“Interesting effects?” Rev’s ears flicker uneasily. “That doesn’t sound promising.”

“There is a reason for that. The plant is a memory eraser.”

Rev frowns and strokes his medallion. Was the plant intended to help trauma victims, to ease their memories? “Why would someone want a plant that erases memories?”

“It would make an excellent interrogation tool. When you’re done with your subject, simply allow him to inhale the spores and set him free.”

Rev snorts. Trust Andromeda to see the military applications of anything first. She is as bad as a Nietzschean sometimes. “Sometimes I forget you are a warship.”

“Ahhh. That explains the look of dismay.”

“Is the condition permanent?” Rev trots down the corridor, following the androids.

“Information is sketchy. It appears the condition may be permanent if not treated. It also is fatal. The infected person literally forgets how to perform auto body functions like breathing if allowed to go without treatment.” Andromeda replies in somber tones.

“Let’s get him to medical as quickly as possible.” Rev increases his pace. How he wishes one of the others was here to help. How is he going to look after a very sick human by himself and crew the ship also?

“Rev. There appears to be a codicil to the entry.” Andromeda appears on a view screen in the corridor.

He stops in front of the screen, his gray eyes brightening with hope. “Is there a special treatment that will reverse the effects mentioned?”


“Tell me. I’ll do whatever I can to help Dylan.”

“You might want to think carefully about that.” Andromeda responds wryly.

“What is the treatment?”


Rev blinks. His ears twitch. He could not possibly have heard that correctly. “Pardon me. I didn’t understand you. I thought you just said the treatment for Dylan’s condition is sex.”

“I did. I am rerouting the gurney to your quarters.”

“Wait! Andromeda. I am hardly the person best suited to this treatment.” Rev holds out a pleading claw to the image on the screen.

“Understood. But, you are the only one available.”


Dylan sighs with contentment and as his groping hand finds a small, warm body tucked beneath the sheets. He snuggles closer. Everything that he had ever heard about redheads is true. This one had been delightfully giving and sensual last night…at least as far as he could remember. He had never been with a redhead before…his hands flex as he remembers the coarse, kinky texture of her thick hair. He had grabbed whole handfuls of it as she had taken him into her mouth and pulled urgently on him. The scrape of her teeth had driven him wild. He tried to put a face to the image in his mind but only could remember the flash of her gray eyes and the texture of her thick hair as he rode her hard and fast long into the night. He probably had scratches on his back where her nails had scraped him as she screamed her release.

Dylan chuckles smugly. The old force lance had stood tall last night. Oh, yes. Now he will have to find some way to let her down easy. There is no place for a woman in his life while he captains the Andromeda.

“Dylan. Dylan, are you awake?” The small body stirs under the sheets. Her voice sounds oddly gruff. Probably from all the screaming she did last night.

“Mmmmhmmm.” Dylan tightens his arms around her portly frame, his hand spreading over the cotton sheets. Dylan presses his nose against her hair and inhales her musky scent.

“Dylan? Get up. The others will be back soon.”

“Shhhhh, baby. Just a few more minutes.” Dylan murmurs into the thick, warm fur.

Fur? Fur! Dylan sits up abruptly, his blue eyes snapping open to meet the clear gaze of Rev Bem.

“Good morning, Dylan.” Rev smiles benevolently. His claws curve over the white sheets. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“REV!” Dylan recoils and scrambles awkwardly off the bed. “What are you doing here? I’m naked! What am I doing naked? What am I doing in your…where am I?”

Rev sits up and the sheets slide to his waist. “We are in my quarters on the Andromeda.”

“Your…YOUR quarters! Did I sleep here?” Dylan hunts frantically for his clothes only to find the shredded remains of fabric scraps scattered on the floor around the bed.

“Dylan I can explain…” Rev tilts his head and frowns as he watches Dylan fling the remains of the human’s tattered sweater and pants back onto the floor.

Dylan grabs an orange robe and hastily wraps it around his waist. “Did I...did we? Were you LICKING me last night?!! I think I’m going to be sick.”

Claws flex against the sheets as Rev stares at the human. Why is Dylan acting like this? The human should be grateful that he condescended to do this. Rev forces his tone to remain calm. “Now, Dylan, that’s not the most flattering thing…”

“What are you talking about? Did I have….did we make….I can’t say it. I can’t say the words.” Dylan stumbles back, staring at Rev with wide, appalled eyes.

“You are quite a…vigorous…lover, Dylan.” Rev runs his fingers through his ruffled fur, smoothing the red-brown strands back into place. The treatment had its compensations for his trouble. Dylan had been most enthusiastic while he was shredding the clothes off the human and afterwards when they were both bare…the temptation to bite, to make Dylan the carrier of his brood had been incredible but he had managed to control himself.

“Don’t say any more. Just don’t say another word.” Dylan pales and backs away, clutching the Wayist robe.

Rev gives him a reproachful look. “Dylan, you were injured. I had to do something to help you.”

“What kind of injury did I have that justifies you having se….having seeeeee….” Dylan pales even more as he stumbles over the word.

“Sex?” Rev asks absently as he continues to groom his fur.

“Yeah. Just tell me we didn’t do what I think we did.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dylan.”

Dylan’s big hands tighten around the robe. His mouth flattens in distaste. “You were licking me. Like…like I was some sort of human popsicle.”

“You are quite tasty. I had no idea.” Rev smiles wistfully. Humans had no idea how…absolutely delicious they tasted and smelled. Dylan tasted…wonderful. Rev licks his snout at the memory.


“Sorry. Old habits.” Rev shrugs apologetically.

“I’ve got to get out of here before the others get back.” Dylan backs toward the door.

“As you wish Dylan.” Rev flings back the sheets.

Dylan stumbles hurriedly out of the room into the corridor only to bump into Tyr and Beka. Dylan recoils, staggering back into the wall before catching his balance. He smiles weakly as he clutches the orange robe. “Beka! Tyr!”

Beka stares at him with wide blue eyes. Her gaze drifts slowly over him and then past him through the open door to Rev Bem sitting on the bed, contentedly grooming his fur. “Hey Dylan, ya miss us?”

Tyr sniffs, testing the different scents in the air. His eyes widen and his lips curve into a smirk. “Somehow I don’t think he did.”

Beka looks Dylan up and down; her gaze lingers on the Wayist robe wrapped around his hips. “Is that Rev’s robe? What are you doing in Rev’s robe?”

“Yes, Captain Hunt, tell us why you are stumbling naked but for that robe from the Magog’s quarters?” Tyr asks. His smirk deepens as he eyes Rev and then Dylan.

“Yeah, you see. I can explain.” Dylan eases away from the wall and begins backing slowly down the corridor.

Beka’s eyes widen. Her nose wrinkles in disgust. “You didn’t?”

“He did.” Tyr takes a deep breath and grins knowingly. “Several times it seems.”

“Dylan!” Rev calls from his bed. “Perhaps we should meet for another treatment.”

Dylan drops his head. “This just keeps getting better and better.”

The End.

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