The Significance of Us

BY : Bebe
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Title: The Significance of Us

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: If I had them, there would be a lot more sex and a lot less Dylan.

Spoilers: "The Spider's Stratagem"

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Pairing: Rommie/Rox Nava

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Summary: When Rox said, "You should have joined us," Rommie looked a little funny...

Author's Note: I rewatched the episode recently, and I couldn't help but notice that during that "heavy worlder/shower" conversation with Dylan, Rox used "us" and not "me." Not only that, but they had a shot of Rommie making a very odd expression in response to that. So, being the inveterate slasher that I am, I immediately jumped to conclusions and wrote this. Although, I must say, that was the hardest stripping scene I've ever done; they don't like their guest stars to have normal clothes, do they?


Rommie was appointed to show Rox Nava to an empty crew quarters after Dylan released her from V-deck. He had decided that she should have time to relax before they took off in a few hours. Personally, she thought that he just wanted to see that Rox didn't try anything while out of captivity before leaving with just her.

"Home sweet shower." Rox grinned broadly. "I need one. Not to insult you, but the hygiene in those cells? Not. Good."

"I'm aware of the limitations, actually. They weren't designed for prisoner comfort." Rommie waited by the door as the other woman prowled the room. She had to admit that she liked her: she was sharp and stood up to Dylan, and was very quick. "If it's just a shower that you want, there are towels and toiletries in the bathroom. Do you want us to clean your clothing while you're in there, or do you want us to get something from your ship?" She noticed that Rox had already stripped off her gauntlets and vest and was reaching down to unlace her boots.

"The cleaning would be great, thanks. I've been living in these for... Oh, about three days now." She hopped onto her other foot to slip off the second boot and sock before unzipping the overall-style leather that she was wearing. The fastener stretched down the front to just below her waist. "How long will it take, about?"

"Not long. Roughly half an hour."

"Good, then I can get dressed right afterward." She shimmied out of the overalls, and then started to strip off her shirt. Rommie closed her eyes- she wasn't sure that she was wearing anything underneath- and only opened them after her mainframe assured her that Rox was wearing a bra. It wasn't much, anyway, only a barely-there strip around her body, but it was still coverage. She was about to unfasten that, too, when Rommie cleared her throat.

"I would imagine that you require privacy for undressing the rest of the way. If you'd like, I can wait out here and once you're in the shower I can take the rest to be cleaned." She averted her eyes when Rox went to unfasten the bra again, but then the other woman laughed and pulled her hands away.

"You sure? After all, I show you mine, you show me yours, right?" She headed for the bathroom. "I'll yell when I'm in the shower," and disappeared behind the door.

Rommie breathed a sigh of relief. She may have liked this woman, but she was still disconcerting in her habit of flirting with everyone. She didn't have a problem with that- far from it- but the stripping was going a bit far.

She brought her attention back as Rox yelled, "I'm covered!" Rommie waited a second, just to be safe, then opened the door and went in. She was standing just inside the door, wrapped in a capacious towel. "My underwear's on the stool. Unless you'd like to stay?" Again the grin.

"I can see that. And I think I'll pass." It was hard to prevent the sneaky little smile that crept over her lips when she wasn't looking. She wasn't intending to do anything, but it was nice to be asked. When she turned to the stool, though, she heard- and felt- Rox moving up behind her. She turned.

The movement was in just enough time for her to see the towel drop. Rox murmured, "Look, Ma, no hands," before putting an arm on either side of Rommie to brace against the wall. Rommie could have reacted in enough time to throw her off, if she had had time to come out of her shock before being thoroughly and expertly kissed.

"Mm... But- Ah!" Rommie started to protest, but then the other woman latched onto her throat and she lost what she was going to say. All she was capable of was a moan, especially when Rox found and released the hidden zipper of her outfit. The stiff pleather sagged around her, letting the cool air of the room sweep over her breasts.

Then her breasts were cupped by Rox's hands. They were smooth and warm, and Rox knew exactly what to do with them, pinching her nipples into hardness and stroking the undercurve gently with her nails. She moaned again, then gasped as Rox bit down at the join of her neck and shoulder.

