Take A Hint

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"Take. A. Hint." Tori repeated yet again, this time as slowly and clearly as she could, "We've said it. We've sung it. What else do you want?"

"A date." Chad grinned.

"We're on a date." Jade said suddenly.

For a moment Tori's heart skipped a beat. Then she remembered that was what their teacher Sikowitz had called it. It wasn't a real date, a fact the irritating guys quickly picked up on.

"You are now." Chad said, getting closer, "With us."

"No, we're on a date." Jade repeated, grabbing Tori's hand firmly with one hand while gesturing to them both with the other, "As in just the two of us. Right Tori?"

With all eyes on her Tori felt like a deer caught in the headlights. For a few terrible moment she was frozen, having no idea what to do or say. Then she quickly stammered out, "Right. Me and Jade, me and, her. Together. On, on a date. Because we're, dating."

"Yeah right." Chad laughed, "There's no way you two hotties are dykes."

"Really?" Jade questioned.

"Really." Chad said.

The words were barely out of his mouth when Jade turned and crashed her lips against Tori's. Jade pulled back almost immediately, seeing the exact stunned look on Tori's face that she had been expecting. Glaring into the other girl's eyes Jade gave Tori her best 'play along/don't give it away look' then she kissed Tori again, silently grateful that her fellow brunette seemed to have got the message as this time she kissed back.

Tori had never imagined kissing Jade. Never. Not really. Especially not whenever she saw the Goth, or thought about her, or anything. But if she had she would have imagined something rough. Something hungry. Like Jade was trying to devour her and all Tori could do was fight for survival.

This kiss wasn't like that at all. It was... soft. Tori had never imagined Jade could be soft. Not, not that she'd imagined this. But if she had Tori wouldn't have imagined that Jade's lips would softly caress her own, or that such a gentle touch would feel so intense.

She certainly hadn't dreamed of parting her lips to allow Jade's tongue inside her mouth, but if she had Tori would have imagined that Jade's tongue would have attacked her own, not gently massaged it.

However, if Tori had imagined kissing Jade, which she hadn't, she would have imagined herself getting lost in it which was exactly what happened. The whole world fell away and all that existed was this kiss.

Then, it was over.

"Now." Jade said, hating herself for briefly stumbling over her words as she pulled away from the other girl's lips, "You two idiots can continue to waste your time hitting on us, or you can try and find some girls who are actually interested. I suggest somewhere very dark. And loud. And full of alcohol. Did I mention dark?"

There was a long silence and then Chad murmured, "Do that again. Please."

When Jade glared angrily at him the other jerk quickly added, "Then we'll leave you and your girlfriend alone. Promise."

It sounded more pleading than threatening, both of the douche bags looking totally dazed after what had just happened. Jade had no doubt if she yelled at them enough they would leave anyway, however when she turned to see that same dazed look on Tori's face Jade just couldn't resist.

Tori's eyes widened as Jade grinned, this time the Latina knowing exactly what the other girl was going to do before she did it. However Tori was still so stunned she just couldn't seem to react, not until Jade grabbed her face with both hands and pulled the Latina to her so that their lips were pressing against each other. Even then it seemed more of an automatic reaction, Tori's body acting independently of her mind.

By the time Tori's mind was caught up Jade's tongue was in her mouth again, and by that point Tori reasoned she might as well go along with it. After all what would pulling back now accomplish? Nothing except maybe convince these guys that they weren't really lesbians and then they would leave them alone. And really, what was the harm in a little meaningless girl on girl kissich?

Of course the harm was that no matter how much she wanted to deny it Tori wasn't so sure it was meaningless, the thought scaring her so much she shut off her brain and just concentrated on kissing Jade back.

It was far easier than it should have been, just like before Tori becoming completely lost in kissing the other girl, only this time it didn't end suddenly. It went on, and on, and on. And Tori didn't mind. Her breathing was erratic but steady so she wanted for nothing. She could just let her lips... no, her entire body melt into Jade's just through their lips so they became one in a way Tori had never felt with any of her previous boyfriends.

They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, Tori no longer sure whether Jade was kissing her or consuming her. And honestly Tori hoped for the latter because she didn't want to go back to the way things were when she was confused and frustrated. She'd rather be devoured by Jade than not kiss the other girl.

Her last thought made a very naughty image pop up in Tori's mind of Jade between her thighs which was enough to shock her into pulling back, her initial reaction to immediately kiss Jade again. That in turn made her blush and pullback even more, Tori quickly reminding herself that thanks to Sikowitz if she ran out like she wanted to she would fail her favourite class. So Tori stayed where she was, blinking in disbelief at Jade for a few moments, then realising everyone in the restaurant was now looking at them, causing Tori to blush a deeper shade of red than ever before.

Tori got even redder when the Japanese guy behind the counter mumbled, "Erm... ladies, I'm all for freedom of expression and gay rights but..."

"You'd rather I didn't fuck my girlfriend in the middle of your restaurant, got it." Jade said, trying not to grinned too widely at the look on Tori's face.

Turning to the annoying guys the Japanese guy said, "As for you two, take a hint. They're clearly not interested."

