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Title: Frustrated

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

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Pairing: Beka/Tyr

Summary: What happens when two crewmembers get twitchy?

Authorís Note: This is my first attempt at anything rated this highly. You can criticize me, but please keep that fact in mind as you do so. Also, Iím placing this somewhere around the latter half of the second season, just because it would seem to fit there. It really has no major spoilers or placements, so itís kind of pointless as far as timing is concerned.



"Sure youíre willing to do this with a kludge?" Beka asked, tugging Tyr into her quarters.

He smiled, amused at the question. "If I hadnít, would I have volunteered?"

"No," she stopped them by the couch, "but who knows? You might have changed your mind."

"I didnít," he reassured her.

They stared at each other a moment, faces centimeters apart, before he leaned down and captured her lips with his.


Earlier That Evening

Tyr looked up as Beka stalked into the mess. She thought she was alone, muttering, "Damned engine. It has to malfunction now, of all times. I could justÖ" She paused to pour coffee.

"You could just what?" he inquired, standing.

He took her by surprise. Beka yelped and jumped, spilling a bit of the hot liquid on her finger. Hastily jamming the burnt area into her mouth, she spun and saw Tyr halfway across the room. "Do you have to do that?" She had a bit of trouble talking around the finger in her mouth. At any rate, it had cooled and no longer hurt, so she removed it and continued, "I could just shoot someone, I think. Dylan promised that Iíd go on the trip to Latin drift with him for the supply run, but the Maruís engines are malfunctioning, so he took Harper instead. Ergo, Iím trapped here with no ship, no access to a club, which is why I wanted to go, and no way to work on four months of sexual frustration!" Something clicked. "Did I just say that out loud?"

Tyr blinked. "Yes." He watched as she turned a faint pink and muttered something unrepeatable. "That, and Iíve never heard you use the word Ďergoí before."

She shrugged. "Too much time listening to political speeches." She set the mug down on the table and asked, hopefully casually, "And that comment goes no further, right?"

He nodded. "I was under the impression that you had no lack of willing males whenever we stopped somewhere."

"Willing? Yes. Suitable? No. Believe it or not, I do have standards regarding one-night stands. Harperís the one with no standards. Anyway, we havenít stopped anywhere for two months." Beka paused, and after a moment walked closer, curious about something. "What about you? You get the least action of any of us. Except maybe Trance, but Iím not too sure about her."

"I get around it. Exercise helps."

"Yeah, but it doesnít permanently. What do you do then?" She watched closely, wondering when heíd get uncomfortable and change the subject.

Tyr was aware of her scrutiny and the reasons behind it. He was also willing to play along. "I will, as you and Harper so eloquently put it, pick someone up. But that is extremely rare."

"What happened to Ďnever in a million yearsí?" Now she was extremely close.

"There is a difference between cross-breeding, involvement, and a one time exchange of sexual favors."

"An exchange. So it isnít all about you?" Somehow she found that hard to believe.

"On the contrary." Tyr leaned forward and spoke directly next to her ear. "I make sure that any partner of mine, however temporary, is repaid in full."

She felt the shiver running over her body and a slight tingling as her nipples rose. Damn. Time to end it, and she could go take care of the problem herself. Much more of this and she would jump him on the table, she was that desperate. Before she said anything, though, he fired another shot at her already weakening defenses.

"I would say that right now youíd be interested in such an exchange. I can smell it quite clearly." He took a delicate sniff to confirm. It was a very interesting mixture, with the mild arousal overlying everyday odors like her soap and normal body scent.

By now, her nipples were hard, and sharply obvious against her shirt. A quick glance down confirmed something else, as well. "Tyr, while I may not have an enhanced sense of smell, there are some things the mere human eye can see."

To his credit, he didnít look down. He knew the effect that proximity and smell were having on him. "So weíre both interested. What now?"

That was it. The gauntlet was down, the challenge had been made, the gloves were off. Whatever expression you preferred, that was it. What now?

She had an idea. "My quarters. Two hours. Weíll see."



It had been a very long and frustrating two hours. After being aroused to that extent, both had to put up with it. Now that the wait was over, he was not going to leave until they were both thoroughly satisfied and so tired that they couldnít move. The idea of spending the night with Tyr doing just that appealed to Beka very much, and he had similar thoughts.

