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Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Destiny

Author: TwoDiffSocks & Emerald Warrior
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Trance & OFC , Tyr & OFC
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters but I own the perverted & demented mind *grins*
Notes: Many, Many thanks to Rinoa Leonhart, Ryshä & Emerald Warrior for being my Beta audience.

Summary: A past relationship and love is re-explored. Will the results be the same or will Trance always wonder?
AU, OC, M/M, F/F, M/F, Bi, Anal, Oral

What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 153

An Unlikely Reunion:

The day started out as every other day except for this one had a new twist. Trance was piloting slipstream again.

“You know Dylan wants you to be more comfortable with the ship. You can never tell when you’re going to have to pilot or give orders.” Beka was telling Trance as she was standing next to the petite, red-haired and golden-hued woman who was strapped in the pilot’s chair.

“I know he wants me to be more comfortable but what if something happens?” she nervously asked.

“Trance….you’ve piloted slipstream before. What could possibly happen?” inquired an impatient human.

“Nothing…..nothing at all.” the mysterious woman took a silent breath in before continuing with the task.

“You are right Beka; it’s a simple matter of having confidence in one’s self.”

As Trance piloted thru slipstream, a small unexpected explosion happened off the left side of the ship, veering the ship into a different direction than planned. A muttering of some words in another language from Trance that Beka got the distinct impression that they were curses.

As the Andromeda veered away from the explosion, they unintentionally exited slipstream into the middle of a battle. The newly arrived ship stood still and watched the four unfamiliar ships continued in their fevered battle. The long, thin spherical base with pointed fins on the stern that are going in four directions was not a design that Artificial Intelligence recognized; so she accessed her data banks. Unfortunately, she didn’t finding any matching schematics of this particular design she commented to the crew.

"Captain, these ships are not listed in any of my databanks." Rommie said, looking at the mysterious vessels. "That's not unusual, but just in on guard." Dylan said, frowning slightly as he continued to watch the battle. The second biggest ship, after the Andromeda; moved into a position just above the smaller one, and began firing on it, near its propulsion drive. The smaller ship tried to avoid being hit but was unsuccessful, as the ship was struck repeatedly, causing an explosion that made it shake. The damage alone should have destroyed it but it was tougher then it appeared, and instead it returned fire on its attacker, causing some damage to the more heavily well-armed ship. Again, three more armed ships fired at the small ship, causing severe damage this time.

“Mayday….Mayday….this is the Sonrisas Felices (Happy Smiles) ……..out of……we’re being attacked……life support failing…..abandon ship….all hands abandon ship……” the connection was broken.

“Is there anything more on what this battle is about?” Dylan asked.

His first officer, Beka Valentine replied, “Still nothing, how do we know who's the good guy here?”

A large explosion appeared on the main screen.

“Well, that’s that I guess.”

“A hail is from the remaining ship.” Rommie informed the crew.

“On screen.” Beka replied.

“This is Viajero Del Mundo (World Traveler) out of Vertyl home system. Identify yourselves.”

“Captain Dylan Hunt on board the…”

“Andromeda Ascendant, Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge. AI model GRA-112, Serial number XMC-10-182.” Rommie interrupted and stated firmly.

“Interesting.” the man on screen said as he sneered at the information before making his demand. “But it will not help you. Do NOT interfere.”

On the main screen, a fighter ship was firing a barrage of shots before the damaged ship finally exploded.

“Well, there goes that…they didn’t stand a chance. Most of their systems were critical.” Tyr informed them.

“Wait…..there is some thing out there! Dylan we have to help them! It’s extremely important.” Trance urgently told Dylan.

“If you say so Trance, Harper make way with the bucky cables on my mark.”

“As you say so Boss.” the cheerful engineer reply fulfilling the captain’s wishes.

As the part of the crew of the Andromeda look at the view screen at the final destruction of the outwardly ship, they noticed a bubble appeared and what appeared to be something floating inside of it.

The crew watched as the debris floats a few meters away from the bubble. Dylan gave Harper a nod as he deployed the bucky cables. Using the bucky cables to pull in the bubble, the crew had no idea what to expect; all they had to go on is Trance’s word.

After pulling in the bubble in hanger bay three, the bubble was clear and Harper, Tyr and Trance could see the occupants floating inside: four men and two women, disheveled. Without any notice, the bubble dissolved around the group, dumping the people onto the floor. One of the men dressed in military-type fatigues motion to the Andromeda crew.

