The Bachelorette party

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A/N Hello. Had this one shot lying around and thought I would upload it. This happens from the mystery in the meat episode.

Mistakes are my own no beta

The Bachelorette party

 With a yawn Sweets slowly descends the stairs of the Booth and Brennan household, entering their kitchen, his thirst in need of quenching.

He had been invited to crash the night by Booth, while his apartment was being fumigated. Unfortunately, he had been invited to stay the same night as Dr Brennan's last minute Bachelorette party, even though she was already married, but that was the logic of Angela Montenegro for you. It was due to this Bachelorette party that sweets was up, Dr Brennan had come in nosily drunk and while Booth had calmed her down , the damage had already been done and Sweets had awoken from his slumber.

With a glass in hand, Sweets started to walk towards the stairs when he heard a small moan. Thinking it was an intruder, Sweets quickly reached out for the light switch, illuminating the room. Instead of an intruder though, he could see the long auburn coloured hair of Dr Brennan dangling over the edge of the sofa in the living room.

She must have passed out on the couch and Booth left her to sleep Sweets thought as he approached the chair. The sight he was met by though, made him stop in his tracks.

On the floor was the blanket Booth must have covered her up with, and while in her intoxicated state Dr Brennan must have kicked it off her. It was state of said intoxicated Dr that made him stop in his tracks though, she was laying with her legs out in a blue and red dress resembling something from the old westerns, and on her feet was Cow girl boots but that wasn’t what had made the young doctor stop, it was the way the frilly skirt on her dress was positioned. It was bunched up to her stomach revealing a sexy pair of lace black panties.

Sweets knew he shouldn't look, she was his friend and the wife to his FBI partner and also friend, not to mention someone who could kill him easily, But he couldn't help but stare .This was Dr Brennan after all, someone who he had always found amazingly attractive, irresistibly so. He had dreamt of what was under her clothing since he had met her,

Maybe I should just see if she’s comfortable down here, see if she’s really in a deep sleep. Kneeling down next to her, he gently shook her shoulder.

“Dr Brennan” he whispered but got no reaction, he tried once more but again she was completely blacked out from too much drink. Watching the rise and fall of her chest, he at least knew she was alive, but watching her breathe only made Sweets eyes wander to her large full breasts going up and down.

Like his body was moving by itself, Sweet’s hand slowly raised up placing itself on one of Dr Brennan’s tits.

What am I doing Sweets thought as he pulled his hand away, he couldn’t do that it was wrong.

But would a look do any harm?

Swallowing nervously, a tent already forming in his pyjama pants, the young psychologist slowly reached his hand towards the buttons that ran from the top of her dress, halfway down to her stomach. With the lightest touch he could muster, he slowly started to unbutton the buttons on her dress, after he unbuttoned the last button; he slowly slid the flaps of the dress to the side, revealing a matching lace bra holding in her massive breasts.

Sweets bit his lip nervously did he carry on? Did he try getting a look at what the bra was holding? Looking back down at Dr Brenan’s full and soft looking breasts he knew he had to continue.

Slowly he reached for the shoulders of her dress, and with one hand he gently lifted her body while the other hand slid the dress of the top of her shoulders, until her top half was covered only by her black lacy bra.

Looking around the living room, making sure the coast was clear, Sweets then reached with shaky hands for the black strap of her bra, sliding it off her shoulder. He then reached around doing the same for the other one.

Swallowing nervously, Sweets looked at the cups of her bra keeping her tits from being on full view. He once more reached out; slowly pulling the cups so her large tits flopped out.

“Oh my god” Sweets whispered to himself, her large perfect tits fully on view. Without realizing he was doing it, he slowly reached inside his pyjamas trousers, grabbing onto his cock and stroking it hard.

Without even thinking about what he was doing, he slowly reached his mouth down taking one of her nipples into his mouth. He nearly came at just the mere feeling of her nipple in his mouth as he suckled and licked at it before leaning other to the other breast to give that some attention. Eventually he pulled away, looking in shock at the erect nipples of his friend.

God what am I doing!!!!! Sweets mind screamed at him, but when his eyes travelled down Dr Brennan’s body and landed on her crotch, he knew he couldn't stop, no matter the consequences. He had seen her perfect chest but it just wasn't enough, he needed to see Dr Brennan's cunt.

Moving as quiet as possible Sweets rose to his feet and moved to the end of the couch where he carefully leaned over, using his hands to part Brennan's silky white legs until there was enough room to position him in-between, his head inches away from her lace covered pussy.

Sweets breathed in nervously as he gazed upon the lace panties covering something he would never have imagined he would have a chance to see.

Quickly he raised his head peering around the room to make sure the coast was still clear before lowering his head back down until he was once more face to face with the Drs Panties.

Taking a deep breathe to calm himself , Sweets then slowly reached one of his hands forward, he then used his thumb and forefinger too slowly pull the crotch of her lace panties to the side. When he saw the delights that had been covered he nearly came there and then , the sight of Dr Brennan's perfect shaven little pussy made him bite his lip hard just so he wouldn't moan too loud and wake her up.

