Lunar Andromeda

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Lunar Andromeda

Fandom: Andromeda/Sailor Moon

Disclaimer: All Andromeda characters are copyrighted to Tribune Entertainment. The Sailor Moon concept belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.

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Author’s Notes: There are some severe spoilers for the entire series, especially concerning the character of Trance Gemini. You’ve been warned. Also, I don’t plan on using Doyle, as she’s a character I know nothing about. I’m pretending she doesn’t exist.

Summary: After a brutal attack by the Magog on a planet belonging to the restored Commonwealth, Dylan Hunt decides to get rid of the Magog threat once and for all. Trance has a plan.

Episode 14: Nomaie

As far as the crew of the Andromeda knew, the journey between where they’d previously been in the Milky Way galaxy and the other side of the portal had been instantaneous. When the blue glow of the portal cleared, they were looking out at a dusty red planet orbited by two moons. There were no bodies of water that they could see and no signs that there had ever been any.

Andromeda’s image replaced the view of the planet. “Scan of the system indicates that there are seven planets orbiting a yellow G-type sun. Stellar charts indicate that we are presently located in the Pegasus galaxy. The red planet we are presently orbiting is the fourth one from the sun.”

“A long way from home,” Terazed commented as his uniform faded away, returning him to normal.

“We’re receiving a hail from the surface of the fourth planet,” Rommie told them.

“Let’s say hello,” Dylan said.

The face of a woman appeared on the screen. She had mocha colored skin and bright green eyes. Her copper colored hair was pulled back in a severe style that emphasized her high cheekbones. She was wearing a long sleeved, high collared black uniform. “I am Netaya, commander of the Nomaie Home Guard. State your business.”

Nomaie stepped forward. “Commander Netaya, greetings. It’s been a long time.”

Netaya snapped to attention. “Noamie Kamen! My apologies. I didn’t see you there. Welcome home. I’ll contact the capital immediately and inform them.”

“My thanks. I bring with me the four Guardians and two other senshi as well as my new friends. Please treat them as guests.”

She nodded. “I will see to it. Is your ship capable of landing?”

“The Andromeda Ascendant isn’t my ship.”

“She’s mine,” Dylan spoke up. “I am Captain Hunt.”

Netaya looked down her nose at him. “I know they do things differently off world, but I would have expected that you’ve told your friends something of our ways.”

“My apologies, Commander, but this is their way,” Noamie said, shrugging. “They are aware of some of our ways. Again, treat them as honored guests. They were kind enough to return us home and two of the crew are the senshi I mentioned.”

“I see. Very well, then. Captain Hunt. Is your ship capable of landing on the surface.”

“No, she isn’t, but we have a smaller ship, captained by Beka Valentine called the Eureka Maru that is capable of that.” He indicated Beka to the Commander.

“Ah, good. A woman. Very well. I will relay the message. We shall be expecting you shortly?” Nomaie nodded and the screen returned to a view of the planet.

“Kind of stiff, wasn’t she?” Beka commented.

“The Home Guard are a strange bunch,” Jason said, returning to his normal self. “Jen and I will take the Desert Fox down, as we have some preparing to do. This is, after all, our home world. Tenshi can brief the rest of you on what to expect.”

“No doubt by now she’s passed the message on to the other worlds that we’re home,” Okami said, looking out at the planet Nomaie. “Assuming that the sudden appearance of a strange starship didn’t set off a few warning bells.”

Yumeko frowned. “Shouldn’t Rhade ride with Jen?”

“Under normal circumstances, yes, but not this time,” Jason told her. “Remember, kitten. They know little about her.”

“Yes, right, but still.”

“Not this time. Don’t worry. It’ll be ok.”

“Easy enough for you to say,” Jen grumbled.

“Fox, would you sit down? We haven’t even left the Andromeda yet and you’re already fidgeting.”

Jen stopped her pacing to look down at her older brother. “I’m not fidgeting, I’m pacing. There’s a difference.”

“Well stop it. You’re driving me nuts.”

