A Second First Attempt

BY : Midknight
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TITLE: A Second, First Attempt

AUTHOR: Midknight

CHAPTER: 1 of 2

FANDOM: Heroes

SHIP: Claire / Zach



SPOILERS: Volume One - General

UNIVERSE: As per cannon.

SYNOPSIS: WARNING: HERE BE SPOILERS – VOLUME 1.  Claire has been testing and documenting the extent of her regenerative powers with Zach’s help, but now she needs a little more participation from him.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Heroes. None of these characters belong to me. They belong to their creators. I pay homage to them and I make no profit from this story in any fashion, way or means.

AUTHORS NOTE: I apologize before-hand and hope you will forgive any errors or blatant discrepancies.

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Claire sat on the edge of her bed and fretted, wringing her hands in her lap while worrying at her lower lips. She had exposed herself to all kinds of physical trauma and she had healed almost instantaneously, but now she found herself wondering if anything that happened to her would heal, even it was not supposed to. Zach had been helping her to document her powers and they had rekindled their friendship in the process. She felt kind of bad about the way she had treated him and she had come to realize how good a guy he was.

She was also fairly certain he had a crush on her which might be an incentive for him to agree to what she wanted to ask him and a hindrance to her asking. He was cute and she liked and trusted him which made him perfect, uniquely so, for her unique purposes, but she didn’t want to hurt him. She couldn’t rule out that they might have more than a friendship, she was developing feelings for him, but if she asked him to do what she needed this time and he agreed, he might think that they already did. He was very loyal which was one of the qualities that endeared him to her, but in this case it might obscure his true feelings and motives for agreeing.

“Heck, I’m not even exactly sure what my feelings and motives are.” She admitted softly into her silent room with a sigh. What she needed to find out had become a recurring, nagging concern as she realized how completely she healed, but it had always been from accidental or self-inflicted damage, a restoration of how she was meant to be. She started wondering more and more often if her powers would bow to her will and let her be what she wanted.

She picked up her phone for the fourth time and finally called up his number. Her parents were away at a Primatech event in New York for the night and her brother was at one of his Tai Kwando sleepovers, so she had the house to herself until the morning. It wasn’t a circumstance that happened offer and she had to take advantage of it, but still she was hesitant. He’d been pretty cool about all the stuff she had showed him about herself, but what she was going to ask him to do was way out there.

Claire took a deep breath and hit the call button. “Hey, Zach.” She greeted him cheerfully when he answered. “Do you think you could come over?” she asked after they had exchanged small talk for a few minutes.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll be right over. Do you need me to bring my video camera?” he answered and the queried. She thought about it for a moment and then told him to bring it. “Okay, I’ll be there soon.” He told her and hung-up after she said goodbye. What they were about to do, if he agreed, didn’t need to be filmed for prosperity whichever way it went, but she needed to make it as close to the experiments they had attempted so far for both their sakes. She would decide when the time came and it could all be moot if he said no. She almost called him back to tell him not to come, but she put the phone back down on the bed next to her.

She got up and nervously smoothed down her denim skirt. She caught a glimpse of herself in her full-length mirror and paused. She thought that she was short, but most people called her petite. Her mass of long, silky, corn blonde hair framed soft, oval features that dimpled when she smiled her full cupid’s-bow lips and large, clear blue eyes. She had been a little worried at first when she’d bloomed a little later than the other girls, but her breasts had grown in nicely, they might even be considered large and full on her slight, but athletic frame and hourglass figure.

Claire liked her tanned, shapely legs best as she lifted her skirt a little and pointed her white-sneakered toe and twisted one of then to study it from a variety of angles. She supposed she could be considered as pretty and attractive, but she didn’t really believe it. She looked at her reflection in the mirror for a few moments more and then turned to her closet. She stripped off her t-shirt and then after a moment of indecision removed her bra as well before putting on a blouse. She turned back to the mirror to admire her change of outfit. She caught the side of her lower lip behind her teeth as she studied herself and then undid another button on the blouse to show some more cleavage.

“A little seductiveness might not be amiss under the circumstances.” She thought before she went downstairs to wait for him in the den. It would better to start things off on neutral ground. Halfway down the stairs she stopped and redid the button. It just didn’t feel right and considering the situation she was setting in motion that said a lot. She tried to watch television, but she was nervous and couldn’t focus, so she just kept flipping through the channels before switching the set off.