"Hey, they're the ones who pushed us back into seats." Chad tried to complain, "Is that sending mixed signals or what?"

"Come on, let's go." The other guy said, "These chicks couldn't handle us anyway."

Jade scoffed and went back to her sushi, quietly waiting until the rest of the restaurant had gone back to minding its own damn business before turning to Tori. The look on the other girl's face made this whole night worth while, Jade trying not to smile or sound sarcastic when she asked, "Something wrong Vega?"

It took what seemed like a full minute for Tori to respond, and when she finally did it was a soft stutter of, "Did... did you really have to do that?"

Jade sighed and softly replied, "I had to kiss you, ok? I'm pretty sure nothing else would have worked."

"No, not that." Tori said, blushing as she quickly added, "I, I get that. I mean did you have to be so crude? Now everyone thinks-"

"That we're fucking." Jade interrupted, deliberately pushing the prude and getting the embarrassed look she wanted, "Relax, we don't know anyone here."

"What about Sinjin and the other guy?" Tori quickly pointed out.

"I meant people who matter." Jade quipped, quickly adding, "Besides look at them. They're still staring in disbelief at us, aren't they?"

"Yeah." Tori admitted as she looked at the gawking geeks, "So?"

"So, they didn't get a picture or anything, so your precious reputation will be intact." Jade pointed out.

"It's not..." Tori began before trailing off.

"It's not what?" Jade asked after a long pause.

"Forget it." Tori said.

"No, what were you going to say?" Jade pushed.

"Just drop it ok!" Tori snapped, quickly adding, "I'm sorry. Can we just... move on. Tr, try and find some common ground?"

"Ok, fine." Jade sighed.

A long awkward silence fell between them. That seemed to be the recurring theme of the night. That and the fact that most of the awkward silences came after one girl complemented the other, although that was thankfully spread out through the mundane small talk which took up most of their evening. However as the night wore on and the two girls relaxed something seemed to change. Neither was sure when it happened, or even if there was a particular moment when it did, but the silences became shorter and talking to each other seemed to become easier. Yet through it all the awkwardness remained.

Tori found it frustrating. It seemed a matter what she did, no matter how hard she tried, Jade would always hate her.

Of course Jade knew better. She just wished she didn't.

"Well, that was..." Jade struggled to find the words, "Bearable."

"Gee, thanks." Tori scoffed, reaching for her phone.

"Who are you calling?" Jade asked.

"Trina." Tori explained, hitting speed dial and placing the phone to her ear, "I don't drive, remember? So I need someone to pick me up, and she said she'd do it."

Jade bit her lip as she watched Tori ringing Trina a few times, looking increasingly annoyed every time her sister didn't pick up. Then Jade found herself murmuring, "I could give you a lift."

"Thanks." Tori beamed, putting away her phone and following Jade to her car, "See, we can be nice to each other?"

That's what Jade had been intending. Honestly. Really. Well, no. But she wanted too. And she tried to convince herself to just take Tori home, really she did, but she couldn't.

"Erm... Jade... my house is that way... Jade?" Tori mumbled weakly, then when eventually they pulled up into Jade's impressively large home added, "Are you going to kill me?"

Parking the car Jade paused for a long moment, then without looking at Tori softly asked, "Do you like me?"

Tori frowned, then after a brief pause replied, "Yeah... sometimes you're a little, erm, you know, but I like you. Why?"

There was another pause and then Jade asked, "I mean... do you like-like me?"

"What do you mean?" Tori asked, then when Jade looked at her with those piercing green eyes it suddenly clicked and she started tripping over her words, "N, no. I mean no. I, I... I..."

"You don't sound very sure Vega." Jade interrupted.

Tori gulped and then after a pause asked, "Why? I mean, what... I mean... I... why..."

"Why do I think you're gay?" Jade finished for her, taking sadistic pleasure in the look on the other girl's face and unable to resist adding in her 'mock Tori' voice, "Oh no, what could have perfect Tori Vega possibly done to make anyone think she could be anything other than straight?"

"Yeah." Tori said, suddenly panicking, "Do I give off a vibe or something?"

"Well, there's that. And there's the fact that you had your tongue in my mouth a couple of hours ago." Jade said.

"Hey, you kissed me." Tori pointed out.

"And you really, really seemed to like it." Jade countered.

Tori blushed, "I, I was just pretending to get rid of those annoying guys."

"Please, you're not that good of an actress." Jade said, "And that doesn't excuse the way you look at me when you think I'm not looking. Or the way you look at Cat. Or the way you stare at my boobs when I'm standing right in front of you."

There was a pause, then Tori seemed to start having a panic attack, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!"

"Ah, relax Vega." Jade sighed, reluctantly trying to calm Tori down, "It's not like you haven't been dating plenty of boys. And our school is full of idiots, daydreamers and other hormone bombs who are way to focused on their own problems to pay attention to gay little Tori."

"I'm not gay!" Tori snapped. For the first time in quite a while Tori sounded serious. Her voice seemed filled with conviction. Certainty. Which honestly scared the hell out of Jade because if she was wrong and Tori really was straight it wouldn't take the other girl long to figure out what Jade had been trying to do, and that could be very, very bad. Thus Jade almost breathed a sigh of relief when Tori added a lot less confidently, "I just... find girls pretty. And yeah, sometimes I... but it doesn't mean I'm gay. It's normal. All the magazines say so. It's just my hormones acting up. It's a phase. I'll grow out of it. I'm just..."

