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Timeline: Season 5, set roughly between #515 and #516


Chapter 1

Beka sighed to herself and settled back into the familiar comfort of the pilot's chair of the Eureka Maru. Even though she had perfomed some of the riskiest stunts of her life in this spot, to her, it felt safe. She could remember sitting in her father's lap as he showed her the stars and told her fanciful stories. But now, she had to do some soul searching and face the truth, if only to herself.

"Truth;never a comfortable subject for a Valentine." She mused.

But this issue in her life had to be resolved and she had been dancing around it for too long. It was affecting her life, including her piloting. The last few times she flew were so rough and jarring that Andromeda had questioned her and expressed concern.

And just yesterday, she remembered with a grimace, Dylan had pulled her aside and went into big brother/concerned Captain mode. The only highlight, Beka's grimace turned into a grin at the memory, was watching him squirm around while explaining his insights on the situation. Insights derived from his relationship with his former first officer. Exactly what that relationship had consisted of, Dylan had tried to stay vague.

But there had been no doubt that Gaheris Rhade had been a Nietzschean male alpha and that was the problem she was dealing with now; namely, his descendant, Telemachus. Beka stared out of the Maru at Andromeda's docking bay as she recalled her conversation with an uncomfortable Dylan. Telemachus apparently was displaying for her. Their once casual flirtation now had an edgy intensity. Telemachus watched her constantly, growled at Harper and always found her no matter how she tried to avoid him. Now, Beka's only refuge was the Maru. Even he wasn't brave or foolish enough to pursue her in her beloved ship. Probably the latter, she concluded, Nietzscheans have that survival concern.

Beka snorted, thinking back in the beginning when she would have been happy to jump him. But, that time had passed and they had settled into an odd pattern. Both flirting and knowing that they were attracted to each other and both knowing that neither was going to follow through. Until now. She could tell by his eyes he would be eager to go much further. So, she avoided flirting with him and when he would follow her around, she avoided Rhade all together.This was after ignoring him and being bitchy failed.

She asked Dylan why those tactics didn't work; she excelled at bitchiness. Probably, Dylan replied bluntly, because Rhade could still smell her interest-no matter what her mouth said. That information Beka found unsettling. She knew what caused the change in Rhade's behavior. The discovery of the truth of her genetic material increased her desiriability. Knowing now that she was considered "worthy" made her angry.

Dylan had tried to explain the Nietzschean male mind to her. Alphas were too aware of their self worth and genetic superiority to invole themselves in casual sex with anyone. But, if they did, the casual aspect would quickly evolve into seriousness as an alpha male would instinctly become possesive. The urge to hold and keep their sexual partner was too strong to override. So, the fling that Beka had desired when they first met, Rhade had known would not work. Any relationship they would have would have to be that of steady lovers and the role of a human mistress would always be second to that of a Nietzschean wife. That was simply the way it was in Rhade's society. Beka would be forced to stand aside and share or give him up. Rhade was realistic about his fundimental instincts. He also knew Beka would probably castrate him, Dylan told her.

But now, Beka would be accepted by his people. Hell, she would be desired as a mate by powerful pride alphas. So Rhade was now in pursuit mode and Beka tried to hate him for it. Dylan actually reasoned with her, saying how a Nietzschean male was not a human man, and she could not expect him to think or act like one, no more than she could a expect a Than.

Could she accept him for who and what Telemachus was? And, if so, was Beka herself ready for a serious relationship? She had no doubt that once given a chance, Telemachus wouldn't let her go. Her life would change even more, but Dylan had pointed out that once the news of her DNA became widespread-Nietzscheans would become a constant in her life. Dylan also hypothesized that sooner or later, if Beka continued to rebuff Rhade, he would become withdrawn, aloof, thinking that he was considered lacking. Dylan suspected that Majoran Pride was holding the past actions of Gaheris Rhade against Telemachus. The Nietzschean alpha might believe Beka thought that the Rhade name was unworthy and perhaps leave.