Rommie's knees buckled and she felt herself sliding onto the stool. Before she got all the way down, Rox caught her and brought her back up. "Not yet." The whisper was directly into her ear and thrilled her, made it harder to stand. The other woman slid those hands down again, catching her clothing and pushing her top completely off before undoing the zipper hidden at her hips. She slowly slid them down, grinning, and leaned to kiss Rommie again.

"Rox..." She barely managed to make the name audible, but she drew back when she heard it.

"What's wrong? If you want to stop, you picked a hell of a time to say so." She waited impatiently for a response, twitching Rommie's pants down just a little bit further.

"...You're taking too damn long."

Rox smirked. "You had to interrupt me to say that? I could have been here by now." She pressed her hand firmly against Rommie's groin, obviously enjoying it when the latter thrust up against her hand. She pulled away again, though, and started to slowly drag down Rommie's leggings.

"I thought you were speeding up," Rommie muttered, feeling restless and eager.

"Don't you like going slow?" All the same, her leggings were shoved down to her ankles. Rox came back up and kissed her, forcing her mouth open and pressing her back onto the stool at last. Rommie felt the underwear behind her and shoved it away, hearing it land with a gentle thump on the floor. She moved even closer, between her legs, as she played her hands over Rommie's body. She teased her nipples again, traced fingers over ribs and hips, slid her hands along her thighs and tickled behind her knees, always pulling her closer.

She felt her moving over her body, and when Rox bit down again, now on her lip, she felt a tremor pass through her. Rox inhaled, sharply, as their breasts brushed together, and then got a wicked grin on her face as she pinned Rommie's hands to the seat. Then she leaned down. Rommie arched up when Rox's mouth closed around her nipple. Her fingers would have curled totally if they hadn't been pressed flat to the stool; instead, she could only sit and watch as Rox sucked at her. The sight competed in her mind with the surges of heat and wet between her legs, and she only stared at the other woman as she pulled away and moved to the other nipple, leaving behind wet flesh that rapidly cooled in the air, making it even harder.

Rox's hands left hers, and now she felt tugging at her boots. She lost interest in that, reaching instead for Rox to pull her closer again, and only barely felt her pants being tugged all the way off. Instead, she arched forward and whimpered as that mouth returned to her breasts and a hand pressed against the small of her back.

Then two fingers slid into her and she was too busy gasping and bucking forward on them to notice when the mouth left her breast again, especially as a thumb rubbed against her clit and she started whimpering as her entire body shuddered.

She went limp, sagging down into Rox's arms. Rox supported her, chuckling, and half-carried her into the shower- her knees weren't supporting her anymore. She came back to herself when the hot water started sluicing down her body. "That was..."

"Unexpected? Good? Fantastically, ground-shakingly wonderful?" Rox smirked, still with an arm around her waist.

"I was going to say worthy of reciprocation. But okay." Rommie pushed her back against the shower wall and watched her expression change briefly as she realized that she couldn't move her shoulders. Then she grinned again.

"So you like helpless?"

"I'm a warship. I love helpless." And then she leaned over and bit Rox's neck, enjoying the slight cry.


"I had Rommie weigh you while you were in the shower."

Rommie permitted herself a small smirk, since Dylan's attention was focused on the other woman. It had been hard to remember to transfer that task to her mainframe, but she had luckily switched it over as a command while she was... well, once Rox started stripping. The smirk evaporated when she heard the chirpy response of, "Really? You should have joined us."

At her first opportunity, Rommie intercepted Rox. "And you told him that why?"

"Because I wanted to see the look on his face when I told him that. Besides, he didn't believe me anyway." She grinned, insinuating herself closer. "Who would believe that the AI would have sex with a random prisoner?"

"You obviously did."

"I wasn't sure."

"Then why...?"

Another grin, and then Rommie had to keep herself from jumping as a hand squeezed somewhere she wasn't expecting. "I was really hopeful," Rox whispered into her neck.


The End

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