Breaking Blye

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As the heavy fog in her head started to clear Kensi let out a groan and moved to sit up as her mind struggled to leave the realm of sleep behind. Or rather she tried but found herself unable to do so, as she tried again she become more alert and quickly realized that she wasn’t laying in her bed. In fact one NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye found herself naked, bent over, and bound to a table. As the panic started to rapidly build and spread through every fiber of her being Kensi realized that a metal device, similar to the one Sidorov had used when torturing Deeks, was in her mouth keeping her jaw open and was being held in place by a leather strap that went around her head.

Failing to maintain her composure Kensi started to struggle against her bonds and made senseless cries of fear. As she did this Kensi failed to notice the man who was sitting in a darkened corner of the room who was watching all of this with sadistic enjoyment. He took several very long seconds to study how Kensi’s body moved as she tried to get free before he finally spoke up.

“I see you’re awake Agent Blye.” He spoke in an obviously thick Middle Eastern accent and Kensi suddenly became very still at his words and her eyes darted around trying to find him. “Now before things progress I feel….compelled, if you will, to fully explain your situation to you.” The man said calmly and in an even tone of voice as if this was rather boring to him. “But before I do so I am going to establish a ground rule for you. If I ask you a question you will grunt once for yes and twice for no. Do you understand?” As he spoke to Kensi the man made sure to stay out of her line of sight to further increase her anxiety and fear. While he walked around the part of the room that Kensi could not see he wait for her to answer for almost a minute before he grabbed a rather large leather paddle. “Do you understand me Agent Blye?”

This time the man didn’t wait for her to answer and roughly brought the leather item down across the backside of Kensi’s spread thighs filling the room with the result crack against her flesh and her resulting scream in surprise and pain. “Failure to answer me will result in disciplinary actions. These actions will get worse the more you defy me. Do you understand?” Kensi tormenter wait about five seconds before he brought the paddle down on the back of the thigh he had not struck last time, this of course achieving the same results.

“Do you understand?”

When Kensi did not respond again the man interrogating her grinned cruelly and lined up a perfect shot and smashed the paddle against her exposed pussy sending Kensi in a frantic screaming state as she bucked against her restraints and he could tell she was crying from the pain. Giving her a slight reprieve from the interrogation the man slapped the paddle on the table next to Kensi’s firm and fully exposed ass. “Now let’s try this again. One grunt means yes, two means no. Do you understand?” This time Kensi instantly complied with the instructions she had been given and loudly made a grunting noise and also vigorously shook her head as well.

“Very good.” Kensi’s interrogator slash torturer stood directly behind her and gently put his hands on her hips. “Agent Blye you are currently in a location where your team cannot find you. If by some chance they do figure out where you are they will not be able to rescue you. Do you understand?” The main grinned when Kensi gave him one grunt and continued speaking. “You are currently naked, bent over and bound to a table. Your legs are spread three feet apart by a steel rod attached to each ankle, this bar is also chained to the ground. Your hands are cuffed behind your back. A leather dog collar is around your neck and is attached to the table. And as you can tell a spacer is secured around your head holding your mouth open.” The man slowly moved his hands to Kensi ass and began to gently rub it. “I’m sure you have already played out how this scenario will work in your head. I am here to tell you that whatever may or may not happen to you will depend entirely on you.”

Kensi listened intently to the man’s words, not out of obedience. But rather to try and figure out where exactly his accent was from. That did not keep his words, as well as the placement of his hands, from solidifying themselves in her mind. She knew she was going to be raped and even though she was mentally preparing herself to be violated she also prayed that something would keep him from doing so.

“Do you understand?” This time the man’s calloused hands moved to her still sore pussy and Kensi couldn’t stop her body from flinching away from him as she grunted once in the affirmative.

“Good. You are learning.” And just like that he removed his hands from her aching pussy lips and put them back on her ass and began to knead her flesh. As he continued to play with Kensi’s ass the man started talking again. “I need to know what the Office of Special Projects knows about the Contreras Cartel’s new business partner.” As he said the name of the OSP, which was supposed to be a heavily guarded secret and pretty much a clandestine group, Kensi couldn’t keep her back from stiffening and he tormenter easily picked up in that. “Yes I know all about your office and your co-workers. In fact I have something I want you to see.” The man gave Kensi’s ass a soft pat before he let go of her.

As a slight wave of relief made if way through Kensi when the man removed his hands from her ass she wondered if anyone else from the team had been taken since this man knew about the OSP. When the sound of a door opening filled the room a small wave of fear coursed through the brunette federal agent, this fear was soon replaced with despair and dread as a small naked woman in bondage and a hood was escorted to stand in front of Kensi. “Does the OSP know about the Contreras Cartel’s new business partner?” The man asked as he moved this unknown woman to her knees in front of Kensi and he glared coldly into the mismatched eyes of the woman he was addressing.

As Kensi glared back at him she narrowed her eyes in anger and grunted twice at him. She was lying but she was also hoping that this man didn’t know that. Of course since she had seen his face Kensi a small part of her hoped that he would simply kill her to eliminate a witness instead of raping her.

