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Title: Homefires

Author: Suryallee

Pairing: Harper/Tyr

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First off, I am native German! Even with my English
being better now as formals, I still need a beta for this. Please be kind when
reading this and keep in mind that I am often not as good as I wish it to be.

And to the flame happy people, go ahead and try
your worst, I will simply ignore you and remove any attempt on my person and fiction.
If I get some reviews that is, I do not really believe that someone is still
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not posting this.

This fiklet lay now since nearly 8 years in my computers.
2002 I came in contact with Andromeda and fell in love with Harper and the
others of this wonderful TV series. My writing skills however, they were very bad
at that time and I first wrote this in German actually. I never brought up
enough courage to re-write it or to translate it until now.

I am aware that the fandom is nearly dead but
still I want it published. And if only to put an old ghost to rest, so to
speak. Call it my little tribute to a wonderful Series and their amazing
actors, I do not care. I still love them all.



Chapter one, the end of a beginning and the
beginning of an end.


If someone
had told Harper in the past that he one day would raise a Nietzschean child he
would have laughed his ass off and then killed the fool.

If someone,
in the past, would have ever told him that Harper would get attached to said
Nietzschean Child, he would have snorted and go on with his life; certain that
that person was hallucinating.

If someone
ever before in his life had told him in the past, that he once would love said
child enough to kill for it, he would have shoot the teller and then himself.

And if,
just if someone in the past had told Seamus that he would one day raise the beginning
of the biggest nightmare of his life, he would have never believed it. 

But here he
was, holding a tiny maybe two years old child, complete with pre spurs on each
tiny arm that gurgled happily up at him. Rubbing his weary face and trying to
understand how in the name of the Divine he had ended up in this alien
situation in the first place. He was sitting against the bulky door to the gangway
with said child in one arm and armed with a force lance in the other, that’s
back of it he currently used to rub his weary eyes with.

Behind them
both, someone else was pounding against said door and spit curses at Harper
that did upset the little Nietzschian in his lap. Bouncing the tiny child a
little the protests subsided quickly again. Soon the baby only had adoring eyes
for Harper again, the only father figure he had ever known in his short life.
Laughing and gurgling in happiness what made Harper give the little twit a
tired smile and bounce it a little more.

“Shut the
fuck up, Paul! You’re disturbing him and besides, no, I am so not going to give
him over to you to make another of your *inventions* on his poor DNA! Basta!
Finis! End of story!” Behind him the male voice spit out more curses at Harper
before a loud sound told Harper that the mad genetic engineer had sat down on
the other side of the door.

“For the
record; whose son was Drago again? MINE! So go and bite dust, Harper!”

really? He is your son? Wasn’t aware of that. Nope, not really and fuck you
too, Pauly, as far as I remember it, Beka had a bit to do with that too,
although unwillingly and what is not to understand on the word, NO you madcap?”

official; I Hate You! Should have killed you on Sefra when I had the chance,
damn it!”

grinned and sniggered madly at the outburst of Paul Musaveni. It was a too good
opportunity to miss out. And the Universe might know; he hadn’t had a good
laugh in literally ages past! The laughs died down shortly after.

“Fine! Have
it your way; Daddy Harper. But he will need them and you will not stop me from
doing them!” With that, sounds of someone standing up and stomping away told Seamus
that he had won this round…for now. It was bad enough already that the asshole
had taken Drago’s DNA to create more of them. Harper felt like an old man when
he stood and slowly dragged his tired body deeper into the orbital station that
was his temporally home now since a year by accident.

Hitting the
cushions on his bed together with a squealing infant progenitor of a new race,
the former engineer of the Andromeda ascendant tried to find some rest.

How in the
name of the Divine had he ended up in this first class chaos anyways?

Well, if
Harper was honest with himself here, he was the only one to blame. It was his
idea to build the machine again that he had used to send Hunt back in time to
use it to get back on earth before the Dragan’s had destroyed it to prevent it
maybe or at least; to die with his friends. Of course, the universe had other
plans with him…as usual.

He had
never forgotten how cold in his opinion the others had taken the destruction of
his home planet. Honestly! He had only wanted to go back to there in time; no
one would have missed him anyways, now that the others all got whatever they
had wanted. Only he had been the sore loser in the end. Harper was certain; no
one would miss him in the future. All were too busy with taking up new or old
life’s again. He wondered if they even knew what he had lost.

Why did the
Universe hate him so?

wasn’t certain, only that it loved ironies as it seems. And to throw them on
his sorry person from the looks of it! Sighting he stopped yet another attempt
of little menace, alternatively called Drago, to wiggle himself out of his iron
hold to go on a little adventure snoop in Seamus rooms.

