Loving Her

BY : Bebe
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Title: Loving Her

Author: Bebe

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Wish I did, though.

Spoilers: For "Star-Crossed".

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Pairing: Rommie/Gabriel

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Summary: Rommie remembers.

Author’s Note: This was written for maryavatar, as per her request for schmoop. I meant to get it out last week, but I got a little crunched for time and didn’t finish it till Sunday, so I sent it out a leetle bit late. Happy (belated) birthday, mary!


Rommie went through her usual routine after the ship powered down for the night. She accessed her mainframe to check on ship status before disconnecting entirely. Her immediate next step was to call for privacy mode. She’d gotten in the habit of doing that right after she’d gotten her android body- otherwise her main AI popped in at all hours.

As a next to last step, she shed her usual uniform and slid a nightgown over her head. She didn’t technically have to change, but she liked to anyway. Besides, this particular gown was one of her favorites, dark blue and silky and skimpily cut.

Finally, she shut off the lights in her quarters before sliding between the sheets of the bed. When she stopped to let her body recharge and do any self-repairs, she preferred to be comfortable, and the bed was the most relaxing spot she had in her quarters.

Rommie sighed and curled up in the snug hollow she made in the sheets. Soon, stray thoughts moved through her mind. Not the usual, everyday thoughts about the mission, but dreamy musings on the universe. They slowly narrowed to her crew, and then to the time she’d thought she might leave them and her ship-self behind.

There had only been the one time, when Gabriel had been onboard. She had loved him, despite the fact that he had betrayed her, and she still loved him a little. Now all she had were memories of him, before he had gotten the download from the Balance of Judgement. She’d had to kill him then- she could still see the pain and regret written so clearly in his eyes as he died.

His eyes…she’d loved his eyes. They were knowledgeable and understanding and kind, and had sparkled with amusement when he watched her blush at his compliment. He’d smiled at her embarrassment, but she had known that it wasn’t malicious but somehow benevolent and caring.

He’d loved her, as well. Gabriel had told her, not the only but the first, and unlike so many others, sincerely.

With her eyes closed, drifting serenely in a sea of warm memory, she could still feel his kiss. It had been unexpected, but soft and loving, like so much else about him. After only a nanosecond of shock, she had felt the slow spread of emotion and need throughout her body, reaching to places she had been only dimly aware of till then. She’d wanted his kiss again as soon as his lips left hers, still wanted it now.

If that short kiss had been something special, it was nothing compared to when he’d entered her mainframe. They’d joined and melded in way that no human could come close to. The physical sensations had been nothing compared to the merge of minds and selves and essences that only two AIs could have.

Foggily, Rommie called up the feeling from the mental meld as her fingers sought to replicate the physical. She was barely aware of it, the need to feel it again too intense for conscious thought. All she wanted was the experience, not as sharp and clear and encompassing as the real thing, but she’d take it, she needed it that badly.

She moved her hands over and into her body, spurred on by memory and desire, and slowly drove herself closer to the brink. Finally, remembered sensations combined with new touch pushed her to her limit, and she moaned as the artificial muscles of her body clenched and spasmed.

As she drifted out of the haze, she smiled, wrapped in satiation and love. And dimly she remembered some of the first words that Gabriel had said to her, the ones where she had started to fall in love.

"Tell me there’s an afterlife for androids, and that all good cyborgs go to heaven."

Rommie smiled, almost unaware of it. "Don’t worry, Gabriel," she murmured, "there is and you did."

Just for loving her.


The End

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