“I probably should have told you I will know if you’re lying or not.” The man sneered at her and put his hand on top of the hooded woman’s head. “Would you like to see who our new quest is?”

Kensi could tell from the man’s voice that it really wasn’t a question but in order to give herself some more time before she was either killed or raped she grunted once around the metal spacer that was keeping her jaw open. What came next was something Kensi never would have expected in a million years.

As the hood was slowly lifted off the other woman’s head small bits of red hair became visible and soon the teary and terrified face of Nell Jones, the only female co-worker of Kensi at OSP, came into full view. As the two woman shared a wide eyed and scared look Kensi noticed that a ball gag was firmly secured around Nell’s head in the same manner as the device holding her mouth open.

“I don’t believe any introductions are in order so we can skip right to the next part.” The man said with a hint of a smile in his voice. “You see Agent Blye I am not a man who likes being lied to. And as such I believe a form of punishment is in order. But I find myself in a interesting position. I could make you suffer physically for lying to me.” The man who held them captive ran a hand through Kensi’s long dark brown lock before moving his hand under Kensi and roughly pinching the side of her breast making her flinch in pain and at his touch. “Or I can make you suffer emotionally for lying to me.”

This time the man moved to stand behind the kneeling red head and grabbed her hair pulling her hair back, forcing her tits to stick out further and he reached down to grabbed on in a handful and squeeze it painfully causing Nell to moan against the gag in her mouth. “So Agent Blye, one grunt means I rape you and two grunts means I rape your friend. Who will it be?”

Kensi’s eye easily doubled in size at what the man had just said to her. He had told her to choose who he would rape. It was so unexpected that Kensi’s mind went blank with fear. She would never choose to put Nell through something that awful, but at the same time he was forcing her to be a willing participant in her own defilement and it scared her. For the first time since she woke up in her current situation she felt defeated and alone.

“Ugh.” Came her soft and defeated reply from around the metal device in her mouth and she lowered her head in shame at the fact she had, for all intents and purposes, given this unknown man permission to have his way with her bound and exposed body.

Unseen by Kensi a sadistic grin spread across the man’s cold features and he gently placed a hand on Kensi’s head and patted her like she was a house hold pet. “That’s a good girl. Since you volunteered I’m only going to use one hole.”

A shudder of disgust ran down Kensi’s spine and the man grinned down at her and he slowly undid his pants and pushed them, along with his boxers, down below his ass revealing his semi hard 6 inch dick. “Pick your head up Agent Blye.” The man said letting Kensi and Nell know that he was planning on making use of the metal contraption that kept the brunette’s jaws open.  “Now, you can make this easier and fast for yourself. Or I can just go ahead and make use of your waiting mouth.” Kensi sent a heated glare full of all the hatred and rage she was feeling towards him and he simple grinned before crouching down so he was eye level with her. “I told you everything that may or may not happen to you is entirely dependent upon you. So you have a choice. Try to get this over as fast as you can, or I simple do as I please. So what’s it going to be Agent Blye?” The man asked and even though Kensi knew he wanted an answer he hadn’t given her direction on how to respond. As she thought about it she realized not reacting would be an invitation for him to rape her mouth and throat, but sticking out her tongue meant she would willing take him in her mouth.

For the first time in as long as she could remember Kensi felt completely helpless and as much as she hated herself for this she knew that she had to be a willing victim of her soon to be rapists game in order to protect Nell, and hopefully hold out long enough for the team to find and rescue them. So in defeat and resignation Kensi stuck out her tongue as much as she could and waited for the man to enter her mouth.  Kensi response caused the man to grin at her before he stood back up to his full height and lightly pressed the tip of his dick against Kensi’s warm moist tongue and put one hand on the back of her head.

“Begin.” The man simple ordered her as he pressed the head of his dick into her mouth and wait for Kensi to start giving him what she could in the way of a blowjob since she was still bound to the table and had limited movement. Closing her eyes in a vain attempt to block out what she as being forced to do Kensi began to roll her tongue around the head of her rapists quickly thickening cock and even tried to close her lips around him as she began to rapid flick her tongue over the tip where she knew all men had a nerve bundle. Kensi’s tormenter showed no signs that her actions were having an effect on her and she struggled to close her lips around the head of his now fully erect cock as she continued to lick the head of his dick. When he suddenly pulled his now fully erect 9 inch dick from her mouth Kensi felt a small flash of fear that he was going to go back on his offer to let her suck him off, that was until she felt him lower the metal spacer in her mouth so she could more effectively blow him but kept her from biting down on his cock.

“Since you are a whore of your word.” The man paused with an evil grin at his words directed at Kensi. “I’ll let you willingly suck me. But you have four minutes to make me cum.” The man said with a cocky tone in his voice that let Kensi know it was a challenge she would most likely fail. “If you can make me cum and swallow all of it in the allotted time I will end today’s sessions with you. If not…..well let’s just say your mouth is not the only part of you I will be enjoying.”