Mister Muggles jumped up on the sofa next to her and nuzzled and then licked her hand. Claire smiled despite herself and gently pulled the small dog onto her lap to cuddle and stroke it. The slow, rhythmic action calmed her, but she jumped when the doorbell rang. She paused with her hand on the doorknob to take a deep, steadying breath and then opened the door and invited him in. She tried to act casual, but she could see it in his face that he knew something was up only a few minutes after joining her in the den on the sofa.

“What’s up, Claire? What’s wrong?” he asked her with concern, confirming her appraisal and her obvious state of nervousness.

“Is it that obvious? But, nothing’s wrong per say. It’s just…” She tried to explain and faltered making him frown and shift nervously. She swallowed and licked her lips to wet them and her throat before she tried again. "Zach, I need to ask you to do something for… with me and… And, I’m not quite sure how.” She entreated him, forcing her hands to be still in her lap as she looked into his eyes. They searched each other’s eyes for a moment and then he squared his shoulders.

“What do you need from me, Claire?” he asked in a surprisingly steady, determined, but gentle voice. It was one of the reasons she had trusted him and took him into her confidence about her secret abilities. He was always so calm and steadfast as a friend, even when she hadn’t treated him as well as she should have.

“It’s not that simple. What… What I want to ask you is… Is very private, very personal.” She labored to convey the nature of her request without telling him exactly what it was, trying to build up to it.

“I’ve watched you try to kill yourself on several different occasions, Claire, what could be more personal than that?” He wondered with trepidation and curiosity. She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly.

“Well… I… I would like… I want you to take my virginity… I need to find out if… If it will actually… You know? Stay taken as it were.” She told him, halting picking her words. She heard the words come out of her mouth and found them ridiculous and god alone knew what he was thinking. He sat frozen and she could see shock on his face which wasn’t surprising, but she had no other clue as to what was going through his mind.

The silence stretched out and became fragile. Claire took a breath to try and ask if he was okay and to explain further, but he held up his finger to stop her. “You want us to have sex to find out if… if I…” He made a vague gesture with his hands. He took a deep breath. “You want us to have sex to find out whether when I tore your hymen it will heal up again or not.” He clinically stated the situation in a nutshell with wide, searching eyes and flaming cheeks. Claire nodded, not trusting her voice. “And, I’m assuming you can’t just… you know use something to… To do the deed?” He wondered and she shook her head.  “Are those the only reasons?” He asked, his tone suddenly more serious and it was her turn to be silent and thoughtful.

“Zach, it is complicated and you’re the only person I can trust with this.” She stated the facts while she couldn’t quite articulate her emotions that did not allow her to simply answer yes or no.

She could see in his face that it wasn’t the answer he was looking for and she was certain he was going to say no. “And, you want to film it?” He enquired hesitantly, holding up the video camera that had been resting in his lap.

“No… I… don’t know why I asked you to bring the camera.” She replied, now sure that it would make an awkward situation even more so, although the idea was kind of titillating. Her eyes flicked to where the camera had been and she could see that at the very least, he was physically up to the task. He followed her gaze before she could snap her eyes back to his face and he quickly lowered the camera back to his lap to cover his crotch. She felt her own cheeks heat at being caught. She watched his expression shift between speculative and hesitant, and back again.

“So… Claire, what do you want me to do? Do we get to do the whole thing or do you just want me to… errr, pardon my bluntness, but… Stick it in, do… Do the deed and pull out.” He asked, his eyes dropping away from hers, his fingers fidgeting with the camera.

“You’ll do it?” She answered his question softly with one of her own to clarify as her mind spun a little. She’d been so focused on asking him that she hadn’t exactly worked out the actual details if he said yes which he had just implied.

“Yes… It… It would be an honor. So…” He answered her question and circled back to his own. “The whole thing?” She wondered with a slight frown, not sure what he meant exactly. He nervously licked his lips.

“You know, all of it… Kissing… Foreplay… Petting… And, you know like… Like actually doing it until I… Or, hopefully both of us… Finish.” He explained haltingly with burning cheeks as he made an awkward gesture of coming together and moving apart with his free hand and the camera he still held.

“Oh, I see… Is… Is that what you’d like to do?” she asked feeling dumb at her lack of foresight and planning. It seemed she hadn’t really believed he or they would actually do what it seems they were about to.

