Friendly Bonding

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“What the hell Amy?!?!”

Karma Ashcroft had a look of confusion and angered as she held up her hand showing off the handcuffs attached to her wrist. Of course by holding her left hand, it caused Amy’s right hand to lift up as the handcuffs were also attached around her wrist.

“Why did you do this? What were you thinking?”

Well, if Amy was being honest, she really wasn’t thinking. She just needed to keep Karma from leaving. It had become a pattern recently for the last few weeks. She and Karma would make plans and things would be okay for a little bit but eventually Karma would come up with some excuse and bail. Amy couldn’t help but worry that Karma still wasn’t over the whole Liam fiasco. She thought they were trying to move forward. That was why she left to go camping with Reagan because she felt that Karma and her were in a good place. However, since she came back, they have seemed to lost their way. Amy was desperate to find out why.

“Hey it was the only way to get you to stay. This was supposed to be movie night. We barely are half way through the first movie and you are trying to leave. What’s the deal?”

Karma’s face changed and her eyes began to shift. Her whole demeanor seemed flustered.

“What is with the handcuffs?”

She once again held her hand up to display the handcuffs. The handcuffs were covered in some faux pink fur.

“They are from Shane’s mom stash of sex toys she sells.”

“Why would you…” Karma’s question trailed off and an expression of pure terror came over her. She looked like she was going to throw up. “Oh god, don’t tell me. Don’t want to know!”

“There from when Tommy was tied up in the garage, you perv. What did you think… did you think me and Reagan?”

“No, of course not.” It was an obvious lie. “Can you get these things off?”

Amy now began to fidget. “Well I don’t actually have the keys.”


“Don’t worry I’ll just call Shane and have him bring over the key.” Karma huffed in acceptance and sat on Amy’s bed while Amy called Shane. A few minutes Amy finished the call. “Good news, Shane will be here in a couple of hours with the key.”

“What? A couple of hours? How is that good news?”

“Well, we can have our movie night or we can discuss the reason why you keep running away from me.”

Karma looks like she wants to say something but instead turns towards the laptop.

“Let’s finish the movie.”

“Fine.” Amy huffs before sitting next to Karma. For the next 30 minutes the girls seem to play an unwritten game. Amy would try to snuggle against Karma only for Karma to move away. After the fifth time, Amy has had enough. “Okay what is going on? Do I have bad BO or something?”

“What are you talking about? I am just trying to get comfortable which is hard with these handcuffs. Speaking of which how much longer before Shane comes with the key. If he hurries you could have enough time to make plans with Reagan.”

It takes Amy a few seconds to catch up as Karma said everything in about 2 seconds. “I already told you Reagan is working and this was just supposed to be you and me tonight. I only want to be with you.”

Amy is surprised when Karma lowers her eyes. “I am just trying to be a good friend and let you have time with your girlfriend.”

Amy has had enough. She pushes Karma on her back and straddles her midsection. “Stop pushing me away. Tell me what is going on with you. Please.”

As with the handcuffs, Amy really hadn’t thought through her actions. Her face was hovering above Karma’s just mere inches away. Her breathing became labored. Her mouth became dry and she licked her lips. She could swear that she saw Karma’s pupils dilate. She had to look away and was able to find her voice.

“Karma, I…” She never finishes her sentence as she is silenced by Karma’s lips capturing her own. She should be shocked and confused and a hundred different emotions but all she can focus on is utter perfection that is the kissable lips of Karma Ashcroft.. Amy is practically dry humping Karma as their kissing gets more frantic. She moans as she feels Karma’s free hand is touching her boob. Holy fuck Karma Ashcroft is squeezing her boob. Amy is losing herself in the taste of Karma’s lips. Karma definitely has the most kissable lips that Amy has ever experienced. As much as she hates to admit it, their even more kissable than Reagan’s.

Shit, shit, shit, Reagan! Amy pulls back. She gets off of Karma and now is on her side. She has to stop this. She has a girlfriend. A great sexy girlfriend who she cares about. She looks down and almost whimpers at the sight of Karma looking up with her. Her eyes are filled with desire, a desire Amy had prayed that one day would be directed at her. Karma’s lipstick is smeared. For some unknown reason, Amy reaches out to wipe the smear off.

“We can’t. This isn’t…”

Karma reaches for Amy’s hand and takes the finger that had wiped the lipstick off into her mouth. She sucks it causing Amy to groan.

“Karma, please.”

However, Amy knows her pleading is in vain. She has seen that determined look in her friend’s eyes before. Karma takes Amy’s hand again and guides it down their bodies. Finally Karma takes their hands under her skirt and places Amy’s hand over her panty covered pussy.

“Karma we shouldn’t…”

“Amy, you wanted to be with me tonight, than shut up and be with me.” Before Amy can respond, Karma reaches over and pulls Amy over for another kiss. Whatever fight Amy had is loss with the kiss and the feeling of wetness coming through Karma’s panties.

Amy now is living out every fantasy she has had as she hurries to pull off Karma’s underwear with her one free hand. Finally with the garment discarded, Amy begins to rub Karma teasing the outside of her pussy. She reluctantly pulls away from the kiss as she looks into Karma’s eyes. She wants to watch Karma as she pushes two fingers inside of her. Karma’s eyes roll back.

“Oh fuck Amy!”

It is probably the sweetest sound in the world hearing Karma scream out her name. Amy slowly begins to push her fingers in and out of Karma. They start kissing again as Karma has a death grip on Amy’s hair. Amy is completely enamored at the whimpering sounds coming from Karma. She can feel Karma getting wetter. Amy curls her fingers trying to find the right spot when on one particular thrust Karma pulls back.

“Oh my god!!”

Amy moves her fingers faster trying to bring Karma over. She uses her thumb to rub Karma’s clit which causes Karma’s body to bow upwards.


Amy continues to move her fingers as she allows Karma to ride out her orgasm. She is peppering kisses on Karma’s neck. Karma pulls Amy in for a soft kiss before pulling back looking Amy in her eyes.

“Oh god that was amazing.” Amy smiles at this and is about to say something but Karma stops her in her tracks by what she says next. “Oh god I love you Amy. I love you so much.”


Karma’s eyes grow huge in shock. But before either can do anything, the door flies open.

“Hey girl, I got the… what the hell?!?!”

Fuck Shane’s early.

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