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Title: Togetherness

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: (To the tune of "White Christmas") I’m dreaming of a fired Sorbo… So we can do justice to the show…

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Pairing: Harper/Rommie

Summary: Rommie decides to talk with Harper.

Author’s Note: This stemmed out of a weird mind wandering. It’s set during the third season.


Harper was exhausted. He’d been working for what felt like days straight, and now all he wanted to do was get a hot shower and crash in a soft, warm bed, both readily available in his quarters.

The shower was easy, and woke him up. He was still tired, though; he would have sworn the door to his quarters opened when he was in there. After a while, he strolled out wearing only a towel, and glanced over at the bed, where he’d dropped some clothes he’d just gotten back from the ship’s laundry. Then he’d frozen, and with good reason.

Seeing a half-naked android in one’s bed was enough to freeze anyone.

Rommie was lying in his bed, the covers pulled up almost to her neck. Her clothes were neatly folded at the foot and her boots aligned next to it. When he came in, she looked over and pushed herself up on her elbows, the covers sliding down enough to reveal that she was, in fact, wearing something with straps and a low-cut neckline. "Well? Aren’t you going to say something?" she asked when the silence dragged on.

Harper, acutely aware of the erection half-hiding under his towel, managed to say precisely one thing. "Huh?"

Rommie rolled her eyes and straightened further, still not letting the blanket fall away from her breasts. "Harper, you’ve wanted to have sex with me since before you built me. I’m lying in your bed, in my underwear, and all you can say is ‘Huh?’"

Having found his voice, Harper promptly started babbling. "It’s just not Standard Operating Procedure, Rom-doll! I mean, I’ve been trying for two freakin’ years with no luck, and all of a sudden you decide that laying me is a good idea? What made you change your mind? What, was a missive sent from heaven?" A new and disturbing thought occurred to him. "Holy freakin’ callimelons, I’m not dying, am I? Is that it? What have I got, tell me quick!" He screwed up his eyes and cringed in anticipation of the pronouncement, but the only sound he heard was Rommie laughing. He opened one eye. "What?"

"You’re not dying, Harper, you’re in perfect health."

"I’m not dying?" He perked up, then sank back down. "So why are you here? Did you decide to try to teach me a lesson after I tried the line with the flavoring goop? That was pretty disgusting." The "flavoring goop" was an additive they had stocked, which was a pseudo-gel with a distinctly musty smell. He’d been improvising, and suggested the idea of it decorating her body, with the person licking it off- no better way to remove it- being none other than-

"Harper," she said softly, regarding him solemnly, "it’s because I want to be with you. That’s why I set this up."

"Okay," he muttered carefully. This was not how he thought his evening would go. For one thing, in his thoughts he’d assumed that if he got any action at all, it would not be with another person. "This is what we’re going to do. I’m going to get into the bed and fall asleep. You’re going to stay here and not go wandering around or doing anything that could be thought of in any way as trying to get lucky. In the morning we’re going to run a diagnostic and find out what’s causing this. Okay? Okay. Now…" As he tried to figure out how to get into the bed without her seeing that this body wasn’t obeying his mind, she crawled out and stood up, and suddenly his problems changed.

The only things she was wearing were a dark purple bra and panties in some kind of silky material. His knees went weak. Purple, he thought. Why’d she have to pick purple? In every single fantasy where she was actually wearing anything resembling underwear, it was almost inevitably purple. Suddenly, his problems became staying out of the bed.

Rommie just crossed over to his closet and pulled out one of the Hawaiian shirts there, pulling it one and fastening it by one button. Still, it was enough to block the sight of the underwear and the rest of her pertinent parts, and that gave him just enough leeway to get his eyes off her body and his brain from under his towel- mostly- though he still mentally swore that he would never, ever wear that shirt again if he wanted to be able to walk around without offering himself up for forcelance cracks. "Ah- whatcha doing?"

"You said that I’m to stay here." She went back to the bed and slithered under the covers. "Considering your jump in biosigns, I decided that it would be a good idea to put something else on, and the uniform is uncomfortable lying under a blanket."

"All right." Well, the biosign bit was embarrassing, but at least she’d covered herself. He hopped over some bits of machinery to the bed and grabbed a pair of boxer shorts on the floor. He took care to turn away while changing into them, but managed to get under the blankets and the lights ordered off without further incident.

Of course, the good luck didn’t hold. As soon as he’d managed to find a comfortable position, another body curled up around his, spooning him. An arm draped over his waist, wrapping him in warmth. "Ah, Rommie…" he started, feeling her breasts pressing against his back. Any problems that had gone when she put the shirt on returned with a lot of their closest friends.

"Yes, Harper?" She shifted, bringing him further into the cradle of her hips.

He gulped. "Ah, never mind. Just… never mind." That was the disadvantage of dealing with an android- when they learned something they never forgot. Right now, Rommie was using every trick that she knew, including some he thought she’d picked up from some of his porn videos; if he fought, she would use more from the bag of tricks, and that bag’s size was damn scary. So he gritted his teeth and endured it.