“That’s what every red-blooded, heterosexual male would want to do with you, Claire, but this is about what you want.” He responded and she wasn’t unaware of the compliment he paid her. He was giving her what she wanted, so why shouldn’t she give him what he would like and it wasn’t like she mightn’t enjoy it. She was going to have sex with him, so why couldn’t they do all the rest. She hadn’t done more than kiss a boy before and she was curious.

“We can do it all, if that isn’t, like, too weird for you. I… I would like the entire experience too. It will be my first time whether it turns out the way I want or not.” She finally answered his original question with a little trepidation and an unnecessary explanation.

Zach put the camera down on the coffee table, but the space remained between them. He rubbed his hands nervously on his jeans as she closed the distance. “How… Where do we start?” He asked continuing their strange question and answer routine.

“You could kiss me and we’ll see how things go from there.” She suggested after a little thought and to help things along, took his hand and placed it on her knee. His eye flicked from her face to where his hand rested and then back again. He half-nodded, half-ducked his head and her eyes widened as he leaned into her. She didn’t mean to, but she tensed and flinched a little when his lips touched hers. He stopped his forward motion, his lips barely touching hers, his eyes as wide as hers. His lips were warm and surprisingly soft and they sort of trembled against hers. He was as nervous as she was and it helped her relax.

Claire ran her hand up his arm, over his shoulder and cupped the back of his head before pressing her lips more firmly to his. He remained frozen for a moment more and then his arms were around her and she was falling back onto the sofa with him on top of her as their heads tilted and shifted as they kissed hungrily. His hand cradled the back of her head and his fingers wormed into her blonde hair to massage her scalp while the other slid down her back in a warm caress, but stopped just short of reaching her ass.

They nipped and sucked at each other’s lips and then their tongues were fencing and finally wrestling. She could feel the bulge of his erection against her belly as they slowly writhed together, their hesitance washed away by teenage hormone driven instincts. They kissed, trading little sounds of delight and enjoyment until they were both breathless. She was glad she’d decided against the bra.

The skin on her breasts felt hot and tight and her nipples were stiff and tingled sending little sparks into her chest as they press and rub against the material of her blouse and against his t-shirt covered chest. Her nervous energy had transformed into something else that pulsed and heated her core, melting it to make her wet as she flowered open. She felt tingly and hot with arousal and couldn’t stop pressing and shifting against him even as he tried to hold most of his weight off of her. She’d never really been horny before, she kind of liked it. She smiled up at him and he smiled back.

“I guess that pretty much covers first base.” She noted and slowly licked her smiling kiss-swollen lips and he nodded his agreement, his smile becoming a Cheshire cat grin. She laughed softly and he winked before laughing as well.

Emboldened by her arousal and the dissipation of the tension between them, she lightly worried at her lower lip for a moment and then very slowly and very deliberately reached up and unbuttoned her blouse. She watched his Adam’s apple bob nervously as he raised his abdomen so that she could get at the last button. She took his hand and placed in on her exposed midriff. His palm was a little sweaty, but she liked the heat that radiated off it.

“We’ve got a few more bases to round before we can go for the home run.” She told him with a shy little smile which he returned as he slowly flexed his fingers to test the muscles of her taut, flat belly. She watched as he nervously licked his lips and then she made a little sound deep in her throat as he let his fingers draw tingling trails along her skin.

Zach leaned down and she raised her head so that he could curl his arm around her as they kissed while still allowing his other hand to explore its way up between them, which meant she gasped softly into his mouth when he caressed the curve of her breast and then cupped it with a tentative squeeze. She rolled her shoulders unconsciously to press into his touch and grind her stiff, suddenly sparking nipple against his palm with a moan of delight. Emboldened by her reaction, he fondled her breast more firmly and ground his palm against her nipple. Little electric surges skipped into her chest and fanned out across her nerves to pool in her loins and make her channel constrict and twist with desire.

Claire licked her kiss-swollen lower lip when his left it with a sharp suck and a light nip. Her eyes fluttered closed as his hand shifted to her other breast and he shifted, nibbling down her jaw line and then drifting light, slithery kissed down her throat. She moaned breathily and swallowed hard against the sensation of his dipping into and swirling around the hollow at the base of her throat combined with the new and exciting ones as he explored her breast with more vigor and innovation, tweaking, rolling and gently flicking her nipple when he wasn’t massaging the firm globe.

“You’re actually quite good at this.” She complimented and admitted, squirming and he looked up with a cutely surprised expression on his face.