"Curious." Jade finished for her.

"Exactly." Tori quickly agreed.

"Dyke." Jade said dryly, earning her a glare from Tori which she counted with a little smile, then before Tori could say anything else added, "Must suck for you. Having all these feelings and thoughts which just won't go away no matter how hard you try and make them. Constantly worrying that your eyes are lingering just a little too long on the wrong person. And sometimes it's not just your eyes which are the problem, it's that you're so close to... a pretty girl... who's calling you pretty, and... you just want to use any excuse to kiss her. But it doesn't make it better, it just makes you want her more. It makes you want to take her home and do very, very naughty things to her..."

Tori gulped. Jade had just gone from teasing, to vulnerable, to predatory in the space of a few sentences, the not so subtle changes in Jade's mood having a profound effect on Tori. First there had been that familiar, almost comforting feeling of annoyance. Then Tori realised what Jade was actually telling her, and even though she'd had her suspicions to even have it be implied was enough to render Tori speechless. Then there was that very last sentence, the tone of it and the way Jade looked at her making Tori melt. Her mind was going so fast she couldn't comprehend a single thought that was in her head, Tori just staring at Jade in disbelief for a few long seconds.

Then Jade sighed and turned so she was facing forwards, looking at her house, "You know Tori, if I was you I'd find another girl who was curious and just go for it. Talk her into one night of meaningless sex, just to see if you could satisfy your curiosities. That way if you're lucky maybe all those feelings would finally just go away. Like, maybe you just needed to get it out of your system and afterwards you could pretend it never happened. And maybe it wouldn't even go that far. It could be a total disaster, both of you quickly realising you were both out of your minds. You had no idea what you were thinking. And those stupid thoughts and feelings go away faster."

"What if they don't?" Tori asked weakly.

There was a brief pause then without looking Jade said, "Then you accept the fact that you're more than just curious. You're gay. Or bi, or whatever. But at least then you'd know. No more lying awake at night. No more praying to be normal. No more blaming an otherwise perfect boy for not being able to make you cum."

Again there was another pause, this one much longer than the others, the silence so deafening the only thing the two brunettes could really hear was each other's breathing.

Finally Tori softly asked, "Do you even like me?"

"Does it really matter?" Jade sighed in annoyance.

"It matters to me." Tori said firmly. When Jade didn't reply Tori added, "I don't want to have sex with someone who hates me."

There was a pause and then Jade murmured, "I don't hate you."

"Wow." Tori grumbled softly, "Convincing."

There was another pause and then without looking at the other girl Jade softly said, "I hate how pretty you are. I hate that no matter what I do to you you won't let me push you away... most of all I hate that I can't stop thinking about you... but I don't hate you. I, I..."

Jade was interrupted by Tori who turned her face towards her, paused and then eventually pressing her lips against hers. It was barely a kiss, more a brushing of lips than anything, but it affected Jade way more than it should have.

Once the brief kiss was done Tori softly said, "We can go inside now... if, if you still want too..."

There was a brief pause and then Jade quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car. Tori followed suit, Jade not looking at her as she used her remote to lock the car then her keys to unlock the front door. Holding an open Jade gave Tori a half smile and said, "My parents are out of town again. That means there's no one around to hear you scream."

Tori had previously had nightmares about Jade saying something like that to her. As in her nightmares a shiver ran through her body, although it wasn't from fear.

Avoiding the other girl's gaze Tori walked into the house and then allowed Jade to guide her up to her room, the two brunettes in total silence until they were almost at their destination. That was when Tori asked, "Soooooo. The kissing. Was, was that you trying to seduce me?"

"No, that was one last-ditch attempt to avoid this." Jade said, taking off her ring and putting it down on her desk, then removing her jacket and throwing it down onto her desk chair.

"Gee, thanks." Tori huffed, immediately regretting opening her mouth when Jade turned to look at her and then started advancing on her in a way which made Tori feel extremely nervous.

"I didn't think Little Ms Convinced She's Straight As An Arrow Tori Vega would actually agree to something like this." Jade said, in her 'mock Tori' voice, before softening her tone, "I... I kind of thought you'd call me a dyke and run screaming. That's why I really, really wanted to kiss you and feel nothing. But... I kind of knew I wouldn't."

There was a moment of silence and then a really goofy looking smile crossed Tori's face which Jade found annoying and confusing.

"What?" Jade scowled.

"You like me. Like, really like me." Tori said, that smile still on her face.

"I thought we already went over this." Jade sighed in frustration.

"Yeah, but I didn't realise how much you liked me until just now. You... really, really like me." Tori said, only just about able to stop herself from using the word love. That was a big, scary word. And from expression on her face Tori suspected Jade was scared of it too. So, trying to defuse the tension Tori started dancing in a deliberately dorky way and burst into song, "Jade really likes me, yeah she really likes me, the big bad Jade West really likes-"

Tori was cut off by Jade's lips, the other girl moving towards her at what felt like lightning speed only to slow down at the last second and gently take Tori in her arms. The sudden kiss was shocking enough, but what really stunned Tori was the gentleness in which Jade kissed her and held her. Because of how surprised she was Tori remained unmoving for several long seconds. Then she melted into Jade, the half Latina wrapping her arms around the other girl and becoming lost in the kiss for what seemed like an eternity.

