The Blackmail of Sarah Walker

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Hello eveyone , this story popped into my head a while back and i thought why not write it . I enjoy strange pairing's so a Morgan/Sarah is definetley a strange one . My grammar isnt brilliant i do apoligize , not to mention Morgan is massivley out of character , although i think give him a few more brain cells and he's slimey enough to consider it haha . 

If you like it and have any idea's you would like to see me try please say .

The blackmail of Sarah Walker

Morgan sighed as he sat skimming through reports on the castle computer, he had nothing to do today and his best buddy Chuck had asked for the house for a good few hours so him and the goddess that was Sarah Walker could have some alone time.

While he loved his friend, he was extremely jealous of him. The fact he was going out with probably the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, someone Morgan would give anything to be with just once. His obsession was made worse with the way Sarah dressed, her tight clothes and short skirts always making him hard instantly.

Trying to take his mind of Sarah, Morgan kept scrolling through different reports. He knew he wasn’t meant to but checking on reports of the awesome things team Bartowski did, kept his boredom and thoughts of Sarah to a minimum.

While scrolling through, he found one marked as classified that caught his attention, the address marked to Sarah walker only. Glancing around castle to make sure he was alone, he quickly clicked on the report, only for it to come up with a password needed.

Dam Morgan thought, he knew if it was classified it was probably some deep undercover mission where she took on like thirty terrorists alone or something cool like that. Looking at the password needed sign; Morgan decided to take a punt at it.

“Chuck” Morgan said as he wrote his friends name in, his eyes widened when the password was accepted. Wow for a CIA agent she doesn’t know how to make a secure password

What came up made Morgan’s eyes widen, it was a report of a mission dated three weeks ago, and what he read was something he couldn’t believe. It was of a mission Sarah was sent on, to infiltrate a terrorist ring, and to do that she had to seduce the leader and find out all the information he knew any way necessary.

Morgan remembered back three weeks ago when Chuck said Sarah had to leave for a few days , he had said she told him it was for her Cia retraining that they had to go through every year . She had lied, and when he read General Beckman’s words at the end of the report it made it all the worse.

 Agent walker was a consummate professional, who while in a loving relationship she still put her country’s needs before her own. Sex with a mark is not the way we like to do things, but it was her only choice, and for the good of America she went through with it.

Thinking Quickly , Morgan printed out the file to use as leverage , there was no way he was allowing Sarah no matter how hot she was continue to lie to his best friend . Grabbing the printed file, Morgan would take it back to the house, and hide it. He would then have a chat with Sarah when Chuck had gone to work, being Chuck’s best friend he needed to confront her, even if she could probably kill him with a flick of the wrist.

Morgan sat there in castle with the file in hand, as he allowed his rage at Chuck’s girlfriend to calm down; he allowed his mind to truly go over the ramifications of what he had found. If he was to show this to Sarah and demanded she leave, or show it to chuck it would break his best friend’s heart. Something that had happened so much in the past, Morgan wasn’t sure how he would handle it happening again.

Another thought struck Morgan though, and struck him hard, while he could tell her to leave and get out of his friends life, hurting Chuck in the process making life better for no one ….. He could also use what he now held in his hand to make sure Sarah never does anything like that again plus get something out of it in return, something he had wanted to experience since laying eyes on the beauty that was Sarah Walker that was to fuck her. He felt guilty, she’s his friend’s girlfriend after all but she was so beautiful, so hot that he spent so much time fantasizing about her that any time he laid eyes on her he was instantly hard.

One thing he quickly realised as he sat at the computer chair in castle was that a paper copy wasn’t enough, Sarah was smart after all and could easily lay claim the documents had been tampered with. There was also the fact that she could also delete the mission reports as soon as he tried to blackmail her, plus chuck would believe nearly anything she said , no what Morgan needed was proof plus when he eventually attempted the blackmail on the super sexy CIA agent , he would need to say the right things to manipulate her . And with that in mind he started to formulate a plan, a plan that would hopefully lead to him having Sarah whenever he wanted.  

With a plan figured out, he then set about collecting a few supplies he would need from castle.

The next Morning……… Chuck’s apartment….

To start his plan, the night before Morgan had returned home after giving the ‘two lovebirds’ enough time alone. He had he had asked to talk to Chuck before he went off to bed, he then spun a story about needing to meet mangers from other buy mores in the morning and asked if Chuck would do him the favour of opening up for him tomorrow. While Chuck was a spy, he still worked at the buy more as cover and being he was Morgan’s best friend he agreed even if it meant having to wake up a few hours earlier than usual.