The kiss was surprisingly brief and mild. As soon as it ended, Beka pulled back. "Youíre not going to back out?"

"No." Hadnít he just told her that?

"Then quit almost touching me and do it already!" Without waiting for a reply, she wrapped one hand in his braids and pulled him to her, crushing their mouths together.

While she started the kiss, he dominated it. Tyr moved his lips until hers parted. It took only a moment, and he slid his tongue into her mouth, twirling it around hers and exploring the recesses. As he slid his tongue out, she returned the favor. Soon, they werenít sure who had a tongue in the otherís mouth and vice versa, and neither cared.

Though their lips stayed together, their hands did not. Beka unzipped his vest and pushed it aside, tracing abs and pecs and occasionally giving a nipple a casual flick. The first time she did that, he groaned in pained surprise and retaliated. A prolonged brush of fingers above the waistband of her pants, then a long, slow trace over the abdominal muscles, feeling them contract under his fingertips. The fabric of her tank top did nothing to muffle the touch; if anything, it maximized it, so when he reached and cupped her breasts, he was rewarded with a muffled cry.

Wanting to twist the knife, he skimmed his thumbs over her nipples, long since hardened, just touching the tip. The instant he did that, she pulled her tongue out of his mouth and bit his lower lip, hungry and demanding. He released her breasts and moved his hands lower, cupping her butt, lifting her off the floor.

That was more than enough. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled herself up, until she could wrap her legs around his hips and her sex was pressing against his erection. Interspersing words and short, hard kisses, she managed to say, "I need you, now. Do it!" He moved toward the bed, and she ordered, "Forget the bed. Itíll take too long."

Instead, Tyr set her down on the couch. There was a secondís pause with the rasp of zippers and click of snaps being undone, the soft sigh of pants being pulled down and underwear pushed out of the way. Then he slid between her legs and buried himself in one quick movement.

It was hot and fast and hard. With each stroke he went deep inside her, his body making firm contact with her clit. Every move brought them closer to climax, and it took very little before she cried out and came, tightening around him. One more thrust, and he growled as he released into her.

They lay locked together for a minute or two, regaining breath and sense. Finally, he pulled out of her. He remained above her, supporting himself with his arms. "So," he said at last, "does that convince you of the value of my repayments?"

"Very well," Beka informed him. "But only once does it for you for a few months?"

He smirked. "Hardly. I assumed that youíd want a few minuteís recovery time."

"Me? No, Iím good. More than ready for round two." She moved her hips suggestively, pressing up against him. She was a little surprised to discover that he was, as well. "Damn. You take the Ďbreeding machineí thing as far as itíll go."

"It helps." Tyr kissed her and got up. He tugged his pants back up, but didnít bother fastening them.

"Where are you going? I was under the impression that this wasnít finished."

"It isnít. I assume that the bed will be more comfortable?"

"Right." Beka tried to sit up and discovered that her pants were twisted around her ankles. "Um, hang on." It took her a second, but then she stood and stepped out of the pants and boots. The panties were still back up at her crotch- he had merely pushed them to the side instead of removing them.

Tyr watched her as she led the way back to the bed. He would have gone ahead, but he enjoyed the view from behind her more.

Standing by the bed, Beka slowly slid her tank top over her head as she faced him, dropped it to the floor behind her. The sinuous movement was distracting and extremely effective for getting his complete and undivided attention. She wasnít wearing a bra, which doubled the effect. That left her in only the panties, skimpy crimson bikinis that didnít cover all the curls at the juncture of her legs. She walked over, almost entirely naked, and stood in front of him. "So," she drew a nail, slow and punishing, down the center of his chest, "you like?"

"Yes." He tried to ignore his bodyís reaction as she moved the single digit further down, across his stomach and past. She paused for a moment, letting him draw breath, but exhaled sharply when she gripped him. When she added a twisting squeeze, he reached down and very carefully removed her hand, explaining, "I think youíd probably rather go first."

"ĎGoí?" She smiled, having fun with it. "Now Iíve never heard it put quite that way, but-" Her mouth was suddenly covered and her mouth filled with a tongue that was not hers. Going along with it, she returned the favor. Sheíd already taken the immediate need off; now she wanted to play. If that involved being interrupted, so be it. As soon as it broke, she finished, "But I really donít care how you put it or whether itís first or last, as long as I get my turn."

