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Hannah Montana: Cheerleading Tryouts: Part 1

By Dest

M/f, bribery, m-solo, f-solo, voy, oral

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Hannah Montana: Cheerleading Tryouts: Part 1

I am 28 years old and currently working as a gym teacher. I am an
all right looking guy. Just under 6 foot, brown hair and brown
eyes. A little chunky but I was also pretty muscular due to all the
sports I play. My involvement in sports was part of the reason I
had gotten this job. This was my first year and by some weird turn
of events I became the cheerleading coach. Two 14 year-old girls
Miley and her best friend Lily were trying out for cheerleading. It
was late Friday afternoon and we were the only ones in the gym.

There was only one spot left and they knew that they had to go all
out to get it. I was the only judge and I was starting to have some
trouble hiding my ever-present erection. They were both knockouts
and the fact that i was twice their age did nothing to quench my
thirst for some teen pussy. Miley had beautiful long thin legs and
a relatively small chest. Her brown curly was very sweaty after the
workout she had gone through and it just added to her attraction.

Lily had a slighty bigger rack with an incredible round ass. Her
legs weren't as long or skinny as Miley's but i liked that she had
more meat on her. Her blond hair was pulld back into a ponytail.
They had both been pretty good but I had basically made up my mind
that Miley was going to win this. Lily had made a few small errors
when running her routine and her voice wasn't quite loud enough. I
think they both knew the competition was already over. Lily looked
pretty dejected and Miley was trying to console her. There was only
one part left before they were done for the day. Technically I was
supposed to go home and use the weekend to make my decision. But I
was not expecting to think too hard about this decision. Although I
knew I would be running this competition over and over again in my
mind so I could release the tension I had built up recently.

The only part left was for one girl at a time to perform for me
inside my office. I wanted to see how they could do with smaller
spaces and this way I could focus on one at a time. The office was
pretty incredible for a gym teacher's office. The room was huge and
had a semiprivate bathroom. There was a female gym teacher that had
an office just as big and was also linked to the bathroom. I knew I
was doing pretty well at this school and I had to be careful to not
blow it by revealing to the girls that they were turning me on. I was feeling pretty strained by watching their tryout for hours. I
was planning on waiting until we were all done so I could
masturbate in the luxury of my own home. Then I realized I would
have to spend the next hour watching them perform their own
routines which I knew would be even sexier then their earlier
routines. There was no way I could wait another hour before I
released. I knew that the girls would be focused on their routines
and I could probably pop one off without their knowing. As I
already said I knew I had to be careful because if I was caught my
career was essentially over. Miley was first and she was looking
unbelievable in this short skirt that barely made it to her thighs.

She was also wearing a tube top that was giving me a great view of
her budding breasts. Can you now see why I decided to stop trying
to accomplish the impossible task of keeping my erection down?

As she started her routing I unzipped my pants and started stroking
my meat. I was doing my best to stay quiet but I am sure some
noises came out. Miley didn't seem to notice however so I kept it
up. Too damn soon the music stopped and Miley stopped dancing. I
quickly stopped masturbating and cleared my throat.

"Great job Miley, you did incredible today. I will make my decision
over the weekend and tell you my answer on Monday. I'll be here
from 10-2 tomorrow if you have any questions.¨

"Thanks Mr. Fineberg, see you Monday.¨ I told her to send Lily in.
As soon as Lily came in I remembered that Miley's cd was still in
the stereo. I asked Lily if Miley was still out there.

"No Mr. Fineberg. I told her to go home and I would meet her at her
house later.¨

I briefly wondered why Lily had sent Miley away but figured it
wasn't important.

"Okay. Can you give her cd back to her then?¨


"So let's see this dance.¨

Lily put her cd in the stereo and started her routine. I unzipped
again and resumed masturbating. Lily was wearing an even shorter
skirt then Miley and a plain white t-shirt which had became
transparent after sweating so much so I could see her plain white
bra. Plus with that short skirt I kept seeing her thong panties and
her tight round ass. I knew that I wouldn’t last long with
inspiration like this. However after only a minute Lily stopped
dancing and turned off the stereo. I was a little pissed about
being stopped when I was so close but figured as soon as I got home
I could finish off.

"So did you cum yet?¨

I nearly fell out of my chair.

"What are you talking about?¨

"Oh come on, we saw your erection when me and Miley were dancing
and I know I heard you jacking off under your desk.¨

All that was running through my head was that I was never going to
work again. My entire career was flushed down the toilet after only
a few years. When I came out of my funk I noticed Lily was kneeling
in front of my chair.

"What are you doing?¨

"Making sure I win this competition.¨

Lily grabbed my dick which I never got around to putting back into
my pants.