With a sigh, Jen sat down in a chair and picked up a book. She opened it to the first page and sat staring at it as Jason powered up the Desert Fox and left Andromeda’s hangar. A few minutes out of the hangar, Jen tossed the book down in disgust. “Useless. I can’t concentrate on it. The words are just meaningless scribbles on the page.”

“You’re nervous,” Jason told her, heading for the planet’s surface. “It’s perfectly understandable. It’s been a very long time since you’ve been back.”

“Despite everything that’s happened to me, it all seems like a pleasant vacation compared with the debriefing I’ll get once I’m home.”

Jason winced. “You make mother sound like a cruel dictator instead of a mother who’s missed you.”

Jen snorted. “I doubt she missed me as much as you think.”

“We’ll see.”

On board the Maru, Tenshi was busy briefing the crew about what to expect when they reached Nomaie’s surface. “It would be best if Trance and Rhade made their first appearance wearing their senshi uniforms, especially seeing as how we told Commander Netaya that we had two more on board.”

“The other reason being that we need the Nomaien leaders to have some respect for at least one male member of the crew,” Okami chimed in. “If Dylan were a senshi, this wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s Rhade, so we have to take every precaution.”

“Strangely, this makes sense,” Trance told them.

“I’m glad someone thinks so,” Beka grumbled from the pilot’s chair. “Where do we land?” she asked as they cleared the atmosphere. All they could see outside was an endless stretch of golden sand. The only variation was the occasional dune.

“Desolate place,” Rhade commented.

“Keep heading in this direction,” Tenshi told her. “You’ll eventually come across a large city.”


She shrugged. “I should have insisted that we keep at least one of the twins with us. No matter how many times I come here I never seem to pick up their knack of navigating the Kanehr Shovasea.”

“The what?” Dylan asked.

“Loosely translated it means ‘sea of fire’.”

“Such a cheerful people,” Dylan commented.

“This way it is,” Beka acknowledged with a sigh.

“I’m picking up another ship,” Trance spoke up. “It’s Jason’s Desert Fox.”

“Follow them,” Dylan suggested.

“No, don’t. They’re heading somewhere else, further out into the desert,” Tenshi told them. “I’d rather get to the capital where it’s nice and shady as opposed to the aptly named sea of fire.”

“Gets really hot out there,” Okami said, snickering. “Water types don’t like it much.”

“Aren’t the two of you best friends?” Rhade asked.

“Yes. I don’t much like her home world and she’s terrified of mine.”

“Might I ask why?”

“It’s mostly water,” she replied with a smile. “Our cities all float on the water.”

“Interesting,” Dylan said. “I’d like to see that.”

“If we have time,” Tenshi replied as the capital city of Nomaie came into view.

“I really hope Jen and Jason don’t get lost out there,” Harper said as Beka landed the Maru just outside the gates of the city. “She has the worst sense of direction of anyone I know.”

“The only place she can navigate is here on Nomaie. She even gets lost up on the moons. We’re not really sure why that is. It’s scary how well she knows where she is here and equally scary how she has a hard time finding her way around anywhere else. Now, let’s transform and get out there. I’ll do the talking.”

“I wouldn’t know what to say anyways,” Dylan said quietly, watching the now familiar transformations of his crew and their new friends.

A large crowd awaited the five senshi exited the ship followed by Dylan, Beka, and Harper. Upon seeing the three Guardians, the crowd cheered. The three women bowed politely. It took them a few minutes to realize that there were two missing. Some of the little girls in front started to ask questions about the absent StarFire and Nomaie Kamen.

StarSinger raised her hand for silence. “They went out into the Kanehr Shovasea. Why, I am uncertain, but they should be with us shortly.”

The people looked relieved. A contingent of women in long sleeved, high collared black uniforms approached. Their leader was Netaya. She bowed briefly.

“Welcome, Guardian StarSinger,” she said formally. “Her Revered Majesty awaits you and the others in her Audience Chamber. Your regular rooms have been made ready for you and rooms have been prepared for your friends.” She eyed Terazed and Vedra. “The new senshi, I presume?”