As suddenly as it began Jade broke the kiss, rested her forehead on Tori's and said, "Can we please stop talking now?"

Unable to resist Tori murmured softly and sarcastically, "Maybe... what do you want to do instead?"

In response Jade growled, pushed Tori back against the wall behind her and kissed her with the type of fierce roughness Tori had always imagined getting from the scary Goth girl. What Tori had never imagined was that she would be able to match Jade's roughness, the other girl's lips and tongue unable to bully hers into submission the way they had in her feverish fantasies. Tori even surprised herself by switching their positions, the Latina grabbing onto Jade and turning them so she was pushing the darker haired girl's back against the wall.

It all happened so fast, Tori's actions seeming to surprise Jade too, so much so shortly after she pushed the other girl against the wall Tori was actually able to bully Jade's mouth and tongue into submission. That was the most erotic thing Tori had ever been a part of, for the briefest of seconds this tough girl who she had been so afraid of on so many levels since she met her suddenly submitting to her. And it wasn't just her mouth and tongue, Jade's entire body seemed to melt into her arms. And Tori loved it. Then Jade let out this low, terrifying growl and again Tori's tongue was fighting for its life.

Tori was so distracted she didn't notice Jade pulling off her jacket until it was halfway down her arms, both girls almost laughing as it got caught on her wrists. Momentarily breaking the kiss Tori pushed the offending item of clothing off her, Jade seizing the moment to again change their positions so it was Tori pressed up against the wall. As Tori was gasping from the rough but not necessarily painful manhandling Jade lowered her lips to the other brunette's neck, Tori momentarily fearing that the jokes she'd made and the dreams she'd had were going to be proven true and Jade really was a vampire who was now about to feed on her.

Eventually Jade did bite down on Tori's neck, but it wasn't hard enough to break the skin. There would probably be a mark in the morning but Tori was beyond caring at that point as she had spent the last few minutes having Jade kiss, suck and even lick her neck in a way which made her delirious with desire.

Of course Jade wanted to leave a mark. She wanted good little straight girl Tori Vega to wake up tomorrow morning, in her bed, lying next to her, and then when Tori inevitably came to her senses and ran screaming she wouldn't be able to cover up the mark Jade left on her. She would have to go to school tomorrow wearing a scarf or a lot of make-up or something, everyone knowing someone had marked her as theirs, and no matter how much good little straight girl Tori Vega would deny deep down she would know exactly who did it. Who's teeth marks was on her neck. Who had marked her as theirs. As hers.

Not that Jade wanted Tori to be hers. Not even a little bit. That would be absurd. She didn't care what Tori, or Beck, or Cat, or anyone said, she didn't really like-like Tori Vega. She was just pretending too so she could get into the other girl's panties and finally get her out of her head once and for all. However when she sunk her teeth into Tori's neck there was this almost overwhelming primal thought which echoed in her head.


One simple word which threatened to make Jade confused again. But she refused to let it. No more confusion. She'd had enough of that. She was going to fuck Tori and be done with confusion and this annoying girl.

With that in mind Jade pulled away from Tori's neck and forcefully pulled the other brunette's shirt over her head, barely giving Tori enough time to lift up her arms, Jade perfectly happy to tear the clothing apart if needs be. In fact Jade really like the idea of that, especially as her next thought was to destroy all of Tori's clothes and force the youngest of the Vega sisters to walk home completely naked.

As Jade's eyes clouded over with glee at the idea of streaking Tori the girl she was thinking about was grabbing her skirt and pulling it upwards. Tori was nice enough of course to wait until Jade lifted her arms, Jade shooting the Latina this sexy little smirk before she did so which made Tori melt. Not that stopped Tori from removing Jade's skirt, or her long sleeved shirt, or her bra. The last two prove tricky, but in Tori's defence it wasn't like she had any experience removing clothes from another girl.

That thought momentarily had Tori blushing, however it came to her while she was removing Jade's bra, and the second that piece of clothing was off Tori lost the ability to do anything but stare at Jade's boobs.

It didn't last long, only a couple of seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. Then Tori became aware of Jade smirking in this way which normally made Tori feel like her insides were melting. But that didn't happen this time. And Tori didn't blush or get embarrassed or do anything she would have expected herself to do.

Jade certainly wasn't expecting what happened next, the slightly darker haired girl clearly opening her mouth to say something snarky when Tori suddenly grabbed onto her and forcefully pushed her backwards. Tori saw shock and even a little fear on Jade's face before the Goth girl found herself falling down onto her soft bed, Jade first gasping as she landed on her bed with Tori on top of her and then crying out as Tori's mouth latched onto her right nipple.