“Stay back…stay back…..she hasn’t discharged her energy. Don’t come near her.”

As the people watched, one of the women began to levitate up from the floor while the rest of the off-worlders moved away from dark haired woman. She began to twitch as snaps and sparkles of multi-coloured energy moves around her body, bouncing also off the walls of the cargo bay.

A large blinding flash of bright white light filled the bay before dissipating, leaving the woman hanging, in mid-air until she fell hard on to the floor. The same man who warned the crew, rushed to the woman’s side, in an attempt to check for her pulse. Trance rushed to his side with her medical kit. The rest of the group approached Harper and Tyr. Trance took a reading of the lying woman while the solider pushed a messy array of dark hair off the stilled woman’s face. Trance looked at the reveled face and gasped.

“It couldn’t be…”

All heard the loud gasp. Making everyone uncomfortable causing Tyr and Harper drew their guns. The male newcomers drew theirs awhile awaiting the falling woman and the other off-worlder woman dressed in dark grey-blue garments to rise off the steel floor.

“We mean you no harm. She needs a few moments to awaken. No harm will come to anyone. We are not the enemy here!” the men insisted.

The militia-garbed woman on the floor slowly awoke, noting her surroundings, she knew she had to get to command deck, nodding to her companions, they proceeded to help her up and half carry her.

“Please, take me to your bridge. I will need to deal with the threat before everything can be explained. No harm will come to anyone.” The disheveled female explained.

Following the Andromeda crew up to command, one of the newcomers had started to introduce the rest of group, before they were interrupted by a communication by the Viajero Del Mundo.

The main viewer was on, with the man who had earlier warned the Andromeda captain to turn away from a losing fight. When the newcomers walked upon the bridge, his face turned to a look of cunning.

“Well, well, well….if it isn’t my old friend Captain Talis. It has been sometime since I seen you last. I see that your sub-gene entourage is still with you.” he sneered.

“As I see you, Sayid and that excuse of a covey are still losing. Something I can do for you?” Captain Talis replied with an even tone in her voice, as she stood straighter in the Andromeda’s bridge.

“I simple wanted to pass on my congratulations. Not only for escaping a destroyed ship but also on the news that your child, Trance Gemmii is doing very well with her extra classes. You must be a very proud parent.” he stated, waiting for a reaction.

The Andromeda crew was shocked by the child’s name, turning to look at an equally stunned Trance Gemini.

“Yes we are very happy with her progress….” the new captain was interrupted.

“I can see where she gets her talent from…” Sayid held up a multicolored drawing of what looked to the Andromeda crew of random object they could not identify. “Genesis must be extra pleased to know that one of your children is taking after the Ou’kaour genes.” Sayid sneer at Talis.

“Gemmii does well for the mix-gene she is. Nice to see that you and your crew could learn plenty from her, after all how many six seasons children learn qualic physmics at level F? I doubt the desert-hooper that you are would even fathom the basics. If you are finished wasting air, space and time; I have better things to be doing.” the female captain simple stated.

Snarling at the last statement from the newcomer, Sayid drew bach before putting an evil smile that appeared on his face; his searched the room to find the other newcomer female.

“It must be hard for you Chancellor; from your file, I can see what obstacles that were put in your path and now to be second in an established house. Maybe your family had the best idea with you spending time on Daihu. Either way, my congratulations on your betrothal. We shall meet again in battle visage-bâche (face-cover)…be sure of that!” Sayid faded off the screen, arrogant in pose that he had hit a nerve with the group.

The atmosphere around the newcomers changed dramatically after Sayid disappeared.

“How could he have gotten that personal info on the Chancellor, or that drawing from Gemmii?” both the Chancellor and Commander Rel demanded.

“Ease down, there is always a gossiper in every neighborhood. I know my mate very well, no harm will come to my family. Let us not forget our current situation.” the captain explained and refocused the edginess around her squad.

Trance’s eyes widen when she heard of the news, looking at the Chancellor, she mentally review the past events as she knew them, things that didn’t matched gave her puzzlement. The newcomers all took in a deep breath and slowly releasing it; waiting for the questions they knew would be coming from the strangers.

She walked over to the new captain.

“Talis…” she started but stopped at the look at the captain’s face. They locked eyes; in the space of four heartbeats, Trance looked and moved away, shaken.

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