"Wow not bad, about 7-8 inches?¨

"8-9 actually.¨

"This will be a lot of fun then.¨

She lowered her head and started taking me into her mouth. I could
feel her tongue working on my cock the entire time and it was
incredible. It had just started and I already knew this would be
the best blowjob of my life. Of course the fact that I had been
watching two gorgeous teenage girls dancing for the last few hours
would have made any release incredible. After only her third head
bob she had my entire dick in her throat.

"God Im cumming!¨

That just made her head faster and I released right into her
throat. She wasn't able to keep it all in her mouth and some leaked
out onto her chin. After she swallowed the cum in her throat she
used her finger to get cum on her chin into her mouth. The look on
her face as she swallowed my cum was the sexiest thing I have ever
seen. The look on her face was worthy of the final spot. But I knew
I could do a lot more and if I gave up the chance to fuck this hot
jailbait ass I would hate myself forever.

"Well I'm guessing that was not your first blowjob?¨

"No, it's the easiest way to get good grades. Much much easier then

"Well thank you for the best blowjob of my life. With talent like
that you must have a 4.0!¨

"No, I would but some teachers are girls, and I don't eat rug
nearly as well as I give head. The female teachers usually only
give me a B.¨

By now my dick which had started to soften was ready and raging for
part 2. But I decided to wait just a little longer. I used all my
willpower to keep my voice from cracking.

"So I know you give great head, but your dance moves still need
some work.¨

"What, you mean I still don't get the spot?¨

"Not yet but I will give you another chance.¨

I turned on the stereo with a remote.

"Now lets see you dance one more time. But this time I want you
naked at the end of the song.¨

She smiled her sexy slutty smile and got back onto her feet. As she
started dancing I started stroking my cock again, this time in
plain view of her. Lily's routine would have fit right in at a
strip club. I couldn't help thinking she must have spent some time
in a strip club at some point in her life. Maybe not as a dancer
but she clearly had been studying up on how to dance. As she was
bent down facing away from me she slid down her panties, giving me
a great view of her incredible round ass. Lily continued dancing
and the knowledge that she wasn't wearing any panties under her
skirt was making me want to jump her right there. Somehow I managed
to wait a little longer and enjoy her routine. Lily was massaging
her tits through her shirt when she reached in, unsnapped her bra,
and took it off through her right armhole. As I said her shirt was
already basically transparent so I had a pretty clear view of her
decent sized breasts. They weren't huge but they were still growing
and it was obvious that she would have a decent rack on her at some
point in the future. Finally the song was winding down and Lily
quickly shed herself of her useless shirt and short skirt.

I looked her up and down in all her glory. She looked like a
goddess. Her young body still glistening from the dance. Her
breasts going up and down at a rapid rate due to her fast
breathing. I had no idea that by end of the day I would be having
sex with a girl this gorgeous. After a quick thank you to god, and
a promise to go to church for the rest of my life, I told her to
get herself ready.

Lily walked back to the desk and climbed up. She gave me a come
here motion with her finger and when I got close enough she stuck
her tongue in my mouth in a kiss that was more then I could have
ever imagined. Then I reclined in my chair and watched an even
better show then the strip dance. Lily first stuck her finger in
her mouth and wetted it down. She then took her finger and slowly
let it walk down her body. Her finger then went to the valley
between her breasts and she started teasing me by putting her hands
on her breasts and then quickly taking it away. Finally she took
her wet finger and started circling her left nipple. Lily had her
head thrown back in ecstasy as she continued to finger her nipple.

Her finger then continued its trek down her body between her legs.
She continued her teasing methods and started circling all around
her pussy. Lily finally started rubbing her clit with a slow
deliberate motion. With the first touch she let out a moan that
made my entire body jump with anxiety. Then she slipped a different
finger into her pussy and started moaning even harder. I couldn’t
take it anymore and stood up and initiated a kiss even better then
the last one. I then broke the kiss off and started nibbling on her
ear. I sucked on her earlobe and lightly blew into her ear. Then I
moved down and kissed her chin. Then I went down to her neck and
sucked on it for a while. It didn't hit me til later that she would
have to explain any hickies she got. Not that it would have stopped
me but I might have left a few less hickies. I kept moving down and
was soon at her bustline. I decided that with how much she teased
me I definitely needed to get some revenge. I lightly blew on her
right nipple. I gave it a test lick and started licking and sucking
on it. Lily was still fingering herself throughout this so I
grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her hot center. With my
other hand I flicked her forgotten nipple. Her nipples were somehow
harder then my dick at this point. If I couldn't feel them then I
wouldn't think it was possible. I knew that I was affecting her a
lot by now. She was so close to an orgasm that she was starting to
shake. Then I moved away from her with a huge smile on my


With all the pleasure she had already brought me I knew I had to
stop teasing and give her the orgasm of her lifetime. I brought my
head down and examined her pussy. She was definitely a natural
blond. She didn't shave her pubic hair but there wasn't too much
there because she was still so young. I lowered my head down to her
hot creamy center and gave her pussy a tentative lick. It was the
best thing I have ever tasted. Correction, this was the best thing
I had ever experienced. I don't think anyone could have ever
experienced something this good. I couldn't help myself and just
dove into her pussy and started eating her out like I had never
eaten someone out before. At the same time I used my nose to rub
her clit and brought both hands up to massage her breasts. I took a
short break from eating her out to look at Lily's face. I thought
the look on her face after blowing me off was sexy but the look on
her face was like comparing a piece of dog shit and filet mignon. I
knew that I would never forget that look for the rest of my life.