That cry of surprise quickly turned into a moan of pleasure, Jade's eyelids fluttering as Tori began sucking on her nipple. Kind of rough at first, but then quickly slowing down into something more soothing. Jade missed the roughness, but there was definitely something to be said for this gentle technique, Jade moaning softly as for a few long minutes Tori sucked on her right nipple. Then she moved to the left, and then back again. Back and forth, back and forth. Tori's lips sliding all over the soft flesh of Jade's large tits, driving Jade crazy.

For a while Jade was so taken off guard by Tori's behaviour she wasn't herself. She was suddenly possessed by some submissive little quiet girl who just laid back and let someone else have their way with her. It was unacceptable, especially as surprise wasn't the only reason it happened.

Quickly wanting to reclaim herself and control the situation Jade mumbled, somewhat struggling to find her voice, "I, I mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh, oh I, I didn't think you'd be this... way. I aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Oh, oooooooooh yessssssss mmmmmmmm! Lick them. Lick my tits just like that, ooooooohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goooosssssshhhhhh!"

Momentarily Jade forgot herself again as she felt Tori's tongue gently flick and then circle around her nipple, that wicked little muscle repeating the process over and over on each one of her nipples which had the feared Jade West writhing joyfully on her own bed. Then Tori made the mistake of smirking around her nipple.

That quickly brought Jade to her senses. She refused to let Tori freaking Vega take her and turn her into some quiet little sub. She was Jade West, and she was going to make sure that Tori knew that anything she did to her was only happening because Jade allowed it to happen. She was going to have to make sure Tori knew who was in charge. She was going to have to make sure Tori knew her place.

With that in mind Jade practically spat, "I, mmmmmm, I had no idea you were a top. Ooooooooh, I, ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh, I had no idea that goody-goody little Tori Vega was a lesbian top. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm, oh, oh but I knew she was a breast girl! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I knew Tori Vega was a breast girl! Mmmmmm, a girl who couldn't get enough of staring at tits. Or at least staring at mine. Mmmmmmmm yessssssss, oooooooooh, did, mmmmmm, did you think I didn't notice? Did you really think no one noticed? The way you stare at my boobs? Mmmmmmmm yeah, you're real subtle. And the way you keep 'fainting' onto my rack during our scene, mmmmmmmm, ha, I'm surprised there aren't more 'Tori's gay' rumours. Gosh, I bet that's what all the hugging is about. You're just trying to find any excuse to feel my tits, even if they're pressed against yours! Hahahaha ahhhhhhhh, you're soooooo gay!"

Tori blushed as Jade laughed at her, part of the Latina wanting to protest but she was way to embarrassed to try. Besides Jade was right. Not about Tori being gay as she was pretty sure she still liked guys, but Tori couldn't stop staring at Jade's big boobs. She'd tried to stop but they were just so... noticeable. So eye-catching. So big.

They hadn't always been that way. Tori was pretty sure that when she met Jade she'd had boobs, but they had grown into a sight Tori couldn't stop staring at. Of course she'd been staring at Jade more than was appropriate for a supposed straight girl before Jade had gone through that growth spurt, but now Tori barely seemed to be able to keep her eyes on the Goth's pretty face. And gosh how Tori had fantasised about these perfect round globes of flesh, the reality better than the fantasy had ever been.

Concentrating on that wonderful reality, and ignoring Jade's taunting words best she could, Tori did everything she'd ever dreamed of doing to the Goth girl's big tits. She slid her lips all over those mountains of flesh, using her hands to cup and massage them, using some fingers to play with either both nipples or whichever nipple she didn't have in her mouth. As for those nipples, Tori suckled on them with varying degrees of force and slid her tongue over them in every way she could think of, constantly keeping Jade guessing about what she was going to do next.

All this drove Jade pretty wild, but nothing compared to when Tori finally got up the courage to gently bite down on one of Jade's nipples, causing the Goth to cry out, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Oh Tori... fuck. Do it again! Bite me! Bite my nipple you little aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Harder! Harder! Oh Tori!"

Tori grinned as she sunk her teeth into Jade's nipple as hard as she dared and then did the same to the other nipple. After that Tori started biting down on Jade's nipples at random, adding it to her repertoire although doing it a little less than the licks and the sucks that she lathered Jade's beautiful boobs with.

Throughout this treatment Jade continuously talked trash. Sure, there were moments when Tori took her by surprise like with the biting, or at the beginning when it had taken Jade a while to get used to the intensity of having Tori's mouth and tongue working on her tits, however even then she was careful to continue saying something. It was how Jade maintained some semblance of control.

She also played with Tori's hair. Dug her fingernails into it. Patted Tori on the head like an obedient pet. Anything to distract her from the fact that right now Tori was in control, and Jade kind of liked it. She hated herself for liking it, and for sort of liking Tori in a way she really shouldn't, but Jade couldn't help it.

Jade was also trying unsuccessfully to hide or at least downplay just how good this felt. How much better Tori was doing this than Beck. How her heart was pounding in her chest as Tori continue doing wicked and wonderful things to her. And it only got worse, or should that be better, when after what felt like hours of tit worship Tori's mouth moved lower.

It was ridiculous. When Beck had tried kissing her stomach Jade had told him to stop it. That it was weird. And it still was weird, but when Tori did it Jade found herself practically shaking with anticipation, which was ridiculous and annoying.