“Sailor Vedra and Terazed Kamen.”

“Welcome.” Netaya looked behind them. “And you are?”

“Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant.”

“Beka Valentine, captain of the Eureka Maru and first officer on the Andromeda.”

“Seamus Harper, engineer and all around genius.”

Netaya frowned. “This way.” She turned and led them into the city. Inside, the people went about their daily business, pausing briefly to watch them pass by. The route to the palace took them through the market district. There were stalls with their wares spread out for display, selling everything from simple, undecorated earthenware dishes and containers to food, clothing, weaponry, and exquisitely designed jewelry. Various smells from the food stalls assaulted their noses, some pleasant, some not. The air was alive with the sounds of people bargaining with each other and the odd street musician. To the crew of the Andromeda, the music reminded them of the musicians from Callien.

No wonder Jen was so relaxed that night, despite her near death, Rhade mused as he watched a pair of laughing women stagger past him and collapse against a wall, kissing each other hungrily. That’s odd…

The closer they got to the palace gates, the fewer people they saw. They passed by a large training field full of youths wearing minimal clothing. Most were women, but there was the occasional man among their ranks. All were going through drills with long wooden staves.

Netaya indicated the field. “Our Home Guard trainees,” she explained before they passed through the gates. “This year’s batch is quite promising.”

The palace itself was an immense, smooth, ivory colored structure that appeared to be made from one single block of material. From the front, all they could see were the two wings extending out from the central gate and a tower with a dome shaped roof.

It was on a raised section of similar colored stone with a long set of steps leading up to it. On either side of the bottom steps was a statue of a fierce-looking bird that appeared to be on fire.

“Two of the guardian spirits of Nomaie,” Netaya explained. “Kanehjer Makaler on the left and Kanehjer Neytreo on the right. Makaler represents Nomaie Kamen. Neytreo should represent Sailor Nomaie, but at present we don’t have one. In the past, our Heir was once the sailor, but she has since given up the position for another and we have been without one since. We are hoping that her daughter will some day fill it if another is not found before then. Thankfully, we have a Guardian, so we are not entirely at a loss.”

They climbed the stairs and Netaya continued to talk. “There are twenty steps. Any significance to that number has since been forgotten.”

When they reached the top of the steps, they saw the large statue perched over the entrance into the palace itself. It was another large flaming bird. This one had its wings spread wide, its head thrown back. Its beak was open as if to scream a challenge or warning. Netaya and her fellow Home Guard bowed briefly before entering the palace doors.

“That one was Kanehjer Sherakasei, representation of both Her Revered Majesty and the Heir,” she explained.”

Inside, the palace was sparsely decorated. The walls were carved and painted. The main foyer contained a large white statue of a woman with long, loose hair and a bird perched on her arm. She wore a loose robe belted at the waist the left her arms bare. Around the base of the statue, scented candles burned, leaving a pleasant aroma.

“The spirit of Nomaie Herself,” Netaya said reverently. “Only the senshi know what she truly looks like, and none of them are saying anything on how accurate the carving is. Legend says that she came to the artist in a dream. No one knows for sure as it’s older than the palace itself. Her Revered Majesty’s Audience Chamber is this way,” she said leading them off to the left and towards the back of the palace. The other members of their escort peeled away once they reached the massive double doors. The doors swung open as they approached.

The room itself wasn’t very large. The floor was made of deep red marble. The walls were carved with the constellations that could be seen from the surface. At the back of the room was a throne that was made out of a clear red crystalline material. Presently, it was unoccupied. Beside it was a smaller, clear topaz-colored throne. There was a tall, thin man sitting in it. He rose as they approached.

“My apologies, but her Majesty was called away to an emergency council of monarchs,” he said in a soft, deep voice. His clothing was similar to those that Jason wore, but in a very dark blue silk. His black hair was cut short and his eyes were emerald green. He smiled warmly at them. “Guardians, welcome back to Nomaie. You and your friends are more than welcome here.”

StarSinger bowed. “Thank you, Honored Consort. When can we expect Her Revered Majesty to return?”