It also meant he would be alone in the apartment with Sarah for a few hours, the blonde beauty not usually leaving for castle until later in the morning.

And that’s how it had come to Morgan standing nervously, documents containing Sarah’s infidelity in hand watching the blonde in question sitting at the breakfast table typing away at her laptop, probably writing a mission report.

Morgan almost backed out due to fearing for his life but as he looked upon the blonde bombshell, dressed in a tight white work shirt showing of her ample cleavage and an even tighter black skirt, her long silky white legs on show, with six inch black stiletto heels on. He couldn’t back out, even if it meant his life, the thought of fucking someone as sexy as her was worth it. With that thought he took a few steps forward, the movement alerting Sarah of his presence.

“Good morning Morgan” Sarah said turning her head away from the what she was doing , giving the small bearded man a wide smile , her flawless white teeth on show .

God she’s so beautiful Morgan thought unable to say anything in reply, but quickly remembering his task at hand, he took in a deep breath calming himself down. Then without replying to Sarah’s greeting, he slowly walked over to her, placing the document in his hand in front of a surprised looking Sarah.

“What’s this?” Sarah asked curiously opening the brown cover, until a piece of paper was showing. Slowly she read what was on said paper , as she did her face went from happy , to worried to angry in a matter of seconds and before Morgan could realise what was happening he was shoved forcefully up against the wall behind him , the perfectly manicured hand of Sarah’s wrapped around his throat holding him in place.

“You went through my personal records” Sarah growled in anger, her eyes glaring daggers at the bearded man.

“You’re choking me” Morgan said struggling to get the words out as the blondes hand was tightly wrapped his throat.

Realising she was currently choking the life out of her boyfriend’s best friend she let go of his throat , her hand then landing on his chest so she could at least keep him pinned up against the wall .

“You know how much trouble you’re in if anyone finds out you hacked into a CIA agent’s files and took mission details from it” Sarah continued angrily reprimanding the small bearded man in front of her. “These are private and for the eyes of general Beckman only”

Morgan new it was now or never, he had to make sure he said everything just right.

“So let me get this straight …. You cheat on my best friend and all you can say is the documents are private and shouldn’t be seen”

This made Sarah falter a little, it had been a massive regret on her part but the terrorist ring she had taken down needed to be stopped, and she and General Beckman had agreed she would have to go alone as outsiders who were men were not allowed close but a beautiful woman like her could use what god had given her and help save hundreds of lives.

“I did what I had to do for the good of the nation, I hate myself for it but it was the only way.” Sarah replied with sadness in her voice, her crystal blue eyes watering at the thought.

Ignoring the sadness Sarah was showing, the dirty thoughts on his mind taking over Morgan kept his plan moving.

“If Chuck finds out about this it’ll break him Sarah, even worse than with Jill but as his best friend I have to tell him”

Sarah’s eyes widened with worry as the words came tumbling out of Morgan’s mouth , was he really that cold hearted to ruin the life she and Chuck where starting to build? She couldn’t let him though, not now, not with how happy she was.

“Tell him then ….. Everything will be deleted before you can anyway, and don’t think I won’t search everywhere for any more print outs. I’ll just tell him they were forged if you show him it anyhow” Sarah replied, trying to make out Morgan’s threats weren’t bothering her.

“I’ve been his best friend since we were children” Morgan stated with a confidence he didn’t think he had “Even if you delete everything, I’ll still tell him, you’re a spy after all he knows you lye for a living anyway”

“So what you want me to pack my bags and leave just so you can have Chuck all to yourself again or something” Sarah assumed, tears rolling down her cheek at the thought of leaving Chuck. She knew Morgan was right, if he told Chuck what he had found out, even with proof he could still doubt her.

“No” Morgan simply stated ignoring how upset Sarah was getting, he had to admit it was strange not seeing her usual composed spy self but it proved how much Chuck truly meant to her that she was breaking down like this . He should have felt bad, but all he could do was see how beautiful she was and how close he was to having her.

“T-Then what do you want, why are you even bringing it up do you just want to hurt me or something , or make me feel worse for something I already hate myself for?” Sarah asked in confusion.

Morgan was now about to go into the zone of no return, his plan hinged on this.