With that motivation I buried my head back into the best place on
Earth. Disneyland be damned. After winning the Super bowl the
players should go here. It would definitely inspire the players
even more. I was listening to her moans and I knew right when she
was ready to climax. There was something that all of my former
girlfriends loved that I decided to try. I took my tongue out of
her cunt and licked my way down her ass crack and got to her anus.
I licked around the anus and finally plunged my tongue in. It is a
weird taste that I don't really enjoy but it is a guaranteed orgasm
so I continue to do it every time I go down on a girl. With that
final push Lily climaxed harder then I had ever seen a girl climax.
I was glad the school was empty because with the scream she let off
could be heard throughout the building. And to think i thought her
cheers weren't loud enough! I laid back into the chair. With how
much effort I put into it it seemed like I had already ejaculated.
I had almost forgotten all about my erection when Lily grabbed it
with her right hand. I was ready to finally give this girl fucking
of a lifetime. I stood up and got on the desk mounting her. I was
about to penetrate her when I remembered I didn't have a condom.
Lily saw my hesitation.

"Don't worry; I am on the pill.¨ With nothing holding me back I was ready to finally penetrate her. I inched my dick into the tightest pussy I had ever felt. With all of her experience I couldn't believe she was this tight. I was starting to think me and Lily had some kind of connection. Once again she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking.

"I said I gave all my teachers head to get good grades. I've only
had sex like 2-3 times. And you are the biggest dick i have ever
had in my pussy.¨

I must admit that made me feel much better, especially
about being the biggest one to penetrate her. So with nothing
holding me back I once again was ready for the best sex ever. I
lifted her right leg up to my shoulder and started thrusting. I
could only get 4 inches into her. I decided to give her some time
to adjust to my dick in her cunt. Eventually she used her hands to
lift herself up and thrust her body towards me. With that my entire
8 inches were buried in her. I knew I would have to be careful or I
would be spent in less then a minute. With one hand I started
massaging her left breast and my other hand I started toying with
her clit. She was thrusting back at me as hard as she could and
gasping in a way that was more adorable then anything else in my
life thus far. I remembered her reaction to me tonguing her asshole
so I figured maybe she had an anal fetish. I took my hand off her
breast and caressed her skin all the way to her ass. I hadn't taken
the time to touch her ass so this was my first experience feeling
it. It was much better then I had expected and I had to spend some
time squeezing her luscious behind. I thought her breasts were
exquisite but her ass was nothing less then a masterpiece. I could
grope this ass for hours and never get tired of it. Unfortunately I
realized that I was much closer to cumming then her so I had better
get to work on her. I didn't want to leave her so close to an
orgasm so I had to really step it up. I started placing one finger
into her asshole. I thought her pussy was tight but her rectum was
like a vice. I knew that I had to find a way to put my dick there
somehow. There was no way I could do it today but at some point in
time i knew i would fuck this ass. I was having trouble getting
momentum now so I took my dick out and put her on her knees and
entered her doggy-style. I shoved my thumb into her asshole and she
screamed in orgasmic bliss as she came again. The feeling of her
walls closing in on my dick was too much and with my last bit of
will power I withdrew my dick and coated her tits with my cum.

I then leaned back and fell of the desk. I landed hard on my back
but I was still the happiest man in the world. Now I just have to
find some way to make this a repeat occurrence.
"Well you definitely earned that spot.¨
"You know that we can't do this again right? If I get caught having
sex to get something from a teacher then my entire system is

"Okay, well I hope you remember that in a few months I have to
decide who will be the next cheerleading captain. If you want that
spot then you will need to repeat this.¨
"Well we'll see. For now I am happy just having a spot on the

Lily cleaned up in my semi-private bathroom and put her clothes
back on. When she was walking out the door I remembered the

"Don't forget your's and miley's cds.¨

"Okay thanks.¨

All of a sudden I remembered something else, something that scared
the shit out of me.

”Hey are you going to tell Miley about what we did here today?¨

"Of course not, she has no idea about my plan for good grades. She
still thinks I am a virgin! Her plan is for us both to lose our
virginity together during senior prom!¨That brought an image into my head.

"Together? Do you think I can watch? Or possibly join in?¨

"Haha, believe me if you could convince her to have sex with me I
would let you do whatever you want to my body.¨ My mission was clear, I had to convince Miley to not only have sex before prom, but to have sex with Lily and me. I knew it would be hard but the reward would be so worth it.

To Be Continued

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