In Unison

BY : Zaikia
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Tenebrae sighed to herself as she got out of the shower, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her. When she came into her room, Firebrand and Observer were all over each other, cursing and fighting unintelligibly. "Oi! Hey, knock it off you two!!" Tenebrae got between them, pulling them apart with her tendrils. She forgot she was still in a towel.

Firebrand growled and got out of Tenebrae's grip, approaching her. "I'll show you, Observer... there's no WAY she thinks better of you better than me."

Tenebrae blinked with her good eye. "Uh.....what the fuck did you say?"

"I said, there's no way you think better of him than me. I am in EVERY way better, and I DESERVE you." With this, he gripped her hip and pulled her close to his body, his eyes narrowed in determination and unconcealed lust.

Tenebrae's eye widened in complete confusion and surprise. She was in a TOWEL. "U-um....w-what are you doing Firebrand?" She asked, her hands against his chest slightly.

He didn't reply, and instead pressed his lips to hers, sucking on her bottom lip, holding her head in place. She let out a noise of surprise, her body freezing up on herself. His lips were soft, but hot, almost like fire. He held her close as he kissed her, his arm around her waist.

A brush of black hair passed over her shoulder as the other male held her from behind, his chin on her shoulder. "Is it okay...?" the Observer asked softly.

Tenebrae didn't know what to think, her good eye glancing over at the Observer. She didn't know what they had planned for her, but she had a hunch. She was blushing very hard, not sure what to do. When he didn't receive a reply, he closed his eyes and began to lick and suckle at her pulse, trying to coax her into this. Tenebrae let out a sudden moan into Firebrand's mouth, her neck being sensitive. She blushed harder, closing her good eye.

Firebrand unwrapped the towel from her waist and let if fall to the ground, then slipped off his jacket and held her even closer. She realized she was now naked and felt her face wanted to burst from being so red. Her hands were clutching his shirt.

"Don't hoard her all to yourself," the Observer almost whined.

"Want to switch?" Firebrand asked.

Tenebrae was panting a bit, her lips tingling from the kiss. They switched spots, then decided to lay on the bed. The Observer licked his lips, then kissed her gently, his body significantly cooler than Firebrand's. She closed her good eye and started to kiss him back. She was still blushing madly, but she wasn't fighting. He slid his tongue between her lips and kissed her, happily, enjoying her closeness and intimacy.

She moaned into his mouth and reached up with one hand to hold onto his shoulder. The attention she got from both men felt good. The Observer sat between her legs as he kissed her, holding her close to him. Firebrand held her from behind as his teeth grazed her neck lightly. Tenebrae's free hand clutched onto Firebrand's pant leg, small moans and gasps escaping her between kisses.

Firebrand hummed against her neck, and the Observer broke the kiss in favor of peppering her face in kisses. She panted a bit, blushing softly. Had they been fighting over her? Firebrand kissed and licked and nibbled and sucked and grazed at her neck tenderly, covering it with love bites that he soothed over with pecks from his lips.

The Observer's hands reached up and massaged the mounds on her chest gently, slowly and carefully. She gasped softly and arched her back, tilting her head to the side, exposing more of her neck. She began to feel heat gather down between her legs as she slowly became aroused.

The Observer leaned down a bit, kissing one breast gently. Firebrand massaged her shoulders gently to help her relax as they did this. Tenebrae relaxed, her face very red. The Observer sucked one breast into his mouth, massaging the other one in his hand.

"A-ah...." She mewled, closing her good eye and arching her chest into his touch. He suckled a bit more, then turned to the other breast and repeated his actions. She moaned and tilted her head back onto Firebrand's shoulder, panting.

After the Observer had finished, he began kissing down her chest and belly. "Hey, we;re going to switch soon," growled Firebrand.

" fighting..." Tenebrae breathed, looking at them both.