“What I want…. What I want Sarah is to make a deal”

“A deal?” Sarah replied cautiously

“Yes a deal” Morgan stated, it was then he finally showed his true intentions, at least a little bit anyhow.

“In exchange for my silence on the matter, all I want is from you Is a blowjob”

“What?!!! Are you insane you little pervert, absolutely not” Sarah replied angrily, her hand applying more pressure to Morgan’s chest, her face scowling at the mere thought.

“J-Just think about it Sarah” Morgan replied this time a little nervously, he had awoken the blonde spy’s anger after all. “All it will take is one little blowjob, that’ll last no more than five minutes …..Maybe even seconds knowing me afterwards me and you would be even”

“How will me giving you, a blowjob make us even?” Sarah replied in disbelief, she couldn’t believe what was coming out of this bearded trolls mouth.

“Think about it” Morgan swallowed “If you do this, then I can’t tell Chuck about what you did on that mission, because you could tell him I blackmailed you into giving me a blowjob and we would both loose him, so if you do what I’m asking, it’s your way of making it impossible to tell him without losing him as a friend myself “

Sarah stood breathing heavy, with Morgan pinned up against the wall, her mind ran a mile a minute. What he was saying was true, all he had to do was tell Chuck and he would put doubt in his mind forever. But could she really do what he asked? Just to get out of him saying anything. But then the thought of losing Chuck came to mind and her heart almost broke …..It was something she didn’t think she could ever endure …… so with that thought in mind, she knew she would have to cave in to the disgusting little man’s request. She was a spy she had been tortured, burned, cut, shot everything you could think off, and even though she wanted to gag at the thought of sucking Morgan off, she knew she could endure it if it meant not losing Chuck. With that last thought, she let go off Morgan, still glaring at him as she did.

“Fine you bastard” Sarah exclaimed, pure hatred in her voice “Take your pants off then and let’s get this over with”

Morgan was almost too stunned to move after what Sarah had just said he couldn’t believe his plan was working; his dream was finally in his grasp. And although he wanted nothing more than Sarah to drop to her knees and suck him off right there and then, he wanted more than just a quick blowjob, so he had to fight the urges he had, the need to feel her mouth wrapped around his member.

“Where not doing it here and now” Morgan said holding his hands out to stop Sarah from trying to make a move.

“I actually do have a meeting to attend for the buy more” Morgan continued, this time lying through his teeth “and besides, we can’t just do it here what if Awesome, Casey or Ellie walk in ….. What if Chuck comes back unexpectedly? You must have somewhere private and comfortable”

Sarah growled knowing he had a point before quickly turning on her feet, her longs legs striding until she reached her bag on the apartment table. Quickly rummaging through her bag, she pulled out a key card before walking back to Morgan, throwing the card at him as she did.

“That’s the key to my old hotel room at the Maison, I keep it to store some extra spy equipment and a few others thing in case something happens to Chuck and we have to run, go there when you’ve finished this meeting and text me” Sarah said her voice ice cold, she then turned back around once more grabbing her bag and laptop.

“Now I have to go to castle to finish some reports …. Just so you know, I hate you so much Morgan and I’ll never forgive you for this”

And with that she marched out of the apartment, slamming the door after her.

Morgan let out a deep breath when he saw Sarah leave , he couldn’t believe how smoothly everything was going , or the fact someone like him had even been able to come up with a plan as genius as his . Grabbing the key card off of the floor, and sliding it in his pocket, Morgan then scurried to his room to collect the items he had taken from castle. With everything he needed in hand he rushed out the door, heading straight for the hotel Maison.

Hotel Maison a few hours later……

Morgan sat down on the edge of the bed of Sarah’s old room, his phone in hand. Scrolling through his contacts he found Sarah’s name. Clicking on it he got up the text message option, quickly typing a message that he was ready.

I’m at the hotel ready xx

He then waited anxiously for a few minutes, Sarah’s reply coming fast.

I will be there in fifteen minutes

As soon as he read the message he quickly got to his feet, checking the room that everything was in place.

All the Cameras are in place and ready Morgan thought with a smile, the CIA grade microscopic cameras he had taken from castle last night scattered around the room in so many different places and positions. With everything ready he could only sit and wait in anticipation.

15 minutes later……..