Then Tori gripped onto the waistband of Jade's tights and looked up at the Goth with questioning eyes. Jade wanted to tell her to hurry up and do it, but the words seem to die on her lips and she found herself in some weird staring contest which only ended when Tori began slowly pulling those tights down Jade's legs.

Tori kept eye contact with Jade until she knew the tights were around the other girl's knees at which point she quickly lowered her gaze all the way down to those tights, focusing on them as she finished pulling them off Jade's legs. Then and only then did she dare look up, confirming what really she had known to be true ever since she didn't feel anything else when she grabbed the tights.

"No panties." Tori murmured breathlessly.

Jade just shrugged, although Tori barely noticed as she was fighting the urge to dive right in. Unlike with Jade's boobs Tori restrained herself, instead choosing to slowly kiss up one of Jade's inner thighs. She was going to kiss her way down the other and tease Jade for a little longer. However when she found her lips less than an inch away from her ultimate goal Tori slipped into the same mindless state she had been in when she'd first seen Jade's naked tits and she found her tongue sliding out of her mouth and along the other girl's pussy lips.

Oh fuck... I'm gay. Tori hated swearing, even in her head. It just felt immature and wrong. However sometimes she couldn't help what her initial reaction to something was, and if her tongue wasn't busy lapping at Jade's pussy pretty much of it's own accord Tori might have sworn out loud. Of course it wasn't really the swearing that was worrying her.

So, she liked the taste of pussy. Jade's pussy, not pussy in general, just Jade's pussy. Just like Tori didn't like girls in that way except for Jade. And maybe Cat. And maybe a couple of female celebrities, but what if there were just some girls that were just so sexy that being attracted to them didn't count? Likewise maybe Jade's sex was so naturally delicious that Tori couldn't be blamed for her desire to devour it. Maybe anyone, boy or girl, presented with this treasure would be compelled to lick it. And suck it. And bury their faces in it. And... oh who was she kidding?

Tori had been trying to convince herself she wasn't a lesbian since she met Jade. If she was honest with herself maybe even before. And maybe she was, maybe she wasn't, but she had to accept whatever she was she sure wasn't straight. Not completely. She loved eating Jade's pussy way too much to be completely straight, and while later she could worry about whether she was gay or bi all Tori wanted to do right now was concentrate on licking Jade's pussy. After all, surely such a tasty treat deserved her full attention.

With that in mind Tori shut off her brain best she could so she could concentrate on pleasuring Jade. That task seemed surprisingly easy, Tori inwardly smiling proudly as she got Jade to moan for her with every little movement of her tongue. It also sounded like Jade was trying to say something, but it was soft and inaudible. Of course at this point Tori was pretty focused on sliding her tongue up, down and around Jade's pussy lips, gently teasing the other girl's entrance and gently prodding the Goth's clit, the last act making Jade let out this soft little whimper which Tori became as addicted to as the taste of Jade's pussy juice.

Oh fuck... I'm gay. Jade tried not to swear out loud for Cat's sake. The redhead hated it, and the ditzy little girl had a habit of showing up when Jade least expected her so Jade tried to keep a strict no swearing policy. It wasn't always easy, and sometimes she couldn't help it. Other times, like this, swearing wasn't simply unavoidable, it seemed practically mandatory. That was why shortly after she felt the first lick Jade let out a soft, "Fuck."

She repeated that word over and over again just as softly. Jade had no idea whether Tori heard her or not but she wouldn't have cared even if she hadn't had a much more pressing matter on her mind.

Jade wasn't gay. She didn't care what first came into her head right after another girl began licking her pussy for the first time, or all the thoughts she'd had which suggested she was anything other than straight. That she didn't want to push Tori away right now like she'd kind of hoped she would was irrelevant, as was how amazing Tori's tongue felt against her pussy lips, her entrance and especially her clit.

Tori was the dirty little dyke here, a fact Jade had no problem reminding the little cunt licker.

So, as soon as she was able to find her voice again, Jade reached down to begin demeaningly patting Tori's head and said, "Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, mmmmm, good girl. Good little rug muncher. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm fuck, lick me Vega! Lick my pussy! Mmmmmmmm oooooooooh Vega, you're such a great little pussy licker Vega! Tori Vega is a great little pussy licker. Mmmmmmmm, maybe tomorrow I should write that in the bathroom. I'm sure every girl in Hollywood Arts would love to know that there's a skilled pussy eater in their midst, mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh, available to use her talented little tongue on them, ahhhhhhhh Goooooooosh, Tori, mmmmmmm, FUCK! You like that idea, huh Vega? You want me to write Tori Vega is a pussy licking little dyke all over our school? Ahhhhhh mmmmmmm, write your number right underneath it so any girl who wants her pussy licked by a lesbian can call you, oh, oh God, Gawwwwwd, right there, mmmmmmmm, lick me, lick my pussy, lick my clit, oooooooohhhhhhhhh AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

In an attempt to shut Jade up Tori latched her mouth onto the other girl's clit and sucked on it as hard as she could. It worked like a charm, at least for a little while, Jade seemingly unable to do anything but joyfully scream for several very long seconds.


