Silent Killer...

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Disclaimer: I don't own The Tribe or, Life with Derek anyone or, thing any new people are more than likely mine. So, you know I don't make money of my stories here. Same goes for each of the fandoms listed...

Nora's the first to get sick.

George: Nora honey, how are you doing?
Nora: Still not feeling very good. caughs.
George: Do you need anything?
Nora: Not that I can think of just keep ALL the kids away from me till I feel better so, they won't catch it.
George: That won't be easy.
Nora: I know but, try.
George: I will. kisses her on her forehead.

~I wish I could do more for you but, acording to the news there's no cure yet I pray you'll get better.~ George thinks to himself.

Casey sees George walking out of the room.

Casey: What's wrong with her?
George: I think it's just a really bad cold.
Casey: Don't lie.
George: Who saids I am?


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