A knock on the door made Morgan’s heart beat a mile a minute, Sarah was here, and his plan was nearly complete. Walking to the door, he opened it slowly and was shoved aside as the leggy blonde marched into the room. Still wearing her tight white shirt and tight business skirt, her long legs as lengthy and beautiful as ever, her face and body absolute perfection as usual.

 “Come on then, I want this over and done with. So I can’t start trying to forget about this mess” Sarah said, gritting her teeth as she did.

Morgan didn’t say anything, be it nerves or just not wanting to say anything to mess his plan up. Instead he walked over to the bed in the middle of Sarah’s old room and sat on the edge, waiting for Sarah to continue.

He watched in anticipation as the blonde walk towards him, he ignored the scowl on her face as she knelt in front of him.

He swallowed in anticipation as the blonde beauty reached for the zipper on his work trousers, to help her out he undid the button up top as her perfectly manicured hand slowly undid the zipper. She then grabbed the side of his trousers pulling them down his legs until his star wars boxers where know in sight, his cock already tenting the Jedi covered briefs.

“As you can see he’s very excited to see you” Morgan said dreamily, his words pissing the blonde off.

“Shut up Morgan or ill cut it off I swear ….. I don’t want to hear another words from you do you understand?” Sarah growled, her tone of voice making Morgan shut up instantly, nodding his head as he did.

Morgan then watched as Sarah reached up to the band of his boxers shorts, pulling them down release his already hardening cock. He had to smile to himself when he saw the surprise on Sarah’s face , while his cock wasn’t massive in length measuring in at around six and a half inches , it was incredibly fat , something that the few woman he had been with had definitely enjoyed . That included Sarah’s friend Carina, someone else who was surprised at what the small man was packing.

But the surprise was quickly replaced with disgust once more, obvious that no matter the size the blonde hated every moment of this. Morgan watched as she took in a deep breath before her hand firmly wrapped around the shaft of his cock and slowly began to stroke it.

Morgan let out a moan as Sarah continued to stroke his cock, his member growing rock hard as she did. He couldn’t believe just the touch of her hand made him feel as though he was going to explode there and then. She continued on for a few minutes until she stopped, her baby blue eyes eyeing the throbbing cock in her hand. A sigh escaping her lips, the beautiful blonde then lowered her mouth on Morgan’s cock, her soft lips wrapping around the head of his pulsating member.

Morgan felt like crying with happiness and pleasure as he felt the warm wet mouth of possibly the most stunning woman he had ever seen wrapped around his cock.

“Oh fuck ….Sarah” Morgan groaned in pure bliss as she began bobbing her mouth up and down , alternating between playing with the head of his cock with her tongue and taking him deep until the top of his cock was hitting the back of her throat .

He had been given head a few times in his life, not a lot; it wasn’t like he had girls queuing up for him but in saying that , what experiences he did have where being blown out of the water with what Sarah was doing to him . He thought he was in dreamland and he wanted the feeling to last forever, it wasn’t going to of course, he didn’t think it would last another two minutes at this rate but with his plan set in motion and Sarah falling for the trap perfectly, he hoped it wouldn’t be long before he felt this feeling again and many other feelings as well that would be even better.

“That’s it” Morgan whispered breathlessly as Sarah once more swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock. He gazed down at her, before reaching out with his hand and slipping his fingers through her soft blonde hair as she pleasured him. It seemed it was the wrong move though as Sarah’s hand reacted grabbing up him hard by the wrist and pulling her mouth of his cock at the same time. The blonde then shot him a look that could kill.

“I may have to do this, but it doesn’t mean I want your perverted little hands touching me …..Do you understand?”

Seeing the look Sarah was giving him, Morgan could only nod swallowing nervously as he did.

“Good know will you hurry up and cum” Sarah growled before lowering her mouth back onto him causing a blissful sigh to leave the bearded man’s mouth.

Morgan had to wonder how she was going to react when he set his last part of his plan in action, but with how good it felt to have her lips wrapped around him, he knew it was worth the risk.

Sarah continued to work Morgan’s cock with her mouth, while bobbing up and down she also started to massage his balls with her perfectly manicured hands hoping to make him cum quicker. It worked as well as not long after she heard Morgan’s groans becoming louder.

“Oh ……god Sarah I’m” Morgan cried out unable to finish his sentence as his balls tightened and he exploded over the edge, it was in his pre climactic state though that he grabbed Sarah by the head and held it so his cock was shoved as deep as possible down her throat  as he came . His seed filling the blonde spy’s mouth, the cum dribbling down her chin as she choked on Morgan’s cock.