Tyr grinned. "Lie down."

"Yes, sir!" She made a mocking salute, but sat down, scooting back until she leaned against the pillows. Then she enjoyed the show.

He stayed standing, unlacing the boots and removing them in record time. He slowed down when he started on the pants, hooking his thumbs over the waist and drawing them down slowly. His speed was due to the tightness of the leather, the fact that she was watching, and that he didnít want to aggravate his erection more than necessary. It was going to last this time.

When he finished, he crouched on the bed and crawled toward her, looking every inch like a predatory cat. She didnít move, staying reclined as he hovered over her, legs straddling hers and arms on either side of her shoulders. Their faces were close and their eyes locked, ice blue and chocolate brown.

Then he lunged.

Tyr caught her mouth, quickly, coaxing her into a kiss before she could protest. Full lips covered soft ones, mouths opened, tongues twisted together in passion. As they kissed, Beka reached up and framed his face with her hands, holding him in place. Soon, too soon, he left her mouth, nipping and sucking at her neck. When he reached the base, he bit harder than before. She pulled her legs up and looped them loosely around his waist.

He barely touched her breasts, with just the lightest lick of pressure and damp around the nipples, tracing the borders of the aureole. She clenched her teeth at the stinging sensations that raced through her body, and dug her fingernails into his shoulders.

A breath of fire sang in his blood at the mild violence, but he concentrated on tracing a line down her stomach with his tongue. He watched and felt the way the muscles tensed and bunched under his movements. By now he could smell her arousal heavily; she could herself.

By the time he reached her lower abdomen, she had unhooked her legs from around him and instead spread them to either side, wide and bent, inviting him to move between them. She wished he would. All thoughts of play were gone now, replaced by sensation. But he didnít take it up, kissing around her navel as his fingers brushed light designs over the slick red fabric that blocked sight of her skin. Her hips twitched upward at the barely-there contact, but Beka bit her lip, determined not to beg.

She didnít have to. At the movement, Tyr abandoned the drawings and left her stomach. He pressed two fingers against her clit, removed them, pressed again. Even through the panties it was an incredible feeling, and she came quickly, arching into the touch, whimpering at the height of it.

He waited until she had calmed some, then slid the panties off her legs. He kissed her inner thighs as he did so, enjoying the small squeak that escaped her throat. He turned on his side and moved up beside her, until he was laying level with her. For about five seconds.

Beka pushed him over so he lay on his back, then straddled him, pressing her wetness against him and gloating in the agonized look that passed over his face. "Now," she whispered, and bit at an earlobe, "itís your turn."

A quick hip movement, a lift of her own body, and she sank down onto him, enjoying the groan as she settled oh-so-briefly. She leaned her hands on his chest, staying upright, and rose off him until he remained barely inside her. Slowly, she pushed back down until he was deep in her again. During the teasing pause, he gripped her hips, not moving her but encouraging her.

She got the hint and sped up- sheíd wanted to anyway. Their movements got faster until he was thrusting up into her and she slammed down onto him, meeting each other every time. The rhythm and the heat and the feel of slick skin moving together became too much and they climaxed together, crying out each otherís name.

She collapsed onto him. Tyr stayed buried inside her, still hard. Rolling them over as she contracted around him, he asked, "Ready for round three?"

Her eyes widened in surprise, but she replied, "Hell, yes!" as he began to move again.


The Next Morning

Beka slid off him. It was well timed; as soon as she lay next to Tyr instead of on top of him, her alarm went off. After she shut it off, she rolled over to face him. "You do realize that we just spent the night- the whole night- having sex?"

"Not really." At her puzzled look, he clarified, "We got about an hour of sleep around two."

She grinned. "Yeah." Stretching, she continued, "You know, this could solve our problem. Do this and we donít have to worry about getting frustrated. Keep it casual, spend the night together once in a while and leave it at that. Work for you?" She held her breath as he considered.

"Works for me," he decided.

"Great." Beka got off the bed. "I need a shower. Care to join me? You know, one for the road?" She smiled again at his surprise. "Well?"

After a moment he got up, pausing only for one consideration. "Will there be enough room for both of us?"

"Size isnít a problem, Tyr. Itís whether weíll still have hot water left when weíre through!"

He shrugged and followed the sound of her laughter.


The End

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