“I’ve… I’ve thought about this a lot.” He made and admission of his own with a blush of embarrassment despite the intimacy they had already shared.

“You have?” she queried with a quirk of an eyebrow and he ducked his head and despite the low lighting she could see a blush bloom on his cheeks and his hand slowed, but didn’t quite still. “I had no idea.” She noted softly as she cupped his cheek and tilted his head so that his eyes once again met her and smiled at him. “Thank you.” She told him simply and shifted forward to softly press her lips to his.

She felt him smile against her lips before she lay back and he let her fingers slide into his hair as he once again lowered his mouth to her skin. She was anticipating it, waiting for it, as his lips moved lower, but she still wasn’t prepared for the surge of pleasure that lanced into her chest when his sucking, warm, wet lips found and engulfed the turgid peak of her nipple and a soft cry spilled from her lips. She massaged the back of his head, neck and back as he nursed at first one taut nipple and then the other. Her backed tensed each time he sucked making her arch and press into his mouth as his lips sent an electric lash from his lips to her twisting and flexing core, which in turn made her grind up against his thigh.

The alternation of cool air on her saliva-slicked skin and the liquid heat and sucking pressure of his mouth as he paid attention to first one taut, tingling nipple and then the other, had her panting with the wonderful, continuous flow of delicious sensation. He moaned, vibrating his lips against her skin as he thrust against her and they dry humped on the sofa while his hand slip up and down along her thigh, sliding up under her skirt, but falling just short of her ass. Claire bit her lip for a moment and then reached for his hand and placed it on her behind with only the thin material of her panties separating his hand from her skin. Emboldened, he explored, caressed and squeezed her rear end as he nipped, sucked and licked at her breasts both of them making noises of enjoyment.

She jerked and gasped when he moved his hand around and burrowed it between them to cup and rub her crotch.

“It’s so hot… You’re so hot.” He murmured, his breath whispering against her skin as he spoke and intensifying the tingle his sucking had started.

“It feels good.” She moaned as she pressed against his fingers as they sawed over the damp crotch of her panties and stimulated the swollen, moist flesh beneath. She squeaked and moaned louder as his rubbing fingers found the button of her clit and her center clenched and rubbed against itself on a heavy flood of slippery cream with need and aroused anticipation. She was so ready for more and by the feel of him throbbing hotly against her even through their clothes, she knew he was too.

“I… I think we should take this up stairs.” She suggested and he raised his head and blinked at her as if he didn’t understand her words before lowering his head again. Her body tensed again as he suckled and she was loath to stop him, but she didn’t want to go further on the sofa either.

“Zach, I want to go upstairs. I want us to go upstairs… Please?” She urged even as luxuriated in the wonderful feeling he was creating. He raised his head again and this time there was more focus in his eyes and she watched as he took a few deep breaths while his hand finally stilled.

“Sorry… I… You’re… This… I… It’s so… I lost myself a little.” He apologized incoherently, but she could understand his meaning all too clearly. She wanted to keep doing what they were doing and more, she just wanted to do so in a more private comfortable location. She gently cupped his cheek and he turned his head to press his lips to her palm.

“Let’s go upstairs to my bed room and get lost together.” She proposed with a smile feeling the bulge in his pants twitch against her at the way she deliberately emphasized the word ‘bed’. She also twisted her hip to urge him to rise so that she could to. He seemed reluctant to break the contact between them.

“Upstairs will be even better.” She promised him, voicing her own hopes to get him moving. He nodded slowly, but made no other move. “Zachery, take me upstairs to my bed so we can get naked and have sex, right now.” She commanded bluntly and using his full name to show she meant business. It was ghastly in context, but she had seen her mother use the technique on several occasions. She twisted underneath him more vigorously as well and he finally seemed to get the idea and sprang into action, almost jumping off the sofa.

“Come here.” He instructed with bright, eager eyes and as he bent forward she though he simply intended to help her up, but with strength she hadn’t thought he possessed, dug his hands under her and scooped her up off the sofa and into his arms. She curled her arms around his neck with a joyful little laugh. She liked this strong, take-charge Zach as he beamed down at her and she could feel the excited bulge of him pressing against her hip. Claire tensed her arms and drew her upper body up against him and brought her lips close to his.

“Second door on the left. Hurry.” She directed breathily, her own need as pressing as his felt against her and when he nodded his head in understanding she caught his lips for a nipping, sucking kiss as he left the living room and carried her up the stairs to her room.


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