“You bastard” Sarah shouted after using her strength to get Morgan off her, as soon as she did she marched straight to the bathroom to clean her mouth out , wanting the taste of her blackmailer out of her mouth . As soon as she had finished, she didn’t even pay attention to Morgan, she walked straight for the door, wanting to get out of there as quickly as she could, the shame to much for her to handle.

Morgan laid back on the bed, his trousers still around his ankles with a contented smile on his face, who was he kidding, an ecstatic smile on his face. His plan was going perfect and he had just been given the best blowjob of his life by a blonde leggy Valkyrie. As he laid there, he couldn’t get the perfect vision out of his head of Sarah Walker sucking his cock but after a while he decided he couldn’t lie around anymore, it was time to complete the last part of his plan, the last part of his blackmail of Sarah Walker.

Evening, Morgan’s mother’s house….

It was ready…… Morgan couldn’t believe what he was about to do , but scrolling through his contacts on his phone he pulled up Sarah’s and quickly sent off the last part of his plan Before sitting back in his old bedroom , waiting for the inevitable reply .

You see as soon as Sarah had left the maison hotel, Morgan had gathered all of the CIA cameras he had hidden before heading straight off home . Not wanting to be in the same apartment as Sarah when he implemented the final stage of his plan, he grabbed his laptop which he needed and headed straight for his mother’s house.  He then proceeded to upload all the videos of his and Sarah’s ‘special moment’, and after first jacking off to the sight …..More than once he then started to edit each of the videos. While he wasn’t like Chuck when it came to computers, one thing he was good at was video editing, so he preceded the blur his face from the final video not to mention take the sound away at the parts of Sarah telling him not to touch her.

Then when the video looked like it was off Sarah sucking off a stranger in her old hotel room, he moved the video onto a special program that was installed onto his laptop. After finding out about Chuck and the CIA , Morgan had been worried that they could start spying on his private files on his laptop , but after speaking with Chuck his friend uploaded a program he had created that made it near on impossible to hack , even for the CIA. The irony was, one of the only people in the world that could gain access to the video of Sarah giving him head was Chuck himself. When the video was nice and secure, he duplicated it before uploading it onto his phone. He then completed the final part of his plan.

Five minutes later, Chuck’s apartment…..

Sarah thought maybe she was being a little out of character as she continued to cook Chucks favourite meal as well as agreeing to a movie marathon night of Star Wars, but she felt so guilty, so disgusted with herself at what she had done earlier with her loves best friend that she had to do something, even as something as little as cooking dinner and watching films with him. If he found out it would never be enough, but she didn’t know what else to do. She had thought about running, the guilt being too much but then she saw Chuck’s face and realised even if it was selfish she could never leave him…..she loved him too much.

She continued to stand there deep in thought as she stirred the food she was cooking, wearing nothing but a tight white t-shirt and pink boy shorts covered by an apron until a vibration coming from her phone pulled her back into reality.

God please don’t be Beckman Sarah thought as she reached over to the side and picked up her phone, as soon as she saw who it was from though her blood started to boil.

What does this little troll want Sarah thought angrily as she looked down at the phone seeing there were three messages from Morgan .Looking quickly to make sure Chuck was still lying comfortably on the couch watching his film, Sarah clicked on the first message.

Do not open the next message unless you’re in private.

“Chuck, I’m just going to the bathroom can you keep an eye on the stove” Sarah asked sweetly.

“Sure thing babe” Chucked replied his eye’s still glued to the TV screen.

Sarah quickly removed her apron before walking off to the bathroom, her phone clenched firmly in her hand. Her thoughts pondering just what the hell the bearded troll was up to now.

When she was inside the bathroom, she quickly closed the toilet seat lid and sat down on it before once more getting the messages from Morgan up. Quickly deleting the first message she clicked onto the next only for her phone to start downloading a video file.

What’s this? Sarah thought clicking onto the video, her eyes widened when the video started to play showing her sucking off Morgan from different angles, close up, far away, from the side. Although it wasn’t Morgan the video was showing, instead it looked as though it was some random stranger with their face blurred out.

He recorded me ……. That little bastard set camera’s up…….. Sarah was shaking with rage as she sat there contemplating what Morgan had done. When she calmed down just enough she scrolled onto the next message.

We have much to discuss, meet me tomorrow I’ll send you the time and place in the morning…………



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