Love Potion

BY : DarkLover123
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Michael walked into the office with a strange bottle in his hand and a strange look on his face. He had just ran into a strange lady in the parking lot. Actually ran into is not the right term, since Michael had actually saved her life. As a thank you she said one sentence and handed him the bottle: "Spray this into your mouth and all of your fantasies will come true."

Michael was a very spiritual superstitious person, but he did not for one second believe that a bottle could give him his fantasies (with such a wide imagination, his fantasies were equally wide). Still, he was willing to take a chance so he stopped when he entered the door and sprayed the liquid in his mouth. Michael immediately wished he had not, the liquid was sticky and hot, the kind of taste that would stick in your mouth for hours.

Cursing himself he decided to head to his office and take some mouth wash so that he could wash the taste out of his mouth. "Good morning Michael," said Pam passively as he passed her desk.

"What? Oh good morning Pamela," Michael said back. Pam then did a double take and flashed a genuine smile at Michael as he entered his office. As Michael walked into his office he immediately looked on his desk for his handy bottle of mouth wash but before he had a chance to take the mouth wash his phone rang.

"Hello Michael? It is David Wallace. I was just calling to tell you some good news. It seems that Staples has gone down due to a problem with their internal structure and model. I do not wish to make any personal statements at this present time because we have not learned all of the facts, but our phones have been off the hook today with clients that used to be with them. They say that they would like our business model because the Staples model allows for more corruption and monopolistic attitude and I ours appeals to them more. Because your branch has been so successful I am going to route most of these customers to you. It is up to you to distribute these customers, and you will be receiving a raise and a promotion. I will call you later this week with more details, but I just wanted to make you in the know. Sorry for this quick call but I have to go, please do not make the announcement about this public yet." *click*

Michael stared at the wall stunned. He could not express the myriad of emotions he was feeling right now, but the main two were elatedness (obviously) and bewilderment. Could this just be a crazy coincidence or did the lady's potion seem to do the trick. As he pondered this question the door opened.

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