He sighed and shrugged. “Who can say? The last emergency council meeting lasted days. I don’t even know what the crisis is, only that Her Revered Majesty of Kinshei called it.”

All eyes turned to StarLove. “That’s your world, isn’t it?” Harper asked her.

She nodded. “Yes. Mother isn’t usually easy to upset, so whatever it is, it’s important.”

“Your mother is a queen?” Dylan asked incredulously.

“Is that a problem?” she asked, frowning.

“No, but you could have mentioned that before now.”

“It wasn’t important for you to know,” she said shrugging. “Besides that, I’m here as StarLove, not as Princess of Kinshei.”

“So, two new senshi,” the man said. “Might I ask who all of you are? Your names were all passed on to Her Revered Majesty, but not to myself.”

After introductions were made, he nodded. “Vedra, Terazed, you will undoubtedly be wandering around in your civilian clothing for most of your stay. In your rooms are pins that will identify you as senshi. Please wear them for now. I don’t want you to be mistreated.”

“What about the rest of us?” Dylan asked him.

“There are also pins denoting you as honored guests in your rooms.” He smiled. “The women here tend to treat strangers coldly, men even more so, so watch your step around them.”

“And the men?”

“You’ll likely find them to be more tolerant of strangers, just be careful if they start acting a little too friendly. Well, in the meantime, it would be best to show you to your rooms. I do hope that StarFire and Nomaie Kamen return in time for dinner. You are, of course, free to roam around until then.”

“When will that be?” Harper asked.

“When dinner is ready, we will find you,” he said with a knowing smile. “The servants here are quite good at that by now.”

“That’s somewhat disturbing,” Terazed told him. “People being able to find us at will?”

“One becomes used to it after a while. They won’t intrude on your privacy unless it’s an emergency. They knock first, though.” He winked.

“Good to know,” Vedra said slowly.

“Before we go, might we ask your name?” Terazed asked him.

“Yes, of course. How rude of me. My name is Akatsuki Yoake Chuuseki, Consort to Her Revered Majesty.” He clapped his hands and a pair of servants entered the Audience Chamber. “They’ll show you the way to your rooms now.”

The servants, both male, bowed and gestured for them to follow.

Once they’d all been shown to their rooms, the two servants left them to their own devices. The crew of the Andromeda gathered in Dylan’s room at Trance’s insistence.

“So what’s the big deal, Trance?” Beka asked, fiddling with her pin.

“The Lambent Kith don’t really know much about the people and places outside of the Tri-Galaxies, but the name Yoake is known to us,” she began slowly.

“How well known?” Dylan asked.

“Not very well, but every so often, stories filter over. The last time any of us heard that name was thousands of years ago.”

“I’m sure you’re going somewhere with this.”

“Because it’s been such a long time, I’m sure things have changed, but based on the stories we’ve heard, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Yoake women are unpredictably violent, vicious, and not good to mess with.”

“What about the men?” Rhade asked. “He didn’t seem so bad.”

“He’s not a Yoake by blood. He gave his name as Akatsuki Yoake, meaning he was born to eh Akatsuki family. Most men aren’t allowed to take the names of the women they pair with, but in this case he’s actually married to the Queen, so he’s allowed.”

“So this Queen can’t be trusted?” Dylan asked.

Trance shook her head. “I’m saying that she’s dangerous and unpredictable. We should watch our step even more so around her.”

The servants found them there deep in conversation. “My apologies,” the taller of the two said. “But dinner is ready. The Guardians have already descended. We’ve been sent to tell you that there is appropriate clothing in your closets.”

“Please put them on,” the shorter man said. “We will wait at the top of the staircase for you. When you are ready, we will take you down to the dinning hall.”

Examinations of the closets in their rooms revealed, for the men, clothing like that worn by Jason in light brown for Dylan, khaki for Rhade, and mocha for Harper. For the women, there were sleeveless tunics with v-cut necks, and loose leggings. Beka’s were a light blue-grey and Trance’s were golden yellow. Dressed, they met the servants and went down to dinner.

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