One of the longest hours of his life slowly ticked by. Even if he had been able to sleep, he didn’t dare. Whenever he so much as twitched, Rommie moved too, just touching her lips to the back of his neck or breathing lightly on his dataport or letting a finger trace the curve of a muscle. It was when a hand just happened to brush over the front of his boxers, right over a particularly tense muscle, that he gave up the pretense, especially when it was combined with damp lips pressing against his shoulder.

"As the wise man said, that’s it! Half lights!" He shot up and almost made it out of the bed when he felt a restraining hand on his arm. He turned to see Rommie staring at him intently from his position on the bed. "Look, Rom-doll, I love you and all, you know that, but it’s just that-"

"It’s messy and inconvenient if it doesn’t work out," she finished, letting go and sitting up. As she did, he got a flash of panties. Oh crap…

"Yeah, and you never wanted to before," he added, sitting closer to her, now that he was pretty sure she was semi-rational. "I mean, today, I gave you three-"


"-pickup lines and you turned me down cold. What changed between then and now?"

"I thought about it."

"It took you only three hours for that decision?"

"Harper, I have a brain the size of a planet. I can think much faster than most organic species. I decided on a set of criteria to judge whether propositioning you would be worth the effort and any possible repercussions and decided it was."

He gaped. "And you decided the best way to proposition me was to show up here and act like I’d jump into bed with anything female and willing?" The silence after that statement would be considered damning by any court in the universe. "Okay, so I would. But that’s not the point! You’d rather let me have sex with you for no good reason rather than explain it to me first?"

"It saves time." Seeing his jaw drop further, she reasoned, "You have extreme reactions to sexual stimuli. On that basis, I thought the best thing to do would be to minimize any possible distractions first, then approach the topic of emotional involvement."

"Oh, boy," he muttered, then continued. "I appreciate your, ah, sensitivity to my needs. But, see, the thing is that you’ve got to consider what you’re feeling like doing. Do you really want to just fall into bed with me?"

Rommie didn’t say anything, taking his hand in hers and lightly kissing the knuckles, a gesture that went straight to his groin. After a moment, she said, "Harper, I decided that I wanted you. That means everything. And yes, I really do want to fall into bed with you." She kneeled on the bed, then leaned over and kissed him.

That did it. He told his reservations to either go to hell or stuff it, pick one, and kissed her back. His reservations protested, but hightailed it out of his mind as soon as he realized that her lips were soft, and warm, and that when her mouth opened and his tongue brushed hers, he tasted honey. He moved to his knees as well, not breaking the kiss. There was just a brush of fingers against his chest as she reached between them to undo the borrowed shirt, then it was just smooth skin and cool cloth against him as her arms twined around his neck.

The kiss lasted a long time. It was skillfully orchestrated enough that Harper began to wonder how much of a sex life the android had, though he never heard about it. When it broke, she murmured, "You’re wearing too much," even as she started to work her fingers under the waistband of his shorts.

"And you’re not?" Following her lead, he fumbled for the catch of her bra. He managed to release it, but froze when her hand slid into his boxers and seized something. "Rommie!"

"What?" she asked, faux innocent, before letting go. She shrugged off the bra, started to wriggle out of the panties. A smile slid over her face as he stared. "I thought you wanted to do this."

"Yeah, but…" He jerked his eyes away and focused on his own clothes, finally managing to get them off. He looked up enough time to see her sprawl across the bed and slide the panties the rest of the way off. "Wow."

He hadn’t seen her sans clothes since the day he built her; he had almost forgotten how good she looked nude. Her skin was smooth and soft and an even light brown, and he remembered precisely how good she looked from different angles as she sat up and pushed him down on his back, lying across the bed. When she straddled him, he reached up and ran his fingers through her hair, highlighted red and now gold too with the softened lights. "Pretty," he said, grinning, and at her own returned smile he trailed the tips down, circling a rigid nipple and drawing a line down the flat plane of her stomach.

Rommie moaned and arched her back, closing her eyes. Encouraged, he moved down to the juncture of her legs, into the wet warmth. She bucked against him at the touch. This time, he slid his fingers into her and she whispered, "Please," softly and urgently.

Carefully, he removed his fingers and lifted her just enough for her to slide onto him, shuddering as they joined. They stayed like that for a moment before Rommie moved, just enough to make them both groan.

Harper moved when she did, meeting her. They built up a rhythm, slow and steady, increasing in intensity. He could feel himself getting closer; he didn’t want to come before her, so he reached up and brushed at her clit with every stroke, pushing her higher.

She leaned down to kiss him as they continued to move, getting more frantic. When she drew back, her eyes opened slowly, meeting his. It was the drugged look there that sent him over the edge, taking her with him as they cried out.

She went limp, collapsing against his chest, and he wasn’t feeling too steady either. The convulsions shook them both still, and it took him a few minutes to regain his breath.

Eventually, Rommie pulled away. "What…?"

"This," she explained, picking an extra blanket up from the bottom of the bed, and spread it over both of them before crawling under with him. They were still lying across the mattress, and it would have been hard to pull the blanket up over them, so she had improvised.

Even as she curled against him and closed her eyes, he stared at her, finding it hard to believe what they had just done. It didn’t seem much like the Rommie he knew to have seduced him.

She smiled, not even opening her eyes. "Don’t overthink it, Harper."


The End

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