How could
one single little child get in so much mischief anyways? Lately he had managed
to fry the air systems by accidently peeing on the generator…Harper shook his
head and suppressed a laugh.

blamed the famous Valentine’s genes for that. Actually he was pretty damn
certain of it, not that someone cared a shit anyways. “No Drago, that is bad
for your tummy, little twit. You will only get a stomach hurt again.” He took
the old shoe of him out of the pouting little child’s hands and replaced it
with a self backed cookie that he had stored for such emergencies in his rooms
in masses. Over the last year he had become quite good in backing and cocking,
courtesy of little Drago who was always hungry and chewed otherwise on
everything in reach, like cables and such. Not even Harpers tools where safe of
Drago’s appetite and so he had taken on it to secure them far above the reach
of the inventive child.  Did all Nitsch
children eat that much? Or was it only Drago? He wasn’t sure of that.

happily around on the sweet the child in question gave him no insight on that
matter. He simply grinned with his now smeared mouth up at his Harper.

the little, blond head he smiled fondly down at Beka’s son.

She would
never see him, hold him or even know Drago. The child had no mother in a
literally meaning of the words, the woman who had born him wasn’t his mother
and Paul had taken Drago from her soon after. She had been dark skinned like
Tyr who Seamus now often missed more badly if that was even possible. Shaking
his head the engineer tried to focus on his current dilemma again. Namely;
Paul, Drago’s father, or whatever he called himself.

Beka would
have kicked Paul in the nuts already, Harper was certain.

Her reluctance
to become a mother in all respect, she would have taken the boy from Paul
already a long time ago. Since she couldn’t do so, Seamus had taken over that
task for her. Beka Valentine, the only person who had ever given a shit about
Harper. He felt he owned it to his friend that hopefully lived happily in the
future. He had tried to repair the machine to get back into his own time,
several times actually, nothing had worked.

As long no
one reactivated it in his hidden lab in the future, he was stuck here.

A good
thing was, he didn’t seem to age, if even a little his body had seemingly taken
a stop in that department. The bad side was he was stuck with Paul and his
goons on the orbital station too, oh joy.

the little hellion that was now taking up most of his time, he mused that it
wasn’t that bad though. At least Paul was entertaining him on daily basis with
his stupidity and the kiddo was simply too cute for words. Of course, sometimes
the dark thoughts took over in his brain. That this child was the first of the
many who would kill or hurt his family, his friends and himself in the fare
away future to in the end destroy his home planet.

Often he
had played with around the, what ifs in his head. Only to forget them all soon
again: He wasn’t a murderer of children.

Hey, maybe
he was a killer if needed and when driven to it but never Harper would
voluntary slay a child, least that of Beka. He would not fall that low.



The next
year went by.

And then
another one came and went. Harper began to lose count on the years in the flow
of time. Before his eyes, the race that one day would dominate a good part of
the known universe begun to grow in Paul’s Lab’s and from there on the station
and the planet below. All the time he was still stuck here, he devoted his time
to the young boy in his care, much to Paul’s anger. He never let Drago out of
his sight or Paul, fill his little head with too much nonsense. Paul’s goons
soon learned, after some well placed accidents or not so subtle placed direct
fights with Harper, to never touch the boy again.

That often
led to ugly fights between Paul and Harper.

that Drago watched silent like a sentinel from the sidelines. With gleaming
eyes and open ears that never missed a word or move on both combatants. Silently
storing all away in his tiny head for later musings and use. One day the now
twelve years old asked Harper the dreaded question, which Harper had always
known it would come one day. He just didn’t anticipated the way the bright boy
asked it finally.

“Why did
you never kill me, Harper? If I had been you, I would have. All of what
happened to you in the future would never happen.” The blue eyes looked calmly
into Harpers when he asked his adopted father figure this. Like all Nietzschean
children Harper knew about, Drago had grown like a weed in the last years. He
resembled now more a fifteen years old in body and mind as a twelve years old.
They grew so freaking fast!

 Sputtering for a moment, Harper tried to calm
himself before he gave the boy an answer.

Not looking
up and finishing the few sandwiches he was making he said the first thing that
came to his mind.

“I love you
too much and besides, it would not change a thing, Drago. The future is the
future and now is now.”  Turning to the
youth he took in the lanky figure that soon would grow out into the frame of a
tall and beautiful man. He just knew that Beka’s boy would break a mountain of
hearts in the future, the looks alone would make certain of that. He again
blamed Beka for that, not that Paul was bad looking but the boy favored his mother’s
looks ways too much in Harper’s view.

