The Queens Revenge

BY : cashewQueen
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The Queen had waited for this moment, hidden behind a tapestry in the consummation chamber of the White castle in nothing but a silk robe. She thought back to earlier that day when she had interrupted the idiots' wedding, fully enjoying giving the peasants what they wanted from her. A show. It was so good that even that meddlesome imp had fallen for her trick, hook, line and sinker.

The slamming of the chamber door interrupted the Queen's musings. She watched as the couple entered the room, giggling and laughing at something insipid most likely. With a wicked smirk spreading across her face Regina flicked her wrist, freezing everything but herself in the room. Snow and “James” were frozen mid run to the bed, His waist coat completely unbuttoned, there hands connected with the prince leading Snow towards their wedding bed. If Regina were even remotely feeling sentimental at that moment she might have awed and kept them frozen like that for the next century or so but she was on a bit of a tight schedule as it was. Circling the couple she took in every detail that she could, till she was face to face with her step-daughter.

“You steal my happy ending and expect me to suffer as you get to keep yours? I think not. I will have my revenge, just not in the style you could possible escape from my dear Snow White.” Pressing a hard kiss to the frozen girl's lips for a moment a moan left her throat unbidden. With a cackle she pulled away and stepped back. Flicking her eyes around the room for a place to put Charming she conjured a chair from her personal play dungeon. The hardened black iron chair materialized in the middle of the room, the lion shaped feet coming to life and digging into the marble floor. The shackles around the arms and legs of the chair humming with energy as they remained open and waiting. Facing the couple once she was satisfied Regina tapped her chin in thought. 'Hmm, where to start?' she thought as her eyes flicked back and forth between the two, a wicked grin crossed her face as her thoughts fully came together on what to do next.

Throwing off her robe she stood as nude and svelte as she was on her wedding night, when she was forced to lay with that ogre of a king. Her ample heavy breasts lightly quivering with her motions, Regina moved Charming away from Snow and with her magic stripped him. Looking at his body with a critical eye, a laugh left her lips at seeing his hard manhood. Its four inches straining hard in the air of the room, left Regina feeling giddy, as she full on belly laughed. 'Charming's Sword is nothing to boast about, the poor dear will never be satisfied with him! At least not after I finish with her.'

Looking down at her body she tilted her head as her eyes flickered back and forth between his body and hers. She knew that her magic could do much better then what nature had done to Snow White’s prince charming. The girl would learn the difference soon enough, if she hadn’t already. Regina imagined that after running around in the woods for so many years, the princess had to have had some unsavory relations at one point or another. It wasn't quite the ideal thought for her revenge but one sometimes can't chose how another's actions will effect your master plan. With a shake of her head and a snap of her fingers a vial full of blue sparkling liquid appeared in her hand.

“The hair of her love,” Regina murmured as she walked towards "James", plucking a piece of hair from his head she dropped it in to the vial, “and for virility a hair from the mane of my best stallion.” A single black horse hair appeared in her hand and she dropped that too into the vial. She gave it a swirl watching transfixed as the blue liquid slowly turned green with an emerald glint to it. Its coloring briefly reminding her of a drink she once had in Oz. Satisfied with its look she brought it to her ruby lips, tipped it and drank. Almost immediately the potion worked its way through her body, changing her. A pain like no other spread throughout making her veins feek as if they were on fire and her body shook as sweat broke out across it. It took a few seconds to complete its purpose but the pain made it feel as if instead of seconds it was hours. Slowly straightening up to a regal stance she conjured one of her mirror's.

Looking down at her new body, she smirked, as she took in her perfection. Regina looked exactly the same as she had earlier with just one slight adjustment. Where her womanhood once was, a thick as her wrist, long shaft rested. Wrapping a hand around her new flaccid cock she gave it an experimental tug to see if what she had read was accurate. Her eyes slammed shut at the new sensations that filled her body, it was magnificent. Turning back to the couple she pondered on how to start her seduction. With another flick of her wrist she sent Charming into the chair. The shackles coming to life as they closed around his prone limbs immediately holding him still. Turning to Snow she flicked her wrist again. This time her magic sent the princess to the bed flat on her back naked with her head hanging slightly off the end of the bed. Regina wanted them both to remember what would happen tonight. She wanted Charming to watch as she used and ruined Snow White for all others. To see the pleasure on Snow Whites face as she used the little brat like the whore she was. For Snow, she wanted her soon to be lover to see the anguish on her Prince's face as he is denied his wife’s "purity" and possible child. Regina paused at that thought, the queen looked between herself and the Princess. A child between the two of them would be interesting. It would certainly put a damper on any happy plans between the couple, especially if it was impossible to get rid of by magical or natural means. With a new plan forming in her mind the Evil Queen moved over to the prone princess. Placing her hands over Snow’s womb she pushes her magic forward and speaks “All that grows from my seed, will forever protected be, not magic nor natural shall trespass a gift between enemies that passions bring!” a strong wind swelled through the room then stilled as the last of the spell left her. It was done, a spell not even her mentor or mother or any other could break. Whatever came from tonight will never be undone and any who wished it was helpless to watch as her child grew. Making some last minute checking to be sure both the Prince and Princess were secure she unfroze them both.




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