Reluctantly, Observer switched places with Firebrand, and he tenderly began to massage her shoulders. She relaxed as her shoulders were massaged, looking at Firebrand. Firebrand pushed her back to gently lay down on Observer's chest, then began to kiss her belly. Tenebrae closed her good eye and breathed out, mewling from the feeling. He slowly made her way to her nether-regions, breathing out softly against her. She blushed madly and looked down at him, knowing what he had planned.

He gripped her hips gently and ran his tongue up her slit, parting her for him, before moving his tongue to tweak the small nub of flesh above her slit. "Mmnm!!" She threw her head back in a squeal, her hands clutching the bed sheets.

The Observer gently murmured into her ear, nibbling on it gently. She panted harshly, her chest heaving. Firebrand continued to lap and suckle at her lower regions, being tender and gentle with her. She moaned out loudly, lightly bucking her hips. "H...ha...."

He pulled back, then licked his lips. "Switch," he told Observer, and once again they traded places.

She blushed as they switched places once again. Firebrand and the Observer undressed themselves, then resumed kissing at her skin. Tenebrae relaxed under their touch, knowing she wanted not just one of them, but both of them. Firebrand gripped her wrist from behind gently, then moved her hand between his legs, kissing her neck gently. She gasped softly and blushed, looking over her shoulder at him. She had a hunch, but didn't know exactly what he was doing.

"Will you touch me?" Firebrand asked softly, his teeth grazing her neck lightly. "I promise to be nice..."

She nodded slowly and looked down at his member, nervous, but excited. The Observer grabbed her other hand with a soft whine, not wanting her to just give her attention to the larger male. Tenebrae looked at him as he grabbed her other hand and she nodded also. They both got closer to her, Firebrand kissing one side of her neck as Observer kissed the other, their hands setting hers on their members.

She moaned softly and her hands wrapped around their members, slowly beginning to stroke them. They both groaned into her neck, the Observer beginning to pant. She shuddered when they groaned into her neck and moved her hands faster, even squeezing slightly. Firebrand began to nibble her neck gently, while the Observer's hands returned to her shoulders. She moaned from their attention and stroked them faster, panting softly.

"O-okay, wait, wait..." Firebrand panted.

Tenebrae stopped stroking them, her face very red.

"Are you sure about this?" Observer asked Tenebrae.

She thought for a long moment and gave a slow nod. They switched places one last time, the Observer at her back and Firebrand at her front. She relaxed against them both, trying to relax even more for what was to come. Firebrand and Observer both slowly began to push in, as slowly and as tenderly as possible. She gritted her teeth from the slight pain she felt, groaning out.

They were slow and they were gentle with her, waiting for her to adjust patiently. She had one hand on Observer's shoulder, the other on Firebrand's leg. "M...move please..." She panted.

They both began to move slowly, both men moaning and panting above and beneath her. She closed her good eye and began moaning and panting with them, holding onto them. "Y-you feel so good..." Firebrand shivered, going even deeper.

Tenebrae moaned out loudly, leaning her head back and bucking against both of them. "O-oh, God..." the Observer moaned, whimpering a little.

"M..more...please...." She panted and shuddered.

They began to go faster, harder, and deeper, soon going deep enough to touch her spot. Tenebrae cried out their names as they touched her spot deep inside her, bucking hard against them. Firebrand was so close already, but the Observer wasn't even close to satisfied. He worked like a champ, working to send himself, Tenebrae, and Firebrand over the edge.

"G...guys.....please..h-harder..." She begged.

They both shuddered, then began pounding into her as hard and as fast as they could. She screamed out their names, now finding herself close to the edge. Firebrand shuddered, trying to hold out for Shell, but it was starting to become more difficult. "I-I'm gonna....." She groaned, then cried out loudly as she clenched around both of them and came hard.

They both hissed softly, then groaned, releasing as well. They panted underneath and on top of her, holding onto her closely. She held onto them, holding them close to her and panting harshly.

They gently pulled out of her, laying with her on the bed. She snuggled them both, relaxing.

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