Yes Nell was only a handful of feet away from her and Kensi was doing this to save her friend but the final realization of her situation settled itself in her mind and at that moment instead of feeling dread and resignation as she thought she would a cold fury began to build inside her and was reflected in her eyes.

“Oh I see you still have some fight in you.” Kensi’s captor and soon to be rapist said to her before he crouched down to be at eye level with her. “Perhaps I should fully explain the situation to you. You see Agent Blye, we are not in America. In fact we are in the very heart of Tehran in a sub-basement level of the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security and my name is Officer Ali Khatami.” Ali paused as his words sunk into Kensi’s mind and he smiled as he watched the blood drain from her face.

“That’s right woman, you are in Iran. Your friends can not find you and your government will never be able to retrieve you.” Ali said as a cruel grin split his lips and he suddenly grabbed a handful of Kensi’s hair and pulled back as far as her chained collar would allow. “And for the time being you belong to me!” Ali spat as he forced all nine inches of his fully erect dick into her mouth and began to thrust in and out of her.

Kensi closed her eyes and balled her hands into tight fists as each time Ali thrust into her mouth and began to work his way further into her throat each time. Her mind was screaming in rage as she vainly tried to struggle since she was still chained and bound to the table. As her rapist continued to use her mouth and throat Kensi began to feel ashamed, not because of what was being done to her but because Nell Jones, a friend and co-worked as on her knees bound only a few feet away as a unwilling witness to Kensi’s defilement.

As her captor continued to abuse her mouth and throat Kensi’s lungs and body started screaming at her due to a lack of oxygen and her struggles intensified out of self-preservation and spots bean to appear in her vision. As Kensi began to struggle more to breath she focused less on what Ali was doing to her and more on desperately trying to get some air, this of course caused her throat to tighten as she tried to force Ali’s intruding cock from her throat, with no success at all. As Kensi’s vision began to become darker and she felt herself losing consciousness Ali suddenly pulled out of Kensi’s mouth and she coughed and hacked as she tried to fill her lungs with air.

As Kensi was coughing and trying to breathe again she vaguely heard Ali laugh at her before she felt his hand grab another fistful of her hair and forced his full length back into her mouth and throat barely giving her a chance to recover. This felt like it continued on for an hour, even though Kensi knew that her panicked state of mind was playing tricks on her. After the sixth or seventh time but was getting harder to concentrate for Kensi, but thankfully she felt Ali’s thrust become faster and soon, and much to her disgust, she felt his penis start to twitch in her mouth and throat a handful of seconds before he began to cum in her mouth and shoot the last two final jerks of his cock directly in her throat. Any hope she had of not being forced to swallow her oral rapists load were dashed when he left his slowly softening dick in her mouth and reached down to pinch her nose shut. Very soon Kensi found herself suffering from a lack of oxygen and she instinctively swallowed what remained in her mouth.

This of course was what Ali Khatami wanted and he finally withdrew from her mouth and grinned as there was still some cum around the corners of Kensi’s mouth. Ali stepped back to admire his handy work and watch Kensi struggle to breathe as he began to pull his pants and boxers back up around his waist.

“So now that your situation and who is in control here have been fully demonstrated we seem to have another problem.” Ali said as he finished fastening his belt. “I gave you four minutes to willingly service me and swallow my load.” Ali paused as he grinned at the look of hatred in her eyes when she finally looked up at him. “If you had done that I said I would leave you alone. This of course leads us to where we are now I took the willing option away from you. Ha Ha but who can blame me when I have such a beautiful and attractive woman bound and positioned before me?” Ali paused as he chuckled to himself before he put his right pointer finger to his lips before he wagged it at her. “But you took longer than four minutes and, as evident by the sperm still on your lips you did not swallow it all.”

Ali was completely enjoying himself because Kensi was naked, bend over, and bound to the table so all she could do was glare at him. “So what to do? I mean I am a very busy man and you are a valuable intelligence asset. And with your beauty once we have you fully trained you will fetch a very attractive price.” Officer Khatami slowly walked around to the other side of the table where Kensi’s exposed ass and pussy were, slowly trailing his finger tips along her bound body as he did so and he grinned in delight as he watched her skin and muscles recoil at his touch. “I think for today we are finished, however I will leave you with a parting gift until tomorrow morning.” Ali said as he walked over to the small table that held an assortment of torture and sexual devices and carefully selected a interestingly shaped vibrator and a roll of duct tape.

"I’m sure you will me more receptive to questioning after the night I have in store for you.” Ali taunted before you suddenly plunged the vibrator into Kensi’s dry and defenseless pussy causing her to scream out in surprise and pain. Ali left it in place for a second before he positioned it so that the vibrators second ‘arm’ was placed over Kensi’s labia and where her clit was before he turned it on to its highest setting causing the brunette NCIS Agent to cry out again in shock. “And just to make sure that this is still here when I come back.” Ali jerked on the tape so that the sound of it would fill the room before he tore off a five in piece and place it over Kensi’s cunt effectively trapping the sex toy in place. “Good night Agent Blye.” Ali said coldly before he smack her ass with all his might one time forcing another cry of pain and shock from the woman before him.

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