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Title: Victorious

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Oh, it would be so much more fun if they were mine!

Spoilers: None

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Pairing: Tyr/Harper

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Summary: Harper asks Tyr a question about his sexual habits, even though he’s coming up with his own answer.

Author's Note: PWP for sure, this one. Just a little thing I had to write out and thought somebody else might like!

Harper stumbled through the door of the unused crew quarters and bounced off the wall behind it. He didn’t bounce far. Instead he rebounded into Tyr’s chest as he stalked through. Tyr caught him and shoved him again before moving to pin him against the wall as he hit. Harper’s breath whooshed audibly at the impact, but before he could recover enough to complain about the rough treatment Tyr yanked impatiently at his waistband, sending the fastening button skittering across the floor.

“Okay,” he gasped, getting air again after the handling, “I can understand why you want me, with the attractive and the genius and all, but,” his voice hitched as Tyr tugged again, separating the zipper, “why is it always after a battle, and always one in which we’ve narrowly avoided almost-certain death? Usually because of me?” In the next tug he yelped, the fabric of the boxers dragging over his cock, already hard and hyper-sensitive. “I mean, does nearly being killed qualify as some kind of freaky Nietzschean foreplay? Urk!”

The exclamation was from being gripped firmly; Harper didn’t notice Tyr baring his teeth, less a smile than a feral type of ferocity. He almost didn’t notice Tyr’s reply, what with the unquestionably fast strokes that ensued. “Why wouldn’t it qualify? We’ve defeated our enemies through our advantages of strength, skill, and superior firearms. We have proven our genetic worth. The urge to affirm life and celebrate success is primal and designed to bring about the next generation of successful warriors.” His voice deepened, his only concession to both the thick flesh pressing against his own zipper and Harper’s increasingly desperate writhes and breathless moans under his hand. “You feel the same urge or I couldn’t have brought you here. It’s instinctive to both our species.”

Harper made a gasping sort of laugh even as Tyr rubbed a thumb over the wet head of his cock. His words were strangled, but he forced them out anyway. “Yeah, sure. I bet you… just want… want all your w-wins to hap- to happen at the s-s-same time, don’t… Don’t yo-eagh!” He spasmed and collapsed, Tyr letting him slide down the wall into a heap. After a few moments, he recovered enough to look up and up and up to that same feral expression. “Well?” he panted, ignoring for a second the legless-and-sticky sensation.

Tyr shrugged, affecting lack of caring. His eyes still glittered even in the shadow of his hair as he stared down at Harper, though. “Of course.”

Harper snorted and dropped his gaze to Tyr’s own erection, hard beneath the leather. He smirked briefly before pushing himself to his knees and reaching. “Fine. But it’s your turn to lose it for a change!”

The End

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