“Did I ever
tell you how proud you make me?” The boy shook his head with a laugh. “Nearly
every day in the past ten years but that isn’t what you’re talking about, or?”
Harper shook his head with a ironic grin. As usual,
Drago caught on too fast. “No, but is true none the less. Look, no one of us is
responsible for whatever happens the future. No matter what your people will do
in the coming ages: it will not be your fault! If anything, they will lose
their way. Maybe they will find it back, I honestly don’t know, Drago. But of
one thing I am deadly certain; if they don’t, they will lose what makes them
Nietzschian. And it will not be your problem, it will be theirs…do you
understand what I am trying to tell you?” 

The youth slowly

“Yes. Can
we go down on the surface to fish a little? We haven’t done that in a long
while…Father.” The last word made Harper widening his eyes comically at the
retreading back of the half grown youngster who already took their rods out of
the bunk where Harper stored them on the station. “What did you just… call me?”
Drago turned around evenly and gave Harper a soft and for him, rare smile.

“I called
you Father.”

Turning, the lanky frame vanished inside the
hallway to Harper’s rooms. “Coming? We don’t have all day and the best fish’s
bite at dawn; you taught me that, forgotten?” Grinning a lopsided grin, and
then the still slightly shocked human trotted after the youngster to the ship
hangar to get down on the planet under the station to go fishing with him. Grapping
the sandwiches and a few bottles of water on his way out Harper laughed.

And when the two came back much later, Seamus
went on with his teachings of the boy in his care. About mathematics and
whatever else he knew about and thought that it would benefit Drago in his
future. All the while telling himself that he did it for Beka’s sake only and
not once Harper let himself any room for doubt on that in his mind. What he felt
inside of his soul, well that was another matter entirely and was never spoken

Even as said youth did not relent in calling
him father from that day on, whatever Harper did to tell him otherwise.



He was also
there when Drago became the officially leader of his people with seventeen.

Harper was
actually nearly bursting of pride in that moment. The boy had exactly turned
out how he had mused in the past. Cunning, wise for his years and deadly

Well, as
much that control freak of his genetically father let him be it. Paul was
getting more and more unstable lately. He also annoyed the hell out of Harper
and Drago too. In the last two years, the original population of human’s who
had come with Paul here to build this race had dwindled rapidly. Uncommon accidents,
sudden illnesses and even unsolved murders had taken a toll on them. Only a few
of the well liked of their children had survived that trials. And those few
were guarded by their families with a vicious vigor that surprised even Seamus.
For the first time in his life he began to become an understanding of the unstoppable
magnetism that was a Nietzschian’s family for a Nietzschianer. They would
literally do everything for their families or what they considered to be it. Not
caring the consequences for themselves.

It made him
muse about some events in the future and what he could have learned out of them
if he had understood them in time. Namely; Tyr and his reactions to his son and
people and the lengths he took in the end to ensure their safety.

Harper had
tried to find out who was behind those deaths but even he failed to get it out
and into the open. All he could tell definitely was that the leads all went
back to Paul Musaveni in the end. It was never enough to put an actual blame on
the man but enough still to make Harper painfully clear that he better checked
whatever he consumed, or did plan to do, twice if necessary. He never went out
of the town build on the planet side where he now lived in on Drago’s demand,
without taking precautions.

Or, without
the, to him now constantly assigned two guards. Courtesy to Drago who made no secret
out of the fact that he would confine him personally to his rooms and would
throw the key into the big ocean outside their residence if he ever caught him
without the two in public or else. What was annoying Harper to no end since he
did know that Drago had a point here that he couldn’t outwit, sadly.

The two
sixteen years old that accompanied him now everywhere did profitable from that duty
in many ways. He often taught the two those things that their parents and
Paul’s school teachings had lacked to do, like how to sneak their way around
orders and still getting away for example.

It wasn’t a
wonder to Drago that many applied to guard Harper.

He knew
first hand of what his adopted father was capable off. And his people would
profitable from Harpers fast knowledge and craftiness in many ways for years to
come. More than often he made openly clear that he did not want to lose Harper
in any way or form. Drago went even so far to destroy one of the devices Seamus
still did build in hope to get back to his time one day. Not that Harper really
wanted to do that now in the last years. It still ended in a bad argument
between the two that took three months to cool down.

somehow Harper had become too attached to this new life and Drago too and he
did know it.

