Heated Tension

BY : Zaikia
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She couldn't handle it. She couldn't fucking handle it. The way his tongue moved inside her and the way his fingers would pleasure her, it was making her go insane. She tightened her grip on the dark hair that belonged to the Observer, nearly threatening to rip out the dark locks.

“Y....you're....” Shell swallowed thickly, gasping. “You're going to....make me cum before you even get inside me.....” She then let out a sharp cry when his somewhat long tongue curled inside her, teasing her sensitive spot.

The shadow pulled his tongue out and licked his lips, chuckling. “I'm surprised you haven't already.” He smirked and added a third finger, making her arch her back as she was stretched more. “But then again, you can go many rounds.”

His other hand moved across her stomach, feeling the goosebumps on her skin. He loved the way she reacted to his touches. He found them addicting, maybe too addicting. It wasn't a relationship and it sure as hell wasn't love. It was more of a 'friends with benefits' thing, since the two got stuck together a lot.

She moaned as his fingers found that spot inside her and without warning, his fingers pulled out. She whined, feeling very empty. “W...why'd you-?” She began, but then her breath hitched when she felt something long and slightly cool slide into her. She gasped loudly and looked down, blushing darkly when she saw one of his many tendrils in her.

As it slid in deeper, a second one joined and moved inside her deep and fast, hitting places inside her she didn't think were possible. She moaned out loudly and arched her back, clutching the bed sheets as if her life depended on it. She was already so close.

She panted harshly, feeling a thumb brush over her bottom lip. “So close already....” He whispered, chuckling. The tendrils moved harder into her and she squirmed, thrashing as the heat was becoming more and more.


He bit down on her ear, whispering harshly in it. “Cum.”

Shell arched her back and cried out loudly as she toppled over the edge from her orgasm. Liquids stained the bedsheets and her body trembled and twitched as she came down from her high. The tendrils left her and she panted, calming down.

As she completely calmed down, she suddenly felt the Observer press right up against her. And it was clear that he was very aroused. He placed his lips on her neck. “Round 2?” He purred.

She just chuckled and nodded.  

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