Wake-Up Call

BY : Bebe
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Title: Wake-Up Call

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I’m not even sure who does own the copyright anymore, but it sure isn’t me.

Spoilers: None.

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Pairing: Harper/Rommie

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Summary: Rommie thinks that Harper needs to get up, if not out of bed.

Author's Note: Not sure where this silly little thing even came from, but I figured someone would like it if I posted it here!



The voice, familiar and laced with affectionate undertones, was also right next to his ear. He grumbled incoherently and burrowed deeper under the covers of the bed.


Still familiar and close by, but somewhat more of an exasperated affection. He still ignored it. He was tired, dammit, and as long as there were no alarms announcing imminent death he was staying asleep and that was final. There was a pause, then a sigh, and he thought for one hopeful moment that the voice’s owner was going away, or at least giving up on bothering him.

Then he was gripped somewhere that did not do him the slightest amount of good.

He yelped and jerked, the hand happily letting go as he did, and his eyes flew open. Unsurprisingly, it was Rommie leaning over him, and he resented the long-suffering expression she wore. “Don’t do that,” he told her, blinking the sleep away.

“Why not? It worked.”

Ah, yes, the warship end-justifying-the-means thing. “First, I was up repairing you all night and I wanted to sleep in. Second, being too reckless with those might mean that I don’t let you near ’em anymore.” He eyed her, dismayed when she looked entertained instead of chastised.

“You don’t mean that,” she said, and sometimes sleeping with a walking lie detector kinda sucked. Then the hand returned and played over him again, and his blood rushed southward. This touch was much better than the initial one had been and there was no way he could— or wanted to— prevent the reaction. In fact, he protested when she let go.

Rommie just grinned and moved to sit astride him. “Do something for me and maybe I’ll do it again,” she offered. She didn’t give him time to make that decision before she moved his hands to her breasts, but he didn’t feel inclined to refuse anyway. That particular lack of motivation was cemented when she leaned to kiss him, deep and wet, and he hardened against her mound as she pressed her body to his. Remembering what she’d said, he moved his fingers over her, and she sighed happily at the touch, wriggling a little when he teased her nipples.

The rock forward startled a gasp out of him. It was hard to believe he’d been asleep ten minutes before, less than ten minutes before, with how the pressure in that one movement felt. It took him until then, though, to wake up enough to realize that they were both naked. Having done so, with her request to do something for her, he grinned and lowered one hand.

This time it was her turn to gasp, and he smiled even wider at the unintelligible sounds spilling from her mouth when he rubbed his thumb over her. She was slippery to the touch and he wasn’t surprised when she gyrated against him like she was already on the verge of coming. She might have been, even; she didn’t usually wake him up or even initiate sex so aggressively.

“Harper!” she finally forced out, still moving to the pace of his thumb.

“Yeah?” He changed the angle enough to get a cry out of her. “You called?”

She didn’t answer verbally. Instead she dislodged his hand as she slid forward, straightening just enough to position him for her to sink down onto him, and he groaned at the renewed rush of blood as she surrounded him and immediately began to move. So good

He had to fight for some clarity of thought, not wanting to finish too soon. He wanted to please her first. There was enough room for him to get his hand between them, and the noise she made at his touch then was close to a whimper. It was hard to keep it in the right spot as she sped up, sliding faster over him, around him. She had to have been getting close earlier or she wouldn’t have come so quickly now, shuddering around him within seconds. While he was happy for her, it was hard to remember that when she slowed back down after a moment. Apparently she was enjoying the last few spasms, judging by the way she smiled when she clenched sporadically around him. Those same spasms were what made it difficult for him, however.

When she seemed about done, her whole body relaxing, he was just impatient enough to lift his hips a little, to nudge her into remembering that he was there, too, and still needing something. She smirked when he did so, with a hint of mischief in it. “I promised to go back to what I was doing earlier, didn’t I? And you did do a little something for me.” She started to lift off of him, but he grabbed her hips and pulled her back down, a small grunt escaping him when their bodies met again a little harder than he’d intended.

“You don’t have to go back to that, you know,” he said quickly and breathlessly. “If this is easier you can go ahead and keep moving for a while. I wouldn’t want you to go to extra effort or tire out your hands or anything.”

The smirk widened back into an actual smile, probably amused by his reasoning. “Well, as long as I’m here...” and she moved again, quick slides up and down until the feel of it overwhelmed him and dragged him under a wave of pleasure.

When he came back out the other side, damp and panting, she still seemed amused. “If you want to go back to sleep now, I can go.”

He groaned, in mock exasperation this time, and grabbed her shoulders to pull her down for a kiss, ignoring the shriek of laughter.

The End

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