Hard and Rough

BY : Zaikia
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Back in Kanaya's hive, Shell had fallen asleep in the sopor pod. While at first it was kind of gross, it was actually very comfortable. She got comfortable on her side and curled up, sighing softly. In her dream world, she still hadn't been assigned to a dream self. Neither had Joey-Rae. So now, she was dreaming normally. She was sleeping for what felt like the first time in weeks. Being hunted down and shit had made it difficult for them.

Soon after falling into the deep part of sleep, she began dreaming. She found herself in a dark room, resting on a soft, satin-sheeted bed. "Huh.....where am I....?" She looked around, confused.

Someone's hands gripped her shoulders, pulling her down to lay on the bed again, her head against the soft pillows. She gasped softly and struggled slightly when she was pulled to lay down on the bed. The person leaned down, his breath ghosting across her face as he breathed softly on her flesh. The effect it gave was strangely calming to her, and her breathing instinctively slowed its pace to match his. He stayed like that for a moment, waiting for her to calm down.

Shell didn't know what was going on, but whoever this person was, he was making her calm down against her will. Her breathing calmed down and soon enough, her body did as well. "I never thought I would have the chance to do this," a familiar voice breathed out on her face. "But it seems I have gotten lucky."

The voice....it was familiar. She blinked, trying to figure out who the voice belonged to. The same mouth leaned down, kissing her forehead, temple, eyelids, nose, cheek, chin...

The small kisses felt good, but something felt...wrong.

His cool lips suddenly met with hers, erasing most rational thought she had. He suckled on her upper lip gently, the inside of his mouth cool, but not too cold. She felt her mind almost just give into the way she was kissed. But who was it...? She made a small noise and her eyes closed, giving into the kiss. A long tongue slid between her lips, rubbing against hers, curling in her mouth and uncurling like a cat's tail to stimulate her.

She felt a shudder go through her and a small moan escape her as the tongue in her mouth tickled, causing her to rub her tongue against his. His tongue twirled and entwined with hers, bringing her tongue between his own lips and sucking softly. She moaned out louder and her hands clutched at his shirt, beginning to pant.

He pulled away, a thin string of saliva connecting their mouths before it broke. She was panting, her face flushed as she tried to catch her breath. "What a delectable taste," he cooed, then began to pepper her neck with kisses.

She groaned as he kissed her neck, his voice still familiar to her. He began to kiss down her chest, getting up to move better. He began kissing her covered chest. She panted and tilted her head back, her body growing hot. She felt that this was still wrong. Impatiently he brought out a series of long, smooth black tendrils, which grabbed at her clothes, ripping them off of her.

Her eyes shot open as she gasped, her clothes being ripped off of her and leaving her exposed. She didn't expect this and struggled slightly. He pinned her to the bed, his hands at her hips, letting out a low sound, almost like a growl.

"W-what are you....?" She blushed heavily, covering up her chest with her hands. She now recognized the voice and her eyes went wide.

"Quiet," the Observer growled, moving up more, his hips straddling her middle, just below her chest.

"G-get off me!!" Shell shouted and pushed at his chest, trying to get him off her.

"If you don't lay still and keep quiet, I'll be forced to quiet you myself," he threatened.

"Fuck you!!" She shouted and struggled to get away from him, feeling violated already.

"I gave you fair warning," he said, rolling her over on her side, his face hear her hips and her face in front of his hips.

Shell jerked her face away from him, trying to get away. "W-what the hell are you doing, pervert?!"

A tendril wrapped around her neck, squeezing warningly. She gritted her teeth, staying still. She didn't want her air to be cut off. The tip of the tendril prodded against her lips, caressing them and coaxing them to open. She closed her mouth tightly, glaring at the tendril harshly. She wouldn't give in. The tentacle curled around her neck even tighter, cutting off her air by quite a bit.

She gasped out, wheezing slightly as she tried to get air into her lungs. The tendril slid between her lips and wriggled past her teeth, reaching in until the very tip touched the back of her throat. Shell shut her eyes tightly, her chest heaving as she tried to get air into her lungs. She felt the tip of the tendril touch the back of her throat and shuddered. It stayed there for a moment, then began to pump in and out of her mouth slowly. She kept her eyes closed, feeling terribly violated already. Her jaw relaxed to let the tendril move in and out slowly.

