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Title: Opinions

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

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Pairing: Beka/Elsbett

Summary: Elsbett crossed the line, and Beka lets her know it. After "Bunker Hill."

Author's Note: I swear, this is the last time I let my mind wander. When it comes back with stuff like this...

Elsbett was almost to the bay that held her transport before one of the kludges caught up with her. But it wasn't Dylan, who she would have expected to see her off, in order to make sure that Pride-Commonwealth relations were cemented. That was a pity; it was amusing to taunt him with memories of her last time onboard. His heart rate always jumped. It wasn't the little one, either. He might be fun, possibly, but given the kicked-puppy look he'd been wearing when she passed him earlier, it wouldn't be as good. She couldn't see how he was so upset over one of the Drago-Katsov's slave planets, anyway.

No, it was Captain Valentine. The one who was never amusing, the one who was always trying to act above her station. Elsbett could never decide whether to treat her as the kludge she was or as a gifted pilot.


"Archduchess Bolivar, kludge." She didn't bother turning, but did stop, briefly: the human looked mad about something as she approached. "What is it?"

"Oh, Dylan decided someone should see you off."

"And sent you? I must remember to thank him." She started walking to her transport again.

"Yeah, I'm thinking that too. There are things I'd rather do than baby-sit an Uber with a chip on her shoulder."

Now Elsbett stopped, the comment pricking her. "An Uber ? You dare to call me that when I can have you thrown off the ship without even your rattletrap little assemblage of scraps?"

"Uh, Archduchess," with heaping sarcasm, "you're forgetting something. This isn't your ship, and I'm friendly with the guy who owns it. After your performance, I'm pretty sure you'll be the one kicked off, not me."

Elsbett turned away, unable to think of anything to say in response. Captain Valentine didn't let that stop her. "Let's see, so far you've gotten us involved in your war with the Dragans-"

"You signed the defense pact, kludge." She found her voice, at least for that response.

"Nuh-uh. Dylan's, not mine. Besides, when have you guys ever jumped to our defense? Or Castalia's, or Mobius'?" Her eyes, already chilly, somehow looked even colder. "Or how about slave planets? You don't have any slaves, do you? but that doesn't mean you go so far as to keep anyone else from owning slaves- or slave planets."

She felt the tiniest shiver of unease at the look of Captain Valentine's face. She looked ready to kill, and her hand hovered disconcertingly near her gun. Elsbett had two knives, her boneblades, and one lethal poison secreted on her body, but they were only effective at close range- her m-lash was on the transport, and now she cursed her oversight.

"You know, that's part of my problem," the human woman continued, her hand actually resting on the butt of the gun now. "Harper- you know, the little engineer- was on one of those planets just now. He was trying to help someone he cared about. And because of your little war, we weren't able to help him."

She unholstered the gun.

Elsbett wasn't sure how she did it. She barely registered the movement, but Valentine was a step closer, with her gun aimed at Elsbett's lower abdomen. "So I'm a little annoyed. And yeah, I could aim at your heart and kill you- or you could get me with your boneblades- but I think you're not gonna try that. You touch me, and I shoot, and then you won't be able to have any more of your darling husband's children. And if I recall, his... skills... are the only reason that you put up with him." She cocked her head. "Would be a pity, wouldn't it?"

"What are you trying to do? Intimidate me?" She was proud of how steady her voice sounded in light of the threat she was presented with.

"No, just tell you that we kludges aren't as idiotic or slow as you think." She powered it up. "But then again... I'm never sure what all those wives do and their husband's away and they're bored. And if you can't reproduce, then Charlie'll just have to get more wives."

"What are you suggesting?" Now she was irked- beyond it. The very idea of what this human was saying... "Nietzscheans have sex to reproduce. We do not indulge in perversions like kludges do."