Beka cursed softly to herself and closed her eyes. She was getting a headache with all this heavy thinking. Beka mused, it was so much easier when the only thing she had to worry about was not drooling in his presense. Beka frowned, Rhade's new "look" wasn't helping her self-control either. Clean cut, he had held her interest. Now, with this rough, pirate appearance, he was playing on her "bad boy" weakness. And where did he shop-Slutty Stud Muffin Exposed?

Today, he had on skin tight (of course) leather pants that laced up the side and a crocheted tank top. It remined her the the one Tyr had used to wear. "Did some little old lady knit these and send them out to an alpha male mailing club?" Beka thought with a giggle. Thank the Divine that his weapon station was located behind her pilot's podium on the Andromeda's command deck. As it was, his dusky nipples play peek-a-boo with the holes in his shirt almost caused her to have a mental meltdown. His sniffing and smiling smugly did not improve her temper either, Beka considered darkly.

She should be flattered, she knew the care that he invested in dressing to showcase that wonderful physique. He had a leather jumpsuit that made her hands itch with wanting to unwrap him. This outfit she saw earlier seriously tested her self-control. His hair, wet from his pre-shift shower brushing against his shoulders. Bare arms with those gorgeous muscles flexing everytime he pushed buttons on his console. His skin peeking out at her through the lacing of his pants, up the side of his strong thighs and over his hips to his waistband. That unbroken expanse taunted Beka with the knowledge that if she unlaced the sides, she could peel them down and Rhade would be bare beneath the leather.

Beka shifted restlessly in the pilot's chair and gasped when the ribbing of her tank top dragged against her sensitive nipples. Sliding her hands up and under her shirt, she cupped her breasts in her hands and kneaded gently. As heat pooled between her thighs, Beka decided to postpone any decision making and instead, indulge in her favorite Rhade fantasy.

Beka would lure Rhade into the Maru and trap him spread eagle in the main corridor. His body would be stretched in a delicious X and Beka would take shameless advantage of his helplessness. Steel cables would encircle his wrists and clamps would somehow come out of the flooring to immobilize his ankles. She was a little hazy on how she got an Alpha warrior trussed up so easily, but happily skipped on to the next part of her erotic daydream. She would gag him with a knotted silk scarf. Black, of course. Beka had the feeling that even tied up, Rhade would try to be bossy and this solved that problem. She would tease his nipples through the holes in his shirt until they became as aroused as hers were now. Beka would nibble on his jaw and throat while talking dirty to him, describing all of her plans for him. She would grow impatient with the restrictions of his shirt and rip the holes bigger so she could have unlimited axcess to his nipples. She would twist and tweak them, scoring them lightly with her nails and then applying soothing pressure with the pads of her fingertips. Breathing heavily, Beka proceeded to do to her own nipples what she fantasized doing to his.

Her hands would eventually skim down and slide behind him to squeeze and knead those taunt buns encased in leather. Digging her nails in to see if he would arch up into her. Beka knew she would travel her mouth down to those neglected nipples. She would circle them first, then flick her tongue back and forth rapidly against the very peak. She would switch from one to the other then finally settle down to suck forcefully on one, pause to blow gently and change to the other. In her dream, Rhade would be tense and quivering slightly as he watched her.

Beka would then withdraw her hands to his hips, step back slightly, and drop to her knees between his spread legs. Her fingers would play with the leather ties at his waist as she tilted her head back to gaze up into his burning eyes. Smiling wickedly, she would rub her chin and lips against the hardness of his cock still trapped in leather. This pose would appeal to and drive the alpha in him crazy. Also, Beka had heard a rumor that Nietzschean females seldom gave blowjobs to their mates, something to do with wasting genetically enhanced semen or crap like that. Beka personally loved going down on a man, the right one. To her, it was the ultimate power trip.