He hid away
the original machine, even from Drago after that incident and said nothing when
the young Nietzschian leader systematically destroyed one copy of it after the
other that he could find in the following months. All had…unfortunate
accidents; Harper wisely left it at that and said no more about returning into
his originally timeline after that.

understood Drago much better as he wanted it. The young man was scared and
Harper was one of the few constants in his short life. If he was honest to himself,
Harper had troubles with going back himself. That and with the understanding of
his own mind and soul any longer.

Yes, he
definitely had become too attached.

No longer
could he see the children he had helped to raise as his enemies now. No longer
did they now wear the faces of the attackers of him or his family of his past
in his dreams. Sometimes Harper just sat under the big oak tree in the huge
garden of their residence and tried to sort his confused mind out and his
confused feelings too, he never fully made it though.

instead he now wondered what his cousin would think of him if he would ever
have known.

wasn’t certain that he really wanted to know that but somehow he was convinced
that Brendan would have understood him better as Seamus did understand himself
lately. His cousin was always the better one of them both in the matters of the
heart and soul in the past. Soul-searching wasn’t exactly Harpers forte nor in
the past or in the now and most likely it never would be.

Staring at the sky overhead, Seamus Zelazny
Harper tried to find out who he was now and wondered silently what his friends
where doing in the future now. Despise what he had thought in the past, he did
miss them, even Hunt. Often when Drago couldn’t sleep in the past, Harper had
told him stories about Harper’s many adventures on the
starship Andromeda or about his mother, Beka.

The latter had often left him with stinging

He missed the Maru and the others…especially
Tyr came often to Harper’s mind. Funny, how much he had been hurt when the
other betrayed them all and yet, he did miss the dark and brooding Nitsch more
than the most others. Harper often wondered if that had to do with his
unresolved crush on the Kodiak. Somehow he was certain that it was so, he had
never dared to act on that attraction, and he loved his life too much. Thank
you very much! Besides the pesky little fact that Tyr would have never acted upon
any kind of love declaration of Harper anyways. The Kodiak was too much a
lady’s man, Harper had figured out a long time ago. Too driven to re made his
Pride, still Seamus missed to have him around, especially here.


Meanwhile Harper had his identity crisis, Drago
warred with his genetically father more and more often in public. The two tried
to establish their power over the other. For Harper it was only a matter of
time before one would make a move to get rid of the other. And knowing history
he tried to soothe Drago enough to not let him make a wrong move or Paul get
the better out of Drago. The latter was more the catalyst of his worries in the
late. As wise Drago could be if he wanted or needed it to be; he still was
partly only a teenager in some ways and prone to an explosive temper at times. A
teenager that was dangerous when irritated too much.

From history, Harper knew, Paul would die on a
arsenic poisoning in the near future…he just never found out how the genetic engineer
had come in contact with the arsenic poison in the first place and the last did
bit of information make Harper uneasy to say at last.

He knew Drago well enough to know too that the
young man would do what was necessary to get rid of an enemy or what he
considered as a treat to himself and his people. He ruthlessly had proven that
already ways too often in the past two years. Harper had finally found out
after searching for years, what person exactly had killed the most of the
reminding humans. Paul had done that to ensure that his*children’s* gen-pool
kept clean from straying human DNA. He was so deeply gone into his madness in
the late that Harper had no doubt on his findings to be true.

Trust it to that madcap to pull such a stunt!

What had greatly disturbed Seamus though was
the little pesky fact that Drago had also killed a number of people under the
pretense that the unknown assailant had done it. To get rid of any resistance against
his rule or his regime for good, it disturbed Harper big time when he found
that out. The young leader had become a dangerous man with the time one that
did not tolerate any kind of competing him.

Only Harper could lately talk him out of
something again.

Not even the already two wife’s Drago had taken
managed that. Politically spoken, Drago had become a great leader. He took care
of the growing number of his people in any way possible. Went great lengths to
ensure their further prospering for times to come and laid down the laws and
principles for future generations in record time. Often consulting with the
only person he did trust fully, Harper.

Wryly the human realized slowly that he had
been a seemingly needed someone to build the very race that later would destroy
his home planet in the future.  The irony
wasn’t lost on him. He often now wondered what Tyr would have thought of all of
this and sometimes Drago found him laughing suddenly his ass off out of the
blue because of those thoughts. But try as might; he couldn’t get Harper to
tell him what exactly was so funny in the first place!

It ended mostly with Drago watching him bemused
doing so, none the wiser but happy that Harper seemingly was joyful and not
brooding for once.

Sometimes the two conversed over the universe
and Harper’s past in general. And on rare times Harper told Drago about the two Nietzschian warriors he had met in his timeline and Tyr in especial.