Her juicy looking cunt lips where staring at him , begging him to bury his tongue between her folds and taste Dr Brennan's perfect little hole.

It was almost as if his body wasn't in line with his brain anymore as he leaned down and began eagerly lapping away at her cunt while keeping her panties to the side.

Sweets couldn't describe how addictive the taste of Brennan's pussy was, not to mention the sweet aroma her slit was giving off, he couldn't believe what he was doing ....but God was it worth it.

"Mmmm Booth...."

Sweets stopped in a panic, his eyes flicking upwards towards Dr Brennan's face. While she was still asleep he could see a contented look on her face, no doubt in her blackout state she was imagining it was Booth eating her out.

Sweets left it a few moments, making sure she was still completely out before he lowered his mouth back down onto her sweet spot his tongue once more greedily began to lap away at Doctor Brennan's addictive cunt.

After a few moments of enjoying her sweet nectar, he moved his mouth up a little and latched onto her swollen clit, sucking and flicking it with his tongue before slipping two fingers inside of her. He stopped to smirk quite proud of himself as he noticed doctor Brennan's breathing pick up , quite breathless moans falling from her lips .

He continued on, slowly finger fucking her all the while his tongue carried on playing with her clit. He couldn't believe how wet she was, her cunt soaking his fingers as they slid in and out of her.

As he was doing this, he could feel the strain of his cock, it being almost painful how hard it was. He knew what he desperately wanted, but if he did it, he wasn't sure he would ever be able to look any of his friends in their faces again.

But as he continued to taste her, hear her breathless moans of pleasure he knew he had to do it. So pulling away from her cunt, he got onto his knees on the couch before pulling his pyjama bottoms down to his knees, his rock hard seven inch cock springing fourth.

While he looked down at the sexiest image he had ever seen, Temperance Brennan, legs spread, large tits on show with cowboy boots on.

Gently he then removed her soaked lace panties.

Sweets then nervously leaned forward, positioning his cock at the entrance to Brennan's fully exposed cunt. Slowly he pushed himself inside, gasping in pure pleasure as her surprisingly tight cunt engulfed him.

"OH god" Sweets groaned, she was soaking wet, her sweet pussy so warm and welcoming.

Slowly the shrink began to rock back and forth in side of her. Each movement causing a groan to slip from the beautiful doctor’s mouth.

"Booth!!" Dr Brennan groaned breathlessly in her blackout state, thinking it was her husband’s cock slipping in and out of her.

It went on like this for a few more minutes, with the young psychologist's cock carefully pumping in and out of the Dr's wet slit.

God this is the best pussy I've ever had Sweets thought to himself, without even thinking about it he began picking up the pace as he fucked her harder. He stopped suddenly though when a much louder moan of pleasure came from Brennan's mouth. He listened intently, cock still buried inside of her, pleading internally that the loud moan hadn't awoken Booth upstairs.

Realising he couldn't risk her making another loud moan like that, Sweets glanced around the couch. Spotting Brennan's discarded panties, he quickly grabbed them, before stuffing them in Brennan's mouth. The Dr Still completely comatose from the massive amounts of alcohol she'd had didn't wake up as her nose took over the breathing.

Hoping that was enough, Sweets once more began to fuck her. He began building up the pace of his thrusts until the sound of his balls could be heard slapping against the wet cunt of Brennan. As he continued to fuck her hard, he looked down at her beautiful face. Her features scrunched up in a look of pleasure, with her moans know being muffled by her lace black panties.

Sweets weren’t sure how much longer he could hold out as he felt his climax draw nearer. So he savoured every thrust, every groan he got from the auburn haired archaeologist. Until he felt his balls began to tighten, and with a swift movement he pulled out of her cunt. His cock begging for release, he began stroking it hard. Wanking off as he looked down at Brennan's stunning body. Without much effort, cum exploded from his cock landing just above Brennan's stunning wet slit.

"arghh" Sweets moaned breathlessly, his cock slowly beginning to shrink as he finished unloading on her. He sat there for a few moments looking at what he had done and realised something.... He wasn't fact all he wanted to do was play with her body once more ... He couldn't help but admit, he was hooked on Temperance Brennan.

Shaking those thoughts away for the time being, he realised he needed to clean up what he had started so he set about grabbing some tissue from the kitchen and gently wiping up the cum. He then slowly pulled the lace panties from her mouth before slipping them back onto her. He then slipped her large breasts back into her bra, before buttoning her dress back up.

Just before he left the room he covered Brennan Back up, placing the blanket she had kicked off earlier in the night back over her sleeping form. He then went back up to the room he was sleeping in for the night , his thoughts only on one thing , how could he get the chance to once more fuck Temperance Brennan.

A/N would consider continuing this if anyone has any ideas , my only idea at the moment would be something along the lines of Sweets learning hypnosis to use on Brennan but I’m not sure . 

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