"Hm... and you said you wouldn't give in," the shadow teased.

She glared at him, her cheeks very red. "Fuck you..." She said in a muffled voice.

"Ah, ah," he chided, the tendril in her throat pumping faster. "No speaking."

She made a small noise from the back of her throat, her face becoming even more red. How dare he do this? He unbuttoned her jeans with minimal effort, then slid them down her legs, to her knees. Her eyes went wide again and she tried to kick her legs, trying to get herself out of this situation.

"Don't be like that," he scolded, gripping her thighs with his hands, slightly sharp fingernails pressing into the soft flesh there.

She winced slightly and stopped kicking her legs, trying to breathe around the smooth tendril in her mouth.

"Now, I don't want to make this unpleasant for either of us, but if you do happen to force me I will not hesitate to hurt you," he said seriously.

She felt a shudder go through her when he said that. If this meant she basically had to submit to him in order for for her not to get hurt, then.....she really had no choice. She forced herself to stop fighting him.

"Good girl," he cooed, then loosened the grip on her thighs to a more gentle touch. She felt her face heat up in embarrassment. She did have a sickening feeling of what he had planned, though she didn't want to believe it. He began to kiss her stomach, working his way down navel gently. She grasped onto the tendril, trying to pull it out of her mouth so she could breathe. It slid back, only slightly, just enough to let her breathe. "Now, now, are you that eager to discontinue your practice for the main event?"

She let out a confused noise, still not able to speak with the tendril still in her mouth. She looked at him, blinking and then her eyes went wide when she realized what he meant.

"Heh... well, if you insist..." he said, pulling the tendril out all the way. The moist appendage pulled away, and a new one went to his jeans, tugging them down.

She panted when her mouth was finally free and went rigid when she saw his jeans being tugged down. "Now, you're going to pleasure me. If you refuse or resist, you'll be punished yourself," he warned. "Am I clear?"

"Y....yes....." She replied shakily with a nod and looked at his boxers, which was the only thing standing between her and his erection. She couldn't believe she was letting herself do this.

He surprised her by starting first, gently placing a lick to her nether regions, tongue lightly brushing over the soft nub of flesh above her slit. She felt a wave of pleasure go through her body and fought the urge to moan. Her hands grasped the edge of his boxers and pulled them down slowly, blushing heavily. He let out a hum of approval as the material of his boxers slid down over his erections, becoming more eager in his work. He began to exclusively lick at her clit, swirling his tongue around it. A strangled moan escaped from her soft lips when he did this and she brought her face forward, her tongue reaching out to lick slowly across the head of his member.

He returned her moan with one of his own, his member giving a throb, aching for more attention. She blushed heavily and she ran her tongue along the sides, up and down and around, from the base to the tip and back.

"O-ohh...." he groaned, his member twitching and throbbing. "What a good girl..." he whispered, lowering his head again and suckling on her clit.

She pulled her mouth back to let out a soft cry, her hips moving against his mouth. She brought her face forward again and this time, brought the head into her mouth, sucking gently.

"Mm!" he groaned, his hips bucking slightly. He pulled back, lapping up whatever juices had gotten onto his face, then leaned back down, this time licking up her slit.

She moaned around his length, sending vibrations through it and him. She brought more into her mouth, bobbing her head as she sucked. She found herself greatly aroused. He began lapping at her slit in earnest, his tongue gently flicking in and out of her love. Shell moved her legs slightly, suddenly wanting more, wanting him. She continued to bob her head, stopping sometimes to flick her tongue under the head.

The previously neglected tendril he had given her to practice on came back around, the cool, but not cold tip gently flicking her clit. She bucked her hips, gasping around his member. He began to rub her clit as he lapped at her slit, his tongue flicking in and out, in and out, always responding to every moan and gasp and squeal, trying to drive her mad with lust.