"It's only a perversion till you try it." She didn't power down the gun, but stepped closer. Elsbett was unnerved, stepping back until she bumped into the bulkhead; Valentine followed all the way, until she was so close that the curve of their breasts brushed lightly with intaken breath. That also meant that she could feel the barrel of the gun pressing oh-so-gently into her stomach. "You've been with how many men and you've never been with a woman?"

Elsbett wasn't sure what to say, finally seizing on, "Two women can't reproduce."

"And you were going to let Dylan get you pregnant? Come on, we both know the answer to that one."

She noticed, with alarm, that the human's breathing was as fast as when she had been piloting, and her pulse was almost as rapid. That would not have been a problem, but after so much time with Charlemagne, those responses in an intimate situation were affecting her- she felt her own heart pick up the least bit. "What, exactly, are you trying to do?"

"I have no idea. You Ubers might plan everything to the nth degree, but humans don't. So, when we plan, we mean to stick to it. You made us not be able to stick to a plan... which mean that Dylan couldn't keep a promise."

"All battle plans change, even a kl-" The gun pressed into her flesh just a little harder. "Even a human should know that."

"Yeah. But there wouldn't have been a problem if it weren't for your little war."

Elsbett barely saw the hand as it lifted- now Valentine's fingers were lightly caressing the side of her neck, creating disquieting sensations. Her breath actually caught for half a second as those callused fingers skimmed the edge of her top, then all the way down her side to her hip.

"You see," she continued, "when you hurt my friends, you hurt me. It's a human quirk." She slid one hand down Elsbett's leg and slowly under her skirt. She pressed her palm against her leg, urging them apart.

"Ship!" Elsbett managed, "I demand assistance!" Her words were met with no answer or apparent action. She could hear both their heartbeats, fast now, and warm breath on her cheek, and it was making her profoundly nervous. She had no idea what Valentine was planning- murder, rape, or the like, and with no way of getting out...

"Hear that?" Valentine cocked her head. "Nothing. Rommie likes you about as much as I do. She's not going to step in unless it looks like I'm threatening your life." She pulled a knife out of the sheath strapped to Elsbett's thigh. "And I'm not going to do that. Yet." It clattered to the deck, several meters away. "If you're not going to interrupt me again... When someone hurts my friend, I want to hurt them. You hurt Harper."

"So how are you going to hurt me?" She kept her voice steady, but didn't manage the tones of authority she normally did. She couldn't stop the gasp as a finger slid up and over her clit.

"You'll see."

She pressed again, sending a jolt down Elsbett's legs, then slipped down to tease just a single finger inside her. Elsbett felt her own heart beating fast, however unwillingly, and realized that she was slowly getting slick under the assault Valentine was making on her.

Soon she was biting her lip as the fingers- two of them inside her now, stroking faster- and the thumb on her clit drove her closer to climax. All of a sudden, Valentine stopped. "What... are you doing?" she breathed, trying to twist down onto those fingers as subtly as possible. She ached, she wanted it so badly, but Valentine moved away, just brushing her clit as she pulled the fingers out. She put her gun away when she was a few feet away.

"Rommie?" she asked, pulling a tissue out of her pocket, to clean her hand off.

"Yes, Beka?"

Galvanized, Elsbett readjusted her skirt and stood straighter, ignoring the pulse between her legs- that would have to wait. She hoped the flush would go away momentarily and willed her heart rate and breathing to slow.

"Did you record that?"

"Yes... Filed under your directories. Is that all?"

"Yeah." Valentine turned to look at Elsbett. "Now... You screw around with us again, you hurt my friends, and I'll make you feel worse that you do now."

"How?" She made it challenging.

"Right now you just wish I'd let you come. But how do you think Charlemagne'll feel at you letting a kludge- a woman, too- fuck you? Or I always could carry out my threat. Think about it." She turned, but didn't go immediately. "So... forced to evaluate your opinion of a human woman?"

As she walked away, Elsbett retrieved her knife. "Indeed I am."

The End

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