Tori's second attempt to shut the other brunette up proved far more successful than her first, Jade unable to say a single coherent word that wasn't a swear until much later when Tori moved away from between Jade's thighs. That second attempt? That would be Tori shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into Jade's pussy.

Of course shoving her tongue into Jade's cunt meant that her lips ended up pressed right up against the mean girl's downstairs lips, allowing Jade's girl cream to pour directly into Tori's mouth. So Tori had to remove her tongue briefly to swallow Jade's juices before returning her tongue to the other girl's pussy. This process was repeated over and over, although while the first time she had pushed her tongue into Jade she had been too busy feeling proud of herself for reducing the scary Goth into an incoherent mess, and trying to comprehend how she felt about having her tongue inside another girl like this, it wasn't long before Tori was seeing how many times she could thrust her tongue in and out of Jade before she had to stop to swallow.

As her mind melted away and her whole world began to revolve around eating Jade's pussy one of Tori's last coherent thoughts was if she pressed her face deeper in between the other girl's thighs and fucked Jade really hard with her tongue it meant more of the Goth's girl juices ended up covering her face and flowing right down her throat without the need to really pause the tongue fucking. Her second to last thought was how she really had to pause the tongue fucking. Her last was maybe being a lesbian wouldn't be so bad.

While Tori was solely focused on making Jade cum Jade was solely focused on not cumming. Why? Because Beck hadn't been able to do it, so why should Tori be able too?

There was a rather simple answer to that but luckily Jade was able to ignore it for the most part. What she wasn't able to do was stop herself from cumming. She was barely able to postpone it, this overwhelming feeling building up inside her until finally it felt like she literally exploded, her cum squirting out of her and all over Tori's face.

That fact appeal to the sadistic side of Jade, like at least this wasn't a total loss. And while others might have thought considering this a loss would be crazy for Jade it kind of was as a big part of her had been hoping if Tori was able to make her cum it would somehow be weak and unsatisfying like the majority of her one on one sessions seem to be. Something which somewhat cooled down her unwanted desires but never truly satisfied them. Unfortunately the orgasm Tori gave her was everything Jade had hoped/feared it would be. Worse it was quickly followed by several more, Tori working relentlessly to make Jade cum again and again and again.

It was too much. Jade couldn't take it. She just couldn't. It was too good. Too amazing. Too pleasurable. An ecstasy she'd never imagined and she just couldn't deal with it physically or mentally. So she had to make a choice, end this now or let Tori Vega fuck her into unconsciousness. It was an easy choice to make.

Reaching down Jade grabbed hold of Tori's hair and tugged on it hard enough to tear the Latina's pretty hair out if she didn't move upwards.

Taking the hint Tori reluctantly removed her mouth from Jade's sex and crawled up until she was face to face with the other brunette again.

Tori had seen some downright terrifying looks from Jade before but none of them compare to this. It was hard for Tori to imagine what she could have possibly done wrong given that she was pretty much 110% sure Jade's screams had been of pleasure. Then again maybe that was the problem. Hadn't Jade said something about wanting to make Tori scream?

As Jade suddenly flipped them over, attacked Tori's lips with her own and started roughly grinding down against the younger of the Vega sisters it seemed to Tori like she might have guessed right. If that was the case Tori had no problem with screaming for Jade. As long as they were screams of pleasure of course.

Further suggesting that the young Latina was right Jade suddenly broke the kiss, grabbed hold of Tori's jeans and pulled them and Tori's panties down so hard it almost ripped the fabric. Jade didn't even bother to pull them down all the way, instead leaving the clothing pooled around Tori's ankles as she concentrated on pushing Tori's legs apart with her hands and then burying her face in between them.

And, ok... Tori was definitely gay. Or at least bi. Because wow. Just wow.

For a while wow. Was pretty much the only word in Tori's head. It was joined by various swear words which she normally would have made her blush to even think about them, but eventually Tori realised she wasn't just thinking them, she was crying them out joyfully as Jade West tongue fucked her.

It was... exactly what Tori had expected. And maybe that was kind of sad. Maybe she should have been secretly dreaming of some kind of romantic first time with another girl, even if it was with Jade. But no, in all of the fantasies Tori liked to pretend she didn't have Jade took her hard and rough, and it was better than even Tori's wildest secret fantasies.

What seemed like only seconds after Jade began tongue fucking her, and in reality was only a few minutes, Tori came. Going down on Jade, sucking the other girl's big boobs, the kissing, and pretty much every moment of being around this captivating girl added to just how fast and hard Tori came, but there was no doubt in the young singer's mind that Jade's tongue hammering her pussy was the main reason for the overwhelming ecstasy rushing through her body.

It didn't take a lot to make Jade West angry. That wasn't her fault. It wasn't like she wanted to be surrounded by annoying people/things. However she'd never been more angry than she was right now. Why? Because her plan had totally backfired. Well, that wasn't entirely true she thought begrudgingly. At least she knew she definitely wasn't straight. Tori's tongue had felt way to good licking and fucking her pussy, and then there was the matter of just how insanely good the other girl tasted.