She moaned louder, bucking her hips slightly more, her mind becoming lost to the pleasure he gave her. She sucked harder for a moment before she pulled away, panting loudly. "I-I want...."

"Hmm...?" he pulled away slightly, breathing against her lower regions gently.

She shuddered and moaned. "I want you...." she swallowed thickly. "I....inside me..."

"Mmm..." he gave a sound of approval, but he decided to tease her. "I don't know, Shell..." he murmured, the tendril at her clit sliding down, prodding at her slit. "I think I rather like your mouth..."

She cried out from that, her hips thrashing. If he didn't do what she needed, she was going to go crazy with lust and need. She almost sobbed, her hands clutching his hips. "Please....please, please..." She begged.

"Well..." his eyes flitted upward with a small chuckle, still rubbing at her slit. She was literally begging him and trying hard. "All right, if you really want it that much," he said, lifting his weight from her. He turned himself around, straddling her hips gently, weighing her body down.

Her face was flushed and she still wasn't sure what she just gave herself up to, but she needed him. He pressed his member to her slit. "I know you're a virgin," he smirked. "So tell you what: deflower yourself. Ride me for a while, and IF you please me, I'll give you what you want: to be fucked senseless."

She swallowed thickly, just wanting the pleasure. She honestly had no idea to go about this, but she nodded slowly. "O...okay..."

He gripped her hips and rolled them over, so that she was on top. He pressed his member to her slit more, but that was it. She had to do the rest. She remembered what she had read in some stories and put her hands on his chest, lifting herself up over him. She took a deep breath and then began to lower herself down on him, biting her lip as her insides stretched to his size.

"Mm..." he moaned, leaning back and enjoying the show.

He was big and she didn't want to go too fast, or she could hurt herself. She continued to lower herself down more, stiffling a cry when she felt her 'barrier' snap.

"Fuck..." he moaned, then leered up at her lustfully. "You wanted it this way, didn't you? You've always wanted me, from the first moment I ever touched you."

She looked away from him, feeling extremely embarrassed. She knew it was wrong, so wrong, but she couldn't help but want this, want him. He was right; she wanted him from the first moment he touched her. "Well, don't stop now... come on, you know you want it... fuck me."

She shuddered when he said that and when she lowered herself down all the way, she was still for a moment, before she began to move, thrusting her hips on him. He moaned and fought to stay still, keeping true to his word. He knew she wasn't giving it her all, and he had to wait until she had once again lost herself to lust. She snapped her hips, beginning to pant. She knew she had to give it her all in order for him to do his part. So she rode him, gradually becoming faster and harder, her mind soon becoming lost.

He couldn't take it anymore. He gave a bellow and rolled them over, crashing his lips to hers as he began pumping into her at a violent pace. She screamed his name into his mouth, her hands clutching his shoulders tightly as she dug her nails into them. This was what she wanted. He pounded into her, hitting her spot, almost slamming into it with such ferocity that it made even he, the Keeper's most distinguished assailant, look like an animal.

She pulled away from his lips to scream and moan and cry as he fucked her senseless, her hands clutching his shoulders tightly. She arched her back as he pounded into her spot. "M....more..!"

"That's right..." he growled into her ear. "Moan for me; be my little bitch... come on..." he pounded into her as hard as he could, panting at how close he was, throbbing inside of her.

She started clenching around him, signaling him that she was very close. She moaned and screamed and cried and whimpered, calling out his name as she fully submitted to him. "I-I'm...g-gonna...." She strained out before she finally screamed out as loud as she could, climaxing very hard.

He wasn't even close to done, still pumping into her at his violent pace. It wasn't until she was nearing a second orgasm that he roared and slammed into her, leaning over her as he throbbed, releasing his seed into her. She screamed out from her second orgasm as it took over her, making her body extra sensitive. She shuddered as she felt warmth in her belly and her muscles strained greatly, before she went limp underneath him.

He panted and pulled out of her, his seed and her juices coating his member. She twitched as he pulled out, panting very hard. "You're mine now..." he hissed into her ear.

She shut her eyes and nodded. He placed a hand over her eyes, and she slowly began waking up.

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