Protecting the Grimm

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Disclaimer: I Don't own Grimm, the TV-Show or any of the character or places. I don't make any money with this fiction, I just make fun of them

Title: Protecting a Grimm

Disclaimer: I don't own Grimm, or any fairy-tales, Wesen, characters or anything else but the right to watch it, and I don't make any money from this. But promise to give the guys back when I'm finished *evil grin*

Summary: Don't worry, it's not as serious as it sounds!

I found this prompt on Grimm-Kink-meme on Dreamwitdh:

Monroe and Nick have been together for a while when Hank drops by and "casually" mentions that he's a cop and knows how to hide a body. Wu finds his homepage and sends him an email letting him know that he could, in fact, hack into it whenever he wants. And you don't even want to know what Renard said.

Basically Nick is everyone's little brother and so Monroe has to deal with all of his protective friends. Bonus points for Nick being oblivious that everyone apparently looks out for him. Extra bonus points if he finally realizes that's why his last boyfriend disappeared in a hurry...

5 Times Nick's Friends threatened Monroe, and the one time Nick found out.

EDIT: I have a new Beta-Reader: Zsadist at Heart, and I just got all three chapter bach from her, so I will update them before posting anything new!

Have fun with the new and improved version :)


Protecting the Grimm



1. Juliette:

Juliette's call didn't come as a surprise for Monroe. Not at first, at least.

She may be Nick's Ex, but she is also a nice and likeable woman. After their break-up she and Nick still remained friends, as they simply acknowledged that feelings can change over time, and that they spent most of their time apart from each other, and so they broke up on good terms before they could start to resent each other for drifting apart.

Now they behaved more like friends, siblings, and Monroe and Juliette talked from time to time over the phone, about cooking and gardening and how Nick needs patching up so often, so he wasn't at all surprised to hear her voice as he picked up his phone while Nick was out.

"Hey, Juliette. What can I do for you?"

"Do you have a little time, or are you busy with something important?"

"No, I just finished with my latest clock, so I'm free. Why, did something happen? Do you need help?"

"No, no, I just want to talk with you about something, so can you come over for a little? I also need to show you something, so it would be better if we don't do that over the phone."

And so he went over to her house. Sure, he wondered what she wanted, but he figured it couldn't be too bad, or she would have warned him.

It is never a good idea to surprise a Blutbad.

Nothing good happens if you manage to surprise a Blutbad.

His faithful little bug was parked carefully in front of the house only a few minutes later, and a few quick steps carried him to the door.

'She asked about the recipe of that vegetarian lasagna, maybe that's all. But why not simply ask on the phone, or by mail? But if something happened to Nick, she would tell me straight away before sewing him back together. And she would have told me if she needed help moving the couch, or something. But maybe there is some weird stalker, and she needs him scared away. But wouldn't Nick be better for that.

He has a badge and a gun.'

With a friendly smile Juliette greeted him at the door and showed him into the living room, where he sat down at the couch.

She didn't seem upset, so that ruled a beaten up Nick and a crazy stalker out.

And the living room looked okay, not like she was in the process of redecorating.

A cup of coffee was placed in front of him and it yanked him from these thoughts, and she seemed to be a bit nervous, now that he was actually here to talk.

"Well, Monroe, I have to talk to you about something. Just listen to me, and let me finish before answering, please."

So he nodded, and she picked up a doctor's bag from where she had stashed it under the table, and spread it out to show him what the black leather bag contained:

"Let's see, what we have... Needles, different scalpels, very sharp, be careful with your fingers. They easily cut through sinews and muscles with just a little pressure, and all of a sudden the hand or foot doesn't work anymore..

Oh yes, and here we have this little saw. Look at those sharp little saw teeth, I use it to cut bones..." Monroe starred in horror as she brought one instrument after the other out, each one sharper than the other.

All things she knows very well how to use, things they taught the small redhead to use!

