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One night Max had fallen asleep after doing homework at his desk.

Max's Dream...

He was in a apartment alone at first.
It wasn't a place he had seen in a very long time.
He saw someone walk in the room.
It was Michael he had seen walk in but, why was he doing here? * Max thought to himself.*

Michael thinking to himself were the hell am I?
He had never seen this place before or, if he had he didn't remember ever seeing it before .

Michael: Hello, is anyone here?

Max Yells so he knows he was heard.

Michael: Max, how did we get here?
Max: I really don't know actually.

Both wondering were they where.

Michael: So, have you seen this place before?
Max: Yes I have I just don't remember where it is exactly.
Michael: Oh, perfect. *not meaning it of course.*
Max: Why do you think we're here in this place.
Michael: I wish I knew actually.

Just then they both heard a voice from somewhere in the house.

Michael:: Is anyone here?! (Michael yelled out to the air)

No answer.
He yelled again.
Again no answer.
This time Max yelled with him.
Then out no where the voice answered.

Voice: Hello, young men.
Michael: Who the hell are you & where are we?
Voice: You are in a safe place an that's all I'm telling you for now.
Michael yellig now: That's not enough.
Voice: It's still all you get for now.
Max: I can see your not leting us out of here for awhile so is there something you want us to do?
Voice: There is one thing I would have you do.
Max: An that is?
Voice: It's going to be fun.
Michael: How so?
Voice: Because it is or, rather for me.
Max: What do you want us to do?
Voice: Well, one thing is for you two to kiss each other.
Both: NO!
Voice: Do you want out of here or, not?
Michael: You know we want out.
Voice: Then you do what I said.

They really had no choice in it if they wanted to go home.
They were tring to perpare for it.
They leaned in.
They kissed.

Voice: Keep going.

They back away from each other.

Max: If your not letting us go then show yourself because frankly you have os at a disavtage or, at least tell us your name,
Voice: I'll think about it.

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