Games of State

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Games of State

Dylan played with his food, wishing the band would stop playing the same song over and over again, and the boring dignitary to his right would stop going on about what ever it was that he had stopped listening to a long time ago.

Beka sat across from him, deep in an animated discussion with the local FTA representative.

Smiling, Dylan slowly reached into his left cuff and moved the switch attached to the short-range transmitter. He was rewarded by Beka’s eyes suddenly glancing at him, a look of embarrassment and excitement showing through her placid composure. She shifted slightly in her seat, one hand moving up to her mouth the cover what appeared to the outside world to be a yawn.

Still apparently listening to the windbag at his side, Dylan moved the switch a little further, almost making Beka jump in her seat. She apologized to the FTA official, sighting cramp for the disturbance. The look she shot Dylan could have stopped a Maggog attack cold. Smiling with just the corner of his mouth, Dylan pushed the switch all the way over: The growing low hum was un-noticeable, unless you knew it was there and where listening out for it.

Beka seemed suddenly flushed, and look a sip of water, the glass shaking visibly in her hand. She shot Dylan a pleading glance but he shook his head ever so slightly. She dabbed at her brow with her napkin, before apparently yawning again, blaming it on having to pilot in through slipstream that morning. Her palms where slick with sweat and her cheeks where bright red as she took another long drink of cool water.

Relenting, Dylan deactivated the transmitter.

Beka’s reaction was what could only be described as utter relief. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘two can play at that game!’ She carefully loosened her shoe, and her foot reached across to Dylan.

It took all Dylan’s self control to avoid jumping when Beka’s foot rubbed against his crotch, her toes rubbing along his already hard member. Ever so carefully, she managed to pull down his zip and lever his cock out of his pants. His eyes started to water when she took his shaft between her big and second toe and started to slowly rub it up and down. Beka continued to chat to the FTA agent as she carefully manipulated Dylan, stopping before he reached the point of release.

Dylan artfully knocked one of his forks to the floor with his elbow, giving him an excuse to bend down, allowing him to re-insert his now throbbing shaft into his trousers and do up his fly. Beka shifted her legs further apart, allowing Dylan a quick glance of her crotch: he almost banged his head on the table when he saw she was not wearing any underwear.

The band finally started playing something deferent, and Dylan took to opportunity to invite Beka onto the dance floor. She placed her hands on his shoulder, “That was not a nice trick to play.”

“I was bored." Dylan smiled, "Anyway, you got your own back.”

“Yes, but now I’m as horny as hell and need a good fuck." Beka nodded, keeping her voice low, "Which was no-doubt your plan all along: it was your idea I have these things in me tonight.”

Dylan grinned, slowly moving them towards the door, “I know how much you hate theses formal functions, and decided that you might need a little ‘entertainment’ at some point. Anyway, you’re the one who put them in.”

Bake ducked backwards out of the door into the dark corridor beyond, pulling Dylan with her, “Do you think anyone noticed us go?”

“Who cares?” Dylan said in a low, husky voice as he led her along the corridor by the wrist, trying doors as they went.

Finally the door to a small storeroom opened, and Dylan yanked Beka inside, pulling her in to a deep kiss.

Beka backed up against the far wall, pulling Dylan with her, “You know,” She said between kisses, desperately trying to undo Dylan’s shirt, “There could be serious diplomatic scandal if we get found here like this.”

Dylan grinned wildly, “I know: kinky, isn’t it!” his hands reached round to undo the back of her dress.

Beka backed into a shelf, knocking spare napkins and tablecloths down from the top. She felt Dylan’s hands reach round, lifting her roughly so she was half sitting on a shelf, half pinned against the wall by his body. Her hands reached down, undoing his belt and pulling it free, before struggling with his trousers.

Dylan felt himself slip free, pointing directly at Beka’s sex, now hidden behind only her dress. He reached down to the hem and lifted it. Bracing himself against the shelves, he moved to penetrate her.

Beka held out a hand to stop him, “Not so fast tiger!” Her hand moved down between her lips, now soaking with her juices. Her index finger reached inside and snagged a length of insulated wire and pulled: Two small plastic spheres, only a few centimetres across, popped out.

Dylan looked at them, “Almost forgotten about them.” He moved his head closer and took one into his mouth, licking Beka’s cum from it.

Not wanting to be out done, Beka did the same to the other sphere, tasting herself on it, knowing how much it turned Dylan on. She slowly pushed it from between her lips with her young, letting it fall against Dylan’s chin.

This was too much for Dylan: spitting the other end of the sex toy from his mouth, he thrust his hip’s foreword, filling Beka to the hilt in one go. She grabbed his back tightly, moaning with pleasure as he pushed her back against the shelves.

Beka wrapped her legs round Dylan’s waist as he started to thrust in out of her; her own face berried in his neck to stop her moans from being heard by anyone in the corridor. Her entire body shook as her first orgasm washed over her. Her arms lost their strength, forcing her to rely on Dylan to hold her up. This impaled her even further on his ridged length, triggering a second powerful orgasm that left for short of breath.

Dylan felt Beka’s hot cunt contract around his cock, and with one final push, emptied himself into her. Beka felt Dylan’s seed erupt inside, and pulled him in for a deep kiss as they slowly sank to the floor, Dylan ending up laid out on his back, Beka lying on top, her head on his shoulder.

Beka ran a hand through her lovers chest hair, “You know, I could grow to like these formal functions…”

The End

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