Tori tasted so good that when it first hit her taste buds Jade lost the ability to think coherently for several minutes, the dark haired girl slamming her tongue ferociously into the brown haired girl's cunt. Then when Jade realised what she was doing red hot rage filled every ounce of her body, but instead of stopping to scream in frustration Jade found herself channelling that anger into fucking Tori even harder with her tongue. And as much as Jade would have liked to pretend that her body was working of it's own accord again it wasn't. She needed an outlet for her frustrations but she just couldn't bare to stop tongue fucking this girl who's she supposedly hated.

No, Jade did hate Tori. She always had and she always would.

So she was gay. Or possibly bi. Tori Vega was nothing but an experimentation. A freaking lab rat. She meant nothing to her. She would finish using her and then kick her out. End of story. Because being a lesbian was one thing, but... Jade could do better.

When Tori came Jade was extremely grateful, not because she wanted to stop fucking the other girl but because as a result Jade's taste buds were hit with something even more delicious than Tori's pussy juice. It was so heavenly Jade lost the ability to think clearly again, her lips clamping down tightly onto Tori's cunt and ravenously sucking all the delicious liquid into her mouth where she could greedily swallow them. It was only when they were all gone Jade realised she'd just swallowed Tori Vega's cum, and instead of disgusting or annoying her that revelation had Jade working overtime to give Tori another climax so she could swallow more of the other girl's insanely yummy cum.

This continued after what seemed an eternity, Tori completely lost in pleasure and Jade completely lost in making the other girl cum in her mouth, until finally those screams of pleasure which Jade had found oh so satisfying stopped, awaking the Goth from her trancelike state.

Not wanting to fuck an unconscious body, and a little embarrassed about just how much she got into having lesbian sex with freaking Tori Vega, Jade pulled herself away from in between the other brunette's thighs, lifted herself up and crashed down back first onto her bed. That did mean she had to unfortunately land right next to Tori, but that couldn't be helped as it was the only way Jade's head could land on a pillow.

For a while Jade just laid where she was, her jaw slightly aching and her tongue kind of numb from overuse, and this ridiculous throbbing in between her legs.

Jade wouldn't dare admit this out loud but Tori had made her cum harder then she'd ever cum in her life. She may have also made her cum more times than in her entire life. And all those hard orgasms had taken their toll, and the only thing that had kept Jade going so long was her adrenaline brought on by her sudden need to make Tori scream for her. Now her adrenaline was gone she could barely move, almost every part of her body begging her for sleep. But one part of her cried out louder, so despite how ridiculous it was given how much she'd cum already Jade's fingers slid down to her sore pussy.

It was ridiculously wet, Jade hating the fact that going down on Tori had done this to her. Tori's tongue had sent her to heaven and instead of just enjoying it Jade had made one last desperate effort to prove she wasn't gay. On the bright side at least in that moment she didn't feel too bad about frantically fingering herself thinking about Tori and scooping the other girl's cum and pussy juice from her face and into her mouth. Jade was able to truly embrace her sexuality in that moment, and it was really kind of freeing.

Of course then Tori had to come and ruin the moment by interrupting her and being all sexy and reminding Jade exactly what had got her so worked up, the shame of it somewhat bringing her down from her high. Then, in a surprisingly aggressive move, Tori forced Jade's fingers from her pussy and replaced them with her own. After that it was hard for Jade to stay mad, or really do anything other than moan and writhe underneath the other girl's touch.

Tori had only blacked out for a couple of seconds, but if Jade hadn't stopped fucking her Tori would have definitely been unconscious right now. Part of her wished she was because right now Tori couldn't possibly think of a better way to end a night then being fucked into unconsciousness by Jade West. However a close second was fucking Jade West into unconsciousness, Tori quickly seeing her opportunity to do just that as a thank you for the way Jade had just made her feel.

As amazing as the feelings, and the orgasms, had been what Tori was most thankful for though was that Jade had taken her fear away. She'd never thought the terrifying Goth would ever do anything like that for her. In fact Jade was the source of most of the fear in Tori's life. However Tori was no longer afraid of being a lesbian and like-liking Jade West, because regardless of the consequences to either of those things it was worth it for the pleasure she'd received tonight, and the pleasure she was currently dishing out.

With that in mind Tori hammered two of her fingers in and out of Jade's sex as hard as she could, curling them upwards to hit the other girl's G-spot while using her thumb to rub her friend's clit. Given how exhausted she was 'as hard as she could' wasn't that hard but it was more than enough to make Jade cum over and over again, the normally intimidating girl letting out these cute little whimpers as Tori made her cum repeatedly until finally Jade's eyes fluttered closed.

As Jade continued making noises for a little while Tori kept fucking her, lazily sucking on one of Jade's boobs until the raven haired girl fell completely silent except for her gentle breathing. Then and only then did Tori remove her fingers from Jade's sex and quickly put them into her mouth. The heavenly taste had Tori moaning and greedily sucking her fingers clean, wishing she had the energy to move down Jade's body so that she could lick the other girl's pussy clean of cum. Instead she snuggled up to her lover, the boob she'd been sucking making an excellent pillow, Tori almost instantly slipping into the most peaceful sleep she'd ever had.

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