At one of those rare occasions Drago had directly asked him on Tyr and harpers attraction
to said Kodiak Alpha.  Burning brightly
with embarrassment Harper had told him to keep his trap closed and out of his business
what made his charge just grin at him in the end and tease him mercilessly
afterwards. Often the young Nietzschean leader went uncharacteristically silent
after their conversations, sometimes even bordering on sad. Harper never could clearly
make out why; he figured it had to do with Drago’s musings about the future in
general. Now, years later, his former charge understood why it was better to
leave the future as it was. Otherwise, he once told Harper in a quiet moment, Seamus
would have never come here maybe.

When he begun to subtly hint out good matches
to Harper, Seamus went in hiding for nearly a month before Drago got the
message that he didn’t want a relationship with someone else as the one he
pinned for secretly for years now. It was embarrassing enough to have Drago try
to couple him off Harper found and in the end the young man left it be.

Seamus Zelazny Harper often wondered for how
long his happiness would last. Knowing much too well how much the universe
loved it to screw around with his life. This time of relatively happiness for Harper
was already taking ways too long. Harper didn’t trust it and idly asked himself
when the Universe would come around and collect its dues from him. Until then
he decided to take what he could get and live it to the fullest. Still, he
wondered increasingly often; when would the wakeup call for him come?

He just hoped that the universe would have
enough mercy to kill him this time.

Harper did not think he would survive the loss
of his third rag tag family as undamaged like the other ones this time.



Of course
he wasn’t prepared when the hit finally came.

He never had
been before in the past, so why should he have been it this time? Harper idly
told himself before the sight of Drago’s shocked face vanished in a swirl of colors
of the machine that brought him back to his timeline against his will.

Paul had
finally made his move and lost. He had underestimated his son too much and had
to pay for it with everything he had gained in the past years. His try to take
the ruler ship from his son ended into more deaths as necessary and Drago tightly
secured in place. It had a good side effect though. The Nietzschean race became
finally just that; one combined race. United under one ruler; Drago Musaveni. And
said leader wasn’t too keen to have his genetically father around for much
longer as necessary. He promptly removed him from all of his positions and from
his near presence too. Paul was cussing the entire way he was dragged out. He
cursed Beka and her genes, which he made responsible for Drago’s stubbornness
and refuse to listen to him in the past and Harper, for having stolen his son
from him. Needless to say, that no one really listened to his lunatic ravings
in the end.

For Paul
the unsuccessful try ended in a permanent conferment to the old orbital station
for the rest of his existence under the guard of four trusted warriors of Drago.

There he
took up his now constantly fruitless genetic studies again. No longer did
anyone listen to him now, nor would do so in the future. His health began also
to become unstable, with the following months. Harper began to feel wary more
and more often. One day he decided to check on the now old man, not that he
liked him much to begin with it but his old fears where back and the paranoia
that had often protected him in the past reared its ugly head in his mind. The original
machine was still on the station. What if Paul had found it? What if he used it
to go back in time again to get things right? Suddenly Harper wanted nothing
more as to destroy it himself, even if that meant that he was stuck here for

He was
absolved from asking the now nearly twenty year’s old ruler of the Nietzschian
people to visit Paul, by his timely deathbed and Paul’s sudden want to tell Harper

Not even
Drago denied him that last words…this turned out to be the biggest error that Drago
had ever made in his life.

No one of
them all had known that Paul had indeed found the machine and stored it in his
sleeping room in secret. Nor had one of them all known that he had found the error
in the machinery and solved it in his reminding halfway sane hours to remove
the one obstacle of his perfect life out of it again.


The very one person he made responsible for his
child’s mulish behavior. In his mad mind he really believed that Harper was an obstacle
for the growing of the young Nietzschean race and so Paul spend every ounce of
his reminding strength to remove the engineer from his timeline for good. Sadly
for Harper and Drago, he was effective to a fault. So, when he suddenly
activated the cursed thing he gave Harper no time to react and so for one time
only, Paul succeeded in their long ongoing feud.



Harper found
himself back, in his old Lab in front of a stunned Beka Valentine who promptly
hugged him nearly to dead.

And Drago
Musaveni, he found himself back alone in a room with a dead grinning man. Staring
with a thunderous face at the place where Harper had last stood. Well knowing
that Seamus was safety back into his own timeline. A timeline he could never
hope to reach. When the face of their leader suddenly changed from murderous to
sly, his guards knew that Drago was up to something big but wisely they held
their traps shut.

And what,
Drago thought, what if I find a way to outsmart dead?

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