Sometimes in her fantasy she would rise to her feet, step back, and do an erotic striptease. In others, she would remain fully clothed to taunt Telemachus. In either version, she would end up on her knees and in this case slowly unlace the sides of his pants until she could ease it down and release his hardness. Beka loved this moment when she saw his cock for the first time. In each dream it might have a slightly different appearance, but she knew it would be smooth and hard, like suede covered steel. She would continue to unlace his pants to his boot tops while she looked her fill and bared him for her exploring fingers.

She would gaze uninterrupted for as long as she wished, her hands running down the outside of his legs. She nevered noticed the hardness of the metal grating on her knees, so enthralled was she with the view.

Then, she would spy a pearl of pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock and she could never resist tasting it. Flicking the slit to capture with her tongue the essence of Telemachus Rhade. That would cause him to groan deep in his throat, and she would rake her nails down the front of his muscled thighs before running her palms soothingly up to circle behind him to clasp his bare ass cheeks in her eager grip. Arching her back, Beka would sink deeper on her knees so she could reach his balls with her hungry mouth. Licking and circling their weight, she would draw her teeth lightly over the taunt skin before drawing them one by one into the warmth of her mouth. Rolling them with her agile tongue, she would look up into his face to see if he was watching her. If his eyes were closed, she would pinch him sharply to draw his attention and gaze to her. She didn't like the idea of him shutting her out so he could wallow in the sensations she gave him.

Beka would definately make sure he was focused on her as she drew back to cup his balls with one hand as the other grasped the root of his cock. Her long, strong fingers would circle his base and draw his cock down to her waiting mouth.

She would lick with a strong stroke along the underside of his vein from base to crown. Pausing, she would circle the head, licking each side. Starting on the underside next, she would travel his length with small nips and short strokes until she reached the head of his shaft again. This time Beka would take just the head of Rhade's cock into her mouth and suck, pausing to lash her tongue back and forth across the slit found there. In some of her fantasies he would be writhing and moaning for more, in others Telemachus would be stubbornly silent and still. Either scenario pleased Beka.

She would withdraw her mouth to speak, tilting her head back to meet his gaze. Sometimes she would command him to remain motionless, other times she tell him to him to fuck her mouth slowly, but in all Beka would reveal to Rhade that she wanted to end with him exploding in her throat so she could taste him.

In this particular daydream, she dared him to last as long as he could. Beka setted to slowly draw his shaft down her throat, moving her hand so she could continue to caress his sack, her fingers deftly rolling his balls gently. Occasionally, she would softly rake her nails along the sensitive skin of his scrotum, feeling it tighten and draw up closer to the heat of his body. Beka's free hand could now explore that small stretch of skin between his sack and anus and up past there to slide to his sweat slick crack and then to his tailbone. There, Beka would brace her palm to pull him closer to her face as she deep throated him with ease. In her fantasies, she never worried about breathing, Beka thought with a small smile to herself.

Beka discovered that one of her hands had unzipped her leather pants and slid under her damp panties. Her fingers were burrowing through her trimmed curls to find and play with her aching nub. After a moment, she slid one and then two of her fingers into her wetness. Moving back and forth, Beka finger fucked herself to the same rhythm she was working Rhade's cock in her fantansy. Faster and faster her movements became, to drive Rhade over the edge. Beka began to hum, her secret weapon, and the vibrations traveled up his length to the growing pressure in his balls. Soon, Rhade would come, a strangled scream escaping the silken gag. Beka would swallow his saltiness and lick him clean. Sometimes Rhade would be shaken and spent, others- still half hard and ready for another round.

Groaning, Beka threw her head back as she found her own release. Relaxing in the pilot's chair, she reluctantly came to her senses, blinking slowly. A violent curse spit out of mouth as she focused on her surroundings. Rhade was looking back ot her through the clear and stupidly left open crash shield of the Maru's cockpit. Telemachus' gaze held her's as he unclenched one fist and stepped forward to touch her ship. Beka Valentine knew the moment of reckoning was upon her and she had to make her decision now.

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