"This muzzle is used to keep bigger animals from biting, and this sling is used to catch them, if they try to get away. You know that some animals don't like doctors, so you have to tie them down, or they thrash around and hurt someone. And we don't want anyone to get hurt, right? And if they can't move, we can treat them so they can get better."

She took another wicked looking thing out, and Monroe actually paled under his beard..

"This thing, a pair of  castration pliers, is usually used to castrate bulls, or stallions. Have you ever seen one up close? You can touch it if you want, here." she held the evil thing over to him, and all Monroe wanted to do was hold his hands over his crotch. Not that he didn't trust Juliette, but with this thing in hand...

"No? Well, maybe some other time, then. I use this drill when I have to hold bones together with a screw, after a nasty break, you know. You drill holes into the bones, it makes a really nasty sound, and the smell is disgusting, and needs getting used to." She smiled at him, before she held up her last weapon, a big syringe filled with some yellow liquid, while the poor Blutbad wondered if she was going to demonstrate all this first hand on him.

Maybe he should have told Nick where he was going...

He really thought she was all right with him dating her Ex, but the last few minutes made him think otherwise...

And he liked all his parts where they are now, just like Nick.

"And in this syringe is a strong narcotic substance. This whole thing is enough to put an elephant to sleep for at least a day. Tell me, Monroe, is it enough to put a Blutbad to sleep? Because if you hurt Nick, I'm going to test it on you. Just for science, you never know when you need a study on that. I will also test the sharpness of my scalpels on you, and I will definitively try the castration pliers on you."

By now the small redhead was nose to nose with the big, dangerous Blutbad, who swallowed nervously.

"Ähm, Juliette, you know I would never hurt Nick. You know I care for him, like, a lot. So there is no reason for all of this. Really! So, can you do me a favor, and put your toys away? And maybe bury them in the garden, it would really calm me down. Because you will never need them with me. Promise. I'm not going to hurt him."

Damn, and here he thought Nick's mom was scary. Did Juliette take lessons from her, or what?

Where did Nick even find all those crazy females in his life?

"I know you love Nick, but I just felt that I had to make this clear: Nick is a very nice man, but he sometimes doesn't think things through, he acts before he thinks. He thinks with his heart, instead of his head, and gets himself in all kind of troubles for it.

So someone has to watch out for his well-being, as he tends to forgets about it."

And Monroe thinks back to Nick coming home with bruises here, scratches there, clothes torn up.

He skips meals, gets lost in his cases, or wakes up in the middle of the night to jump in his clothes and follow a lead...

Yes, Monroe sure as hell knows all that.

"So, while I see you as a dear friend, please remember that I have this bag packed especially for the case that Nick's current lover forgets to take proper care of him.

If you find that you don't care as much as you thought about him, now would be the time to confess, and maybe I will not put you down.

You know as a doctor it is my decision if an animal is beyond help.

The last idiot I was talking to was running out of the door by this point. From what I heard he didn't even pack his things, and he only called Nick after he was safely out of Portland, and halfway to his wife."

And Monroe shuddered, because her eyes say that this is not an idle threat, she very much means it. And he could understand why the guy was running, he thought with another look at the pliers in her hand.

For a moment he wondered if the guy was still in one piece, or if Juliette maybe showed that guy's wife how to use those pliers.

He remembered Nick telling him about this guy who was here for one reason or another, and then suddenly called to tell him that he had to get back to his wife...

"You don't plan to run, right?" the small woman asked calmly, not the least bit afraid of the tall Blutbad.

He may be physically stronger than her, but some fights can't be won...

Monroe was quick to nod and assure her that he didn't plan to run, no matter what she said.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other."

"Sure. I understand. I understand perfectly fine. No hurting the Grimm. So if you excuse me, I have to go. I think I left the steaks on the stove."

And then he left.

Some would say he had run, but he really didn't care what those people thought about him, because those people can face Juliette and her castration pliers if they want!





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